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  1. mender


    Price doesn't matter, shifters are free. I designed one about twenty years ago and started building a prototype, I'm curious about the innards.
  2. He was ahead, he's supposed to be on the racing line, he set up the corner like he would have if no other cars were around, he got hit from behind by a car that is supposed to have complete responsibility for making a safe pass. The Champ rules are pretty clear about that, and in every series I've run in, he had the corner anyway. I don't know this track but my first clue about where not to be would have been a car moving toward a rumble strip on the side of the track. If I did know the track, I would have known about that rumble strip and the curve that it was on and should have figured that an inside pass there might not be a good idea. The camera car reacted but it was too late to avoid contact and still stay on the track surface. Fortunate that the Benz is quite stable and able to take a hit.
  3. It looks to me like he went back to the racing line like he was supposed to. That is required by the rules and common sense. Be aware that if I leave a corner slowly I'll be expecting passing cars to go around me and I'll stay where I'm supposed to be. If you catch me, you pass me; I'm not going to drive off the road or the racing line for you.
  4. If you picture the MB by itself, it looks like he was staying mostly on his line, especially at the corner where he got tagged from behind. Hate to say it but I put the contact on the camera car, looks like they were too caught up in their battle to make sure the pass could be made without forcing the other car off the racing line. The Mercedes was the hittee, not the hitter.
  5. mender

    Mazda Miata lightened flywheel points?

    "When in doubt, don't."
  6. mender

    Fuel Rule

    '92 300CE-24, 217 hp but same engine as the SL300 rated at 231 hp, 3.69:1 rear gear, 18.5 gallon tank, manual from 190e 2.6 swaps in, claim as '91 (same specs) at 300 points, curb weight of the cabrio is 3770 lbs. It's going to be a Hammer clone but with some minor changes. The original had a 375 hp V8; mine will have a 430 hp V12. By my calculations that should be good for 193 mph.
  7. mender

    Fuel Rule

    Thanks! Low mileage California car, still trying to finish off a couple of things so I can DD it! Surprised there aren't any comments about the E46 ...
  8. mender

    OEM and Viper immobilizers

    Just sent the DME, immobilizer module and key for a '98 Boxster to Florida to get the immobilizer function deleted. Glad you found the issue!
  9. mender

    Fuel Rule

    No internal tubing but just tested the 1" id main hose with a 1/2" 900 fitting in the stock vent hole to 3/4" vent hose: 35 seconds for 5 gallons. Not much room to run a vent hose inside on the Scribner jugs but I'll have a look.
  10. That should be a good starting point. Some of the translations need translation! Glad you got it figured out!
  11. The Torsen Gleason helical style diff is a solid choice for FWD, you'll love it! The Civic has one; I was able to loft the inside tire over the curbs and still get the power down. Not the way I'll be driving it in an endurance race but I was finding out how it behaved when pushed hard.
  12. mender

    Fuel Rule

    Actually, I'm not going by the media, just personal observation. Thanks for the info!
  13. mender

    Fuel Rule

    At Christmas time we were just below 1.00/litre, now at 1.36. That's a lot of change in a short time. Looks more like gouging than costs.
  14. mender

    Fuel Rule

    Supposedly that has stayed about the same but the cost of crude is half what it was. So the gubmint is taking 4% more while the refiners are taking 2% more as of last year. So who's getting the benefit of the steep rise in gas prices this year?