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  1. Your choices are: Dead Pedal out or WI Yoda Sport out of Indianapolis OB Prestige out of Canada I enjoyed the tow out there myself but I also took a two week vacation in there too
  2. Sometimes you're at the mercy of the tracks when it comes to event lengths. I would love to see 9+8 or longer doubles if possible but there are restrictions to the tracks. It's not like we are 100% in control of events in some cases; there are contracts we need to abide by and some restrictions come from those contracts. I love the input on event times though. I would love to see a Quad Laguna Weekend again. That's the reason I made the trip is because I could get people a lot of bang for their buck.
  3. Plug and play option - AiM MXL2 plus it integrated the Smarty Can If you are techy then I would look into Race Capture. I am just now getting into Race Capture and it takes some time to get right.
  4. Before I worked with Tire Rack, Hankook was on my radar. Multiple emails and calls I gave up. Tire Rack wants to be the exclusive retailer for ChampCar for all tires. That's in the contract that we signed. Maybe I'll see if I can talk to Tire Rack to see if we can workout a Hankook or Bridgestone type contingency. We are in year one of a relationship. Tire Rack is contracted for three years with two years of renewal options. I wanted to walk before we ran. We are in the middle of giving away $10k in tires this year and people who are registered to race have chances to win. We did this so in case the same team was winning all year other teams had a chance at these. I'm all ears on how I can help support members on this series with sponsorships and giving back. That's the goal. We will never be a spec tire series. I believe in not one shoe fits all.
  5. I talked to Mike today and he said there is no way we could do any more than what Sonoma allows us. I think it's the CA people out there and their way of thinking is my guess. No way we can go longer than what Bill has stated already.
  6. Really disappointed that I am not attending but I need to be close to home for baby watch 2019
  7. You are welcome. Tire Rack has trailer tires and I know @scottyk has a friend in the trailer tire business too.
  8. Calm down. Usually the contract is signed later than the others. Mike and team does not put an event on the website until a contract is signed. The ownership of Laguna is a lot different than the rest so it takes a lot longer.
  9. The company was bought in March of 2016. Our family still worked for the corporate company that bought them. It was suppose to be a 5 year deal. They came to my family in July and said they are pulling the company out of Edon and back to Elkhart. Put 8 people out of a job including my wife. I don't have any deals going forward. The corporate company that bought us setup a new online entity Trailer Set Go. You can buy from them but we are not associated with them.
  10. Are you talking about the Rules Interpretation document or which document are you referring to in your first sentence? I was against the 2.5 point for hubs and let Mike know. Now to stop clogging up Docs thread. You can PM me for more discussion
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