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  1. There are the big teams and the little teams in every level of racing and sometimes it's hard to tell just by looking at the trailers. We were one of the little teams because we only did the road course events. The hauler had more racing history than the team, when cleaning out some of the compartments I found a couple driver cards that confirmed the previous owner's claims that some "names" owned it before they did. Old autograph cards from a couple of no-names: #6 from '87 or '88 and also #99. The last one only used it for testing (spring, shock, and sway bar racks). We managed a few top tens but didn't have the budget to do more than that. All a matter of perspective.
  2. Yeah, sorry about that, too. But keep trying, you'll find something.
  3. Looking for a new line of work? Sorry, can't help you with that either.
  4. You don't happen to be British? Or just aspiring? My apologies to those that are, no offense meant.
  5. Sorry it confused you. My post was referring to the differences between transaxle options for a specific car.
  6. "The high-performance Altima SE-R adds 10 more horsepower and even more sports appeal." Displacement (liters) 2.5L 3.5L Horsepower FED 175 @ 6,000 RPM CAL 170 @ 6,000 RPM 250 @ 5,800 RPM 250-plus (SE-R) @ 5,800 RPM Torque (lb-ft) FED 180 @ 4,000 RPM CAL 175 @ 3,600 RPM 249 @ 4,400 RPM 250-plus (SE-R) @ 4,400 RPM Transmission type 5-speed manual 6-speed manual 4-speed auto w/ overdrive 5-speed auto w/ manual shift mode Standard on 2.5 / 2.5 S / 3.5 SE Standard on SE-R Standard on 2.5 S with SL pkg., Optional on 2.5 S Standard on 3.5 SL, Optional on 3.5 SE and SE-R Gear ratio 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Reverse 5M/T 4-cyl. 5M/T V6 6M/T V6 4A/T 4-cyl. 5A/T V6 5/AT V6 SE-R 3.416 3.153 3.153 2.785 4.657 4.657 1.944 1.842 1.944 1.545 3.033 3.033 1.258 1.258 1.392 1.000 1.982 1.982 0.947 0.947 1.055 0.694 1.342 1.342 0.772 0.772 0.809 - 1.018 1.018 - - 0.630 - - - 3.252 3.002 3.002 2.272 5.114 5.114 Final drive ratio (:1) 4.133 3.812 4.133 4.425 2.269 2.440
  7. Better valued too high and either ticking off one team or even (heaven forbid!) not developed at all than ratcheting up the spending and work for everyone else. I see no reason to worry about whether new cars get developed, lots of cars still out there that are already on the list.
  8. Actually, it's perfectly logical and as always if a team thinks the difference isn't worth it, they don't have to do it. If Paul didn't see an advantage in using an SE-R, he could use the regular Altima for less points. 15 points for a transmission swap with a different (factory!) final drive ratio, bigger sway bars, an extra 10 hp (who cares if it's a tune, it's still rated higher and an extra 130 points for anyone else with the same swap weight), and maybe a few other things that I really don't feel like researching; pretty cheap all things considered. But I'm just here for the popcorn. Take a look at the fixed value list; no discounts for mods that aren't as effective as the same mods on other cars.
  9. As is taking what I posted and claiming I was saying any final drive ratio... context is important.
  10. So a major rule change was the main purpose when this got removed rather than just cleaning up the rule book? "4.5.8. Vehicles can use any differential gear / final drive gear for that vehicle’s same model and chassis generation. (i.e. - A 1988 BMW 325i may use any differential gear offered from a 1985-1991 BMW 325i)" If so, that's definitely unfair and I have a hard time believing it was intended that way.
  11. The Champcar rules? "4.7.8. Rear-end gear-ratios are open to all OEM differentials available for that year, make, and model or chassis generation (excluding specialty high-performance models not listed on the VPI table)."
  12. So are you saying that a special edition should be valued the same as the base car plus the points as seen on the fixed point list to duplicate the special edition? For example, base plus 25 points for a transmission swap.
  13. Different gear ratios from 2nd gear up, not just tacking a tall 6th on the back end. Different final drive as well but that's now open.
  14. The obvious one to me would be if the power output is more than the mainstream model, the swap calculator should be used to see how much more that extra power would be worth. That seems to be to be a very good starting point for setting VPI on any new car - at least if the intent is to keep the new horses from running away from the field.
  15. This is a point that I feel needs to be emphasized. While perceived as necessary to the growth of the series, when new cars are added to the VPI list, it can (and so far apparently does) affect the entire list if the VPI is made too "attractive". This creates an imbalance that left uncorrected will essentially force the entire field to find more speed to compensate. A sweeping change in its most drastic form, and one that should be avoided at all costs. I'm not sure who suggested it but I think a more gradual approach to setting VPIs for new cars would be advisable: start high and then reduce VPI to bring new cars into the field. If someone has to run a particular car, so be it but it seems fairer to have them bear the responsibility to work their way up rather than the entire field to try and catch up to the latest unicorn.
  16. No. And I think that's effectively a triple negative!
  17. The problem with driving a Yugo is that the Czech engine light is always on.
  18. Two guys in a Yugo were arrested last night in Oakland after a push-by shooting.
  19. I think you're about there for weight reduction...
  20. 1. How about an economy FWD car that has 66% of the weight on the nose (just weighed it this morning). Oh wait, I chose that car!. Maybe if Champcar ever holds another race close enough for me to justify the drive, I'll bring it and see if we can run enough faster and smarter than you to make up a pit stop and maybe even get on the podium again. 2. That's why my proposal addresses a weakness without allowing other teams to add to their strength. It's all in the implementation. 3. I'm in contact with them and have been for quite some time; all is not as it seems. 4. The easy way out as I've defined it is to continually sidetrack away from a reasoned discussion and objective numbers with subjective arguments and emotion. 5. Like I said, maybe Champcar will value the PNW enough to start holding races out here again. If so, maybe I'll be there. At any rate, I'm not going to haul 30+ hours just to please you. Now, back to my shop to finish checking over my economy FWD car with the tiny tank, I have some engine break-in plus some suspension and aero mods to check at the test and tune session at the local track on Saturday. Too bad Utah got cancelled.
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