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  1. A common meeting point is Perry Performance- I know a dozen Chumpers that drop in. Sanair is no longer a race track BTW- at best- a testing facility. welcome to the forum.
  2. this is my favorite rider but I have redone the carbs (leaking) twice, so its not making me as happy as it should. the tank just screams 80s!!!! Next step is to get pictures of the bikes in action!
  3. nice car, my brother has one that he has kept for 10 years- was about to let it go but is now hanging on to it, black on black, hi mileage but still puts a smile on his face, 6sp FTW! Congrats!
  4. Official - 2018 Road Atlanta 14-Hour

    good luck to our Canuck teams that made the trip- Go!Racing is their first visit there.
  5. getting ready for a late season ride in October. absolute amazing day
  6. my friend said lets go dirt riding so this bike followed me home- its really a beast. went to see this one during the summer , but just couldn't pull the trigger. so it did not follow me home.
  7. Time to revive the thread- latest addition
  8. Canadian Racing Resources

    Perry Performance & Competition http://www.perryautolaval.com/ ALL your racing needs under 1 roof Chumpcar experience seller Supplier to Mopar 4 Life, Twoth Autosport, TRC, Crank Yankers, MBrothers and so on. Brands THAT WE STOCK! STILO HJC ZAMP SIMPSON COOLSHIRT SCHROTH TRS SABELT OMP SPARCO ALPINESTARS PERFORMANCE FRICTION HAWK PERFORMANCE HANS AMB GFORCE DBA REDLINE MOTUL GULF COMPETITION RACING RADIOS KONI EIBACH H&R MISHIMOTO SETRAB
  9. Wondering if there is a Chumper that has business of lives near Kamloops and has some motorcycle knowledge? I am looking to buy a bike from a guy out that way - but I am east coast. Pm me if you can.
  10. It's not hard to see. Sprint racing is served already in Canada by several organisations. Endurance racing- albeit weak but exisant, is served by CCC. If they focused all the energies on building endurance racing interest, it would go a long way in making more viable. Now they are grasping at a market that already is well served. But hey , what do I know about the market in Canada?
  11. Hey guys, I support racers and I support series that support racers. Official or not- Chisek says he'll have me- I would still voice my opinion on any subject that I feel passionate about. I have lost the passion with Canadian chumpcar because there is only so much disappointment one can deal with. I have a job that keeps me busy, this stops me from getting involved more than I can. I have voiced my opinion about the direction and focus endurance should take in Canada- well at least the east coast where I am well versed , but with no avail. Again, Mike with Champcar will have me, so I think I will stick around a while still. And yes, I will continue to support any racer- Chump- Champ or otherwise that requires our help.
  12. They failed once already with this plan, have they not yet learned anything? It's redundant and most sprint class racers have a home already. Losing focus on the endurance aspect will ultimately spell the demise of Chumpcar in Canada. AER runs a similar program and they are going to CMP this year, so more redundancy....
  13. has anyone watched this video? what a gong show. Holy crap that is the worlds worse driving- it seems that it was almost done on purpose....
  14. well with an offer like that, I guess I should drive up from ft-Lauderdale and see how the race is going. Looks like 2 teams from Canada are entered as well.
  15. I remember that discussion over supper, did you ever make your flight? I now know who JER is.