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  1. Cause all they're told is two feet in.
  2. I know pictures can be deceiving, your profile picture shows it better. Gonna have to move that exhaust pipe to help with the diffuser.
  3. Not to pile on here but more of rule 4.3.2: " Maximum wing height 12” above roof" In the picture it looks a bit higher than that.
  4. Doesn't sound like a podium threat especially on 13s. Surprised he can still buy them.
  5. "fuel capacity rules, we can't mess with those" "special exemptions and more free stuff, we don't like being told no" etc.
  6. What happened to you guys? Mechanical on Saturday, an off on Sunday? Was hoping your team would get a podium down there!
  7. From the Lemons forum: "That seems rather unlikely, I hope, as it would bring about the end of people racing unusual cars/trucks/motorhomes/etc. with "nonstandard" tire sizes, as well as create another up-front cost barrier to getting started in the series." I don't think many people out west cherish the thought of racing motorhomes so I wouldn't consider the particular poster's opinion as indicative of the west's mindset. Just sayin'.
  8. Apparently 73% of the cars in LDRL are already running R-S4s so to me it makes sense to reward that loyalty with free tires and lower prices. As for those who don't want to run R-S4s for whatever reason, consider it the same as running EC.
  9. So far they are at a 2:46.914. Is there a live broadcast? Any reporting? From the race monitor results it looks like something might have happened in the opening laps, several cars at the bottom of the list not making laps including Looney Tunes, GWR and Rbank.
  10. "People gettin' nowhere 'cause they don't know where to go."
  11. You mean I wasted my time looking through Journey lyrics?
  12. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Michelin&tireModel=Pilot+Sport+Cup+2&sidewall=Blackwall&partnum=54YR7PSC2XLOS&tab=Sizes I know, not the new tire but close-out pricing for those who want to try them.
  13. As mentioned, Champcar borrows heavily but as you pointed out, doesn't use everything. At 10X as many pages as the Champcar GCRs, there are quite a few things that were left out. Just saying that it was a reasonable question given that the sanctioning body has been around a while. The recent CCER marketing strategy seems geared toward picking up a lot of the loose race cars that are sitting in garages.
  14. Note that the verbiage is the same as the SCCA rule.
  15. As with most series, Champcar borrows heavily from the SCCA GCRs for many things and roll cage standards are certainly one of those. I would say that a cage that meets SCCA standards is very likely well designed and constructed and should at least be considered before being dismissed out of hand just because it looks different from the cages that have been seen in Chump/Champ over the years. Since I doubt that most people want to search through the 690 pages to find it, here's the applicable excerpt from the SCCA rules: 9.4. ROLL CAGES FOR GT AND PRODUCTION BASED CARS All cars must utilize a roll cage compliant with the following specifications. These specifications apply to all vehicles registered (issued an SCCA logbook) after 1/1/08. Cars registered before 1/1/08 may continue to compete with their previous roll cage as specified in Appendix I or comply with the following specifications. Cars registered as Production class cars prior to 1/1/08 may continue to use their existing roll cage per Appendix J or comply with the following specifications. A. DEFINITION The roll cage consists of the main hoop, front hoop, side protection, and braces as specified in these rules. B. MAIN HOOP 1. The main hoop (behind the driver) must be the full width of the cockpit for all cars. It must be one continuous length of tubing with smooth bends and no evidence of crimping or wall failure. The main hoop must maintain a single plane. a. On all closed cars, the main hoop must be as close as possible to the roof and “B” pillars. b. Open cars without the windshield frame may use an asymmetric main hoop. The main hoop must be full width to the passenger side of the car. On the passenger side of the car the hoop must be at least as high as the top of the rear corner of the door as illustrated in figure 9. See page 87 for the illustration: C:/Users/Owner/Downloads/GCR_-_January_2019 (3).pdf The design objectives are the same: protect the driver from harm by ensuring that the vehicle can withstand specific lateral, longitudinal and vertical forces and not impinge on the driver's cockpit. At one time they required an engineer's certificate to that effect for a cage that didn't follow their general guidelines but I may be dating myself again.
  16. ... or they'd like to see one out on the track rippin' on them furrin cars.
  17. Torque Pro and an old phone. Fuel used measured to three decimal places. Yes, I tried it but kept forgetting to reset.
  18. Did you see the wing car turnout at yesterday's Talladega race?
  19. This might be an interesting place to start: http://www.airforums.com/forums/f159/zemco-fuel-computers-184587.html I built a surge tank around a standard GM fuel pump cartridge that I salvaged from a steel fuel tank. Cut the receiver ring out and folded a box out of 20 gauge steel in the appropriate size, welded it all up and leak checked it. Modified the stock level sensor by pushing the resistive wires to one end of the range and used that to trigger a relay connected to a large shift light when the level dropped below 80% in the surge tank. The shift light comes on in hard right handers so the instruction to the driver is to ignore it until the light stays on for a full straight (not refilling from the fuel tank). At that point there's about 3 minutes of fuel left. I've had one close call when the driver did two laps before pitting and the engine faltered in pit lane.
  20. Rules? We don't need no stinking rules - in EC. We're going to run EC if/when we run Champcar races from now on. I don't consider it enough of a concern to go to the time and expense of complying with the direction Champcar is going. Given the growth of the EC class lately, apparently I'm not the only one.
  21. For those who haven't been keeping up, Champcar has decided to remove any relationship between real world race weight and the number that is used to determine the point value of an engine swap. Key points of the 2020 rules "revision" are bolded. 4.5. ENGINE SWAP 4.5.1. Go to Swap Vehicle Performance Index Calculator at https://champcar.org/mainweb/register/vpi-swap.php. Enter your car’s race weight and stock horsepower from the ChampCar database. If the information is not yet available in our system for your car, email tech and we’ll add it. Enter your new engine’s HP. The formula will output the swap points to add to your VPI. 4.5.2. The webpage provides an automated calculator. The raw swap formula is: IF[16 - (weight / (HP + hpAdd) ) > 0 ] THEN [ 0.032 * (16 - (weight / (HP + hpAdd))) ^6] + 50 ELSE + 50 “weight” refers to the ChampCar Swap Performance Value of that make and model, as determined by ChampCar. “HP” is the stock horsepower of the original engine. “hpAdd” is the amount of extra horsepower being added to the car, not the HP of the new engine. All of the above variables must be taken from ChampCar’s database. So, there is no longer any obligation to reference automobile catalog for "weight" because it is what Champcar decides it is. It certainly has never been "race weight" despite what 4.5.1 says, and now Champcar has taken complete control of designating whatever power to weight ratio they want a particular engine swap to be. No more complaints about the convertible weights (BMW), a naturally aspirated car using the heavier turbo model weight (MR2) or anyone trying to get parity for other cars by citing those examples. Nothing new really, just another step along the shadowed path of Champ's choosing.
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