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  1. E. Tyler Pedersen

    Post Race Tech Sheet Display

    So we JUST had one of the closest races on ChampCar's history and we are still debating car values and standards here. Btw it was between a RX7 (not swapped) and a e36 (not swapped). Should I mention the previous day's winner was a CRX? Seriously beat the dead horse
  2. E. Tyler Pedersen

    2018 Official The Frozen Rotors Grand Prix at Road America

    Yes be patient
  3. E. Tyler Pedersen

    2018 Official The Frozen Rotors Grand Prix at Road America

    I sent Mike Chisek a message today about allowing coolant and updating the supps plus making an announcement about it. Stay tuned but I would say 95% sure we need coolant in our systems.
  4. Okay so we see this is a non issue. Sounds like a great discussion.
  5. Thank you sir. I have actually brought this up as well and appreciate the email. We will get back to you soon.
  6. Feel free to use carbon then and see what tech states next year
  7. This is my interpretation of the rule. I don't post anything official on the forums. Feel free to email me and I can run it up the chain through TAC and tech.
  8. This covers all materials in the series. No Carbon Fiber is allowed in the series. A wing will be charged at 10 points this year or by fact any aero component will be charged at 10 points as stated in the BCCR.
  9. • Materials will be charged at the following rate: o Interior bulkheads: 0 pts o Plywood: 1 point per sq.ft o Sheet aluminum/steel: 2 points per sq.ft. o Sheet plastic/polycarbonate/fiberglass: 3 points per sq.ft. o CARBON FIBER: NOT ALLOWED
  10. E. Tyler Pedersen

    2019 VPI List Is Out!

    Thanks for posting @FlorahDorah I've added a picture to find the info for future reference. I'll see if Bill can create a TAC email.
  11. E. Tyler Pedersen

    2019 VPI List Is Out!

    Just to be clear the forums are not official. If you want an answer please email the TAC committee and they can work with Jay on a clarification or email tech directly.
  12. E. Tyler Pedersen

    2018 Pittsburgh Grand Prix

    I went to test my car. Sucks still. We have a plan for you all at Road America. Tested Rob's car in the wet. I ran a 2:18 and was happy. Was able to have a good time at the pot luck and be a God Parent that night to one of the sweetest little girls. She was baptised at the track. Saturday was on crew duty. Was prepared to help @NigelStu do an engine swap. Thanks @wvumtnbkr for convincing him to try it at the track. Had a good time Sat night and watched the UFC fights. Sunday it was time to perform. Rob and I tried to double stint. We had problems with the car overheating and cutting out along with crappy brakes. Made Turn 16-17 fun. Every race I attend the comradery gets better. We all get along. There is close racing. This is the best amateur endurance series out there and I am proud to be a member of it.
  13. E. Tyler Pedersen

    2019 VPI List Is Out!

    Please send them to the tech email. Feel free to copy my on any emails and I'll make sure Jay gets to them in a timely manner. If you want to help write a petition or need some advice on some items tech wise there is a link at the top of the forum with the TAC contact info. I wanted to be transparent on who was on the TAC and they are here to help advise the BoD and be a voice of the members with tech items. Jay is the person that will be answering all the tech questions as well. PM me for anything else or drop me an email. Yes 100% use this method. The people on TAC are here to help our members.
  14. E. Tyler Pedersen

    2019 VPI List Is Out!

    I'm going to let this thread roll.....
  15. We could have waited to release the rules and everything until December 1st to give TAC ample time. Then the pitchforks would have came out about not having enough time to adjust to the new rules or build a new or change a car before Road Atlanta. It's over now and TAC gets a whole year to prep for 2020. Maybe stating "coming down hard" was an overstatement but I believe we did the best we could with the timeline.