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  1. Nope the TAC looked at the VPI and gave us (the BOD) suggestions on where points should be. VPIs are set for 2020. Tbird is a great car to build if you do it right. Hopefully next year fall Rd America I'll see you there.
  2. I am sure it's not because TAC actually went through all the VPIs and found loopholes and closed them. Nope cant be the reason. Must be the whole lead at Sebring for 3.5 hours and then it goes up 100 points. Yes the conspiracy still continues!
  3. Hey Steve, Welcome to ChampCar. What are you looking at racing in B class? I have seen a couple of teams start with over 500 points and make up the laps.
  4. @SpeedMaverick let me know if you are interested in selling the CRX. I might know some people who are interested.
  5. Instead of searchable, there will be a "knowledge base" where all of the rule interpretations are found. I am not sure if it can be searchable or not. Bill is the tech guy.
  6. The guy with 97 Miata camshafts should have a car
  7. Send an email to michael.chisek@champcar.org for now to see what he suggests for a VPI.
  8. I wanted to quote you and get back to you on some items and where we are. I hope within the next one to two weeks this will come out officially. * Tech Help Desk is approved by the BOD and we are looking for Bill's help to get this up and running plus making training manuals. This should take away any emails, PMs, text messages, etc and put a knowledge base out there on what has been approved. Essentially if it's not in the database, then it doesn't exist. Target for this to be up and working is 1/1/2020. * Electronic tech is being looked at as well. I know that this is going to be piloted at a couple of events and should help with teching cars and keeping a database of these for ChampCar * Post race impound sheet - Bill created a form that has the tech and event director signing off on what they found and what happened in impound. Not sure where this is going, but it's just an idea that we are working on. Mike and his staff had a meeting yesterday for 2020 items. Nothing official, but I wanted you to know what we are working on.
  9. I really appreciate all of the feedback. Honestly the feedback from members is important on how we should do things or if our processes need changed. We are working on a couple of things right now (digital tech) and the help desk where all rule interpretations can be answered and stored for a database. I am hoping in the next 24-48 hours I can make an announcement on the forums. Also I did ask Bill if he can make the protest form digital. We are in the tech era.
  10. Come down south to Sebring
  11. So if I weld tabs on to my rear subframe that have oblonged holes, the use eccentric bolts to move the toe or camber then that's points. I've seen this on e30s and it was points. I would agree with that since now you have adjustability.
  12. In my personal opinion if it didn't come with adjustability stock then it needs to be that way for zero points at the track. If you add items in it replacement parts that now allows you to adjust then it should he 10 points per component. Now if you use hand tools, washers, bolts and a welder and figure something out then that should be free.
  13. TAC is already discussing this as well. I would like to see that closed. I believe the spirit of the rule was not to allow the 2.5" Swift race springs for free, but to allow the same size and shape aftermarket springs like H&Rs or Eibachs. If someone can come up with a better written rule then email me at tyler.pedersen@champcar.org but at least you all know my stance on springgate
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