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  1. Several others have also so??????? That's kind been a part of a discussion.
  2. I was really getting excited for the extra points and things to start changing
  3. Not in this discussion but did something magically change to get an ecotec miata at 391pts swapped? It has been 409 for some time. Maybe you can help me find the missing points.
  4. Wait a minute does that mean they tossed the pink 35?????? Keep us posted please
  5. If you ever want to come north we have a Miata swap that we rent seats. Usually run upper midwest events. Sounds like you are a solid pair of drivers.
  6. Not to worry I have done the same, almost, since we have lost power for extended periods I have a breaker in the main panel wired for a 220 cord to the outside generator location. It works to run the well and frig/freezer and some small amounts of lights. Got a wood burner we light up and burn 24/7 for heat. I understand completely, one does what you need to do........fyi we finally got into double digits today after 11 days of sub zero. And yes the main breaker to the pole is off.
  7. Moved the trailer today and brought the car back from the dyno tuning only to get it buried in the large mounds of snow. Unhooked and maybe in a few days I'll be able to try to move it, spring is coming right???? Snow is over the fender wells, could be a problem.
  8. Toss them or take them off and reuse the metal for other parts. We removed them on all four corners a long time back and if you need ducting there are much better options for that function.
  9. ^^^^^^ Just the wing! That's it exactly....oh wait you missed the air damn.
  10. No to these in that weather, the RE71's work better but take for ever to come in. Heard good things about the Conti's
  11. Greg it was meant as light humor as it all seems kind of extra work since both are cars are basically the same for the last few years. Sorry you took it wrong but our team will just go thru tech as normal for our annual tech and as Snorman said worry about it at impound or post race.
  12. Your all good until you reach the podium, whats to worry about???
  13. We have older Verizon Jetpacks and have the needed jack and also much better range then the newer version.
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