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  1. Rumor was at Indy renters had to pay for an insurance policy to rent from him, so if that's the case they have no skin in the game. So Nate I think you are spot on.
  2. Oh sorry and makes since the one at Daytona was the front car which slipped over the hill in the video. Watched them in action at Indy and car was trashed after the race, we were working pits and I saw it all day long as they came into pry things out several times.
  3. Looks like the MMC car is the one out front in that video and not the one which lost control??
  4. That car had several really cool mods to the body work and I would say someone knows how to do fiberglass work really well. Or did I miss something? The time and detail in the exhaust was also some real work, would have loved to hear it roar.
  5. This should be close but talks about front only, one would think you could apply to rear????
  6. Hey admin any chance to move the corvette stuff to a new thread as I am sure it will be discussed for sometime???
  7. Car slow or driver slow............that is the question really. Need to hurry up and get this race going.
  8. New swaps can have teething issues, not that your over confident or anything :-)
  9. I have found the flicker and erratic movement to be more worthless and no need for a driver to watch. Running at 9:1 is not a real thing as it will stumble and fall on its face and puck black all over the pavement. If you need to know find a good calibrated hand held meter or go to a dyno.
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