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  1. If its for data collection/research I think maybe the powers should pay the fee and run all the cars for three pulls????????????? Might be kind of fun to watch and I'll make the popcorn.
  2. I see a major snow storm in the long range forecast! Can't let the southern boys have all the fun and red0 needs another go in the snow! We will be watching from the pit lane once again.
  3. Wait a minute, it has to finish first................ oh that was a low blow sorry Troy.
  4. Come on Ron give the Miata's a break and we can see who passes whom?? Only joking around as this should be a really fun race event and no snow, I hope.
  5. Just a quick add to this thought, from running the monson at Barber in full hard rain taillights did not do the trick. Yes maybe that was a one time deal but a proper rain light would have helped. It was next to impossible to see standard taillights in that condition.
  6. Since we moved to B we have a few top fives in each of the values.
  7. Called the shop to get brand and part number, AP Exhaust brand and it is an Accelerator #XS1225. Should be able to google and find one and just sharing info. Summit: Has it for $36
  8. On both our cars which were very loud and was more to do with frequency we moved to an off brand stainless turbo muffler and it has been a huge improvement. Guys can now hear funny noises like a bearing failure or axle clunk and they think it is too quiet. Two reasons, it changed the note to much lower so it does not bite and the flat muffler does a 180 inside and is glass packed. Best part is it was still cheap. As to brand and such I would need to go get that from the muffler shop. I don't do exhaust work myself but can get the numbers if someone wants them.
  9. If your running at RA I can bring a good meter and we can test it for you, or any other race we will be at. It will only cost a couple beers :-)
  10. By what has been said I would agree it was not a nut failure but the one turning the nut. Not trying to make that sound bad but I toss the impact wrench on axle nuts and set them with my impact then set the dimple and paint the line. Even on our Miata's one can come loose at times and it is easy to catch in a pit stop. If you see it has moved you just hit it again with the impact.
  11. Not a BMW guy but reading your post I can offer some thoughts, if both hubs were about the same age race wise I would make note of that and start a routine repair/replacement. Next when you set your axle nuts and dipple them into the keyway get a paint stick, red or yellow and paint a line across the nut, end of axle to hub flange. In pit stops you can quickly see it the nut has backed off or moved. We have had them loosen on our Miata. If the wheel completely came off are you saying the hub broke? Lug bolt failure could also be an issue. Pictures of what was left might help also.
  12. Everyone has an opinion and that is a good thing. Discussion is good as well. Lets not derail Menders thread with this and maybe someone would like to start a new thread.
  13. Several have missed that point, the idea of a claimer value would make many people look at what they have spent and give it some very hard thought. I know I would.
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