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  1. Have you checked with the materials selection from Shapeways (or any of the other big boys)? Just curious. Been a while since I used them, but Shapeways was reasonable and pretty fast. Now that you have a solid model, you've gotta know someone w a CNC mill, would brass work, or possibly peek plastic? Regardless, nice solution, be curious to hear about how it looks after Indy!
  2. Camaro is loaded & ready for testing of 1st iteration of suspension adjustments (heck, it's been pretty sporty the past few events - with dead shocks...). Hooked on Driving Friday-only track day @ Sebring. Also testing neighbor's trailer that he is interested in selling... it's big. Our track record with tow vehicles isn't stellar, so hopefully this isn't a repeat of VIR 🤣
  3. I'll try to grab some more Cigar City Maduro Brown, at the very least. Strictly for scientific yeast culture sampling of course.
  4. Call in sick for one of the Indy days, we won't rat you out. Just keep your helmet on all day like the Stig.
  5. Bump, I can vouch for car. Raced against it for years, test drove yesterday to get a little seat time before Indy. Mild mannered and easy to drive, auto takes a little bit to get used to as far as feeling like you are being efficient with shift points, found easiest just to not over think it. The auto did made it really nice to just hop into a new-to-you car and focus on braking points, apex, etc. If you are a RWD guy you will like it.
  6. It's been semi-official for a while, but now it's official official. Got some test laps in the @Team Infiniti shark car yesterday. Indy bound and pretty stoked!
  7. I can add to this. So, wouldn't ya know I just happened to decided to drive to PBIR Saturday morning at 5am with my driving gear and just happened to run into Team Infinity. Weird I drove some test laps to get familiar with the car, it's so fast I blew the left side mirror apart 1st session. 2nd session, the lady at pit out asks me "does this car have a tag?" "Yes, it does" "Ok, well it's missing, so we will go look for it during the lunch break" It was a good day, even drug @LEADSLEDLINCOLN along with me and threw him in the passenger seat for a session, so needless to say we left a lot of cherry juice in the Infinity. Been racing against these guys for a long time so it was really cool to be able to hang out and play in their sandbox. Here is the comical text message between Ed and Adam @ Hooked on Driving (HOD was a great group BTW, will definitely run with them again for testing) Edit: The screen capture below is looking from the rear mounted Go-Pro on the Infinity the moment the Benz stole the tag 🤣
  8. Definitely a true statement. I'd be bored to tears in anything slower than a V8. But - getting 2 or 3 power cars in a draft in the evening when traffic has thinned out... feeling the aero stuff actually change... going faster than you probably should be in a production car with a cage... shoeee wheee..... good times.
  9. Sebring, because of lots of reasons already mentioned: - historic - consider it our home track for a "dedicated road course" - hard on equipment, if your car doesn't fall apart here you should be good for the rest of the country - lots to absorb as a driver, surface changes, bumps - lots of high speed sections where you can make big mistakes with very little room for forgiveness Road Atlanta: - historic - super fast, scare the poop out of yourself - easy to learn, hard to master - lots of high speed sections where you can make big mistakes with very little room for forgiveness Watkins Glen, never been, pissed every year after I see race pics, going to make serious effort to attend in 2020: - historic - Seneca Lodge - everyone I personally know that's run there calls it a "must do" - looks like lots of high speed sections where you can make big mistakes with very little room for forgiveness The list is really more comprehensive, but I could only pick 3. Every track on the schedule is epic in it's own way. Like, how can you leave VIR off the list? Daytona is a must-do at least once even if you live far away. Charlotte, off the chain. Never raced far west or north, but Laguna Seca, Road America, historic bucket-list stuff we hope to experience one of these days... Looks like I will be able to at least cross Indy off the list too
  10. Option #1 has worked well for us. Made a tremendous improvement in cooling. As @Hi_Im_Will said, as a generalization you do not want the back of the hood lifted - that's why it's called cowl induction and not cowl exhaust 🤣 I've had many-a-debates about that. Most likely as you get away from the center and taper out towards the a-pillars it would probably exhaust, but w/o wind tunnel testing it's just a guess.
  11. Make a cardboard template, cut it out, use a cheapy H-Frame press and a piece of scrap tube to push it into a vise, with the idea being it wraps the flat piece around the tube as you press it into the vise jaws - the tube is the "punch" and the jaws are the "die" (or some 2 x 4's screwed together with a spaced gap in the middle would work as well). Easy to do if you have a few tools, but you don't need anything fancy by any means. I'd post a picture from the Camaro build thread, but that was a while ago and I'm afraid those old pics got caught up in the PhotoBucket nonsense.
  12. But even with gussets you still have a "broken" bar. I interpret the "X-design (with gussets)" verbiage to mean it still needs to be 2 continuous/unbroken pieces. I could be wrong. Either way, a lower door bar tied into the sill sounds like a good idea regardless. Edit: I'm sure properly gusseted, a broken X would be safe, but I think the word unbroken was thrown in there to keep sub-par stuff from showing up. Double-edit: the only reason I am chiming in is I remember when this first came up (last year? 2017? Who knows) and the ruling being that a broken-X only counts as "1" door bar. I was freaked out because that is how our pass. side is built, but you only need "1" to be legal on the pass. side so it ended up a moot point. Ours is taco-gusseted and I am confident of it being safe.
  13. Be interesting to hear from Nigel (or see video from outside of camera car), I agree it looked like he was "chopping" the yellow car at times but I think that might just be the perspective of the camera and seeing the yellow car bounce in-and-out of the mirrors. It might not have actually been that close. With that being said, yellow car was definitely over driving and red-misting. Honestly, after seeing whatever you call that move with the blue Vette in T11, I would have been giving him tons of room. Be following this to see if the powers-that-be step in on this one, as others have said it was pretty blatant and has no place in Champcar.
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