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  1. SN95 = high % of Fox parts = T-Bird. You are lucky that's all you got young man. Keep up the complaining and it will be 75 next time.
  2. Identical part # roller lifters in a Gen 1 LS motor as my old LT1......... I am digging this new rules interpretation - everyone please stop talking now.
  3. One thing is for certain after all this... time to nip this in the bud & add another 50 points to the T-Bird VPI for 2020, you know, "just in case".
  4. I truly understand that official tech can't possibly see everything and be everywhere at every moment of pre- and/or post-race. I do not envy the jobs of any Champcar official or board member, none of it is easy. With that being said... what I absolutely can't process is tech wandering around post-race, a competitor pointing out something worthy of investigation, and blatant disregard for rule 5.4.5. On a team with a very recent history of the same behavior. Unconscionable. All of this projection back onto the Champcar competitors is hilarious. Clearly it is the memberships' fault this was allowed to happen 🤣 How dare you guys enable cheating by not having an ink-jet printer in your trailer. Oy vey.
  5. So I did a thing this afternoon. I bought a really nice complete gladiator car 🤣 I still have the G5, might still do the Enduro or might sell it, it'd be a pristine clean-sheet gladiator. Or I could Enduro then sell, or Enduro then finish as gladiator. 1st world racer problems.
  6. @Team Infiniti nice win in the 4.6 class, found the video in a FB group search for "PO BOY MAFIA" someone posted the dirt dobber video of the feature
  7. Ain't that some shizzz. That's a pretty cool story!!!
  8. I'm generally not a new Euro-fan, but holy crap I got to drive a 2019 E63 AMG last week. Good god man. It had regular, 2 sport modes, and race mode. Dunno what the sport modes felt like because they were just extra menu items that got in my way getting to race mode. It was a bad mammerjammer - real paddle shifts, exhaust burps on up-shifts, mega-brakes... Of course it is 110k, but it got me to researching them and I felt pretty bad I'd never realized how cool these things were. 2007-2009 E63 naturally asp 6.2 V8 - 507hp from the factory. Sounds fun. Saw a minty on in FL on FB marketplace for like 10,500. Not bad for factory 500hp car. I think this was also available in wagons too.
  9. Time is the only concern - if I had unlimited time I'd be all about it, could do a lift gate on the back and everything. I've seen some pretty nice builds on Facebook.
  10. Because race car? None of this makes any financial sense 🤣
  11. Yup - that is the other solution. I've been telling my stepdad this same thing - either over-kill it with a semi or under-kill a dually with a lighter total package. Edit: but smaller package has disadvantages too - less security when traveling/sleeping/not at track, lack of self-containment/need to rent hotel rooms. Or just keep renting for distance races 🤣
  12. The tiny bit of research I've done points to "it depends", brake classification, total weight, things like that. I think a lot of people are rolling the dice and playing to grey areas.
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