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  1. Wow! what a blow Jerry and glad your on the mend and hope you get better soon. Understand the changes your looking at going forward and thanks for the work you have done on BOD and for all involved. Look to see you at a race next year.
  2. no speed creep in that at all.............free parts
  3. If you haven't figured it out Bill likes to push buttons, even if it is sometimes the wrong ones. I hope you all have a good race weekend! Turn laps and have fun.
  4. Question for any USA teams crossing to race Mosport..... Most of our team have Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance and in checking coverage it provides none in Canada. In the past I have been on fishing trips and never gave it a thought. Anyone else checked on this with your insurance provider? We can buy a travelers policy with $1m coverage and 0 deductible at a reasonable cost and it sure would not be fun to get across the boarder and find out you have no coverage. Might have to stay home
  5. Only get the trophy when found to be legal
  6. Watching the Tuttle car being pumped out at RA it was pumped with the pump installed in the car and ran until it started pushing air. Then it sat for a minute or two and was switched back on until all agreed it was empty. It did not hurt the pump and yes it took some time. I do think Champcar may need to consider a pump for this purpose to remove any team issues with a burnt pump. Tech will come up with a plan and hopefully publish the process for all to understand.
  7. We run cheap ones from rock auto and replace them if any contact or once a season. I also have a cool lube tool which you just insert with hub off and pack them with that ever couple races. This is for fronts. As for rears just check them each race and grease once a season. Had one break like your picture and caught a couple that started to crack in the same way but all had impact. Our team does not pound curbs as that makes a huge difference.
  8. We actually use the CL1 system as it has more features then the CL2. Have it in both cars which also have hotspots in them for internet connection. We use a Galaxy tablet in a Ram mount as an in car display for real data of lap times and engine functions. Since it links to web we have cloud storage and can view it live or after the race. It also provides an overlay of the track and is very handy to look at each drivers data and compare on Saturday evening after a race. It has been very bullet proof system and we are very happy to this point. The only issue we have is the tablets will overheat and shut down on really hot days but data is still following to web. We had started with a Race Capture and had many issues and found it to be hit and miss, might be improved since then but not looking to go back.
  9. We still have wrap on the down pipe but start a little lower and I carry a spare down pipe knowing it will cause issue over time. I have heat blanket material over poly mounts and bushings as well.
  10. We watched him repeatedly pull everyone at Gingerman this past weekend, and I mean everyone. You don't do that without HP and a great power to weight ratio. This included the C4 vette. Sure it also has to do with great drivers and corner exit speeds, but every car?
  11. So you only get help from the surge once and the filler neck is to be the shortest route to original. Watching a fuel fill it looks to take on about 15 gallons so is that correct with cell and filler neck???
  12. Roger I think open and transparent communication is always the best form to follow. As an example if car xyz is one I built and worked hard to follow the BCR and I find it turned out to be a solid platform. Then after a few races it gets a deeper look into values and gets a change, that should be open and shared with the members. Couple reasons, the team that built it needs to understand the change fully and second if the members know they can make a decision to built to the same platform or not. One other point to make about new cars coming on board and again just my thoughts but if a new car is added with all the new technologies start it at 500 points until it is proved to be an overdog or not. Set a number of races as an example so data can be used. I know this does not follow your request but still important to the mix of the club. Ok time to run home to head to Gingerman.
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