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  1. We run some hi temp high dollar stuff, damn hard to get old and not remember what the brand is but i will look it up and get back to you or you can ask me at Gingerman. Flush the system once a year and that is it, unless we have an issue which is very rare. Gray bottle with a yellow label and yellow cap, at least I can remember that 🙂 OK I looked it up AP Radi-Cal R3
  2. You know when the Penskes are from a series sponcer, then boss man says they are free, up until you have to buy them.
  3. One more trick Rob make the pipe 1/2" long as each notch takes up 1/4".
  4. A trick I was shown by my friend the NASCAR builder was to make a three piece sliding bar and each end piece had different bend angles so you can mix and match until you find the right combination for the shape of the door bars. The center piece is just a filler as it is smaller diameter and each end piece slides in or out as need and each has a welded nut with a T handle bolt to tighten once in place and fit. Then remove the pattern and build the bar, of course he has the cool bender and notcher so no worries about nice fits for welding. Sometimes it pays to have fiends with all the cool tools and he even now lets me drop in and bent and notch my own stuff.
  5. I would consider your exhaust as the cause, we worked on pit row for Indy and yes it was really hot. In years past with our Miata and the exhaust underneath we could cook the oil on any very hot race of 8 hours or more. If your pipe is not heat wrapped I would suggest that to be done asap. We have also cooked the inner cv joint and boot. Might consider a heat shield attached to the pipe and off by say 1/2" and if you can make it out of stainless steel as it has better cooling properties. Last option I can think of would be a vent and duct like for the brakes and bring cooler air in to blow by the diff, this would take some effort but could be done.
  6. Looks like a door skin to me so maybe rounds for everyone!!!????? Or at least the pit marshals :-)
  7. Looks to me like Indy should be happy you did oil everything down as it seems to be a hard rub. Oil bill would have been like $1000 for clean up?
  8. Looks good and looking forward to seeing you at Gingerman!
  9. IPF easy button would be a new car :-) When you find that button I could use a couple also!
  10. Don't recall Tubby ever running EC and that has nothing to do with cheating
  11. Ok only if its been cooled properly and really hot outside.
  12. WOW boys and girls I have just caught up on this load of c------------onversations and see it has come a long ways. Time for some pie and ice cream. Oh wait got eat supper first!
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