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  1. We did this also year 1 with our Mazda... changed to a TW200 tire in year 2 and decrease lap times by 5 seconds a lap across the Board on our driver lineup.
  2. Meanwhile in Florida I think I'm going to get 28 hours a set out of my Dunlop Star Specs Z3s on my fat 4th gen Firebird LT1.....
  3. I don't have video of my incident, but if you want to see the neon video, like mentioned above, it is posted in this thread... basically made the same move on me exceed it was going down the front stretch into turn 1 and instead of cutting me off at the apex, I was against the wall driver's left, and they came 1.5 car widths from the right all the way to the left where I was still nose to the door of the BMW. Luckily, I use to drive one of the slowest cars here, so I have a built in reflex to watch other cars around places where bad things happens and I saw it coming...
  4. They would have been better off to go with the theory they had never raced before...
  5. They are lucky I like racing in Champcar because I could have put them into the wall one time when they chopped my nose like the blue neon...
  6. You know the old saying Bill... we didn't pick your car... I miss the old days when I could crack jokes about you needing gloves all the time to keep from burning your hands pushing the hot rear end of your MR2
  7. When I still knew where mine was... I loved it.. somewhere I have lost it and now I guess I'm going to buy another because if I remember right it was only 100 bucks. The slight amount of discomfort I felt when I turned it on went away seconds later.
  8. Just be careful not to let those rental car alarms scare you in the parking lot of the hotel anymore!
  9. If someone buys Dave a beer drinking machine they will be set for retirement...
  10. I thought it was a pretty good race weekend... you know... considering I'm from the southeast...
  11. Did you just google the best home gaming pc you can buy? An Intel I9 and a 2070 graphics card with 8 gigs and you came here to ask if this was ok? Damn dude, I'm still using a 2011 HP All-In-One with an i5-1st gen and 6 gigs of ram... with onboard video. Might as well get a 60" tv for a monitor too, that way you can race with a full 180 view.
  12. It was probably a new driver trying to figure out what to do with the left foot since your car is deprived of that third pedal on the left...
  13. I got to drive my bitchin black V8 Firebird at Indy and it was awesome... it was hard for me to not make Indycar racing line runs down the front stretch every lap... only did it a couple of times.. lol and for the record, I have never been to Indy. Other than watching on TV, I've never been there and would say that this was a place I never thought I'd see, much less race there and race there with my dad, thanks @achisek for that... Track seemed to be a lot faster than I expected... it was quite fun! When I came off the final turn on the last lap and saw everyone standing along pit wall... I smiled so big in my car and thought, I need to give everyone out here some Merica! before they go home so I hope you guys enjoyed the flyby! I thought the track staff was very friendly and everyone I talked to loved our cars and our folks. Did some of the rules suck, sure. I never myself bought gas but we bought gas as needed every two or three stops and it was never a long wait and for $4 gallon for 93, I was ok with that. Several times when I went to check on my buddies @Team Infiniti I never saw much of a line at the pumps so I guess they had a run there at one point but after that is was never that bad. We had a charging issue appear that originally showed up at Daytona. Think we have that figured out now, so looking forward to whenever we run again and making some changes to our handling for a little bit more speed.
  14. That was one car I had some concern for and learned to stay away from.
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