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  1. 55mini

    Reground Camshafts

    Point is getting them and having them on hand. If it comes to that being questioned in impound it is 30 minutes to get it done :-)
  2. 55mini

    Reground Camshafts

    First tech needs to have all OE specs on every version of motors running so they know what to measure, second they need the tools to measure everything. Can that be done in the 30 minutes at impound. Sure hope to see that happen since some will now or have moved to reground cams. Nate I sure hope your correct and Mike is solid on his answer cause it now seems to be open to a huge mess.
  3. When a dyno pull is made most folks understand were the number should fall on a certain motor and if for example it pulls like 20% more then there is a problem. Something is not correct with that motor or build. If that the case then you as a group have to decide if it is outside the rules and maybe needs a DQ. So that might be the value in using the dyno or as redO pointed out it could be used to do some math work to sort out a gearing ratio which at the time was not claimed, maybe. Just an example to help you understand.
  4. Stock as in published HP numbers or something near those numbers. Nothing to do with legal mods.
  5. ^^^^^ to my point, save the money for everyone.
  6. Not that I don't agree that the dyno could solve the problem, notice I say could. At this point I have watched a few of the dyno pulls and have seen numbers outside of what I would call stock and nothing was done to anyone, also know of car not running right after race, it has a bad miss and we can't run it. So my point is why waste the money on a dyno for show?? I'm sure the guy bringing the portable unit gets paid well and for what, so everyone can watch the pull. Guessing it is the members money which pays the bill. Motors can be checked with out a tear down for most cheaty bits with the right tools and I would agree motors should not be torn down at impound beyond valve covers.
  7. 55mini

    WTB: Used 255/40/17 Tires

    Keeping you from hydroplaning, really your so funny. The way you drive not going to happen. It's Friday have your self a laugh!
  8. Its a stock tank but is a platform swap so maybe the 12.8 gallon?
  9. You put her on the car????????????????????????? Oh different subject, sorry
  10. 55mini

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    I see the repeat button is on so Ron you got two likes!
  11. 55mini

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    They have removed most all the rear weight by the chopped rear as well as any safety from a rear impact. Power to weight is a huge deal and I think they also have a late 1.8 swap which would bump the hp a fair number.
  12. 55mini

    Cerevo Live Shell.2

    Message sent.
  13. 55mini

    Best bang for the buck

    And you can prove the non stock cam how?????? Tell me tech is going to start measuring lob's and duration....................right! Must be a slow Sunday morning
  14. 55mini

    Good deal? 2000 F350

    Ben in a heart beat as it will run for ever if well maintained, if it was near me I would have serious interest. I had an F250 of the same year until last summer and folded it in half. It had 286K miles and all I ever did is change oil/filter, brakes and rebuilt the front end. As Ed said the twin i-beams will wear fairly quickly and plan on ball joints every 75k miles and not too bad of job if you have the tools to press them out and in. Trans can be an issue if not serviced but I never had any failures with lots of heavy trailer pulling. We had it in Las Vegas with the big black trailer when we met. As you said the 7.3 is a bullet proof motor only repair for me was the glow plug harness went bad, it is inside the valve covers in all the oil and with oil and heat got hot and cracked. Changed both sides at the same time and would suggest if not done you may wish to do that. (Oh wait you could care less about cold weather starting in Ca) Price is good at 9K as my was not a dually and I settled for 8.5K with insurance.