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  1. Obviously yes, my original point was merely that saying 'IMHO an FIA halo seat is a must.' misses the fact that there are a ton of safe seats without FIA certification....
  2. The reason that non-FIA seats need a back brace is because the back can flex and allow belts to loosen in a wreck. FIA seats and their mounting must be rigid enough to NOT flex in a wreck. I'm not suggesting that anyone go and drill through their FIA seat, merely that rigid seat mounting is a good thing when done properly and that FIA is not about flexing. Also this Racetech seat is FIA certified but has upper mounting points for rigid mounting. Of course Racetech and FIA could both be wrong too, who knows.... http://racetech-usa.com/shop/seats/RT4119-motorsport-seats
  3. There are a ton of halo seats out there that are not FIA and will never be. NASCAR spends a ton of money on crash research and has had aluminum (and carbon fiber) halo seats for many years, all rigidly mounted directly to the roll cage. It's only within the last few years that I've seen Racetech come out with an FIA seat that mounts similarly to the cage both with the base and the back of the seat.
  4. If we start a 'gofundme' now, we could probably crowdsource a plane ticket for you
  5. Apologies for the late notice on this, I created a FB event a month ago but forgot to hit up the forums. We'll be having the MN Racers' Happy Hour next weekend at Poor Richard's in Bloomington again! This has been a great time in the past with a bunch of us getting together to talk smart and tell lies in the off-season while having a couple drinks and eating some good food with our racing friends. There will be some swag handed out and we'll happily play your racing follies on the big screen for all to see if you bring a USB or SD card with video on it.Start time is 6pm with no official end time, we'll hang out until the crowd thins down.
  6. Mender has it right, no auto deduction if no manual was offered. Aurora sits at 400 base MPV. Another hair-brained chump 'solution' that I had almost forgotten about.
  7. Actually you won't, but I thought it was funny.
  8. I'll see you at the track with my $300 300hp 5.3 LS engine.
  9. Go ahead and tie it in, the gusseting rule isn't enforced anyway.
  10. Sorry for the slow reply. It's a bit odd, but I actually have the camera held in place with a pad of VHB on the side opposite the controls, along with a couple zipties. both holding it to a 1/2x1-1/2" rectangular tube that's mounted vertically on my harness bar. This allows me to run it with the bottom door hinged open so that the power cord can be in place full-time. Needless to say, this camera stays in the car full-time
  11. I run a Sony Action Cam AS15 and have been really happy with it. It's a little goofy to mount it with power plugged but I make do, and I think they fixed this by moving the power port on newer versions of the camera. It will take 64 and I think 128gb cards, so I run it for 9 hours on 720p without issue. Video quality is good too, as it captures the dark interior well without washing out the bright outside picture or vice-versa. Typically a good bit cheaper than gopro too and more stable in terms of video errors and failure to record, though I've managed to screw that up a couple times by my own doing.
  12. An island of sanity in a sea of madness.
  13. This might be the rudest thing I've ever seen you say to anyone here. Love him or hate him, Bob made an funny comment about the nature of racers, basically in support/defense of you, and your response is to ridicule him. Classy.
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