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  1. Even if they are not you can run them for 5 points from them being a series sponsor.
  2. Looks like that is in your Miata? Not sure it matters what the car is but the forward down tube of the main cage is too far back from the firewall. It should be about six or so inches further forward and once that is done the dash bar can go in a straight path up at a good height. Ours goes across at a height that it goes over the steering assembly and we mount the steering to that bar. So to your question I would be working to make several changes.
  3. You do know he removed the entire back half, like all that amount and only added some crash structure back for safety. Cut at center of rear wheel well straight across to the other side. The structure added was all round tubing and very small amount with a rear crash bumper.
  4. I thought the wacky winter season was over? Carry on, I guess we call it wacky virus season instead
  5. 2018 F350, this is racing and power is KING and the ride and comfort is great for my old bones. As Scotty said power that does not quit, ask Aaron he enjoys running behind me in the draft as he pulls near 50MPG. His only issue is when I pull out to pass he can't keep up, even with the trailer fully loaded. Mileage is about what was stated unless we tow a little too fast but we would never do that. Oops forgot it is a 6.7L Diesel if you could not figure that out.
  6. Guessing the official word has to come from the track and not champcar. All about getting funding of the deposit back I would guess.
  7. That is a ton of welding to do in three hours and a great job! Maybe someday I will learn to do some welding but nothing that will look even close to that.
  8. Excellent work and all I want to know are two questions, first how many hours involved and most important how much anti virus was required?
  9. Interesting how much traction a 5 point overflow can cause, three pages. Carry on and please continue, work is getting a little slow these days and reading is good.
  10. Troy thanks for sharing your thoughts and since I am the one that asked the knowledge board the question before we went to NCM as I had changed from the plastic to metal. I had asked more from safety as you have shown in your comments. I went back and forth a few times and finally gave up.
  11. No way!!!!!! that is a race car and no one does such a thing, ever. So my guess is the valve train come off the track and snapped its top. Hard part to digest for sure.
  12. Or the fact they are from the local home track! Heavy weights and no wonder we have to push so hard to keep up.
  13. Since you guys wish to continue to argue the header swap and I have attempted to explain it for you and continue to get wrong information posted I'm out and you can carry on. Posts removed. As to the rule change mid year I also thing it is wrong timing.
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