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  1. That would be the later 1.8 7", only issue we have had is we lost a set of pinion bearings on a never opened diff from a car with over 150k miles and 6 races. We have a couple others that have never had issues.
  2. Protest are only $50 so I guess I'll keep the tip..............or is a two for one deal? Other then that I like your thoughts and I have a bore scope in the trailer if anybody needs one.
  3. Under statement of the year! We could torch a 1.6 diff in six to eight hours easy, junk for endurance racing.
  4. Oh sorry was reading quickly on my phone and eyes may not have read correctly, thanks
  5. The date being current is required by tech and taking it off will also require a new net. Do it right the first time.
  6. None cause it is wired wrong, won't do anything as shown as there will be no connection in any position but don't tell Tyler cause he thinks he is changing tunes. 🙂
  7. Good to hear, thought I was nuts when I heard 50-60% OK maybe I'm still nuts but I hope in a good way
  8. You guys keep derailing Nates thread, take a look at his wording and see what needs changed. My only thought is instead of top, middle and bottom just make it follow the original shape or form and measure at any point to compare. So obviously when you cut one you take that into account. I think if we want a change before 2021 rules it will take some wording added to the present rule and hope after the recent spring gate the BOD would consider it.
  9. Would be great but no way I could keep up, I'm too old to even try. Carry on and enjoy your time south!
  10. Going to be a long winter before we get back to racing!
  11. No Hijack Nate, but the spray paint has happened on many things not just springs and that fits the cheaty rule for all.
  12. I don't have any friends 😞 So the LD ones are stamped for there series is Champcar good with using them? asking for one of my non friends
  13. So now I can just say I'm a first timer, good idea. Just poking fun but I would agree with a new team in there first couple races, of course it might take a few races before they see a podium to get checked in impound.
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