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  1. Here's how I tested my wing struts: I think yours would hold up the complete engine. Which leads me to believe that you're planning on making about 700 lbs of downforce. So what engine are you really going to be using, Bill?
  2. Unplug it from the booster after the engine has been running, should have vacuum in the booster.
  3. Out with the old (original 327 2 bbl, Powerglide, open 10 bolt 2.73, now in storage): In with the new (383 4 bbl, 2004R, 3.55 12 bolt posi): The owner wanted to have fun without wearing out the original numbers matching drivetrain.
  4. - My mirror broke off (when I hit that other car) and I couldn't see you - I got behind in my steering and suddenly you were there - I was trying to let you pass and went off-line into you by mistake - My speed was right but then the corner tightened up - My brakes didn't work because the tires still had dirt on them from missing every apex for a lap
  5. And some more, this time from the Ridge race: "This is the car. Aftermarket paddle shifter, air jacks, Accusump, carbon fiber intake. From the straightaway speed it seemed like about 350 to 400 WHP, so upgraded internals. Built by AR Motorsports in Portland? Or at least they were servicing it. My buddy said he thought it was a "touring" car.I think this is good for Lucky Dog, the more cool cars the better. The break out time and 24 gallon fuel limit keeps it in check. Hopefully we get back to the 5 minute pit so the fuel limit will hold higher HP cars back on a 2 hour stint. And the Ridge
  6. I used my '69 Firebird convertible as a test platform in high school, did a series of RA 400s with various mods with a switch-pitch TH400 and a 2.56 rear gear (lots of open road up here!). Put on big sway bars front and rear and did autoslaloms with it. Found out very quickly that the suspension was stiffer than the chassis, whenever I got on the throttle in a hard left hand turn, the left rear quarter panel would flex and pop in. I had to open the trunk and pop it back out with my fist. That eventually led to a crack in the metal. Still have the car, still waiting to find the time
  7. Very nice! If you look at the top photo in my profile you can see what I drove in high school, and how I got started in motorsports. 1st gen can be made to work very well but 2nd gen is better.
  8. 73/74 were the SD455 cars, earlier were HO455. Still fun though!
  9. And don't forget, the Jag engine would have to lose four cylinders to get down to the number that an LS has ... Most Jag V12s suffer from issues with the engine management systems, not the engine itself.
  10. A little more information: "I was in the flight control tower (very cool place to watch the race by the way) when the GT3 went SD for the 3rd time. I think they may have done it a few more times after that too. Friday test day at INDE was split. Members got 30min on track then Lucky dog participants got 30min. That went on all day. The GT3 ran with the member group. At the end of the day they stickered the car with all the lucky dog decals. I found out later that the rumor was: Members could race free if they wanted. That car was not a luck dog car and never will be again... Till we go ba
  11. Show me the... Dang it! Champcar has a dilemma when it comes to valuing fuel for new car VPi evaluations: they don't dare acknowledge (for now!) that a gallon is worth x points.
  12. Which car would be easier to replace? Or cheaper to repair?
  13. Or that the east coast took the simple concept that was started on the west coast, turned the rules into the bureaucratic and lobbyist nightmare that it seems to like and wonders why the west coast didn't follow. Just some thoughts.
  14. Tracks that are two days haul one way are out of our cost range. What, Champcar can't get a field of cars together in the PNW these days? I keep hoping (and posting) that someday that won't be true.
  15. We usually race 2-3 times a year as we can afford it, with whoever is providing the best opportunity. I raced with Champcar for about four years, when they had races out here. If they ever do again, at a track and a price that interests me, I'll race with them again. It wasn't me who pulled the plug. When was the last time you raced with LD? How many races/year do you race with LD? Your friend's opinions don't seem to have much to do with facts. Maybe you should ask him for a few more specifics before quoting him.
  16. Been there, done that: cut out the last shop's work and start over. Easier and cheaper in the long run to get a reputable shop to do it right.
  17. Easier to read the plugs as well, and I don't feel bad tossing a few sets of them during a dyno session.
  18. I used to do a lot of doodling in AutoCADD and CADKey (2D). Much jealousy and appreciation for your skills!
  19. Why are you posting second-hand opinions about another series?
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