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  1. This was our first ChampCar race and a very much last minute decision when we heard entries were down and the requirement to have run other races was being relaxed. My team are located in Indiana, Ohio and I'm in St Louis so it was too good to pass up. Our car debuted at and won the LuckyDog race at the Charlotte Roval a few weeks back finishing with a failing transmission and bad oil cooler pump so I figured it would be easy enough to turn around in a week once we made the call.... then I remembered all the other parts we used up at Charlotte and started ordering parts with express shipp
  2. Reach out to Scott at Izzys Custom Cages, he may know of teams looking for additional members. I run a Lemons team out of St Louis, have done some WRL and Lucky Dog and occasionally have seats open.
  3. 104 cars at barber this year, LeMons are getting 10-20 new teams each race I attended in the Midwest/South in 2017. The majority are "because Roadkill".
  4. Should have never let the air in How many miles did this engine do in it's previous life? I'd go hit the pick and pull, look for a lowish mileage accident damaged car, pull the engine, change the oil race and enjoy. As mentioned earlier this worked for my 120k Mile L61, these engines are so cheap and plentiful they are not worth rebuilding, just need to find a good one or two!
  5. The gasket sets can be more expensive than the junkyard engines. Find the weak points and address leave the rest. For the Ecotecs it's the timing chain and guides, replaced mine and now have 6 races on a 120k mile junkyard engine that cost $88 at pick and pull on 1/2 price day!
  6. Does HP tuners support this engine? PM me if you have problems with standalone harness/ECU I know a guy
  7. Or 180 HP from a smaller and lighter LE5 Ecotec using the EcoMiata swap kit? Disclaimer I don't know what if anything on a Miata is compatible with a RX7 but the kit allows you to bolt an Ecotec to a miata trans.
  8. Have you "upgraded" to Cressida rotors and calipers? I have a Cressida setup but the pads are smaller (rotors bigger) than the Celica so am on the fence about installing.
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