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  1. Muscle memory FTW. Also if you keep your hands in place you always have the same feedback through the wheel and it is constant. Look at the fast pros driving GT cars, the vast majority (90-95%) do not shuffle steer
  2. I wonder how he got into the grass on the left, the racing line is way to the right and the passing line is in the center of the track.
  3. Spotters, at a Road Course? If he had already passed the incident once or possibly twice, I doubt any radio call would have made a difference.
  4. That's into turn 5 the hairpin.
  5. Suggest you start your own new thread and not revive a 4 year old one.
  6. This is going to sound like a cop out answer but I loved every corner. T1 - not really a turn, just a curving straight, exit line is critical to set up T2 T2 - downhill braking zone makes you want to brake early, super wide entry and allows for good passing and a variety of lines to find speed T3 - flat and featureless but a good line can allow a pass at T4 entry T4 - Faster than it looks, critical to lap time for the long straight to T5 T5 - Critical to carry speed up the hill, great banking at the apex but that disappears at the track out point, you have to adjust your wheel to compensate throughout the turn. more to follow
  7. Do west coasters not participate in the forums. I thought we'd see more discussion on the awesome race at Laguna Seca. BTW, what an awesome track, very technical, very fun. The corkscrew isn't even the best part of the track. For those that don't live on the left coast, rent a seat next year. It's worth it.
  8. To answer the original question, "normal" is to start with zero penalty, the cars that start with penalty laps are outliers.
  9. My fast lap from Sunday in the Ergolab.com Miata, it was fast lap of the race until Jerry beat it 2 hours later in the same car. A huge thanks to Jerry for the invite to drive this iconic track. 1:46.356 I had a few faster laps going later in the stint but they got spoiled by traffic.
  10. I don't see the issue unless you're the one performing the surgery.
  11. No matter how much the hauler costs, why would any team throw away perfectly good parts that came off the car that could allow you to possibly get back on track after a repair during a race. That makes no sense regardless of the size of your checkbook.
  12. Not a fair argument at all. I've rented from 3 different teams this year, a TR-7, a CRX and a Boxster (and next weekend a Miata). I know almost nothing about the builds on those cars. That doesn't mean I'm not able to inspect cage welds, seat mounts, and harness installation, etc to ensure it looks correct and safe. You really expect rental drivers to ID an aftermarket widget on a car and then figure out if costs points, etc? I don't look at their logbooks or what is declared, because that's not my business, and it's a good way to not get invited back. In addition, I run EC with my car, I haven't dug into the build part of the CCES rulebook in 2-3 years. The buck stops with the owner/team principle, not the rental driver for tech issues. A rental driver is responsible for his on track behavior, turning the fastest laps their capable of, and bringing the car back in one piece.
  13. That's interesting because nearly all of my spares are parts I've taken off the car as I've either upgraded things or improved things. The old stuff that comes off becomes a race weekend spare. I don't have the budget for anything else.
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