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  1. 84 Endurance races with lots of teams; experience in FWD, RWD, and Mid Engine. 8 wins
  2. It's not just one team, the super sticky tires are available to any team.
  3. If it started to rain and you wanted to take advantage of the tire change rain exemption, sure.
  4. Sure, tell the pit stewards who then walk up and down pit road informing the teams. Each steward is typically watching 6-10 pit boxes, this could be knocked out in 2 minutes.
  5. The race director would make the call. It would be the same for all teams.
  6. This is a safety issue in my book. I would assume that most teams bring at least 2 sets of tires to the track. It we are an hour from the end of a 8 hour race some teams/most teams are running low on tread. The ability to swap to the next days tires (or next race weekends tires) and get more tread for wet conditions should not be penalized.
  7. I would also suggest that if a race changes from wet to dry or dry to wet that the rule I suggested be waived or suspended so teams can change tire to account for conditions.
  8. save the used tires for track days
  9. If you're changing used tires 2 times during a race I'm guessing you aren't running for the overall win, why would you care if you did an extra stop or 2 for tires?
  10. Just to be clear on the idea I posted above; a clarification. 1) You cannot change tires during a fuel stop, unless it is an emergency. In that case, it can be only 1 tire and you need to show the tire to an official. It better be punctured, out of air, and dangerously delaminated. If it is just worn out, you need to come back in and do a 5 minute tire stop. If the official deems that the "emergency" tire did not need to be changed, you need to come back in and serve a 5 minute pit stop. 2) If you want to change tires after a fuel stop, you need to leave the pit
  11. The 5 minute tire stop would be an incentive to run tires that will make it through an entire day or racing instead of tires that can only make half the race.
  12. I friend who visits the forum but doesn't post much had a suggestion for the tire issue. Make the rule that you can't change tires during a fuel stop unless it's an emergency like a tire is delaminating or losing air. And then only one tire at a fuel stop in due to the emergency. Fuel and tire stops have to be separate stops. We could also add that any 4 tire stop is a minimum 5 minute stop. Makes sense to me.
  13. I wish I'd taken pics of it up on jackstands with the wheels off.
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