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  1. I want to make my own push to talk switch out of your broken push to talk. It needs to be 3 pin to make it work with my system. Let me know what you have. I'll pay the shipping. Thanks Tyler
  2. I actually have this setup on my car with the overflow in case my drivers dont want to pay attention to the gauges.
  3. Just put a piece of tube from your overflow to your windshield. You'll know when you're overheating quickly
  4. 4.75" of rain from Thursday to Tuesday here on the NW side.
  5. I dont think they have done any upgrades to the bridge. I will find out in June.
  6. At the 24 two years ago we had pallets as the base then OSB on top of them to make a deck. Probably will look at doing something like that this year. I'll be going June 8th for a track day and I can take pictures of the pit area so people can plan accordingly
  7. Hey you dont have to participate but I'll be there hanging out in open air with racers. Plenty of alcohol to kill the virus
  8. We are having a potluck I am assuming for this race. As it gets closer I will go ahead and get it organized.
  9. It was that night. I enjoy Makers and it was the Bryan Baker version (@bbaker480). Last year a couple of us went to the Bourbon Trail to pick up his bottle. I tried it with Whistlepig 10 year Rye, Makers 101 and Blade and Bow. So far I like it best with Blade and Bow, but I did change up the bitters profile on the Blade and Bow recipe. I'll try another one tonight.
  10. Just drink more beer My car is ready to roll out if needed lol.
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