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  1. I timed tax refund and payment deadline perfectly... Speedway Creations is in...
  2. Justin9

    Daytona 2020

    And I was there for that... melted the soles off my driving shoes....
  3. Justin9

    Daytona 2020

    Actually... I live in St. Augustine.
  4. Probably fine.. you're just use to driving American v8s all weekend....
  5. Pit Marshal: Put your visor down... Driver: I identify as a Pit Marhsal. lol!
  6. Justin9

    Daytona 2020

    I wanna go ahead and throw this out there.... way out there... Since NASCAR is moving Daytona from July to August in 2020, and Indy is going to run what looks like right before what would be our 2020 race if you keep the same race dates. I think we need to be the flagship race in July on the 4th at Daytona... I know I know, there's alot that goes into our scheduling and I know it will be hot as hell... but, yeah, I think it would be cool to be racing at Daytona July 4th week...
  7. I guess I just want to make sure I don't rent to the wrong folks... hard enough running a car when everyone wants to keep it going, unspeakable with there's sabotage...
  8. I will back up this claim... this had been Ed's plan had been for weeks... I even told him to just take my trailer with the car home with him... "I'll just get us about 10 or 12 guys..." and "bring the trailer (with car) into the garage, where we can find more helpers" knowing Ed, I know that meant he was just going to get 10 to 12 random folks.. I even saw him stop a golf cart that was heading by.... and I watched Ed tell this guy what he needed him for and the guy's wife/girlfriend/female rider, watching the expression on her face as Ed told them he needed help was priceless... BTW... this was while a 14 hour race was going on too!
  9. Just FYI.. AirMethods and AirEvac both have annual membership you can buy for around $75 dollars I think that cover you and your family in the event you ever need a ride...
  10. Well... almost two years ago this was my situation.... Last night... running at 11 pm... after losing two cars, a trailer, tools, shop, everything.. to then be nominated and awarded this Sportsmanship award for our team is so awesome and I can't tell you guys how much it means to me to be back first and foremost and have my team name on the entry form... to actually run some laps was just icing on the cake... even though we spent several hours off track, we learned a lot about our car, our setup, and finally I have some real world data to work with.... Thank you to everyone that has helped me, thank you to Mike and Staff... too many people to thank.. big shout out to the people who contributed to that GoFundMe a while back... every bit of it was part of making last night happen...
  11. That's why you jack up the trailer with it connected to the truck.... that's how I always did it with my ambulance and trailer... using one of those harbor freight 3 ton jacks... who loads their trailer without first connecting the truck?
  12. Have you tried jacking up the trailer at the rear of the truck? We always had to do that with our old trailer.
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