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  1. Am I the only guy to think , "way to disprove your power by doing a display of horsepower..." I doubt it was one of those "shame burnouts" I do in my car where you hit second gear and the car bogs and you have to go back to first before you're even past the mailbox in front of the house. Or it coughs and dies... usually it's that.
  2. Ham Sammich

    VPI Numbers you just can't get your head around

    I'm still accumulating things (got 2), Lots to learn. Plus, crazy busy at work. As they say, "you gotta make hay when the sun shines". I'd like to shake out a Z sometime this fall. We'll see. I know I want it to be inline with Joeys rules too. I don't want to find myself in GTO instead of GT1. GTO in my opinion is like the EC class. Where you go when you boned the rules. We're kind of good to go with Cathys classes. I think my head will be in the right place with these (if we build them). With the other cars I always felt I was up against Johns "silli-ness". With these, I just want to drive them and am not "as" concerned about the classes or finish. I think that's a good place to be. I did a mock up in photoshop of a 370. Looks pretty cool. If I could get something to look like this, I think I'd be happy with it.
  3. Ham Sammich

    ST43 Vendors?

    They have a 406 phone number, I was unable to locate an address in state for them. I got something brewing.
  4. Ham Sammich

    ST43 Vendors?

    We have a place in Montana that sells cool race parts?
  5. For some reason, I don't see any of the ads. Maybe the cord for the internet, that contains advertising, doesn't reach the middle of nowhere.
  6. My town Glasgow Montana is OFFICIALLY the middle of nowhere. Here's the article. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2018/02/20/using-the-best-data-possible-we-set-out-to-find-the-middle-of-nowhere/?utm_term=.86bbd1726fc1
  7. Ham Sammich

    Champcar vs Simracing

  8. My apologies for the Blizzard. I knew putting the flamingos out early would have consequences. I've dug them out and believe they will survive. Godspeed to the 2 missing Flamingos . It's a little thick around the shop.
  9. I thought about it.... it's unbelievably wrinkly every time we do it. I was under selling our level of sticker fail.
  10. He ain't kidding... we've done some larger decal panels / wraps. it's a bit rough on most occasions. I bet the pro's make it look easy.