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  1. Alchemy Autosport

    Stolen Gear - SoCal Area

    Thanks for Posting this Kris! I have been putting the word out!
  2. Alchemy Autosport

    Anyone have Aero questions?

    Our splitter is (was) adjustable in both height and length and we would start with wing AoA for adjustments and once we felt we were adding too much wing, we would pull splitter length back or if we were damn near laying the wing flat, we would start to pull the splitter out. All referenced against lap times
  3. Alchemy Autosport

    Best bang for the buck

    I think its considered "Racing contact" LOL. I was nervous we would get a black flag tho
  4. Alchemy Autosport

    Best bang for the buck

    The car has been campaigned since late 2012, I dont recall the actual values of the car back then, but I can tell you for fact that its never taken penalty laps.
  5. Alchemy Autosport

    Best bang for the buck

    yup! They are friends of ours so we try to work together as much as we can. This pic was taken by the one and only @Bill Strong at Auto Club Speedway in November and while bump drafting we were able to cut ~2.5sec off/lap!!!
  6. Alchemy Autosport

    Best bang for the buck

    I feel ya. I was talked out of a Fox Mustang. But its hard to argue with the 14 podiums we have with the Miata. I still think your argument is stronger for a lower Fiero (or other less common/supported platforms) value rather than the components values or 2x ruling of upgrades. The NA miata has never been over 500 pts or $$
  7. Alchemy Autosport

    Best bang for the buck

    Miatas and e3x cars are INCREDIBLE platforms to start with. They have great a/m support and they can be relatively cost effective (compared to others) to campaign. I think that sometimes you are mistaking great platforms, that are naturally supported with a/m and the Champ rules inherently favoring them. And for whats its worth, the west region is a Miata heavy region, but look at these 3 top miata teams, not very spec if you ask me...
  8. Alchemy Autosport

    Good deal? 2000 F350

    Honestly, I didnt want 4WD, which is harder to find on newer trucks when I was looking for 6.7s in Texas. We just dont have any real need for it out here and its just more stuff to break... But yea, I will make sure to keep a tow strap in the back, just in case
  9. Alchemy Autosport

    Good deal? 2000 F350

    in CA they are apparently VERY VERY ornery about that. I buddy that runs lemons did it with a box truck but it ended up not being worth it dealing with the DMV. And, in CA RVs have the same restriction as commercial vehicles for parking so a no go there as well.
  10. Alchemy Autosport

    Good deal? 2000 F350

    Oh its been considered but we dont really have anywhere to put it and we need to be able to park on the street sometimes (Southern California Life) and commercial vehciles need temp permits to do so. So that rules out these or box trucks unfortunately
  11. Alchemy Autosport

    Good deal? 2000 F350

    Thats amazing to hear!!!! I figured as much but I really appreciate the feedback, so thank you very much for that.
  12. Alchemy Autosport

    Good deal? 2000 F350

  13. I have this opportunity and I think it's a decent deal.but I am not 💯 sure about it as I don't know much about this generation other than the 7.3 is amazing. 232,000 miles Single owner 82 years old Leer topper Line X bed Diamond plate toolbox in bed 7 new Cooper tires Located in AZ but will deliver to me in socal for free. Looking for opinions. Thanks guys!!
  14. Alchemy Autosport

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    @Bill Strong I cant wait for Champ Tech to not allow someone on track due to improper sticker installation to see if you do, or do not, get shanked behind the garages friday evening... May the odds be ever in your favor! 😅
  15. I agree, and soon it might make more sense to run a newer car thats quick out of the box with zero mods. I think thats a good thing for the series, a low barrier to entry to be in a competitive car (even tho strategy and driving may need work). That will attract new teams more than having to spend big $$ and years figuring out how to keep a 130hp 30yr old miata quick... But I do hope that the older cars like NA miatas, fox mustangs, FC RX7s, e30s keep getting points lowered accordingly so us old timers can keep up!