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  1. I received mine today. I guess all I had to do was post about it
  2. When will the shirts be mailed out to those that ordered post-event?
  3. At Indy we got tapped in the rear bumper, all was good for 2-3 laps then the upper rad hose disconnected. Luckily the water somehow splashed the windshield and my driver was able to shut down immediately. We had one previous incident a few years back where I think a pressure switch could have saved a motor. $20 is cheap insurance.
  4. Indy probably wants $10 for that souvenir.
  5. No luck on my local FD. They don't do it.
  6. I believe it included a re-certification. I don't know much about it except that it needs recharged. What place quoted you $25-30?
  7. My pit fire extinguisher is a rechargeable but the gauge is showing low, but I've checked around to find that recharging the extinguisher costs more than buying a new one. Mine is a Kidde model 460. Has anyone found a place to recharge the extinguisher for less than $60 (the price of a new one).
  8. I only use cotton or microfiber to clean my lexan absolutely no paper products. I helps make it last longer.
  9. Need more data before making a decision. Our fastest lap of the weekend was on Sunday morning on the same set of tires we ran all day on Saturday. I tend to think temperature was a bigger factor than wear. In my experience street tires do not get slower with wear, only with heat cycles and age.
  10. That was our first drive on the RS4. I know the Dunlops never got slower as they wore down. I hope that isn't the case with the Hancooks.
  11. It's first come first served isn't it? So a EC team that signed up on the first night should be bumped at a later time because a non-EC team decides they want to go a few days later, a month later, a few months later? Probably not, see response above. Are we going to bump teams previously accepted into the race that signed up the first night. That's an absurd way of doing business. What if I initially say I'm going to be in class C but then change my mind later and run EC...am I then bumped out of the race?
  12. When has any team been bumped from a race EC or not EC?
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