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  1. We did for a short start on Saturday and then finished fourth on Sunday with ours 🙂
  2. Jake our team has been pit marshals at RA for many events and I can tell you we have never been turned away, never! Normal meeting place is the building next to the gas pumps and about 7:30 each morning. Now for communication yes you got it right it sucks but everyone is busy doing there thing and you are correct it should be simple task to change. Been involved for six years and it is better then before but if you want to do the event email whom ever is running the event like Mike Morrison and then email again until you get an answer. He works another job full time so it takes a little time to get an answer. Hope to see you at an event soon.
  3. Andrew yes I fully agree just pointing out that the change that was thought to happen did not and sharing the EC teams comments. Very confusing to all!!! Some one needs to fix it.
  4. So near the end of Sundays race I was sitting inside with a driver from the HoChunk Jeep and would like to share some comments as I was just a listener, a couple of other teams adding to conversation as well as Jay( National Tech). The driver of the EC team said look we won the race!!!!! He was all pumped up and then he was told how so your EC and aren't even in the race. He replied well the results show we turned the most laps and shows we are first and in my book that means we won. Jay looked over and said no not really in our org you did not win and you might just keep it quite as 111 won the race. Long and short is EC still thinks they are in the race and turning the most laps wins. I walked away and left the discussion as I had nothing good to add and just wanted to share the mind set.
  5. Well now we are back at home and had a good nights sleep I will do a recap of the NCM trek. Friday was a test day for the cars and more of a test for the wrench and wrenches from everyone helping. The new blue car was driven and tested by all the drivers and was doing very well all day. Getting some fast times and I think we got in the 2:29 range which was very solid. Lots of tweaks and adjustments thru the day. Now the green car, good old 150, well it was along and rough day. It started back in Iowa on load in. The shocks would not drop to springs and limits and let the fun begin. Took all four off and try to quickly sort the issues and got Chris from Tirerack to toss in four new ones. We loaded and headed south. On Friday morning we took all four corners down and found the Ebay locking collars were not round when at full tight causing int inner shock works to lock up. Took the coil over kits off and had to modify the Bilstien collars for smaller springs. Turned out to be a major task with a saws all and battery drill with a carbide cutter and no vise. We finally go the job done and tossed it back together for some test laps. We could not get the ride height we wanted but had no choice at that point. Out we went to test and on the second driver we got a call he had gone off and it would not re start?? After being pulled in we found the flex plate had shattered. Out came the motor and our spare motor had a plate so we swapped that in and got it all back together and out on track just as practice ended. Spent more time checking everything over and setting the caster and ride height best we could to be ready for the race. Race day, started near the front with the draw and Bob in the blue car worked to first place while the green car had an electrical gremlin pop up on the warm up lap and after a few laps came back in to pits and behind the wall. So back to Bob running up front he was doing very well and the C cars were coming up with a couple BMW's pushing really hard. One on his tail and in a high speed corner he missed a shift and started to spin and was collected by the BMW's with one very hard hit. So now both cars out and behind the wall. Everyone jumped into the wrench mode and we took the broken wing (sorry Scott) off and removed the front splitter and took off the damaged defuser swapped the radiator for a larger aluminum. Took some major porta power effort to get the rear out in place but got it back on track for each driver to run for short stints and test car for Sunday. The green car ended up having a loose connection on the main power buss behind the dash panel and took some effort to find that and fix. Once fixed we got some time for drivers on track near the end of the day. We also sorted some more alignment setup to get the best we could for Sunday. Sunday, we parked the cars in reverse order so the green car got held on release to the end so one started eight from the end and the other at the end. Chris started in the blue car and marched forward nicely with no issues and got us to about 10th and the fuel stop. Aaron started in the green car and was working forward up to about 15th or so when he had to come in as it boiled over, seems we did not get all the air out with the motor work from Friday. Took some effort to col it down and filled the system again and sent Patrick out and kept turning laps then changed to Jeff and during his stint the over heating happened again after a red flag and sitting on track. Jeff came in and we cooled it again and got Jacob in to run until it got hot again and we parked for the final few laps. Back to the blue car, the second stint was given to Matthew who has been away for a long time and I must say he got right back in the swing and we continued to climb up to 6th. Turned it over to Chad and he kept us right up in the hunt with the fastest laps of the day in out car,2:31's. Final stint went to Bob who took it out and continued the move forward. I had to do some quick looking and sorting all the other cars and fuel stops thought we could finish 4th and so we did. Excellent for our first outing in the new build. So in all major work and effort from everyone with good results. On to Gingerman in August and hope for good showing there. FYI: Bill maybe you can fix the car number you posted in your results and in your interviews you also said that Blakes Garage finished four overall, fifth would be correct answer.
  6. That would have to be from an NA8 as the NA6 is smaller and won't last long at all in our racing.
  7. Selling our RaceCapture Pro2 complete with a new bluetooth and wifi interface. Also have the OBD2 cable. We will remove our sim card so you will need to add your favorite providers card and you should be ready to go. The unit has recently returned from the factory for all the updates and service. $350 or best offer. send me a PM if interested.
  8. Rob, Tyler sent us all a picture and really glad your OK, looked like you must have had a hell of a ride. Cages are not worth any weight savings and agree a dash bar and very well built cages are a must so never build to a minimum every.
  9. Lux this is what it is all about and really glad you had the opportunity to enjoy and bring your dream to reality. Welcome aboard and now you can list as experienced :-)
  10. Got that right we burnt up a number of 1.6 diff's and you can smell that odor for ever! Opened a few in the shop for a look and it was a big mistake, the smell is still there from about three years back.
  11. Just worked tech at Road America and was doing gear tech, your helmet is good until the end of 2020.
  12. I don't see any sign of purple in that glitter????? Sucks just the same and adds to your work load but you'll get'er done!
  13. Auto tune will only get you close and I would not trust it in a race application. Unless you don't care if you loose your motor.
  14. On the rain tires you got the right order but some will depend on your setup also. I know last year with our Miata set up for the dry on RS4's we parked it for the day after the first stint. Walls are hard and cause lots of damage and there is always another day to race. Spoken from the mechanic who rebuilds the broken stuff.
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