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  1. Quick question for Ya'll Non-Miata owners: When/if you run coil overs on your type of vehicle, are you able to run the stock/OEM/came with that year top hats? or do you have to run specific top hats for the coil over kit? Thanks!
  2. I would have to image that a similar definition to the wing would apply - within 12" of the body work I would have to imagine. However, you should clarify with tech and then post the response here.
  3. I agree with that, and maybe I should have been more clear that I was speaking in general - not specifically the aero items, as generally I agree that its "usually" an issue when people are trying to stretch or "lawyer" a rule outside of its intent. This thread and the "things learned in tech line" thread are running in parallel in topic
  4. 1.2. SANCTIONING BODY OPERATIONS ChampCar shall adhere to the Basic Club & Competition Rules (BCCR) 1.2.1. The BCCR shall govern all ChampCar events sanctioned by ChampCar. ChampCar may revise the BCCR or issue supplements to it and all rules stated herein may be amended at any given time in writing or verbally at any event (and put into writing at a later time) at the sole discretion of ChampCar based on maintaining safety, equity in competition, cost reduction, or clarification. The interpretation and application of the ChampCar BCCR by ChampCar officials shall be final and binding. Yea thats how teams do one race and never come back to Champ...
  5. to me, if its not in the BCCR then I am going to argue to the grave that I am not taking points for it. Bc thats a really great way to put a sour taste in the mouth of a new team, whether new to Champ or budget enduro racing... "Oh yea you have to take 7 penalty laps even though you perfectly followed the rule book that we wrote bc we decided to make changes without updating it! SORRY, not sorry"
  6. Thats more of what I am referring to. However @enginerd, you are correct as well.
  7. My biggest rules complaint is "expanding" the definition outside of the written rules - In this example, alum tape not being acceptable. I would have to imagine that if you follow the rule to the letter, which allows alum tape, that you would AT LEAST get a weekend waiver with a comment to improve for the next race.
  8. excuses are like arm pits - everyone has two, and they STINK!
  9. BRRRRIIIINNNNNNGGGGG ITTTTTTTT!!!!! But make sure it actually works past the first few corners of the race, not as much fun beating you when you are in the pits!
  10. Very interesting! From what I understand, the BP5A differences to the BP4W are the Square-Top intake, the Intake Cam and the 3-2-1 exhaust header and the internals are all the same. I am curious to what the JIS to SAE HP conversion is. Also, there are different emissions standards in Japan (more strict, as we know) so I have to imagine they choke the engines more in the ECU. I am not attempting to call you out. I think its smart!
  11. BP4W -'99 Miata engine is 140hp advertised. 3% of 140 is 4.2hp. The square-top intake mani and cam are worth more than 4.2hp.
  12. Add Diffuser - 10pts Add Square Top Intake - 50pts Add BP5A Cam - 50pts Add some points for the non-OE shape hard top? - 5pts? 610pts from what I see.
  13. I am going to be getting "Personal Liability Insurance" as a non LLC team owner (CA registered LLCs are $800/yr) and in the case that I cause damage to a track (like driving into a safety truck, No it wasnt us) and having to fork out thousands of $$$ out of pocket
  14. For what its worth, when we started playing with the splitter length vs wing AoA, we started with Min splitter length and 0AoA. We then added in wing until we added way too much then backed it down in the same steps (1.5deg increments) back to where we liked it. Then we pulled out more splitter length and decided if the car needed more wing or not and played the back and forth AoA game from that point.
  15. Sent an email, Jay approved yesterday afternoon. Thanks!
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