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  1. Well, this driver is interested. Let me know what you decide. In the meantime, good luck at the track.
  2. Wish I could make this one, but already running Gingerman and Road America, just got back from Indy. Will you be running the Sebring race in Dec? I would be interested in that. I have run Sebring in the past.
  3. Will be in Tehachapi week of June 17th and would love to stay the weekend and fill a vacant seat. lot’s of seat time on central and eastern tracks with Chumps/Champs and with several podium and top ten finishes.Ran VIR and Daytona so far this season. Already scheduled for Indy, Gingerman and Road America. Please PM to make arrangements.
  4. Anyone need a driver? Been racing Central and East regions with a number of great teams. Would like to add some west coast tracks to my list.
  5. Jamie, Thanks for the advice. I will try as you suggest.
  6. Great team! & great car! Come join us for a fun weekend at Daytona.
  7. Just wanted to post again for a seat at Willow Springs. Will be in Tahachapi on business and wanted to add this track to my list.
  8. Experienced driver looking for ride at seat at Willow Springs. I have run in chumps/champs for several years. Podium in the 37 and 38 as well as several top 10 finishes. Been running with Gorilla Stickers and had two top ten finishes at Gingerman and Road America with that team.
  9. Absolutly, I have seen the car at chump/champ events, looks fast and fun. Call me to discuss details. 214-931-9504
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