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  1. Why do we have to deal with Luke? Is he your friend and you don't like him so you want to subject him to as much torture as possible by dealing with us? Or is he just a cool dude?
  2. I couldn't help but think of the hand wave as being at Barrett-Jackson and trying to get the attention of a friend and accidentally buying a 1 million dollar car
  3. If it binds, it's no good. Period.
  4. Straightness & roundness are paramount. You can polish it to a whatever-micron finish you want, but if it's running out .0025" then it doesn't mean sheet, it's going to wipe out the bearings. For polish, as long as there are no raised/bruised areas, that's step #1, then worry about actual surface finish. Edit: you should be able to rotate the crank w absolute minimal finger pressure without bind when installed with a light oil on the bearings. Or there is the old "wing it around" trick - you should be able to wing the crank around by hand and it should free spin a couple of revolutions (no rods attached obviously). I'm legitimately not an engine builder, but I have been in the machining trades for my whole adult life and this should be common sense for anyone you allow to help or touch your engine components.
  5. ...and use quality hardware that you know where it came from
  6. Tweaked the panhard bar I believe. They thought it was caused by possible contact (I was thinking it was the massive amount of mechanical grip with those huge rear tires lol)
  7. @lct1621 You going strictly dirt late model now? No more champ???
  8. Shhhhh! You are not helping your cause. The correct answer was "meh, it don't make a hill of beans difference. probably a waste of time!" Your welcome.
  9. When these first came out, it was my thought to let the technology "mature" just a bit, then buy one when you could live stream with them. Dunno if you can yet or not, but man I love those 360° cameras!!! Edit: that is some great racing, I literally just watched the rear view of the camera up until the 13-1/2 mark when it started going all wonkie (corrects itself 26-1/2)
  10. How far back did yall move the motor in the Stang??? Sheesh
  11. As much as we want it to be black & white, it always goes back to context of the situation. I'm not saying discretion should be used when enforcing a black & white rule, it just sucks that honest mistakes will get lumped in with blatant cheating.
  12. I thought there was a blurb in the rules about Champcar reserving the right to question/look at stuff if they so choose? Of course you wouldn't want to see this abused, but I am not even sure why another team needed to be solicited to protest the diff? (found the blurb before posting) 5.4.5. During the impound period, the Event Director or Tech Chief may engage in any inspection they so choose, including but not limited to the partial or full disassembly of any assembly, system or component for legality edit: I am looking at the 2019 rules, too lazy to see if the wording was the same for 2018 double edit: it's no fun to get called out even if your car is right, but it is good to see tech paying attention to cars that podium
  13. Anything note worthy? I didn't want to do 2019 tech bc of some upcoming changes to the car, but I guess doing the safety portion would have still made sense now that you mention it...
  14. It's easy to play armchair driver on the forum, but looking and reading everything, I agree the initial point by was way early, if not outright strange given that you were still a good bit behind. But with that being said, the point by was before start finish, in the pic above you are under or past the bridge and presenting yourself to the opposite side of the original point by (at this point it was given half of a straight away back...). If I am the driver in the car that gave the point by, I glance up in my mirror and see you track right with a track left point by, I can't say that I am expecting the aggressive left side pass entering T1. Just my opinion. The whole situation was just weird.
  15. Congrats on a great run! After Sat's race, I told @Snorman "damn, that thing TURNS". Time to step up our suspension game for 2019, I have some things that have been on the "to do" list for a while but haven't gotten to, but we'll be doing quite a bit of testing @ Chin days next year. Pretty happy I got the car into the 2:35's running a comfortable race pace, especially after learning our go-to tire pressure gauge is 6 PSI off!!! We were running around on balloons all day Saturday at 38-40 PSI. Oof. Sunday morning, I don't know what made me want to check it, but I said to myself "let's compare our two gauges....." Shame about our systemic failure of cheap whatever-brand (read: probably Chinesium) rocker studs. Didn't see that one coming. Thought we had a fluke Saturday, @rockerbarc and crew were kind enough to source up some studs for us, we literally went to their buddy's shop and removed a couple OEM studs from a motor he had. About 30 seconds of racing Sunday morning and another stud popped. Decided it wasn't worth the thrashing to change all of the remaining 14 studs and reset the valves for a 7 hour race that was only a few hours from home so we just packed it up. Back to using name brand American stuff. That bit me on the initial build with using Chinesium stamped rockers as well (stuck a pushrod through the rockers), think I'd have learned my lesson.
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