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  1. mcewena

    Windshield replacements - Do it myself?

    This was during the cage build so we were all through the shell anyway. Wimps could add a tarp to the tools list
  2. mcewena

    Windshield replacements - Do it myself?

    We did ours in the driveway in March, getting the old one out was easy, only 2 tools required: Hammer, shopvac. Glue the crap out of the sills and gently drop the new one in place, easy peasy.
  3. mcewena

    Age Requirement

    I was marshaling one time when team hangers on were taking selfies during refueling with an infant. I'm sure the 2' high wall between hot/cold was a force field. I had to pick my jaw off the ground before I could yell at them.
  4. He's got the right attitude: http://www.thedrive.com/accelerator/22028/how-f2-driver-santino-ferrucci-dismantled-his-racing-career-in-one-weekend
  5. Short stints and LOTS of water!
  6. mcewena

    Wed night iracing league

    I hear that. I've had good luck with the Lotus49 and Kamel series if you're into those sorts of cars (the Audi90 is awesome). The field is smaller and more club like, however there's only 1-2 times a week where you can get a race.
  7. mcewena

    Wed night iracing league

    Only if you're hoping to make a run for the points lead. we've taken a break for the summer but will probably be back at it after labour day so watch this space. Mx5's make for great dicing but some of our regulars crave power so we might opt for something more intense for the fall but everybody's still welcome. Qualifying for race 1 normally starts 7:30 eastern, race 2 somewhere around 8:10ish.
  8. There's also an ottawa chumpcar fb group
  9. Better beer, vicious mosquitoes, expensive gas. Wendy & Sal run a pretty relaxed ship.
  10. mcewena

    In car timer.

    I take my cheap timex wrist watch (any millennials will have to google that) and strap it to a cage bar.
  11. mcewena

    Benefits of Sim Racing

    I will say one thing though, there is virtually no downside to braking with the downshift paddle in sim racing, in fact you can even use it to break loose the back end if you want. Down shifting too early and buzzing the engine comes directly from my sim time and is a bad habit I've tried to kick in the real car. Also you can't use $100 pedals with simple potientiometers to teach yourself heel & toe.
  12. mcewena

    Benefits of Sim Racing

    An E30 passed me in the rain into a fairly tight corner and then immediately looped it under braking right in front of me because: E30 & rain. If that had happened in my 3rd ever time behind a wheel I expect I'd be freaked out. But because it had happened literally hundreds of times on my PC in the past 15 years (and sometimes I was the E30) all I did was laugh and drive on.
  13. mcewena

    2018 F1

    Yes apparently Danica and 32 other unknowns raced. They had the temerity to keep going after DP crashed out. Good to see Super Sub Orial Servia and Stefan Wilson (Justin's brother) run up front. Rossi had some awesome restarts.
  14. https://www.motor1.com/news/241294/m3-owner-gets-f1-clutch/
  15. Well if it's underneath something that's fire retardant that falls under personal choice.