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  1. My weekend has opened up. I'm a race winning team owner who's been racing Champcar since 2012. Does anyone have a seat available for Road America? Race resume available. PM me or post here.
  2. I received mine today. I guess all I had to do was post about it
  3. When will the shirts be mailed out to those that ordered post-event?
  4. At Indy we got tapped in the rear bumper, all was good for 2-3 laps then the upper rad hose disconnected. Luckily the water somehow splashed the windshield and my driver was able to shut down immediately. We had one previous incident a few years back where I think a pressure switch could have saved a motor. $20 is cheap insurance.
  5. Indy probably wants $10 for that souvenir.
  6. No luck on my local FD. They don't do it.
  7. I believe it included a re-certification. I don't know much about it except that it needs recharged. What place quoted you $25-30?
  8. My pit fire extinguisher is a rechargeable but the gauge is showing low, but I've checked around to find that recharging the extinguisher costs more than buying a new one. Mine is a Kidde model 460. Has anyone found a place to recharge the extinguisher for less than $60 (the price of a new one).
  9. I only use cotton or microfiber to clean my lexan absolutely no paper products. I helps make it last longer.
  10. Need more data before making a decision. Our fastest lap of the weekend was on Sunday morning on the same set of tires we ran all day on Saturday. I tend to think temperature was a bigger factor than wear. In my experience street tires do not get slower with wear, only with heat cycles and age.
  11. That was our first drive on the RS4. I know the Dunlops never got slower as they wore down. I hope that isn't the case with the Hancooks.
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