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  1. And your saying this smaller bag with slight dimension differences gets everything stored, the helmet, hans, suit, shoes, innner wear and some bits?
  2. Lads, I appreciate the comments. Here's where I am at, have these 24x12x12 No matter how we pack it this is how they pack the best. There is no way to get the Hans in the main compartment with the helmet or the suit and inner wear. and no way to get the helmet in the outer bag spot where the Hans is, and no way to get the suit in there. so I'm stuck with it hanging out. I have now looked at the Bell bags as some have mentioned and even though it's 4" shorter, I think the big main compartment being 1" wider and 1.5" taller, might get the Hans in the main area. The bags in the pic are 24
  3. Thanks Russ. Any experience with any of the bags? I need to buy 4 of them and I don't want to bone it again like last time. Walking around with my Hans device hanging out. Chicks looking at me like I'm a failure, can't zip up.... " <chicks giggling>You buy the wrong bag Junior?!?".. Me: "No..." shuffles off in shame. Somebody ask Randy Pobst what he uses to pack gear through an airport... I'm of the opinion that dude knows bags and how to pack gear.
  4. I'm tired of a random bag with my crap in it. Hans device hanging out the top because it doesn't fit, etc. I want an actual race bag that works for the stuff we use. I was hoping some of you had experience in this area. I was looking at random bags and it seemed kind of up in the air. I want room for a helmet, suit, undergarments, 2 pair shoes, Hans, maybe some electronic bits, 1 light change of street clothes (for random emergency) and I want it to close up and zip up cleanly, nothing in a goofy shape. I want square/rectangle so they stack, I need 4 of them for our crew, so they need t
  5. Title in hand. Interested, hit me up. It's a 2011 and I've had it since new. No hail dings. probably 20,000 miles on it, mostly interstate. Great trailer for cars, awesome for storage too! Trailer was rubbed up against another trailer and will require some panels and some work as you can see in the pictures, easy fix. Save some money and do it yourself. Tires have exactly 1 mile on them. The tire shop did the damage to the trailer, I drove it home and that's how you get new tires with only 1 mile on them. A great trailer, tows like a dream. Easily put 2 full size cars inside or 3 impo
  6. I'll never understand it. Why not simply make some particular fuel cell the maximum and be done with it? It solves very nearly every other scenario from power to weight to swaps to values to "whatever". At this point there are very few teams in the series that would consider a $300-$500 purchase for a spec fuel cell (to even things up) as a deal breaker. And the team that shows up with a 10,000 pound LTD knows they're not in the hunt. It works for the majority of cars that are actually used and actually competitive. At some point every team would find a sweet spot of weight,
  7. I haven't been keeping up with the rules, just lurking every other month. Did we get more fuel for the small tank cars? Honda/Acura take a beating in the math?
  8. ...pffft.... I got the bill for the tires, right on time. No discount, no apology, nothing. I'm sure they were sitting around thinking... "well, let's see if he pays it or raises hell about it". I paid it, I mean I do owe the bill.... But seriously.
  9. ***UPDATE*** been about 6-7 weeks. Insurance company is STILL jerking me around. Ugh. They had trouble finding a 53' trailer to do a comparison, so some genius decided a 44 must be similar from a different brand, so they used that value. It's bewildering. I've had to come up with more data. Essentially every day, it's something I have to do or find, or fax. I figure to replace the trailer is $27-28k. They said they'd cough up $20k and take the trailer.... OR, I could take $14,000 cash and keep the trailer (even though I have several bids in the 19-20k range because of t
  10. The good side of the USA, not the 100 crazy people on the extreme edge of any topic that get media attention. I'm saying the rest of the 330 million of us that are dang good folks, doing dang nice things because we're just good people. Click the link, great video. Must be dusty in here, I got something in my eye while watching it. https://www.nbclosangeles.com/multimedia/Boy-Enjoys-Ride-of-a-Lifetime-in-Ferrari_Los-Angeles-492325551.html
  11. That's what I was thinking. We'll have to play it out. I re-skinned our other 24' trailer that got hailed out, and it looked perfect. I'm sure I could iron this out with the glue. But I don't want to be that dude going down the interstate with like 10 repairs on it and filthy
  12. I talked to an adjuster today, mentioned that the smooth side trailers are not the same old pop rivet setup. And its gonna need to be repaired at the factory in Portland. First bid I got locally is just short of 20k. They felt stripping the whole side made sense to get a better glue job and color match. Also studs to replace, etc. then (4 ) 1000+ mile trips to the factory at $2 a mile. I also hit them up and said I need to have them rent me a replacement for some races this fall. Good news there is that not many places rent 53 foot trailers, I cna't imagine it wou
  13. I don't know yet. But am confident I'm the guy about to get bent over on this deal... somehow. Scrubbed a tree and then hit it on the back of a hay hauling semi trailer.
  14. So, I was doing a little pre-emptive tire replacement on our race trailer. I ask the guy at the tire shop 4 times if he'd like me to position the trailer correctly in their driveway as it's 53' long and not easily parked. let me repeat that... 4 times. He says, nah we do this kind of thing all the time. I leave and come back and have 6 new tires.... and this. Tire place has insurance, I talked to the adjuster already. I'm not excited to see this one play out. Already I've had a local place say we don't do "no-rivet" trailer stuff. And a place that does a lot of trailer repair 450 m
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