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  1. No need to drill any holes as the Miata has the release arm thru the side as was shown above and even if the rubber boot is in place it has roome to slide the bore scope in and have a look. So that can be done on a stock setup or a swap. I would venture to guess most other trannies would be the same with a way to look in the same path. Troy the auto is a flex plate and it has large holes that you "can" look thru to see the adapter and flywheel if one wishes to do so. No argument just the facts.
  2. But you can see the flywheel at the bottom of the bell housing and you can go have a look at the clutch with a bore scope at the boot of the release bearing lever. Most of the ecotecs don't have a lower dust shield unless you make a custom part.
  3. I would not use a Dorman part if they gave it to me.................most are of very poor quality from my past experience so maybe it should be OESh......t
  4. And would you expect him to be any other way??????????? enganeer...........yes it's spelled wrong so Nate can correct it as he needs something to do.
  5. And if the boarder is not open, any chance of a refund?
  6. Might need an edit Ray, just saying. Glad to see the efforts and keep it up sir.
  7. Life is all about choices, but just think you have better than six months to build a new one or catch a ride in a rental seat. We built our last one in about 3-4 months so your good in either case.
  8. This just adds to the effort and planning to make a car last the time needed. Some teams will really need to think long and hard on their strategy to make it work. If I can change and axle in a little over three minutes I can do front pads in about the same and I'm old and no pro. I do agree running out of brakes is not a good thing on that track, we have been metal to metal a couple times.
  9. So who will do the email????? I think that is the best option and should be the event director or new boss man????
  10. It should still be switched to a parc ferme as it levels all players in the field and adds the extra challenge of keeping your car together for the huge power hungry track. Can we ask for a vote of members on this????
  11. A parc ferme fits to a national champion and as Scotty said one car (same car) and at least two of the original driver line up was what I think was said. I like that!
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