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  1. Several threads have introduced some interesting thoughts about the direction that future VPi evaluation might take. Black Magic has suggested that equal equipment would be a reasonable means of at least starting the process in a way that gets away from the present method of combining the inherited AIV values that are so highly criticized and the subjective method of assigning values based on guesses and gut reaction. I'll try to paraphrase his suggestion or at least what I think he's suggesting. Use a list of components or attributes that each have an individual value and check off the boxes that each car has, then add up the list to get a base number. 1. Power or power to weight ratio 2. Drive configuration (FWD, RWD) 3. Trans type (auto, manual, 5 speed, etc) 4. Final drive (LSD) 5. Fuel capacity or fuel to weight ratio 6. Weight range (1800-2000 lbs, 2000-2200 lbs, etc) 7. Suspension type (struts, SLA, live axle, IRS, etc) Just a preliminary but hopefully following his thoughts. There will always be arguments about how much each category should be worth; after all, this is Champ. Comments? Can this or something like it get Champ onto a more objective VPi evaluation?
  2. I've used Brakleen on a rag and carefully taken rubber marks off decals.
  3. That's the twoth and nothing but the twoth.
  4. If proper weights are used in the swap calculator, the PWR of at least those cars will have a solid cap. Then VPi can be used in the way that many people on here are saying, to keep things under control and, dare I say since it is presently such an absurd concept, let a higher number of cars vie for the podium. Along with the question of why the T-bird went up so much with no prior podium presence, one might ask why so many cars needed to have their VPi dropped and more freebies added. In other words, why open the speed creep door even wider?
  5. Take away 100 point turbos and put the engine mod points back to where they were. No 2000 lb cars with 300 hp. Next?
  6. mender

    V6 F-body point increase in 2001

    150 points, mumble-mumble gallons ... Miata. Aspen RT. 1600cc. 5900 cc. Hmmm....
  7. That's good and all, but that was what you decided of your own free will. Not everybody will make that same decision because they race for different reasons. Why take away their freedom to choose for themselves?
  8. It's good to be the King! All in the present spirit of rule changes to maintain the hierarchy.
  9. The present power mod values are about half what they should be, and 100 point turbos is not a good idea either.
  10. 5 minute pit stops for driver changes.
  11. So I have your vote?
  12. The gist was the car had to be available in all four corners of the continent for an average of $500 or less. AIV required 10 internet ads as proof of said running, driving car, preferably un-photoshopped ...
  13. mender

    V6 F-body point increase in 2001

    I have a 560SEL; last time it was on the VPi list I think it was 300 points ... Or this:
  14. Disappointed with the willful ignorance being displayed is a better way to indicate my present state. I know, not very Canadian of me. The shorter stints would tip the table back to domestics and the low VPi cars. You know; the cars that Chump was built on. Also an easy way to prove one way or another - to everyone, myself included - whether a fuel equalization rule would benefit the series. Speeds always go up.