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  1. I suspect that many of today's turbo motors won't be great in endurance racing without some serious modifications regardless of manufacturer.
  2. The question is, would the Subaru motors of today last better than the ones from 15-20 years ago. Those flat 4s and 6s do not have the best record of finishing endurance races.
  3. If I was in 54th place I wouldn't put my $50 on the line to protest something...But that's just me.
  4. In my view, there's only incentive for 2 teams to protest. 2nd place to protest the winner and 4th place to protest any of the top 3 to get on the podium. No one else really gains anything. That's the failure of the self policing system IMHO.
  5. I know I have some Patagonia stuff in my closet. I'm going to start wearing it to races and then tagging Patagonia in my social media posts. Just because.
  6. Who drove first stint Saturday for the #707 Gyvulys Team? They did a great job in the rain.
  7. I have raced in Canada, multiple times. I'm not comparing anything to AER. Just going off of what peeps up there have told me first hand. My impression is, It's very much that no one wants to be "that guy". Perhaps a case of Canadians being too nice, which is usually a good thing. It seems like the new rules may address the current situation, my view from afar as an interested observer.
  8. Rob, Based on the way that Tyler's car drove, I'd certainly vote for wider tires. The braking action as well as cornering speed was noticably different, I attibute that more to the tires than the aero. That's just based on my seat of the pants feel.
  9. Do you prefer the free-for-all that ChampCar Canada has become. Basically an arms race without checks or balances from everything that I've heard.
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