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  1. Finished painting and cleaning the car Installed lights Installed wing Put wheels and tires on Off jack stands Bled brakes Installed splitter New seat belts installed Decals and load up tomorrow
  2. Final push to get your cars ready. We will be arriving Thursday early evening. If anyone wants to join us for dinner let us know.
  3. This happened in the fall last year as well. Everyone is too serious now I guess to go to Siebkens
  4. Don't forget to throw Gateway in there as well! Had a lot of fun at this race! It was awesome starting at midnight. Well not really awesome because I couldn't sleep before the race so I was dragging at the start. Oh the memories. What was that Pirate themed place?
  5. I have two of these cameras that I am selling. Barely used. They come with their own cases, but can be used with GoPro camera cases. Very reliable versus the GoPros. I use my Git1 more than anything so willing to give someone a deal. Can deliver to Charlotte. $80 a piece Description: https://m.gearbest.com/action-cameras/pp_254191.html Comparison with the GoPro:
  6. We did COTA in August......
  7. I have never weighed it. I'm fine with how the car performs. If we need to loose weight in the future this could be a good idea.
  8. Yup I kept the stock bumper. I like to protect my radiator and fuel cell. Not worth the weight savings imo
  9. If I say I am painting the car for 2020, someone just slap me please. One of the worst jobs to do.
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