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  1. I would like to take my v8 to COTA one day... raced it the first year with a sporty RX7 and enjoyed it, just felt like it was a better track for more power!
  2. Daytona Motorcycle/Car hybrid track the year Kyle Busch broke his leg.
  3. Using the helmet speakers in my first car wasn't an option, noisy rotary.. but my new 2020 helmet that is on permanent order will have them! Can't wait to try it!
  4. I think my camera had died when it happen, but I think your car had a lazy spin right in front of me in the middle of 16/17 sometime around 3pm hour. It was like the slowest spin ever in the fastest part of that track...
  5. Ed is spot on... the clutch setup in a 4th gen LT1 f-body (camaro or firebird) is the same and after I messed up 3 sets of slave and masters cylinders, I found you could buy a setup turnkey and that's what I did and it is money well spent...
  6. You were feet from my mom and dad's beach place in PCB if you ate there....
  7. Not taking this at being pointed at me, so I’m cool with whatever, and not a politics thing, I certain don’t want that to start ruining racing anyways. I’m just fortunate enough to be in position where I just simply didn’t need/have to have one, and I generally don’t go to places where I’m hanging in a crowd. Can’t tell you the last time I was in a Walmart now. I was really just curious if the State’s recent decisions changed anything for us, since it seems most places where I am for the lack of a better explanation “are not enforcing masks policies”.
  8. So if Florida has a no mask mandate, but say a local place does, they can't at this point even fine you for not wearing one, so is this one of those "no shirt, no shoes, no service" type of things or what? Asking in all seriousness because I have worn a mask probably less than 24 hours during this whole ordeal and to be honest with you (and most of that time was at Daytona and Palm Beach), it can be a struggle to remember to keep it up... I even live in Florida and can't keep it straight...
  9. Dad and I tent camped a few years back at pit in. It was real windy but we didnt have any problems.
  10. https://youtu.be/zMaY2uA8n0M A real low quality stream from in car of Team Infiniti.
  11. I've seen a app where it is synced up with the live timing and can be in car for the drive can see their position and lap times. Can someone please tell me which one that was? Been running Racechrono.
  12. Maybe I could register my car as a vintage car circa 2018 maybe...
  13. You 1%ers... my team has 4 drivers... most races... that's it...
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