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  1. All of my goodies are gone. Thanks guys. Chumps have literally been some of the best people I've ever dealt with and have had nothing but positive experiences through and through.
  2. Alright, I've reached my bottom dollar on the helmet...$250. For less than $250 I'll leave it on the dining room table for a conversation piece. This is a deal. Get it now.
  3. @pintodave yeah, after our passenger door was penetrated by someone's rear bumper we immediately added plate armor. I figured my favorite organs faired no chance against a rusty Chump bumper.
  4. Still have the helmet. Dropping the price to $350 (+shipping).
  5. Suit is gone. Helmet and shoes remain. One me member has inquired about them. I'll give him the rest of today to make a decision on them.
  6. Coolshirt, gloves, and socks are gone. I'll drop the price on the shoes to $25 since the socks are gone.
  7. I've emailed Andrew. If he doesn't accept, I'll let you know.
  8. Thanks guys. It sucks...a lot. I've had a freaking blast in ChumpCar though. Literally, the funnest thing I've ever done.
  9. EDIT: All prices are negotiable. Make an offer. I don't know why I typed that last night...a case of Chuck Norris I guess.
  10. Sigh. I hate to say it, but I'll no longer be racing. I've had a severe case of spinal stenosis since my early 20's and have given up a couple of hobbies due to this issue. Unfortunately for me, racing is just too brutal on my back. After a single race, it takes me months to get back in good enough shape to not hobble around at the age of 35. So, I'm moving on, but the other idiots on my team will keep fielding the S10. My bad fortune, may be your good fortune. I bought all of the equipment listed below brand new. All of the equipment has less than 20 hours of seat time on it. I'm offering all of the pieces individually, but if someone wants to come along and buy all of it, there is a "buy-it-all" price of $650. I paid almost $1,500 for all of this new. If you are looking to get into ChumpCar, this is a deal. All prices are negotiable. Paypal only. No "gifting." You pay shipping above the prices listed. Shipping costs will be whatever it costs me to ship to you from zip 37831 through our local Mailbox store. I'll ship it as cheaply as possible. If you want insurance or to get it faster, we can discuss. I'm pretty easy to get along with. Here we go: Bell BR1 Matte black SA2010 helmet, size: Large - $400 Note, it doesn't come with the tinted visor. It will have the original (never used) clear visor. Also note, it has the quick release hardware for a NecksGen, Sampson Racing Radio helmet kit with mic and ear piece plug with IMSA plug, Sampson radio Challenger ear plugs, Summit Racing helmet carrying bag, and GForce balaclava. It wouldn't hurt to pull the helmet pads out and give them a wash, but it's a great helmet and is in nearly perfect shape. G-Force One Piece, 3 later suit, 3-2A/5, size: XL - $175 It has a grease smudge or two. No rips, tears, or frays. Needs a nice dry cleaning. Great suit, super light and comfy. It has never even been sharted in. Coolshirt, T-shirt style, white, size: XL - $75 I literally wore this shirt less than 30 minutes. Perfect shape. Not even an armpit stain... AlpineStar Tech 1 Gloves, size: L - $30 GForce Racing Shoes, black, size: 12 - $30 Comes with 2 pair of OMP, FIA rated socks. OGIO Loader 7600 Gearbag - size: gargantuan - $25
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