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  1. Not for me to answer but I think the big issue is no way to check builds easily.
  2. Thanks Roy for helping with the answers. And I agree with Champ not wanting to open parts swapping issues.
  3. They were proving numbers on the JDM motor which was in some strange Japanese measurement which we found no way to convert to something to compare against the US version of stock motor, if I remember correctly.
  4. So not to be a negative hear but the big problem from us looking hard was not real data with USA numbers could be found, but maybe Roy found something that was not found on the internet. To me it is still kind of a can of worms. I think your question is more specific and if I were going forward I would ask tech. I have seen other miata teams jumping to that motor.
  5. What are you looking for in a cell? Size, shape and capacity? I have a brand new Jaz which might work with the SFI label.
  6. I really hope not but do see some strange things going on.
  7. I asked the boss about Hallet and was told no cause pits on infield but I have a solution to that, take a lunch break and then teams can run out for fuel. No different then we do at Gingerman on Sunday.
  8. So how about this thread about Doc's re-election get back on track and the ECOTEC header folks start a new thread. I am sure Doc would be happier. Oh and Doc you got my vote again!
  9. I think he was looking for a driver for RA and maybe rent a seat to test race.
  10. It is still for sale if you make contact to him.
  11. You should buy the Maxima that Scotty offered you.
  12. Sure going to push my memory, either 225x45x15 or 245x40x15. I can look tonight and let you know for sure. Our goal was to see if using them would get us on the podium and free tires.
  13. We ran them at Gingerman and yes they work but not so well, 1-1.5 seconds a lap off pace with the Hankooks from my memory. We kept them and ran them again at a test day to try to be fair but once again not as happy as the RS4's. Gee if you really want to test them I'll give them to you and you can test for your self as they still have some tread left and are dismounted, just give me a shout and I'll even swap you for some spotted cow??? I would get the better deal in that swap :-)
  14. So you guys also are missing that a number of midwest teams have gone else where to race, not just a few but many. The second big one this year was the Indy race took many teams funds and if you look at any races other then Gingerman they were all down as an effect. Mike and I talked about that as well and he said yes that race was not at the right time and it has been moved to September. Got to be ways to draw teams back cause we all know things have changed and not just a little but huge in the last couple years.
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