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  1. Can we instruct on the practice day at Indy or have right seat passengers as long as they are champcar registered for the Indy weekend?
  2. One easy fox is to clearly delineate which cars are EC in timing and scoring. List EC cars as EC and then the team name. Such as: EC-Four Car Garage Motorsports
  3. Slow corners at RA are: 3, 5, 6, 8, Bend, 12, 14. Maybe they just seem slow because of the 3 long straights. Because the car is fast.
  4. I'm guessing you never went to an awards ceremony to see that only the top 3 Champ class cars got trophies and the winner of the EC might get a trophy if there are 5 or more entries but is not awarded the race winner 1st place trophy. Also, if you think you're winning any race in Champ class or EC without being a seasoned road racer nowadays you're probably in for a surprise. There are a lot of great road racers here and it takes a lot more than a fast car to get on the podium.
  5. Can the Tire Rack Windshield banner be combined with another ChampCar sponsor? If I run the tire rack banner on top and Frozen Rotors below it is that acceptable? They would be stacked vertically with Tire Rack at the top of the windshield and Frozen Rotors below that. The tire Rack would be on a green background and Frozen Rotors on a black background to give visual separation from the two sponsors?
  6. Least favorite all time (not on schedule): Shenandoah at Summit Point - designed by a 6th grader doodling on his notebook in class and paved by teenagers who pave driveways for minimum wage on weekends. Least favorite on schedule (but never driven): Daytona looks extra boring in converted street cars, been there for the Rolex which is fun. Laps at speed on the banking might entertain me for 3 or 4 laps but after that....ho-hum Least favorite on schedule and I've driven: Gingerman, it's ok, we double podiumed there. But to me it's meh. Also lodging there is super expensive for a so-so town in no where ville Michigan.
  7. Mike, Check your PM here for gusset info. Mike
  8. You'd love the kink. I drove it for the first time this year. Before getting a chance to drive it I was pretty meh about it because I felt I could usually close up on people in the bend. But the kink actually changes the complexion of the entire track somehow. There's certainly some pucker factor involved too. I wasn't a believer until I did it myself. Did you suddenly become Canadian, what's with the extra "u"?
  9. #1 Watkins Glen - Because T1 through the esses, because it's wide and all the reasons Jerry mentioned in the first post. It's my favorite track of the 29 Road Courses I've driven #2 Road Atlanta - Because 10a through T3. I love the elevation change, the challenge and large attachments requirement of T12. The speed of the back stretch. #3 NCM - A great combo of fast and slow corners, off camber, 2nd gear corners, a lot of linked corners, lots of paved run off, usable curbs.
  10. I must be taking turn 14 wrong. Time for me to study up.
  11. Just curious, besides #1 and the carousel which corners do you consider high speed at RA?
  12. I know there's no trophy unless there's 5 EC car and then only for the winner. I don't expect to win EC when there will be a lot faster cars than mine in EC class.
  13. Nope not kidding, I have a lot of friends/long time competitors I know racing in CC class. Yes, I want to know how I'm doing against them during the race. Some I would consider benchmarks of excellence, it's a good comparison. I come to race, not just turn laps, which is why I want to see how I'm going against certain competitors during the race with live timing and scoring. In all the points adding pieces I have on my car only one really makes my car faster than stock. Some of the thing that add points are absurd IMHO (Camber plates being one of those, it doesn't add speed it only add ease to the build)
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