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  1. I spent plenty of time googling cars and radiators and have found plenty of options available for multiple cars that fit within the spirit of the rules.
  2. As a BOD we could not come to an agreement on any of the petitions for a tire rule. Are there faster tires than other? Yes for sure. As a series we will not ban tires or go to a spec tire. There are other series out there for that in my opinion. I still run Hankook RS4s on my car so I don't have much of a defense on the soft tires. I run a budget for my car and stick to it. I saw this tire issue coming at Sebring 2019 and tried putting a petition in that was denied and we As a BOD still cannot come to a good way of a ruling on tires that we can get a majority vote. Look at the aluminum radiators. It took us two years to get to a rule to make us all happy that supports the mission if ChampCar. I'm always willing to present ideas and listen to members. I really want you all to figure out a way to write a tire rule that doesn't ban tires that we can get on board with (no pun intended). We also had barely 1% of the membership give comments on petitions, so what do the other 99% of the membership want out of the club or the rule changes? If you look at elections then you would notice something similar for participation. I want to hear members voices and see what everyone wants since it is your club. My goal is to be honest and transparent. I will give you that. I want to be able to lead the club to the best of my abilities towards our mission statement as well. I appreciate the feedback on this as well. I don't get on the forums much anymore, but I'm on social media and my phone number and email is pretty easy to find. Feel free to give me a call or email me.
  3. What are you waiting on? Email me at tyler.pedersen@champcar.org
  4. This is not an official response from ChampCar, but I wanted to get it up and out there as I typed up my thoughts from this past weekend and impound.
  5. We as a BOD are discussing this item and I will complete a video afterwards. Please be patient as we work as a collective unit with our CEO to make sure our members are safe on track.
  6. Oh man good times! I remember shouting at Nate to go get me the tools and parts while I worked on the car. That weekend was fun!
  7. Here is info about final drive gear from the rules. • Final drive ratio is open to all factory offered ratios for that body style or chassis generation. If that body style or chassis generation was offered from the factory with an LSD, its use is permitted. Specialty high-performance models not listed on the VPI table are excluded
  8. I have a lot of metal to cut out of the new chassis and I really don't want to buy a ton of discs for my angle grinder. I am looking at possibly buying a no name brand off Amazon for $200. Any suggestions? Anyone have good luck with these things?
  9. I still don't know how it was changed but @Jer brought it up to the BOD. Mike said he would change it. The BOD said it shouldn't change from 2020. This should be resolved soon from my understanding.
  10. I have been applying g shaving cream to the inside of the windshields recently. Its worked wonders. Ask @Gkuhn41 because he thought I was crazy. Oh and it makes your interior smell awesome.
  11. As far as I know the swap weights should not have been changed. Send me a PM on this if you can please.
  12. A question was asked on Tech Desk. Tech asked the BOD to take a look at it and make a decision. The BOD was in agreement that swaps should not get a free performance advantage by swapping because an engine doesn't fit. We are fine with people modifying the OE or stock manifold for it to fit. If you need to use another intake manifold then it should be charged points.
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