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  1. Which ones? It was good to see that the Fiero swap "weight" finally agreed with the rule book.
  2. The requirement for the driver to be out of the car during fueling was part of what is now but there were no specifics about open/breached etc. bulkhead.
  3. One thing not to do is use the engine for braking. Also, don't shift too early and overrev the engine. Here's a video that has that: At 25:50 and 26:18 (and every lap at those corners) the driver shifts too soon and the revs go up. Shift light was set at 5500 rpm, fuel cutout is 6300 rpm and the telltale on the tach showed the engine was hitting 6600 rpm, 1000 rpm higher than the shift point. As the car gets to the point where the driver reapplies the throttle, the rpms are around 4000. Much easier on the engine and clutch to shift later in the braking zone and gently mat
  4. The pumping is to make sure he has brakes before he gets to the corner.
  5. For those wondering whether it makes a difference, watch at 4:42 in this clip: And listen to the Civic. The BMW forced the Civic to go around the outside of the corner to make the pass, and the Civic driver was a little late on the downshift but was able to gather it up and complete the pass. If he had to waited until after the apex to shift, he would have lost noticeable time and maybe not be able to keep the position due to the BMW's better acceleration. As it was, he lost a bit while getting the car turned and before getting back on the throttle. At 5:47 and on fo
  6. I assume your nom de plume is related to this. One of my drivers can't turn his leg to bring his heel into play but he has wide feet so he can "roll" his foot to move the throttle while braking. I can do either action, either rolling or using my heel so no problem for me. What limits your ability to either use your heel or roll your foot? Is it the action or the amount of movement? If you press on the floor with the ball of your foot while sitting in your chair, can you move the rest of your foot even slightly? Can you apply pressure to the outside of your foot? While
  7. That and a couple more gears and you can do active aero.
  8. One Riley build ago, they used Ram's Horn exhaust manifolds on a 3rd Gen F-body and were assessed 2 points for them. I didn't see a reference to that in the new rules but I'm not looking all that hard at them these days, waiting a month or so for revisions 2 through 5.
  9. Nice, my Mishimoto rad with the lifetime warranty went from 10 pts to 30 pts. Does anyone have a good reason for this change? Was there a specific car or team that was getting a large enough advantage to justify penalizing others that weren't?
  10. Let me know when Champcar is going to have some races out here and I'll get a membership. Nope. Hoping for Utah but our 2021 dance card might be full by the time that gets added.
  11. Good thing I kept the heater motor so I can build an electric supercharger for free to go along with the active aero from the pop-up headlight doors and active weight jackers from the power seat mechanisms. Oh, and the now-flat floor pan that I removed and English wheeled after adding more roll cage bars, seat frame and fuel cell structure in the middle to support/strengthen the car now that the floor is just there for aero. Goes well with the tubular front subframe. A good fabricator/shop still has lots of room to build a race car that would cost a chequebook racer a
  12. And the Hobbs switches are adjustable to make sure you get an accurate switching point. I had a hose pop off on the first lap at Laguna and was able to immediately pull into the pit due to the coolant pressure switch and light. The engine didn't have time to overheat so most likely saved the engine.
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