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  1. addbhp

    2017 dates

    I was specifically referring to the home page, not the forum. Where we see a schedule tab that references a 2016 schedule, a results section that references the 2015 schedule, a banner introducing the CS3 series, and lets not forget the upcoming races lower box, that shows nothing. Tough sending any interested parties in joining the series to the site, don't you think?
  2. addbhp

    2017 dates

    I used to visit the site as a link to the forums, with hopes of seeing something new. But seems everyone has given up on the website, including Management. I now just go to the American site, less frustrating.
  3. My two cents: 1) No problem with running a window banner, but think the RVA logo is too small to place beside the Chumpcar logo on both the door panel and definitely the window strip to keep proportions and actual be seen. Like others have said, most series run window banners. 2) Too make life simple and keep costs down for everyone. Keep the door panel as is, and put your RVA logo alone on the Window banner, you could even add text to fill the space. Since the logo alone in the middle looks a little lost. 3) Like the idea of specific track decals, and the idea of the track outline with the date underneath but keep a reasonable size for those fortunate enough to do many events. 4) For the Series sponsor decals, if you want to do one panel and because many of us are worried about complimenting our existing paint and themes, why not do on a clear background, and the logo all in one colour, ie Black outline for light colour cars, White outline logos for dark cars, and a third colour for the adventuresome ie Reflective Silver would be cool. ( this way those with their own sponsors, can still differentiate from the series sponsors). And for those with space constrictions they could simple cut a few from the panel and place as needed.
  4. Great this is finally out in an official thread. Thanks Brian for doing this. Now if we could just give this website some love and much needed attention. Some of us over 50 crowd still don't have facebook accounts, and look here for news, insight etc. Having said that I did see, a mention of new staff on Facebook, and indication what that means? I agree some time to regroup is needed, I think the success of 2015, and good turnouts got the mgmt team's eyes bigger than their stomach in planning too much for 2016...adding CS3, too many events too close together, etc. Hoping to get out this year. Belated Happy New Years everyone.
  5. Have had this same feeling for a while. I check this forum each day hoping to see a Canadian Schedule for 2017, and nothing. No updates, no assurances nothing, believe last posting from Management was October 23rd. When you see all the activity on the US forums, and a communication person hired/volunteered, doesn't help the feeling that 2017 isn't going to happen here in Canada. Certainly not going to help numbers increase in Canada. Wonder why we even have a Canadian site, other than to check 2015 results, even the rules weren't updated to the mid season update done mid 2016.
  6. addbhp

    Rest in Peace Ralph de Winter

    Saddened to read and learn of this. Will definitely be missed, echoing the previous words of kindness and being a great resource to the racing community. My thoughts and well wishes go out to his family.
  7. As a fairly new Chump, and having only participated in Calabogie last year, but attended events as a spectator in 2014 Shannonville, Mosport 2015, 2016 I think there are some great discussions going on. Things I have noticed, and again with no disrespect to anyone. 1) Has anyone done any true demographics of the participants, the regulars and those who did an event and then disappeared. I think better planning could be done if you know your audience. For us costs are the biggest factor, we would love to do more events, but real life gets in the way. Agreed the price per event vs track time is great, but for us it involves, renting a trailer and now truck to get our car there. Reduce the number of events lets us plan more realistically. But also location factors into it. Yes I love Calabogie and Mosport but Shannonville (Full or Pro track) can be fun as well, and much cheaper for certainly those in the GTA to attend. 2) Scheduling and number of Events, Agreed look at the calendar for not just US Chumpcar events, but also what else is happening in the world....Is a Major Motorsport event going on the same weekend, that might pull someones attention away, and the same can be said about Holidays, I for one have a hard time saying sorry can't be with the family this long weekend, I am going racing. 3) Marketing, Love the idea of getting our cars and drivers in front of the public, Doesn't have to be the Sal and Wendy show that was at the Motorsport Show all the time, but make those resources (tent, brochures, etc) available to the participants to have a display at the any major Mosport event, why not Honda Indy (the displays there were so random), but as previously mentioned let the public sit in the car, see that anyone can race and take it to a new level. 4) Changing of events, seems this year last minute changes from double 7's to 8's to single 11's would have frustrated me had I been racing this year. We ran a two driver team, and what would that have meant for us had we expected to do the 7's and then find out it is an 11? I know say find another driver, but we like the shared owner operator arrangement we have...our choice. 5) Did introducing the CS3 series distract the attention and focus from a still young series? Taking on too much too soon. I think you are working with a limited audience, How many are willing to risk door to door racing, making the step from driving school, or time attack/autocross - to me this ties into the number of events that Canada can support. 6) Car classes, I know being addressed by the US, but seems like a major overall is needed. I have done time attack, when called Solo Ontario, and those rules really seemed to address car equality and any modifications. Although not expecting to win, but it is nice knowing you have somewhat of a chance without being forced to EC. 7) The Forum and even the website seems not to get any love, why are results only from 2015 showing, and if the Chumpionship is real, why not see overall standings for the year. Is there even a points system. Can't imagine it would be too difficult to publish a PDF file for this year, as well as past years. 8) Sponsors don't seem to be giving anything back other than discounts on items. The current sponsors seem to be either tracks, or the businesses of Sal and Wendy, I know time attack, used to have Tire sponsors, that if you ran their tires you qualified for their prizes. Any prizes are a welcome give back even random participant draws are a nice thank you for coming out. I know this is a huge commitment, that takes a lot of resources, so look for volunteers, or a advisory board to assist as I know we all want this series to succeed and grow.
  8. Was spectating Sunday, here is a video with clips and pics.
  9. Sorry none of the Neon #84 must have missed your stints,