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  1. Unfortunately we will not be making it this year due to my wife being pregnant and her due date being October. We have baby classes starting which is effecting my ability to go. I might sneak away and come for a little bit though.
  2. Not true. Got back and re-read some comments stating to have your significant other complete a practice day before a race or a local track day. To the OP it sounds like that is a Summit Point track issue. Never heard of that before at any of the tracks. I just did a track day at Nelson's Ledges this past Wednesday with a new person in my car and had no issues getting on track. Sometimes we are at the mercy of other organization rules and scrutiny.
  3. This is speaking from a racer and member. We got into this series because we wanted to race the best tracks in the US. I completed one track day and the rest had been autoxing. This series doesn't have any license requirements except for a valid driver's license. This is the easiest path to getting amateurs on track just like we did. In my own personal opinion the only way to grow our membership is to gain access to new teams. The more requirements we put on mandatory rookie training the less our potential market is. There are other series out there that do require a license or mandatory HPDEs. ChampCar is still the best avenue to get into wheel to wheel racing without the restrictions for an average Joe or Jill to drive your favorite race tracks in the US. As suggested track days at local tracks or if there is a practice day then get your significant other on track with other cars to start getting used to the traffic. Usually they let you put in a passengers seats for this too so you can coach. Yesterday I went to Nelson Ledges and we were able to get a new driver in the car for 2-3 hours so he could get used to the car and learn it before Indy.
  4. I believe can be purchased there. I know Bill is working on getting it setup online before the event.
  5. Our sponsors help with giving members discounts if utilized (Wilwood, Racing Radios, Lifeline, etc). We also pay for the sponsorship vinyl which totals up to be about $25k per year. We also don't increase the entry fees much based on what we are charged from the tracks. On average track expenses go up 3%-10% per year. We eat a lot of the costs internally. The sponsors to give quite a bit of product away or gift certificates at the races. Tire Rack doesn't do any discounts for members. They have been with the SCCA for a long time and do not give a membership to that organization. Tire Rack helps support us monetarily and also with free windshield banners. We have plenty of companies come to us that want to do contingency only. We like to see companies have equity into our series and not only want to give product away. We want sponsors who want to be involved in our series. If you look at most of our sponsors they have teams that race in this series so they are invested. I also know we have support on site at some tracks with Money Shift Racing, Discovery Parts and Racing Radios. Hopefully that answered some questions. Let me know if you have more. Thanks!
  6. Day before the race at the track I like to have a meeting with my team to go items on the car. For example, how to check oil, where should the oil be on the dipstick, where is the extra oil in the pits, where to jack up the car, etc etc. @wvumtnbkr has taught me a lot about this so other team members can help out. I am also developing a manual to send to my driver's before the event. I have a dash with warning lights and what. @enginerd has helped me with this as well. I have learned a lot just driving with other teams and seeing their prep. I need to do a better job on keeping track of driver in and driver out. Usually my wife writes it down or we look at race monitor. Also I have data I compile and send to drivers after the race. Charlotte was the first time I did this. It shows fastest lap, avg top 10 laps, avg top 20 laps and avg time for all laps over the weekend (excluding cautions). Also data helps me see if something is going wrong with the car (low oil pressure, high coolant temp, etc). After Charlotte I saw voltage dropped down to 12V during the last hour so I changed some things on the car before Indy.
  7. Splitter I go with wood. This year I switch to Maple and it's a lot lighter. I'm going to try a piece of Oak as well and see how it holds up. The Maple one has last over one event. The old plywood I was using would be destroyed after one event.
  8. I emailed them and they got me the info within an hour from the email.
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