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  1. @Money Shift Racing thanks for sharing, it looked a little less eventful from a video replay but it sure felt pretty hairy live... good thing we bought that brake fluid from y'all Saturday evening
  2. Aww man, I wish I would have made the mental connection sooner that this was you. Nice to inadvertently meet you guys, I was running with Breaking Bad right next door to you and I know y'all know each other.
  3. If anyone managed to get any in-car video of me jumping the shark on the back straight around 1:40-ish pm in the #310 Breaking Bad Camaro, post it up. Completely on me as the passing car, no issues owning up to it. 3 wide was good until it wasn't, managed to not have any contact and not wad the car up but it was SUPER sketchy going into the right-hand kink (T16). Not sure if it was 3 off, 4 off, 10 off, but it was a big off at the fast end of the straight LOL. Kept er going like it never happened. YEET.
  4. I told you those LED sticks were going to slow you down (congrats on a solid run)
  5. Hey Tom, are you working from the original list in the other thread? I did not see @sprinter11x Precision Motorsports Cayman entry (but it is quite possible I am blind...). I copied it below and also updated our 3rd and included forum handles. Thanks again for everyones work behind the scenes precision motorsports is in driver 1 keary morris @sprinter11x driver 2 david castello @pintodave driver 3 tony clinton Mark Burt @kartermdb
  6. If anyone is looking to join a team, we would like to run 3 drivers for this. I *think* we have a 3rd, but it is pending his work schedule, so I would like to find a reserve 3rd driver, it will be on the Precision Motorsports team with Keary Morris aka @sprinter11x and myself, we are running the Cayman. How to setups work? Is the setup loaded and set for the event when the first drives, or does each driver need to have the setup saved locally on their PC? Edit: our 3rd driver did confirm he is available for Saturday.
  7. Will the race be open setup, and is there a fuel capacity limit? Thanks for hosting the practice session. Ditto what others said - don't accidentally make a new team because you can't undo it (which is crazy)! Definitely need to practice this week, but to be fair, last night was the first time I've logged on in months and I downloaded the Cayman 30 minutes before practice started, so I was happy to not be too much of a rolling chicane.
  8. I was ready to crawl through the TV watching all of that fuel spill out. OMG.
  9. That whole race, all I could think of is "wow, this has turned into 200mph Bristol."
  10. Every time there is one of "those" crashes, it gets you to thinking... I probably will not race another car without a containment seat, and a very good one at that. If that was even one generation older of chassis build or seat technology, no way Newman would have even had a chance to survive. Unreal.
  11. Do we know in advance which vendors will be @ Daytona @Bill Strong @DuncanDana? I am due for a helmet, pretty settled on a Stilo composite, but would prefer to try on before I buy to get sizing perfect.
  12. Just add 3 or 4 zeros to the end of the anticipated race budget and those guys are no different LOL. Same struggles, same mistakes, same mechanical failures.
  13. And - to add to that - I took an old one apart a few years ago (see Camaro build thread) and tested other alternatives VS the ATL balls in an attempt to build my own. For anyone thinking of building vs buying, regular ping-pong balls do not hold up to gas.
  14. In addition to the roll-over safety noted above, we had to add one because for the first few laps on a full fuel load the cornering g-forces would still force fuel out of the over flow. This cured that problem. To add to the safety conversation - in the event of a partial roll over, the internal rollover valve might not fully close, thus this is a great secondary check valve as the two pingpong-style balls should still fully close even if the internal steel ball doesn't get over enough to close. Yes the ATL disc. valve is big, as noted above we just used reducers to get it down to a normal sized vent hose.
  15. I'll be driving with another local Daytona team - the Precision Transmission Camaro, team owner Keary Morris even talked a guest driver into joining in the shenanigans! Should be a good time!
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