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  1. Hey Guys, We had a great time @ Willow Springs, had a close finish with lots of excitement, well til the transmission broke LOL. We were planning to attend the Fontana Roval Race and also travelling up for the Laguna Seca race which was on the schedule for New Years. I don't see them on the schedule any more ?, will there be any more races in California this year. thanks !
  2. Our Champ Legal Miata's still being built after being totalled up @ Thunderhill at the Lucky Dog Championships. Our Lemons/LuckyDog Miata gets stuck in EC, Due to the larger than stock fuel cell, We may come. But due to the EC thing, Im not sure we will, it's not much fun racing against ourselves.. LOL..
  3. Is it too late to Join ? There's 3 of us, Champ Cali racers.. thankx
  4. Hey @Bill Strong - we have #333 and #338 for 2 of our cars, we are bringing #333, registered as #338.. Im assuming you guys can change that at the track ?.  I ask as I don't seem to be able to swap cars in my entry that has already been submitted...  thanks !

    1. Bill Strong

      Bill Strong

      Ye, I think they can manually change it

  5. Anyone worked out how to hardwire this setup, with a USB power source in the middle.. It's easy.. But the Raspberry PI USB plugs seem flimsy.. I have broken 3 gopro's HDMI or USB cables running them to the Cerevo box.. Now Im taping the cables and using right angle plugs/etc.. It's better, last race the GoPro either overheated or the GoPRo battery drained more than the charge.. and it died 5hours in I build the box above, it's awesome.. just need to make it a little more race robust, power, vibration, weather proof, etc.. What other camera's do people run
  6. I heard back from Hooked on Driving tonight.. If a team wants to take turns and just get one or two sessions and share sessions…no sweat….with ONE caveat and this has been a problem…if you have 3 advanced guys and a beginner, the beginner needs to buy a beginner slot and go by that run group’s rules… Registration link is -> https://www.hookedondriving.com/event-details/Buttonwillow_25CW_9-8-17 We can share a registration (1 car, multiple drivers) we have to mention we are with ChumpCar during the registration so technically it could be up to $279/5 if
  7. I spoke to the track today.. Track's closed Thursday night, but if you have a RV/etc you can park on the main driveway to the side and camp there Thursday night Gates Open 7am Friday for Hooked on Driving.. I spoke to them today too.. Good Guys, I am fairly sure they will give Chumps a break and allow us to swap drivers and run multiple run groups. The only thing we need to be aware of is many of their members are in High End Sports Cars, We need to follow their run-group formats, passing rules and we can not have cars breaking down, or breaking the track..
  8. Mmmm, I sent them a email, no reply So can we arrive Thursday night and camp at the track then ? anyone know ?
  9. I just emailed HOD.. suggested a Chump friendly rate, where we can run multiple drivers, perhaps just for the afternoon.. Lets see what they say..
  10. Anyone know if there's a Open Track Day Friday before the race, that's Chump Friendly ? The BW Calendar does not mention one, but usually there's a open track day before races.. Anyone heard anything different? We would arrive Thursday night.. It also add's 1 more night for beers + bbq :-) I just tuned up our RV.. Should have music cranking + cold beers
  11. If we really want to attract cars, drop the price, it's only 3 weeks before the Lemons Buttonwillow race.. so you have to compete with that. if it was cost effective we may be able to attract a more teams, I may be able to round up more drivers and we will bring 2 cars ourselves..
  12. occupy pit lane is in !!!! looking forward to racing with you guys !
  13. We are in, for the 24 hour @ Buttonwillow.. Looks like we need to recruit alot more cars though..
  14. I have the same issue, I waited until VPI was FINALIZED, I copied the results, back in early January to my notes, I just inputted the exact same params and it's gone up.. WTF.. I was right at the limit, now +2 Laps sucks I get it, it's a new approach to swaps, but I just completed a swap and spent a lot of time making it clean, safe and really took my time to make it nice.. I would have taken a different path if I knew these rules could change during the season.
  15. Chumps, we had an awesome weekend !!! (blue/purple ish #338 miata) Saturday - blew the engine, in 6th place Sunday - in 6th place, 1.5 hours to go, one of our drivers forgot to brake over 9, blew out tires, broke steering, engine mounts Actually it was the same guy, he's now on probation with out team :-) I was impressed with the speed of the other cars and driver skills, clean racing, super fast days, We need to find some HP for our Miata :-)
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