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  1. I think that ship sailed when champusa set chumpcanada adrift a couple of seasons ago.
  2. We ran an chump inspired iracing league a while ago and what we did was establish an "AIV" for each of the stock-ish cars (Mustang, Jetta, MX5s, Solstices etc) based on the world records for each car/track combo in iracing's database. The Mustang was say 675 points, MX5 was 510 etc. so they had work to make laps on the Solstices to win. More Chump like traffic that way. Just a thought.
  3. Sal employed a very clever strategy: Saturday evening they put on a free BBQ with beer, protests delayed parc ferme and kept everybody away from the beer.
  4. Well I think there was a definite reluctance on most people's part to be "that guy" who files the protest. However some of the top CDN cars also do quite well in Champ apparently un-protested. There was a team 2 years ago that were over the top, as I recall they were given a 1 race "benefit of the doubt" then shown the door after their 2nd race.
  5. Yeah it does sort of read that way but it's not definitive either. It's what my old english teacher would call an "incomplete sentence", I have the D's to prove it. There's a certain draft feel to the document. Same thing as you have to have 4 drivers in the car for qualifying. Knowing Chuck I'm pretty sure it's not meant as exclusionary (I think chump/champ had something similar about "tell us your other experience").
  6. Where do you get that? DRIVER/CREW & UNDER AGE DRIVER ELIGIBILITY The eligibility of a Driver to compete will be decided solely by the Series using whatever means it determines as appropriate. Previous documented competition experience in a sanctioned series – e.g. SCCA, CASC/OR, ASQ, ChumpCar, Calabogie GT Challenge Series, ASN Canada All drivers must hold a current, valid government issued Drivers Licence. Release and Acknowledgement Forms: All drivers and crew members must sign a track supplied and a CER release, waiver and acknowledgement agreement. Event Credentials: All drivers and crew (“crew” includes all non-driving attendees, including but not limited to, family, friends, invited guests and general spectators) are required to sign a waiver and receive a color-coded wrist-band, or other CER-approved, event-access credential. Often referred to as a “Pit Pass,” this credential may or may not allow access to pit lane. Track restrictions shall take precedence over CER general access allowances.
  7. Some shipping required https://jalopnik.com/the-worlds-coolest-volvos-are-for-sale-1830283079
  8. Here's your target https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/ferrari-1400-hole-brake-disc/3205152/
  9. Always thought these things would be sleepers at some tracks because of their ginormous fuel tanks.
  10. In the previous generation of FE the wings were mostly decorative. Cars would lose their front/rear wing and maybe lose a second or so a lap.
  11. Here's what happens when a Speed Racer cartoon fan grows up to design race cars: https://www.motorsport.com/formula-e/news/sims-leads-opening-day-of-formula-e-testing/3196136/?filters[article_type][0]=10
  12. It was live on youtube on the weekend, not sure if they're going to upload the races there after the fact but it's also on https://motorsport.tv/racing/vintage/17 (2 big hr chunks). Fantastic racing. Oddly enough it looks like a lot of the top drivers are going sans HANS.
  13. Looks to me like he's unable to focus