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  1. I converted the Fiero from 5 x 100 to the much more common 5 x 115 so I could use old Tuner wheels.
  2. Yup, Miatas have a significant market presence. Price and selection are very good so if you have a car that can use Miata wheels your VPi should go up because of the advantage.
  3. 17" only in 5 x 100. Avanti Storm S1.
  4. The 15 x 9s that I bought from Tire Rack weigh about 12 lbs and cost about $150 IIRC. Close out special.
  5. That one was suffering when we put the cage in it. The previous owner was determined to complete a particular double jump on a dirt road but never did. After mostly repairing the mess, we ice raced it and still had cracks to weld almost every weekend. After that year it got stripped and converted into a flower car-den.
  6. Nope, Buick 350 which the 3800 is based on. Best factory one was 315 hp and 420 ft.lbs.
  7. Depends on which GM: Lighter than a Furd 5.0...
  8. My drivers served up some humble pie for the other teams during that race with that wing...
  9. Here you go: https://www.tirerack.com/wheels/results.jsp?autoMake=Mazda&autoModel=Miata+SCCA+STR+Class&autoYear=2003&autoModClar=&package=false I ordered a set of 15x9 wheels with 225 R-S4s already mounted and balanced and picked them up on the way to the track.
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