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  1. If Moog doesn't produce springs for that car, it won't be listed. Find out who supplies aftermarket springs for Miatas, BMWs, etc and see if they have a similar catalog. Drew asked about Neons, those are listed as are most North American cars. Tech might have to do their own leg work...
  2. I have an older (up to the mid '90s?) Moog spring catalog that cross-references the part numbers by application, I'm pretty sure they must have that somewhere on their site. I used that to find the V6 Pinto front springs that fit in the front spring pockets of the Fiero and produced the desired spring rate. Edit: here you go: https://drivcat.com/digipubZ/MOOG-Coil-Springs-F2925/MOOG_CoilSprings_F2925.pdf I'll check my old catalog, it also sorted the springs by size (inside diameter, end style, wire size, free height, etc) and listed each spring numerically with applications (in other words, which cars to look for at the scrapyard). My secret weapon for "stock spring" racing classes. Edit again: I just finished playing on those sites, they do the searching for you! Click on the spring part number and the applications for that spring show up. You can then insert the spring number to get all the dimensions and then compare them to other springs, etc. Should have everything you need on those two sites, and lots easier than the manual search method I used decades ago! Stock Neon spring: 81460 Enter that part number to get dimensions. 5.59" id. Enter 5.59" in spring diameter, erase 81460 from the part number box. Four springs with the 5.59 diameter show up. 81460 has 138 rate and 0.56 wire size. 7504 has 182 rate and 0.59 wire size, same installed height. Click on 7504 to get application: '98 - 2001 Intrepid. 32% higher rate in a "stock" spring with the right ends, etc. Either order Moog springs or go to the junkyard and grab a couple sets to play with.
  3. https://www.moog-suspension-parts.com/universal_coil_springs.asp
  4. I agree with you there. I thought I was done with the weight debates! I'll let others try to untangle the E30 web, life is too short.
  5. (Just looked it up; it says 2895 lbs!) So 90% of that would be 2580 lbs; why isn't that in the swap calculator instead of the 2731 presently being used? What’s the term for when you ask a question without expecting an answer?
  6. Chris, the E30 weight had already been played with by that point. I made a mistake by saying 6 points intead of 7 points. I also made a mistake by quoting the euro specs instead of the NA specs. See? That's how easy it is to admit that I made mistakes. Somehow I doubt that Champcar will ever do the same...
  7. 1991 Euro 325i 5 speed according to Automobile Catalog. I see the US version is 2811 lbs; why so much more (210 lbs)? P.S. they also list the fuel capacity as 14.4 gallons; shouldn't that be 16.4 gallons?
  8. From my PMs: "Well I was first in line to call bull cookies on the e30 shenanigans that happened now, what about two years ago? Mike explained that he wanted people to be able to swap M50s in and do nothing else to the car, that the car should be able to compete penalty free in Champcar because it wasn't an overdog." One that I sent to Mike: "I'm writing to you to make sure you're aware of the enormity of the swap weight change on the E30. A simple adjustment that should have been made to one car, the E30, was made using the wrong means IMHO and will have some major unforeseen consequences. Here's the situation: The E30 recently was adjusted to allow the use of the M50 without incurring a penalty lap by staying at 500 points after swap calculation. That's fine, but it should have been accomplished by a specific change (#1), not a global one (#2). 1. The base VPi should have been lowered by the amount needed to get the swapped car to 500 points: 450 before, 443 after. Very clear as to what happened and why, with no other cars being affected in either direction. The E30s that swap to the M50 end up at 500 points so they can't do anything other than swapping, and the E30s that don't swap have an extra 7 points to play with, a very minor difference. 2. By adjusting the swap list weight, a precedent was set to allow every other car on the list to do the same. At present, the criteria for weight on the list is so lax as to be useless for its original purpose. To return the swap formula to usefulness, a reasonable and more realistic method of selecting the appropriate swap weights should be used." (Sorry, Chris, I was out by a point.) And from another PM exchange: "I asked Mike to see the petition that started the BMW weight change... I was sure that none existed and they had just changed it because they wanted the engine swap to be 500 points, not 507. He sent me the alleged petition. Basically, a convertible BMW team claimed to be at a weight disadvantage and wanted special treatment compared to the coupes. Cited convertible weights from a few sources. The result was not special treatment or a “we didn’t pick your heavy convertible”, instead they just bumped the “weight” of all e30s up to the convertible value. Still, I am not above suspecting that ChampCar coordinated or asked this team to submit the petition so that they would be able to bump the weight up to get the swapped e30 to exactly 500, not 507. Supposedly this team has a teammate on the board." I hope that adds some background.
  9. Thanks for clarifying that. So why was it seen as necessary to screw up the swap calculator to allow E30s to swap?
  10. Pretty generous considering the official source puts the curb weight at 2601 lbs. 10% less would be 2341 lbs, oh look at that, pretty close to a real race weight! Amazing! Fix the swap weights. Put them back to the original intent and make the swap calculator relevant again.
  11. That sounds like an opinion. I have the opposite opinion. Please explain why "fudging is simply necessary", and please use actual examples and data when possible.
  12. The apple cart was upset by Champcar for the sake of one car, the swapped E30. That's the outlier. If Champcar had adjusted the VPI to accommodate the M50 swap, the apple cart would have stayed upright. How much of a VPI adjustment was needed? 6 points. How much performance can a non-swapped E30 get from 6 points? Not much, and certainly not enough to upset the apple cart. 444 points vs 450 points. I'll say it again: a 6 point adjustment to allow the M50 swap in an E30 was all that was needed. But instead of being upfront about the swapped E30 exemption, Champcar chose to try and sneak it in the backdoor. That started the whole "highest model weight" fiasco, which now has manifested as the "SPV" gambit. Just fix it by putting swap weights back to where they should be and putting the E30 VPI at 444 points.
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