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  1. In my phone, he is known as "Ed From Shark" We went to Road Atlanta a few years ago, the first snow race I think, and I went to registration and needed to add Ed to my driver roster. When I asked to add Ed to the roster, I was asked Ed who, and in that moment I realized I had never known Ed's last name. Mike C was there and he knew who I was talking about and got us straighten out!
  2. Good Afternoon fellow Champs! For those who don't know me, I am the owner of Speedway Creations, and I'd like to recommend Ed Steinhoff for nomination to the Board of Directors. Ed has been with ChampCar since the beginning. He basically was there when the big bang happen if you will. His brother Jake and he starting racing endurance events after their numerous circle track days and found something they could do and enjoy. Their team, Team Infiniti, is an unicorn in the series, but make no mistake, as a full time mechanic, Ed knows his way around a car, just about any car, and that's just one of the reasons why I think he would be a perfect addition to our Board. He runs a competitive team, knows what it takes to be a front runner, and knows what it takes for an amateur team to race with this series. He knows cars, but has always been willing to ask questions and listen to answers or suggestions. He has been around the since the beginning and understands the roots of the series, and can lead us into the future with respect to the past! Please nominate Ed Steinhoff, member 000160 for ChampCar Board of Directors. STEINHOFF 2022! HE IS QUALIFIED, BONAFIDE, AND HAS THE EXPEREINCE WITH CARS AND THIS SERIES TO KEEP US "ON TRACK!"
  3. Was the the time you wired the replacement fuel pump up backwards and it pumped the wrong way?
  4. Wish I knew you needed an Opti, I had two spares in my trailer plus water pumps...
  5. If it makes you feel better, I chased down a bad ignition coil for 3 weeks after changing the Opti spark twice...
  6. I am not, I had my tune and all the extra crap deleted by an internet hero... I've never spent time doing anything more with it than code reading with some basic software since I have had other things to sort before I worried about that, but that time is getting closer. I would run the fuel pump off a toggle switch for the time being to eliminate the possibility that the ecu is doing something and then slowing down your fuel pump due to it acting up...
  7. This is an LT4 engine car correct? Basically the same thing I have but you have an OBD2 port instead of the OBD1 port, so you have (4) O2 sensors correct? That was the one of the reasons I kept my LT1 with OBd1 because it needed only (2) O2 sensors... are you using the stock ECU for fuel pump control or have you just ran a on/off switch to your pump? Like a Walbro, Bosch, etc style pump? I also have a complete 93 LT1 wiring setup that is just a speed density chart ECU which means pretty much no sensors... just has a fuel map and it goes or at lest I've been told.
  8. I like beating people with my LT1 and having many unknowns... that way I can be just as shocked as they are...
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