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  1. I agree. However, we now have more series "sponsors" that we are required to have on the car, which I have no issue with, except the races have only gotten more expensive and I have no clue what they are doing for us. i understand that the club needs to be a money making business and these sponsors help that cause, I just dont see any trickle down...
  2. Plywood, we pay a buddy with a CNC router to cut out a bunch at once and bring a spare to each event. Total cost of the plywood cut out is under $100/ea
  3. Come to Big Willow and see for yourself!!!
  4. We run 225 on a 15x9 currently (back down from a 245 we tried for a race - At laguna in december just couldnt get the heat into the 245s). there a nice stretch on the tire for some more sidewall stiffness with 225 on 9. We got a set of 15x8 6uls with the car we bought for our new build so we are going to test the 225 on a 9 against 225 on an 8. I would love to see a better result with the 8" wide wheel so we can reduce some rotating mass.
  5. Depends on the Roval. I still dont really like Fontana bc the infield is far from an actually thought about track layout. But I do like how nice and safe the infield to Oval transition is. Vegas is a great Roval bc the infield is AWESOME! A little sketch heading back out to the Oval but not nearly as bad as Charlotte!! I was watching that race and no thanks, i ll keep my car off the flatbad, thank you!
  6. You should be ok, as our lower bar also does not tie into the main hoop. I would shoot a note to tech though just to be sure.
  7. that portion of the package tray is very strong since its topless. Many 2-seaters are in a similar boat, and my NA miata caged car has the bars to the tray as its one of the ways for normal sized people to actually fit in a miata as it buys you rear space. I have had this approved by Champ Car tech as well. In fact, you can search for my Cage legallity question thread in the tech section of this forum.
  8. Non-OE hubs are points, I think 5pts each.
  9. Good news, I have talked to a few teams that are planning on attending this race. But since the early pay deadline has passed, they will wait until closer to the event to drop the cash and sign up.
  10. Can you imagine?!?!? <1900# miata with 20gal and what like 220hp outta that little dorito spinner!!!! 😍 Sorry, not sorry for hijacking the thread a bit.
  11. once @mender finally gets points for fuel approved, I am swapping a rotary into the miata!!!!
  12. Here is a question, how are people managing spring rates with big aero? Adding damper pots is off the table for cost reasons. I have considered some homemade measuring devices but if anyone has a good rule of thumb for Splitter/Air Dam and Big (9libes) rear wing setups on a miata, I am all ears.
  13. Oh man, I wanna poop talk right now. Honestly, we havent gone ecotec for the complications of the swap, which means teething pains to sort out, higher risk of failing Trans/Diffs and more fuel consumption. @Jer working thru these teething pains has validated our staying with a newer miata engine swap until Jer starts handing our asses to us, which I am sure is inevitable, but Ill let him learn the lessons and then buy him some beer for the secrets
  14. I thought the same thing. How about someone starts making kits for the EXACT cost limit and then there is a mandatory "Tip" of the balance of the actual costs but its not on any receipt. I have always felt this was basically impossible to enforce if someone decided they wanted to put forth some effort to BS it.
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