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  1. 98-02 model... I'm kind of picky, I want my stuff to look nice since we have a sponsor who I like to show it off to or take to their events. Their bumper ripped out my plastic air duct pieces, it destroyed the stock gm fender mount which holds the bumper cover and the fender together, the fender is missing a basketball sized chunk out of it, because I've learned the plastic fenders explode apparently when contacted at 20 years old. This happened in the 3rd hour of 14, so it ran all day deformed, so it's pretty much junk now.
  2. My gripe with the bumper bars is if you make contact with another car you can get hooked and pull the bumper off the other car... example, the cutup pickup at Daytona cut over on my car in the west horseshoe and his bumper bar hooked in the RF wheel opening and ripped my new RF fender and bumper cover off, which on a Firebird is becoming hard finding decent replacements for... the part of the bumper going forward needs to be looped or something so they don't hook...
  3. Our previous car had IRS, we liked it... plus one of our tracks is.... Sebring...
  4. The point where I was trying to come across is recently a lot of outcry has been generated by a certain corvette team that has basically done the same thing you did and "got away with it" and they regularly now show up and run 5-10 second laps faster than anything else around... so my reference wasn't to the actual cost you had to get the parts, but then what someone coming along will have to do to now be competitive with a car that can outrun everyone at 3/4 effort.... for example, I have a LT1 powered v8 Firebird with a V8... could it be faster, sure, I have slower drivers, so I'm happy where it is right now... how much could I spend to make it go faster, a lot, because I don't have a full blown professional race shop to do rear end swaps or tig weld new sub frames and stuff like that... builder in the mindset this was a "builder" series meant someone at home could do some creative things without a lot, yes, some can do more than others, but we need a line drawn somewhere... I'd love to have a vette independent rear in my F-Bodies...
  5. I get that, been around a long time... but when does it become too much? I mean taking a BMW and swapping in a Japanese drive train is ok, and probably the creativity the founding fathers were going for, but cutting the rear end off this car, then cutting the front end from another or building a tubed subframe, I have to agree with TECH that you are getting to the point where you are building something that would probably be a race car or kit car... This series is also a amateur racing series, that was suppose to be a cost effective way to get on track, so while the "builder" part of the series is deeply rooted, it shouldn't overshadow that we are trying to get people running out of their carport on the track too.
  6. I wonder why we allow a car to make such a wholesale change at all? I.E. a factory car that had a solid rear axle being swapped to independent rear suspension? Some of these cars are going to really start having trouble identifying as something made in Detroit versus a race shop if we don't draw a line....
  7. I'm in St Augustine if you need any advice or anything if you decide to build your own... I have a v8 Firebird and fixing to start building another car as well.
  8. Petition 1: Doesn't work if driver puts hands on or off roof when getting into and out of car like some of mine do. Would recommend if rule is considered a panel be installed on hood at upper left corner by windshield to avoid accidental contact. Petition 2: A lot of cars have gutted doors at this point, seems like it would take a lot to put in place. Petition 4: I would just assume Tech does this anyway if they choose, no need for a rule. Petition 6: I could see some merit to this rule. Need more pros and cons discussing, I'm torn because I can see where the series may need in times to make a quicker reaction to a incorrectly valued situation. Maybe in those instances something can be done. Petition 8: I installed a cheap set of $26 dollar flares on my car and then get a point hit for them, does seem kind of silly as I think everyone else just about did the same thing. Petition 9: I've never had a problem with my expansion tanks (stock) on either a Mazda Rx7 or Pontiac Firebird. Petition 10: I think it should be 15-20 points. Petition 11: I like the idea, but the implementation would be slow. Just think if you B/Fed someone they still have to run a complete lap to get back around to the front. Maybe with the new flagtronics system coming we can have it alert the driver to "Catch Up" or "Pit Now" to get them out of the way. Petition 12: I don't see why someone should get the benefit of a free oil cooler if their competitors car came with one from the factory. Do not support. Petition 13: No free oil cooler or accusumps Petition 14: I've never needed an accusump to finish a race in 10 years of Champcar, that's rotaries and V8 and numberous other powerplants along the way. Do not support. Petition 15: Sounds good to me. Petition 16: Sounds good to me. Petition 17: I understand the petitioner's logic, but I don't think I support the rule. Petition 18: What stops a team from going 10 feet behind the wall and using their power tools and then just coming right back out? What if a team needs to remove a tire just to check their suspension/brakes/etc, we now can't use power tools? Do not support. Petition 19: If it ain't OEM, it should get points. Do not support petition. Petition 35: See Petition 4 notes Petition 39: I want to keep all cars behind me regardless of class. Do not support Petition 46: I just tell my driver's not to hit the curbs... stay on the track seems to work pretty good. Do not support. Petition 47: Petitioner comments that the bar doesn't probably add a 1 lap advantage as the penalty for it brings, so I don't think you would need that bar for free if it doesn't provide any advantage. Petition 48: My understanding was that we just need to take tires off in tech and then if additional impound was needed, the team would be asked. I would think at that time the team should be allowed to get the tools they need, as some request may require a tool sets (for example, a right side valve cover on a LT1 350 requires the removal of the alternator, so you need to relax the belt tensioner, then the alternator has two different bolts, then the valve cover has a different size, etc... what if you want to remove the back right spark plug on #8, good God we may be there all night! I don't think we should expect teams to haul their tools all over the track, I don't even take my tools out of the trailer as the tool box is mounted in our trailer. Petition 50: No more free stuff. Run the OEM tank or pay to upgrade. Aluminum is a better conductor of heat so they would improve the cooling properties of the cooling system. Do not support. Petition 52: I like it. Petition 59: I think you are changing a rule that has been in place since the beginning to try and combat speed creep because of other issues with the rulebook. Just outlaw swaps, problem solved. Do not support. Petition 63: I like it! Petition 65: I don't think you can police the location given the angles and elevation changes we see from track to track. I do think the rules should only allow lights to be a solid color, no strobe or flashing effects.
  9. As many people as I have been exposed to in a year now, I probably either had it some time ago or I have super human abilities.
  10. All you guys upset about the race, I would have gladly swapped places with you, we had to cancel at the last minute because we had a team mate come down with COVID and I was potentially exposed to him, so... it could have been worse... (and I never got COVID)...
  11. Mike, Daytona has been a track in the past that required real world wheel to wheel experience before participation. So if that is still the case, you would need to enter a race somewhere else first. Also, I'm In St Augustine, we run a v8 Firebird and there are several other teams in the Ormond Beach/Daytona area.
  12. Welcome to Champ... come visit us if you need any advice or whatever, Speedway Creations, #84 Pontiac Firebird...
  13. I would like to take my v8 to COTA one day... raced it the first year with a sporty RX7 and enjoyed it, just felt like it was a better track for more power!
  14. Daytona Motorcycle/Car hybrid track the year Kyle Busch broke his leg.
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