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  1. I don't see any sign of purple in that glitter????? Sucks just the same and adds to your work load but you'll get'er done!
  2. Auto tune will only get you close and I would not trust it in a race application. Unless you don't care if you loose your motor.
  3. On the rain tires you got the right order but some will depend on your setup also. I know last year with our Miata set up for the dry on RS4's we parked it for the day after the first stint. Walls are hard and cause lots of damage and there is always another day to race. Spoken from the mechanic who rebuilds the broken stuff.
  4. Spoken from a true pit marshall!
  5. Elon is the man! Thanks for your help and ask if I can return the service sometime! @Wink not from Treasure Coast but close.
  6. Gloves are on anytime fuel cap off or fueling is in process.
  7. That is the key word but you are working with air in both planes. Seems simple enough to me.
  8. Can a pit marshal use a portable heater if it stays by the arco??? Asking for a friend
  9. @Team Infiniti Ed I see your going to Charlotte, any chance of a parts haul from Stuart to track and CrankYankers will get it from you. I think it is on your way? Let me know and thanks Mark
  10. That's a little too quick as the top is being made and might not be ready by this weekend, but thanks for thinking of us.
  11. Looking for some help getting a light weight Miata hardtop moved from around Stuart Fla to Charlotte. Any body heading north to race that could toss a hardtop in their trailer? Willing to toss some fuel money or what ever needed for the help. Not racing at Charlotte but have others willing to bring it my way for that half of travel. Send me a PM if you might be able to help. Thanks
  12. I am no expert but our approach was to deal with the source as Scotty said. We have five nozzles, two in engine bay, one at fuel cell and pumps, one at or near electrical items inside car and the one at driver area.
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