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  1. Can you move the axle in and out a bit? Seems to me I've had some success with using a pry bar to load the axle stub outward then whacking the axle stub inward.
  2. Here's what I did for F23 shift linkage in my Fiero: KIMG0621.jpg
  3. Slight change to the order: set your tire pressures to your usual hot psi, set your ride height then set your corner weights.
  4. Might want to check the corner weights as well, there might be some wedge in the car.
  5. At one time, a three year rule freeze was said to be in effect - but that changed within a year or so.
  6. Well of course not, you're running an automatic!
  7. Some of us have the downtime of winter to rebuild and replace components. Might as well buy better stuff as the rules allow - as long as the rules don't get changed three times before Christmas.
  8. Because that will have an effect on how the car needs to be set up for you. The bottom line is that if the tires are happy, the car is happy. Keeping the tires happy means keeping the tread (not "thread") face stable and as flat as possible when fully loaded in the corner. Sloppy suspension bushings, narrow rims (what width are yours?), poor suspension geometry with soft suspension all allow the tire to move too much and compromise the grip. You said the suspension seemed to work well for the last owner/driver but not for you. From the sound of it, you're not getting
  9. Drop your tire pressures a couple of pounds each then try again, you might find they feel sloppy initially but start working after a few laps. How many laps did you do before checking the temps? Which track? How stiff are your suspension bushings?
  10. http://949racing.com/using-a-tire-pyrometer-949-Racing.aspx How old are the tires? Any pictures of the tread faces? If they have a few heat cycles you may have to slide them a bunch to get some heat in them before they'll work. It takes grip to get temp and it takes temp to get grip, and sometimes you have to help the process.
  11. https://www.enginelabs.com/news/900-horsepower-from-a-supercharged-30-year-old-porsche-928-engine/
  12. Yes. Foam, internal pickup, plastic case, and I put my vent hose a bit too low so could only fill the main hose about halfway. The soft bladder cells can be "tricked" into having more volume.
  13. I tried a bunch of tricks to get my 15 gallon cell up to 15 gallons but the best I could do is get about 13.6 gallons usable with the one gallon displacement block that I was required to use. That 13.6 was with a 3" filler hose, filled about 15" up the 36" hose (the max length allowed at the time). By the rules I should have been allowed 13.9 gallons (11.9 gallons stock) plus whatever I could put in the hose or about a gallon, plus the surge tank of 1/2 gallon for 15.4 gallons total. That's why I was more than willing to do a pump-out to prove capacity, I would have had 1.8 more ga
  14. I also made a surge tank that uses the stock cartridge but modded the fuel level sensor to be a switch that triggers at 80% full. Standard GM EFI pump so cheap and plentiful when replacing.
  15. That may currently be the case when adding new cars but the vast majority of VPI was set back when there was little or no consideration for fuel capacity. Be that as it may, the argument that every VPI would need to be revisited seems to be driven by the idea that all cars would have equal access to fuel for points rather than having a rule that addresses the number of points per gallon on an individual basis. Champcar currently does that with the swap calculator; would a similar method of assigning points per gallon for each car be something you would support or at least be willi
  16. I keep hearing this but I have yet to hear an actual number or case that proves this. What do you base your statement on?
  17. Yes, keep asking questions! I think we are a little gun shy lately and tend to look at the dark side of a question first but there are lots of very helpful and informative people here!
  18. https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-Chevy-S10-97-Crossflow-Engine-Coolant-Radiator-w-Transmission-Oil-Cooler-/283512425125
  19. Some GMs have that. I used one and the oil temp was 40-60 F above the coolant temp. Got the oil up to temp quickly, too so no downside that I could see.
  20. Oil lines on the left, trans lines on the right: Didn't know these existed. I would run engine oil to both coolers for zero point oil cooling.
  21. But "replacing" it with another one. The bottom line is that he's adding an oil cooler.
  22. If one radiator is now a dedicated oil cooler regardless of the original application, wouldn't that get the associated points?
  23. I didn't realize I was double-clutching my downshifts until I saw a video of me doing it. Remnants of my dog-box days I guess.
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