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  1. Booooooo!!!! But it makes sense. Probably the right call. They need a packed grandstand to support that type of purse money. And I appreciate not driving 2+ hours just to get rained out....
  2. Florida Trifecta! Yea, PBIR will be hot, but heck, it seems anything May-thru-Sept FL race is hot... roasted a few times @ Daytona before it was moved to April. Happy to see Sebring moved to November. Nice spread on the FL races.
  3. Once again, you are right - I just looked and the price I paid wasn't any better than anywhere else. That's just a crappy system all around... for high-dollar purchases like belts you can be damn sure I'll be heeding the advice of calling a supplier to make sure the dates are "fresh". I'm due 1/1/2020 for those too.
  4. I went back and checked the description on Amazon (I bought it mobile and thought maybe I missed it...) and there is definitely nothing mentioning the short-dating. You guys are spot on - it is just old stock that they blow out at a discount, I went through some of the reviews and others were talking about the same issue. I have zero problem with that and I appreciate getting a decent deal, but for transparency it should be noted in the ad description for sure. I left a review saying as much. Oh well, get what ya pay for and for the price it's fine, that was just a little surprising to receive something with 15 months of cert left lol. At least the Camaro net will be going back to Simpson for a custom re-make 1/1/2020 so no issues with that one.
  5. Just bought a brand new window net off of Amazon, it is a racequip (need to see if it was sold direct by them or not...). SFI tag has MFG date, but not the traditional "date punch", just a good-til date? If that is the case, are they really selling crap this close to expiration????? This is for a pure-stock car, date doesn't matter, but if this was a situation where it needed to be dated, I think I'd be pissed? Or am I missing something?
  6. Ok good to know, less weight anyways LOL. I took the entire module out already but I'll yank the bags too
  7. Main hoop nailed down, seat frame AM, some basic once over and maintenance in the afternoon and Friday, should have time to cut the cats off too. Edit: Wait til you see the paint scheme 不不不 I crack myself up
  8. But if you don't post a question that you already know the answer to so you can get an answer that you don't like, how else are you supposed to project your displeasure on everyone else? OMG last post for this thread from me. It is just so absolutely ridiculous I just can't help myself. Like a train wreck.
  9. If you have a chip on your shoulder from previous go-arounds with tech, fine. I've got plenty of answers from Champ tech, past, present (and probably future...) that I have disagreed with. Not a lot to interpret in this particular thread. Questions asked. Questions answered. Is there still something in pp.7-9 that is that ambiguous? Not for what you want to hear, but for what is actually written? Edit: and I am seriously not trying to be a dck, I am just lost on this conversation. Of all fights to pick and things to complain about in the rules, this just seems so blatantly obvious, I just don't understand. Like the cam gear deal - you think one thing, I think 180簞 another, I can respect that - it's a coin toss to tech at that point, let the chips fall where they may. But I'm lost on all of this cage argument...
  10. Now I am convinced you are trolling. I'm confused how yesterday you understood the rules, yet 1 hr ago you don't understand the rules. There is a fundamental difference in understanding the rules and asking for permission to break them and just not understanding the rules and needing clarification. So which is it?
  11. Yes, there is something in the rules that say where it should be "windshield line" edit: "UPPER WINDSCREEN LINE" (p.7 3.2.2 in both 2019 & 2020 BCCR). So you have no windshield? Free for all!!!! Oops, wait, there are those pesky PICTURES showing you approximately what your Cage should look like. For the record, I had no problem with your original question. Nothing wrong with asking. But then your piling on that it's a free-for-all and nobody follows the rules was a bit extreme. I'm the first one to be vocal about rules stability and things of that nature, but to lump a cage build issue in under the blanket statement "nobody follows the rules" just makes it sound like you are trolling. Then there were others who felt the need to chime in with their own creative interpretation of the cage rules after just being involved in another thread where they were b!tching about creative interpretation of the rules. SMH. Pages 7-9 are the clearest in the entire frikking rule book.
  12. Re-read pp.7-9 in the morning, then post up any questions that aren't cleared up about cages 不不不
  13. @MMiskoe, I gotta ask ya, and I quote - So, we follow the "spirit" of the rules or what is written in the rules? You want to rules-lawyer a guy to death for wanting to drill a hole in an OEM part, but the one area of the rules that is pretty explicit (and I would argue is more clear than mud), and deals with safety, you want to find creative interpretation with? Page 7, 8, & 9 covers approved cage methods, with descriptions. With pictures.
  14. Never give up hope. Scored this gem in Orlando. A few bucks more than I wanted to spend but it was a good deal for being a correct 5-spd ectotec car. 2009! I almost had second thoughts about cutting it up, it is literally almost too nice. Oh well 不 yee yee time!
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