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  1. Take the Tamiami Trail on at least one trip across the state. You should see more alligators on the banks of the canal that runs alongside the road that you ever thought existed. A stop here would definitely be memorable: https://www.skunkape.info/
  2. Do you know if RV camping is allowed for the Roar? It says no on the website, but every year I see lots and lots of RVs. Do they clear out each night?
  3. I switched to the Roar Before the 24. Same cars but 1/4 the crowd and amazing garage access.
  4. Single greatest lesson I learned from the weekend - dryer sheets remove love bugs from your car, RV, etc...
  5. Does anyone know the password to the Sebring WiFi? It shows up as available but is password protected.
  6. Its just kids and dogs they don't like. Shorts are fine.
  7. At the NYE Homestead 24 there was a racoon on the back straight. Then later an ex-racoon...
  8. Does anyone know if there is a track day event on Sunday? I cannot find one on any schedules - Chin, PDG, etc.
  9. E Racing might be switching from GoPro to a mobile device for Sebring. We need subscribers! Please help. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCasNVaE8Wf48kqfrnzA52Nw
  10. I have a used, clean and in good condition Ultra Chiller brand cool shirt. Mens size Large. It was slightly baggy on me, so my wife sewed some hems in it and took it in on the shoulders and sides. A seam ripper or small set of scissors will easily undo this. I should have bought a medium. The shirt in in really good condition has has been cared for. The fittings were updated to match "Cool Shirt" brand fittings. No leaks. I am in Jax, FL and can deliver to Sebring Sept 22nd. https://ultrachiller.com/collections/liquid-cooled-shir
  11. So I wear a Momo Advanced Cool Shirt. Its a synthetic wicking technical material. "Note: This garment is NOT fire retardent and not rated for competition use." Ummm This sounds No Bueno. I do wear a nomex undershirt over the cool shirt. Is this still subject to the 485 degree rule mentioned above? Should the nomex be against my skin to protect me, or on top to knock some heat off the cool shirt. They do make nomex cool shirts, but are really pricey. Or go back to old cotton Cool Shirt?
  12. We try to run live in car video. Does Elon yelling at me on the radio to "drive faster" count as instructor?!!!??
  13. I keep a spreadsheet of all races, # stints, total track time etc. I have an expired SCCA license, and they said this was enough to get it reinstated. Which I never did. But the spreadsheet was enough to prove to someone I was active and experienced. Same with going to a expert run group at an HPDE.
  14. Best beer ever? Way up there was a bottle of Pliney the Elder that a CA buddy gave me while at the CC Laguna Seca last year. I shared it with the team after day 1. The views, the track, and whole great team vibe that weekend - all made for an outstanding beer.
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