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  1. Or get some new rims from Champ sponsor Tire Rack: https://www.tirerack.com/wheels/results.jsp?&autoMake=Mercedes-Benz&autoModel=190E&autoYear=1984&autoModClar= Maybe they'll give you a deal.
  2. Tubular front subframe 10 points ...
  3. Not sure this is a good idea but: https://theinfamousproject.com/yes-5x112-wheels-will-fit-on-5x114-let-me-tell-you-how-i-know/ Might be worth checking out but the hub centric rings better fit well and be durable.
  4. Or wheel adapters for free. Will have to look later, heading out now.
  5. Aftermarket hubs with a bolt pattern change = 2.5 pts each.
  6. A local guy is selling his H-bodies. If only I were starting a build now. 150 points, fuel cell 20.5 gallons + surge and filler, 350, ST-10 or Muncie swap 25 points, 9" Ford diff for 25 points = 200 points to here. Aftermarket front hubs at 2.5 pts each, lots of springs, 40 pts worth of sway bars, various coolers, the 30 pts of aero shown, etc, etc, etc. Maybe it's time to reenact the Holbert Monza vs Porsche battle ...
  7. So, the only unicorn car that made it to the track, and as Rob expected, a good package!
  8. Again, thanks for clarifying the decisions and the processes behind them. Given recent events, transparency is a wonderful thing.
  9. If you swap in a turbocharged engine, whatever number the swap calculator spits out using the hp rating for that engine is your total after-swap VPi. Stock induction system would include an intercooler if so equipped.
  10. Congrats on realizing that you made a mistake and then rectifying it. Perhaps it would be easier to avoid mistakes like this in the future by taking out some of the guess work.
  11. Maybe it's time to read one or two of those posts so that people can get the facts straight next time. Once more: the TAC and the BoD decided on 100 points because of the 6.6 gallons. The math is easy and comes out the same no matter who does it: 15 points per gallon. Or are you saying that 7 points per gallon is what the BoD really meant?
  12. The 100 points was the assessed value of the 6.6 gallons of fuel. Not my assessment, that was what the TAC and the BoD decided. The fact that the Tbird eventually was reduced by 50 points doesn't change that fact.
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