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  1. which car lift?

    Yes, the Atlas 9000 was sweet... I am planning on owning another one one day... as a matter of fact... if you order from GSE, let them know that you heard about them from the "DeVane's" that had a fire... they have kind of already agreed to help me on the next one, but if I could sell a few things for them that may help...
  2. I've already order a new Ultrashield Road Racing Seat that should be here tomorrow, and I have a new Fuel Safe 18 gallon tank sitting in the dining room. I've also got to spend some time putting together all my new equipment, welders, plasma cutter, air compressor, tool box, and hopefully the mechanic will have my injectors done in my F350 in a week or so, so he can start on the wife's A/C compressor.
  3. It's time to start another build thread. You will see a lot of the same steps with this build as the last one. Although I'm building the body style I want this time, the 93-97 Camaro body style was never a favorite of mine, and I always wanted a Firebird, so that's what I'm going to do. Yesterday, I moved my new trailer and some of the tools and parts we have left (btw, anyone want a deal on 2nd gen RX7 parts, please message me). I have so far killed 7 pigeons (22 shellshot... fun!) and had to sweep/clean a large amount of crap/feathers, but I'm close to being able to enter the place and not wear gloves to touch anything. But hey, the guy is letting me use his completely empty 60x40 metal building for a steal so I'm not complaining... this should be temporary until I can start on a place of my own, until then, we will build... The plan is to outsource the roll cage, seat mounting, fuel cell mounting out to a third party. I just don't have the tools and equipment to try it again yet, I mean, it took me 10 years of birthdays and Christmas requests to get where I was, building my own cages, and I know it will take some time to get back there and money, and I have more time than money. Today, @MTD2799 and I moved the chassis to the shop, across town, in the rain.. a rolling chassis, but luckily it had brakes. It is partly gutted, so that will save some trouble. I have the 94 LT1 Camaro I've been driving, it runs ok, it has a miss for sure that I will need to address when I put the engine and go through it.
  4. Question about "Platform Swaps"

    As one of the few pilots of the Lead Sled... (there's only like 13 of us right @pintodave) that car drove way better than you could have imagined... granted, it had its fair share of work... but I was truely amazed what that land yacht could do.... and inspired a 5 hour car ride home on why Speedway Creations was going to build a Camaro with @MTD2799
  5. 2018 Rd. Atl. Consumables

    You know I'm just messin with you...
  6. 2018 Rd. Atl. Consumables

    Did both cars have ABS?
  7. Mine is at 340k... Other than it needs a set of injectors which it is currently getting, it has been rock solid. I don't drive it enough as it needs to be.
  8. I have a 2000 F350 Ambulance... these are great ChampCar haulers... can't beat a 7.3L.
  9. Official - 2018 Road Atlanta 14-Hour

    Speedway Creations has booked our room and will be in attendance... car-less of course, which is sad, but we'll probably volunteer at the last moment to bug the crap out of you guys...
  10. Ballooned Fuel Tanks

    Speaking from experience, it takes a long time to prepare a GM product for racing.... probably because we all want to make them as quick as we claim... my replacement f-body is not going to have all the bells and whistles as Barney had, so we will see what that does compared to say Dave's Smokey car.