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  1. We have a CEO. He is the one who runs the company. It is up to him to run the day-to-day operations. The Board does not run the day-to-day but will get involved if decisions need to made or brought up.
  2. It is my job as a Board Member to vote on issues I see in ChampCar and safety is is big item for me. As a BOD I want to see us all go home safely to our families. I do keep track of the races, read the forums, read Facebook and talk to a lot of members.
  3. We finished petition review and voting back in June. We cannot do an in person meeting just due to all of our schedules lining up. I threw out a zoom type meeting. Still waiting to hear on that right now. The TAC is working on some wording to make sure there are no loopholes. I will talk to Mike to see what is going on and see if he can do a Red Flag video to update everyone.
  4. As long as you're documenting where your repurposed material is coming from then free game to use it for 0 points. That is my understanding of the rules at this point.
  5. You all this is Nelson's. Enjoy the vintage of a historic track. I like it how it is
  6. Here is my setup that I implemented last year. It cost me about $450. Essentially we used a discriminator valve that went goes to our vent. I also drilled another hole in the fuel cell plate for the overflow. I then have a jiffy connection that we plug in with a clear hose and it goes into a gas can. It is pretty simple. The overflow needs to be bigger but the rules state you can only go so big. Let me know if you need more information.
  7. Do you have a cool shirt system? If not then invest in one.
  8. Old go kart tires filled with cocrete work. I have some concrete anchors I use.
  9. I do not think required mask wearing is going away anytime soon, so lets start helping each other out with recommendations. I wore a mask from https://myshieldmasks.com/ last weekend at Nelsons and it was very breathable. Its not heavy and doesnt sit up close to your mouth. I know Blipshift have some as well. What other recommendations do you have that you have worn?
  10. How old is your real main seal? What symptoms were you experiencing?
  11. Sorry we missed you there or we didn't get a chance to catch up. Next time beer is on me. Here is our fast lap from the weekend which was on Saturday in the 2nd stint:
  12. I like the July Nelson Ledges race as it works well in my fat loss program from all the beer
  13. Everyone has their own flavor. 4k it up if you want. I will be looking for your documentary in theaters soon with that resolution
  14. Good to show you around and be on track with you all again since Gingerman 2019. Wish we could have battled more but we both were busy. I didn't realize how mangled the car got on Saturday. Good to see you do some trackside repairs. The car actually looked pretty good Sunday morning
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