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  1. Road Atlanta? Go up north more Bill See you in a couple of days.
  2. See my response below. This is the way that I think and the way that I vote in regards to items when petitions come up. The VPI is set and the FPV is there so that teams can choose how they want to build their car. So I think everyone forgets that Tech has the ability to assign points per the BCCR. These are interpretations. As I mentioned before earlier in this thread that the Tech Desk was created so there were no more emails going through the system and there was a check and balance with TAC, BOD, and Tech being on the same page.
  3. I voted for alternators to be 5 points, I was not in the majority. I don't know how tech desk points became free. They were points in February then switched to free in September. I also have a problem with it and don't understand how this did not go through. I sent a letter to TAC, tech and the BOD about some of these issues. The Tech Desk was suppose to be somewhere that Tech could look at interpretations during the year. They should be able to reference back decisions that were made. This is why we also have the knowledge base. I do not know how something can be points then free in t
  4. Tech desk had them at 5 points in February then in September they were free so we voted on the alternators and starters to be on the FPV list or free list. The majority BOD went with free points.
  5. Well I just got off the phone with Siebkens. It looks like the Stop Inn Tavern is open on Friday, Sat and Sunday and no restrictions to capactiy. Who is all coming to enjoy some drinks at Siebkens with us? This is a very important part of this weekend
  6. The discussion with the BOD was that this would not effect a lot of teams as there are pretty cheap aluminum radiators online that are less than the cost of an OE radiator so it would fall into free points to keep racing less costly for teams. The intent was to keep the "racing" type radiators on the FPV list at 30 points. I would bring documentation on what you find radiators for to tech and explain your case. That is the best answer I can give now without discussing with the rest of the BOD. I can tell you I did not vote for this change as I thought what we had in place for 2020 was grea
  7. We did not vote on everything. What is in the rulebook is what was approved. Not many of the tech desk rulings were brought up after 110 petitions. I will get with Mike and the BOD on this stuff after Rd America and see how the process should be on this one.
  8. It is and that is why I brought it up before the rules were released.
  9. @Bill Strong is there a rule on heaters in the pits? Maybe I missed it in the supps, but I didn't see one. I assume no open flame but what is acceptable?
  10. Don't get your hopes up! Active aero was not approved by the BOD. We found this as a rabbit hole we did not want to go down. I caught it on Friday and emailed the team and it should not be in there. Not sure how it ended up in the BCCR. Other items if you want to discuss I am open via email, PM, or text messaging (currently no phone so it'll be a couple of days). There are some emails I need to get to that I received over the weekend, but I am getting my information as requested. I am happy to tell you which ways I voted for this year in the petition process.
  11. My guess is probably Monday or Tuesday. Might even be tomorrow. I am not sure at this point as I am just pulling something out of thin air.
  12. There were lots of eyes on this one this year and I read through it to the best of my knowledge. Quoted because I probably missed something somewhere that will be pointed out. #iamhuman
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