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  1. mender

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    Which is fine because the swap calculator presently doesn't use actual race weight either. Pick one from the chart on this site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GM_Ecotec_engine Probably should also have a rule about using the highest hp number to enter into the swap calculator because that's the one people are going to use if they can.
  2. "In a recent dry- and wet-weather session at Carolina Motorsports Park, pro drivers Joel Miller, John Dean II and Randy Pobst tested Penske’s race-engineered shocks head-to-head with offerings from several other brands over four days. Three different versions of the Mazda Miata were tested, and runs were made on Toyo and Hoosier tires. Test drivers didn’t shy away from curbing, running the cars to simulate qualifying and long runs. In all, 72 different combinations of driver, damper and tires were tested. Results show the new Penske shocks to be similar in qualifying lap times compared with shocks currently used by the SM field. But on overall pace, particularly starting on the fifth lap, the Penske product showed brilliance. And on 30-minute to hour-long runs, where the current spec’s lap times slowed by three-plus seconds on the high-wear track surface, the Penskes never fell off to even two seconds compared to qualifying lap times. An in-depth look at the test findings and process can be viewed here." So worth more than a second a lap in an endurance race. Good thing these fit on a Fiero.
  3. Without needing to be adjusted.
  4. From what I understand, they are doing a lot of work but not all of it gets past the "filter". I'm hopeful the progression from "show up at the track and you'll see how the rules are applied" to being able to build a car from the rules will continue.
  5. Nor is the cost of re-valving a shock to Penske-ist specs included in the 2X cost. I had connections with a principle at a major shock manufacturer through a restoration project. He said he would build me any shock valving I wanted and it would be sealed inside the $80 stock body to comply with the stock shock rule in a particular series. It didn't sound like it was a new thought, he was just letting me know I could get that if I wanted it.
  6. mender

    Tech Response time

    As with any rule, the real intent comes out when a description or an example of how it is going to be teched is given. Short rules are fun and all but leave a lot to the imagination, as demonstrated by all the lengthy threads asking for clarification of the details. Just saying.
  7. mender

    Tech Response time

    My question is about the "viewed from above" part. The rules specifically names fenders and bumpers, and high noon would have sunlight showing on the splayed air dam and splitter rather than just barely being in the shadow cast by the bumper and front fenders.
  8. mender

    Tech Response time

    So in reference to this: "• Aerodynamic devices not to exceed width of bodywork (fenders, bumpers, doors) when viewed from above. Note: Side mirrors are not included in bodywork width." Will Ray be getting out his trusty level to check the vertical profile? If so, am I right in saying that this car complies: And this one doesn't?
  9. So the issue is adjustable spring perches? Is the difference a threaded body vs replacable/modified non-threaded spring perches? To expand on that: in the front of my Fiero I used Pinto springs (within 0.25") cut to get the 260 lb/in that I wanted after the aftermarket springs that I purchased turned out to be 200 lb/in instead of the 300 lb/in that I ordered, then used spacers made from 1/2" rectangular tubing that I heated and made into rings to set my ride height. I claimed this as material only. I ran ebay coilover kits in the rear to set the height and corner weights with 400 lb/in 2.5" springs for 10 pts/corner. If I needed those 20 points, I could have used the right size cut springs on the rear struts and spacers. Would I have gotten those points if I had cut off the spring perches and welded them in the appropriate position? Would buying an "adjusted" spring perch be 0 points or part of the 2X cost? This reminds me of the adjustable vs non-adjustable shock questions about using an adjustable then welding the adjustment after testing. A related method would be to do the testing then send out a non-adjustable shock to be revalved and not count that as part of the 2X cost.
  10. Last spring I adjusted my porch so my wife could sit a little higher. I don't know if I got it within a 1/4" of where she wanted it but after painting it was definitely 2X what I thought it was going to cost.
  11. mender

    944S race car 2k!

    Roll cage pads look a little small. Would be a good candidate for the engine that goes with your new heads ...
  12. mender

    Rear view camera

    I have my fuel cell mounted in the passenger's seat area, with three NASCAR style door bars on that side for crash protection. I also have a frame around and supporting the cell. For intrusion protection I plated the door bars and have the 2013-required additional sheet metal enclosure around the fuel cell canister. Three layers of steel before the actual fuel cell bladder would be penetrated in a side impact. The area under the fuel cell is vented and the top of the fuel cell canister forms the upper seal. A puncture in the top of the canister or the fuel filler tube could allow fuel to spray into the interior but that would be quite the freak occurrence IMO. It hasn't been fire tested which is good because I suspect that an incident bad enough to compromise the fuel cell and structure around it and cause a fuel leak might not be survivable from an impact point of view. I did get T-boned on the passenger's side door bars, some paint scraped off the bars before the other car ripped off my right rear suspension as the contact spun my car 270 degrees.
  13. Um, yes - for some people. For others, the goal is to finish.