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  1. I tried a few combos and found these Platforms that follow rule 4.5.6: All BMW Mustang/Thunderbird FC RX7 Acura Integra (any swapped 3rd gen Integra is 500pts?!?) NA Miata Platforms exempt from 4.5.6: 944 Saab 9-3 MR2 93-03 VW Golf
  2. Does it really matter? The precedent has been set with the E30 (318i has "significant" differences (trans, diff) to the 325i but rule specifically mentions it). If you open a loophole for the 944, in my opinion you have to open it up for others as well. All of the staff said the new rules were trying to reduce the secret backdoor deals, but this seems to be one of the worst ones yet.
  3. Almost all of that list is the same as the early 318i E30 vs late 325i E30 (minus the torque tube).
  4. The early E30 318i had smaller brakes, smaller strut housings, smaller diff casing, worse shifter design, smaller fuel tank, different fuel pumps, different bumpers, different lights, no sunroof, etc. Not trying to argue that the E30 should be exempt from the rule as well, just saying every platform has changes throughout its life. The rule was supposed to stop getting engine swaps for effectively negative points. Basically what you are saying is the rule only applies to BMW platforms (because that is the only one called out in the rule)?
  5. How the rule is written now, "sheet metal" is a fixed value. It is listed in the 4.3.2 fixed value table. So if you repurpose sheet metal you have to use the fixed value (as stated in 4.3.1). I realize that may not be the intent of the rule, but that is how it is written.
  6. Section 4.3.1 says "Repurposed components will be valued as the new component." Section says "'Fenders can be stretched/rolled to cover wider tires and flares can even be made, however any added materials used to enlarge the fenders will be charged at the material rate in 4.3.2." So if we repurpose our trunk skin as a fender flare, does it not get valued as a fender flare (added material)?
  7. Our stock tank was spewing fuel, but it was from the factory filler neck, not our re-routed vent line. We replaced the 1980's fuel cap with a SAE J1114 filler neck and cap and no more dumping fuel.
  8. I think my only spare is reserved for the M60 swap, but I'll double check tonight.
  9. The answer is obviously "email Jay".
  10. No. The rental guys were a group from New Zealand who I'm pretty sure were just innocent bystanders. It seemed to be the father and son giving everyone a smokey middle finger as they got banned from the series for cheating (which in turn got them banned from Road Atlanta).
  11. How I read the rules, it would be perfectly legal.
  12. In the end, it doesn't really matter if the 4.10 was on the auto or manual. I think everyone agrees it was available on some 325i cars. Phil's wording of the rule says for the model of car, not for model and transmission. Auto and manual are both a 325i model.
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