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  1. Not to totally go off the rails and bury information in this thread, but I'd like to see a couple of "alternate methods" for securing cool suit boxes. Two straps is a royal pain. We've employed aluminum side straps, through the cooler tabs AND screwed to the side of the cooler, coupled with one strap around the chassis mount (not velcro, a click style). Survived the hit at Daytona in the Lincoln, which was a HARD hit. I'd even be willing to through-bolt my aluminum side straps (fender washer from the inside, bolt placement up higher in the box coupled with some silicon to seal it) - thru bolted the cooler and bolted down to your mounting point on the chassis, that is literally not going anywhere.
  2. I re-read that one a few times too, I think what he is getting at was to have something in place to prevent massive water spillage from the driver change? We also use the QD's with internal shut off so never an issue on the suit connection side. You can buy them w/o the internal shut off (I bought a couple from McMaster to help w suit cleaning post race). We do spill water occasionally bailing water/adding ice, but we just sweep it out and it dries very fast. If it is a large enough amount to be an issue we just use some speedy-dry on it.
  3. Been running SBC's for almost 10 years in Chump, usually 2-3 events a year. NEVER scattered a motor. Ever. (find me some wood to knock on...) Lincoln motor was stock iron-head Vortec, original motor was literally 200k+ miles (only thing we did was change valve springs) we decided it was tired and bought GM long block, was amazed that really all it would have needed was a valve job, bottom end was pristine. Camaro is stock LT1, rebuilt. Super big fan-boi of Amsoil, only because of some poor decisions and precarious things we've done over the years and never had any oil-related failures (like run 21 hours @ VIR with a broken oil pick-up...). Only time we've had any mechanical parts failures is when we've used anything Chinesium. Stick to quality OEM/OEM-equivalent US sourced fasteners and parts and you will be fine. Keep it cool, run a pan with some sort of basic oil control, and probably an oil cooler. We never ran an oil cooler on the Lincoln, but I put one on the Camaro. Not sure if we really need it but it certainly can't hurt. Never shifted beyond the mid to upper 5k area (runs out of steam with a stock cam anyways...). Nothing really to talk about privately, but feel free to PM if there is anything you don't want to post in the forum. To be quite frank, I really don't know anything special.
  4. Beat me to it! Camaro has not been in a 2019 event, and I know I have to do this. I was bequeathed A TON of the legit high-density padding, but not w/ the SFI marking. If I could just buy SFI for head-area, then use up the other high-density in the other areas, that would be sweet. Thanks @National Tech, great and highly informative post of what you need to see @ tech. Pretty sure other than the high-density padding, I'm compliant but will be re-reading next time I'm at the shop.
  5. Yea, and all of that spending has been let out of Pandora's Box and is super hard to reign back in isn't it? Edit: to further counter your point, nobody is holding a gun to our heads and making us spend the billion bucks - but what does a large majority of teams do (myself included)? Max out those points baby! Spend spend spend! If I can bolt on a tire and go 2.5 seconds a lap faster at Sebring (just guessing - possibly more? less?) why the hell would I not do that? I'm an idiot - I'll do it, but I won't like it. It will take my avg tire budget from ~mid 20 hours to maybe ~8 hours? Approx a 3x increase. No bueno. The "tire war" is far from an issue today, why let it get there? Mark my words, it WILL get there.
  6. Or limit tire mfg's... Are there any market segments with respect to dia/size selection that are not supported by Dunlop or Hankook? Trust me, I am the farthest from some nanny-state anti-choice I-want-to-tell-you-whats-best-for-you person, but turning this series into a tire war is NOT a good thing. Edit: obviously the tire mfg's are just as guilty and are essentially our drug dealers. I do not know the testing procedures for treadwear rating, but if you have two tires that are both rated "180" and one lasts 3 hours and one lasts 20 hours, something is suspect.
  7. And the Yoko had better gas mileage - bonus LOL. The new Hankook was not on there, I was planning on buying a set. Would have been nice to see it in the mix for reference. As a side note: as cool as it is to see the tire selection improving, I don't like the way this is going. I think you'll see more teams ponying up for the fastest possible tire with a complete disregard for how many sets are needed per event (using 14 hrs as a benchmark). We are already starting to see it with a few teams with deeper pockets. If it gets to the point of needing multiple sets of tires to be considered "competitive", that will be a game changer for the series, and not in a good way. Historically speaking, it's what racers do - outspend each other into oblivion and kill a good thing.
  8. @Bill Strong / everyone, what resolution/FPS are you seeing the best luck with streaming at the track using a wifi hotspot?
  9. I just ordered a YI Camera so I can get back into the live streaming game for Sebring! Looks like a rental from daypasswireless is the way to go for data... hopefully no muss no fuss.
  10. Ha yea man, I should get an old Chad Little John Deere paint scheme... I totally forgot it was a 2 hour race. After my 2nd or 3rd loop I say eff it and went and drank a beer. I was talking with @kartermdb about that after - I just can't get a damn feel for the Miata, part of it is my wheel/pedal setup, I am still driving off of a desk. So my max comfort level is about 45 minutes to an hour max before the position/posture starts to really bother me. Maybe it's a lack of brake feel, I don't know but there is just something about it that isn't clicking with me. Plus it doesn't help it's deathly slow, so practicing by yourself at a big track gets old quick. I'm sure running more laps there would help out. How much were yall chatting in Discord the first 45 minutes? I heard Ross ok in the iRacing chat but I never heard any banter in Discord. I did the mic check and it all worked, and I had the speaker output set to the Rift. I was really looking forward to the Discord chat.
  11. Yea man, I should be there! I'll hop on discord during practice and make sure everything works. Do you use the general channel?
  12. Yea, I have an in with the guy @ www.cagegage.com, he's a bit of a whack job, but it takes all types 🤣 Seriously - door bars are ridiculously easy-peasy, heck find a friend and go in on buying a pair together and share them. Dang, I barely had any grey hair in this video LOL Edit: of course I am OUT at the moment, I am trying to finish up some this week. Keep an eye on the website I try to keep the inventory up-to-date.
  13. Cut-to-fit throttle limiter (in your choice of color).
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