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  1. sorry been a while since I visited the forum. yes I have wheels left in stock.
  2. Just a quick message for all of those who emailed me looking for RS4 in 225/45r15s- we just received 60 - in case you needed some for may 5th carl@perryautolaval.com to place an order
  3. I missed the ads, so i am happy they are back. clicking away.....
  4. call me buddy- I will get you set.
  5. you can't compare Crow belts to Schroth- for any money, The OMP 806 are as close as you are going to get to the Enduros. The new homologation have made manufacturers change some aspects however the pull from the cam lock position on the Enduros are pretty damn hard to beat and when tested side by side, the true advantage is revealed.
  6. are the ad bucks rolling in? I am clicking all that I can! .... but I refuse to click on Amsoil...
  7. I know- but I was having fun with the discussion- swimming upstream as opposed to the rest of the forum. as it stands- I have UNblock ads for this forum- so that it can make some money!! EDIT!! damn , I have to also unblock this site from my work computer- couldn't understand why I wasn't seeing any ads???
  8. just for the fun of it- I paused the ad block after reading all this nonsense.... clicked a bunch of times on the ads- hoping to see the club cash in a bit/ who cares about the ads.... sheesh EDIT OK Bill - here is the biggest problem I see, when I disengage ad block so that I can see an ad, it only works once. I click on the ad and it takes me away from the forum. When I get back, I have to RE Disengage ad block AGAIN to see more ads. This is annoying, can this be fixed? I want the ads, want to send money to the club BUT not waste my time clicking " pause ad block". Any help will be useful....
  9. I am pretty sure Team Dynamics makes a 15x8 that can be drilled for 4x108. they are not light but are bullet proof and will finish races no matter how tough things get.
  10. These are the wheels, they are made in a factory in China- branded here under DAI Alloys. I sold 80+ last year - didn't have any issues. Can't remember the weight exactly- but they were quite light- like 14 lbs. I can't really ship these to the US, too bulky and expensive.
  11. A new batch was ordered and if the ship sets sail as planned- they should arrive later April. Taking pre-orders now- $110 each- or $125 if any are left when the order arrives.
  12. While blues remain Hawk's go to pad, I can tell you that with several hundred sets of sales of pads to track and race customers that the DTC60 pad is much more user friendly and durable than the blues. That being said, our Neon- with a large diameter disc, gets away with HP+ pads and gets 2 weekends out of set- makes no sense but its true. The majority of my Chump customers that race Hondas use the DTc60 and get a whole weekend out of them. My BMW customers use PFC 08s and get 2 weekends out of them- but PFC doesn't offer many shapes for Hondas. For a Miata, I can't see why you couldn't get the same wear levels as a Honda with DTC60s.
  13. A common meeting point is Perry Performance- I know a dozen Chumpers that drop in. Sanair is no longer a race track BTW- at best- a testing facility. welcome to the forum.
  14. this is my favorite rider but I have redone the carbs (leaking) twice, so its not making me as happy as it should. the tank just screams 80s!!!! Next step is to get pictures of the bikes in action!
  15. nice car, my brother has one that he has kept for 10 years- was about to let it go but is now hanging on to it, black on black, hi mileage but still puts a smile on his face, 6sp FTW! Congrats!
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