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  1. Good question... I so wanna do this, I think the race will be done this month, but then I would have December race, February race, April race, and then the big show in July... ouch...
  2. Justin9

    Indy 2019

    I don't get garages so I didn't pay attention but you probably only have to pay that when you paid the balance, so if you just paid deposit you still have the garage included in your balance
  3. Justin9

    Indy 2019

    https://champcar.org/register/entrantlist.php?eventid=376 I don't see a 19 or 84 car so I bet Mike will let us have our normal numbers
  4. Justin9

    Indy 2019

    I figured it is because it is out of region... I signed up as 841
  5. Justin9

    Indy 2019

    Anyone else stay up until now to enter the Indy race?
  6. Don't worry... I'm sure one of your friends team will be out and they will need a seat...
  7. You could just run a "Watch Out" sign on the bumper all the time... I mean... that would be 100% accurate anyways right?
  8. Justin9

    FIRE & FUEL. Read

    As a survivor of race car fire... (check out Daytona pit fire on youtube)... Bravo! This also reminds me that I gotta buy all new extinguishers... because all the ones I had were in the shop when it burned...
  9. Hard to tell really since the mirror and the camera don't line up good... looks like the camera car driver took a wide high entrance to the turn and then made a slow arc to driver's right / apex of the turn. I think it really depends on whether the second car which we don't see was already there, or was easing up behind you guys, or maybe it was a faster car and could not re-act because the way that corner is, with the dips and the speed some cars can carry through there, it can be hard to change direction and not wreck yourself, the second driver may have been praying that whole time that driver 1 was going to get going in the right direction. I'd say we need a second camera, not enough to tell.
  10. One more thing... go ahead and buy a cheap harbor freight hvlp gun and those plastic cups for the gun... when you are done, throw it away, don't bother cleaning them.
  11. That is the advantage spraying with hvlp with reducer and hardner, you can get a nice hard surface if you let it set and then always touch up visible or hard to reach spots later. I did Barney and the new car both the same way and both turned out the same.
  12. I don't really drink, so I can't help with the beers... but what I did was get my dad to help mix the paint as I sprayed... once I showed him the right amounts we were bang busters and did it one evening in maybe two to three hours tops... from start to finish.
  13. I used rustoluem from the paint cans thinned with acetone, don't remember off the top of my head i think i used a 4:1:1 with the last 1 part being hardner. You can apply several coats in one day. Takes 1 to 2 weeks to really set good. We did the new Firebird a few months back and now it is really hard. Once sprayed with a hvlp gun, I use rattle cans to hit the hard to reach areas of the matching color. It works great, and easily repaired if you need to sand down and weld on something because the local hardware stores stocks the same colors.
  14. I can press the starter button and the engine turns over and all the gauges and lights work. Now I just need to finish building oil lines and a set of fuel lines and I can see what kind of power we can make! With that in mind, I just ordered a set of lexan headlight covers so yeah... I'm fixing to start hanging body back on!
  15. My money is strictly for racing, food, housing, wife and kids are all spare cash items....