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  1. Ok, so I'm going to tell you guys a story... At the time, I didn't want to talk about it because I felt embarrassed. Back in April, I had taken my firebird to a guy to be caged about 4 hours north. My mom offered to ride back up a week later to pick it up so I figured why not. We were going to leave at 1pm, but were late because the rear pinion seat blew on my pickup and was leaking everywhere. So I had to swap to her pickup, get a trailer 7 to 4 way adapter, move everything over, etc. Long story short, we left at 2pm. Now, I have always gotten car sick riding with, and only with, my mom. I however do not like driving, and I hate driving with her. So I decided I would close my eyes, and tough out the 8 hours there and back. Ride up was fine, other than an out-of-county deputy running about 75 on a two lane country road only encouraged my mother to speed the entire way there with our borrowed 18 foot trailer. We arrived, discussed plans for the next car, then loaded up the car. I used three straps, one through a wheel, one from both front corners wrapping several times around the cross member and one at the rear axle wrapping it on both sides of the pumpkin, same way I had transported it there. About 8pm, it started getting dark, I had already taken 4 Tylenol for the headache the driver was causing me, as I lay partial asleep in the passenger side seat. We were heading South bound on I-75 around Perry GA with mom in the left hand lane. I think I most have doused off for a minute or two, because I feel like when I woke up, the truck was already swaying back and forth. Before I could say, "don't hit the brakes" I could see red taillights in the mirror reflecting off the front unibody of the car. At this point, me, and the three lanes of traffic behind us already knew we were wrecked. Mom must have fought it for 400-500 yards. Of course, when you are clicking along at the speed of light like she does, it doesn't take long to crash that far. Eventually, the trailer whipped us around in the middle of the interstate, across all three lanes, at this point we were facing the outside shoulder of the road, and car at this point broke all 3 straps (btw, they were all new straps, because if you haven't guess, all my old ones burned in the trailer, which was in the shop) and took a different direction of travel. The truck and travel finally spun around the hit the concrete drainage ditch on the right side of the road. We rolled up onto the driver's side of the truck, slide about 30 feet, then came back down hard on all fours (well, all three, the left rear hub snapped off at the axle, taking everything with it, the left front wheel blew out). Since i had been reclined and sleeping, I was not wearing a seat belt, I did try to put it on while mom fought it back and forth, but I couldn't get it so I wrapped one arm around the left arm rest, and push my right hand up against the roof... so when we rolled over, that's why kept me in my seat. Needless to say, I was pretty damn sore for about a week around my right shoulder blade. In the bed of the truck was my new ultrashield seat, luckily it was still in the box, all the firewall panels I had made for camaro #1 (Barney) which I saved out of the shop fire, and some extra brackets the roll cage guy made me. I was able to save the seat and aluminum panels, never found those brackets. After the truck stopped, I got out, like I mean as soon as we stopped, there was still dust. I pulled mom across the seat to my side and when I realized she was ok, I turned to look at the trailer, at this point, I didn't know the car was gone, but it was. I started to walk down the shoulder of the road, looking for my race car, as i searched the woods I noticed the light of northbound traffic bouncing off something in the median, it was the roof of my firebird. When I caught a break in the traffic I darted across. There it was, sitting in the median, the left front leaking air, but other than a damaged rim and some scuffs on the drivers side door, it had survived. I was just happy the key was in the steering lock, because I'm afraid it would have went into oncoming traffic, at night, with no reflective markings, and being solid black. There was also a concrete ditch in the median that slowed it down. I then called 911, gave them a better location and explained about the truck, trailer, and car in the median. Apparently, they don't pass that info along to their deputies, tow operators or anybody. So after about 5 minutes, when the trooper said a wrecker was coming for the truck, and i ask you mean flat bed, he said wrecker, and I had to show him the left rear laying on the ground, then I said what about my car. What car? The one in the median. The firebird was mostly unscathed. The rear panhard bar was bent like a pretzel, so we swapped it onto one of the parts cars, and I have to straighten the mount out, because it was 45ed a little. Since we are swapping a v8 into a v6, I had to change the cross-member anyway, so all that stuff will be retired. My second $1500 Fuel Safe cell was untouched thank god, I really like their products but I would much rather actually get to use one at some point instead of buying them and then destroying them. Mom's truck was totaled. I tried to get dad to buy it the truck and pop a rear end back in it for a beater truck. But with it being two hours away, we didn't care much about it at the time, I was more worried about getting my car home, and the remains of the borrowed trailer, which still works oddly enough. So it cost me a $9,000 truck, about $1000 in towing, and three days and a week of pain before my Firebird made it home. I'm sure someone is trying to tell me something about racing, but I guess I'm too stupid to listen. Happy Memorial Day guys... BTW.. Harbor Freight has 25% off on Monday, I know where I will be, I need a bench vice, horizontal band saw, 20 ton shop press, and a few other odds and ends.
  2. Justin9

    Decal Requirements

    I hope if we slip into victory lane again one day that Big Bill Strong will be there to throw the ChampCar towel on my shoulder and the 15 sponsor hats on my head for the photo ops...
  3. Justin9

    Kill Switch Recommendations

  4. Justin9

    Kill Switch Recommendations

    I'm running the one that comes on a Chevy lt1 engine... I do t remember what it is, I have to wire a 12v source to it so it will energize in addition to the 12v battery output
  5. Justin9

    Kill Switch Recommendations

    How should we discharge the alternator then? I know it has to go somewhere... or do we just chance it? I my situation, the only power I have running forward would be to the alternator, I'm not aware of a situation where it getting power at the output post is a problem... I have seen a lot of teams that have their kill switch wired simply to kill the running engine, meanwhile their headlights and brakes lists still work during pitstops, radiator fans are running, etc.. all kinds of stuff I've seen....
  6. Justin9

    Kill Switch Recommendations

    I also run my fuel pumps off independent switches and skip the ecm... easier to setup and control when I do or don't want fuel to flow.
  7. Justin9

    Kill Switch Recommendations

    Right... I mean, every kill switch I have had in the last 6 years or since basically has some form of power coming into it... I'm just setting up mine so the alternator current can discharge to the battery, it is still behind the kill switch. I usually buy a 4 pole, use the big poles for the battery kill, and then I double back and run all the lower circuitry off the small poles.
  8. Justin9

    Kill Switch Recommendations

    What I do is wire the alternator to the always hot side where the battery wire is on the kill switch, so when I kill the switch the alternator can at least still discharge to the battery until it stops.
  9. HARD CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thank You Bill... this is much more convenient in my opinion that needing to get an app and do all that other stuff on the phone... I also have access to a ID printer so I'll have a hard card.
  11. Painted the interior and roll cage of the new firebird tonight... by the time I was finished, it was too dark for a picture and I was too sticky from all the paint... other than a few hard to reach places I catch with a rattle can, it was a quick and painless process.
  12. And sometimes, someone just sets your crap on fire and there's nothing you can do... #firesucks
  13. Ok, today I got the clutch mount drilled out, since this was an auto car, I welded in the seat belt mounts and finished getting the seat position correct and the window net. I need to wipe all the tubing down and get ready to paint the interior. I spent an hour looking for the seat belts I saved from the shop fire, only to find that mom's special needs helper cleaned them out of her carport and... yep, you guessed it... burned them to scrap the metal... someone is telling me something, but I ain't listening.. so I guess I will have new belts too.. again... like everything else... #firesucks
  14. Oh, and I had to "help" build my nephew and daughter each a pine wood derby car for our little church.... Batman was 3rd fastest overall and 2nd in design.... Monster High car was 3rd in design but had some handling issues...