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  1. That's why you jack up the trailer with it connected to the truck.... that's how I always did it with my ambulance and trailer... using one of those harbor freight 3 ton jacks... who loads their trailer without first connecting the truck?
  2. Have you tried jacking up the trailer at the rear of the truck? We always had to do that with our old trailer.
  3. Currently broke down at Chevy place across from summit store exit 216 on i75 if anyone wants to come say hi!
  4. Well... that's because you own your business, dad has to answer to the man.
  5. Then the car would be late... I'm the only one with the day off.
  6. I hate that I'm sitting here in the ATL waiting on a flight home so I can turn around and drive right past the airport to Road ATL.
  7. Wait... you are doing a demo derby in a month and you didn't tell me about it???
  8. I actually live near St Augustine now so this cage was only 15 minutes from work. The deal took longer because seller had a trailer I was interested in until I actually got to see how bad rotten it was from the bottom... none the less, I am currently in Ohio for work and then flying home to Valdosta to get my car and head to Road ATL Friday, but my plan is to borrow a trailer from my uncle and pick up the cage next week for Ed.
  9. If I wasn't out of town for work and had a hot spot already I'd jump on this idea.. I so wanna try setting one up soon.
  10. I have actually personally cleaned out the floorboard of a dirt late model when a copper line broke (vibration I think, it broke right behind the nut) going to a oil pressure gauge (I was the smallest person on the team and I could fit in there upside down and fix the line). So it has happened at least once. It was funny, it actually broke on the formation lap when they were lining up the cars on the front stretch for driver intro... as they are introducing my driver, someone took a picture of me inside the car upside down with my feet hanging out the window.
  11. Back in the early Champcar days... new drivers learned the track Saturday morning when the green flag waved...
  12. I can confirm I'll be at another Rolex.. tickets ordered. Dad and I usually start the race in the grandstands at the end of pit road / going into infield turn 1.
  13. I would think Road Atlanta, Daytona, and Indy are all premier and those are the ones I'm scheduled to be at.
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