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  1. Utah Motorsports Campus And seemingly soon to be any track West of the Rockies
  2. @Wink - home made front bash bar? I love the integration of the lights as well! exactly what I was thinking about doing. I want to also use the bar to attached our air dam too!!
  3. Short rulebooks with no bookends = big dollars. There is another series that limits speed creep based on minimum lap times. If you are 9sec a lap faster than the rest of the field, you get a warning and if you fail to heed said warning, you get bumped to EC for that race. You want to spend $75,000 on a car you can only run slightly faster than a spec e46, have at it, but it keeps those teams in check but allows them to spend whatever they want. Its not perfect by any means, but its better than nothing.
  4. Dont forget about the 2.5pts per aftermarket vent rule as a close #2 on the most pointless rules we have... Make your car ugly for 0pts or take points for decent looking vents with no benefit over what you can do to the sheet metal
  5. Its hard to tell, but this MIGHT not be on the inside of the current Oval... Having spent a lot of time at this track racing cars and Karts, I think this could be keeping the garages and pit lane in the same spot and utilizing a very large parking lot to build the 1/2 mile into... That would save them a ton of demo and keep the current infield intact.
  6. I think this is a good idea for a few reasons, but also not entirely along the original points: 1. How many cars do you see in the pits within the first 10-20min of green? A lot! I think this could be an opportunity for cars that will inevitably end up getting pulled in, to have that happen before race start. I think it should be less than 30min total. 2. I do agree that it could help in some of the green flag jitters - to be able to get some full rip laps in and make sure you dont bomb into T1, cook it, and make unnecessary contact. 3. Allows teams to make basic adjustmen
  7. Ditch them. The only reason to keep them is if your doors get too floppy when opening/closing the doors. Ditched them on the Miata, they were ~8lbs each door i think
  8. Well, @SHOEDOG made it seem like he just wants to basically show up and race and not worry too much and I am not sure if he wants to keep it SM legal or not. And even without that, I would upgrade to wider wheels #1 - Tires last longer and its a massive upgrade to the car for handling without a bunch of side work like an ECU/Cam/Header that require dyno time to really utilize. And the wheels are super cheap all things considered. So: 1. 15x9 wheels with 225/45-15 Hankook RS4 tires 2. Weight redux - assuming its not going back to SM legal 3. pre-throttle body intake and
  9. See above, no need to be in EC even with everything accounted for. And assuming he is talking about the original Bilstein coilover setup SM coilovers, the spring perches are adjustable and I believe the Penskes are too. Either way, with or without adjustable spring perches, the car is plenty under 500pts as it stands unless I am missing something big.
  10. Outside of Safety - Here is what I can think of off the top of my head. 1999 Miata VPi - 350pts Suspension: - Adjustable height coilover sleeves + 2.5Diam springs = 10pts/corner = 40pts total - Front and Rear Sway bars & end links = 20pts/ea = 40pts total - Aluminum Radiator = 10pts - Brakes - Stock (pads are open at 0pts) = 0pts - Spec Miata wheels = 0pts Engine/Driveline - All Stock = 0pts No Aero = 0pts Total = 440pts
  11. Thanks @riche30!!!! A few thoughts: - Love the simplicity and eliminating points and counting etc. - I think this is a step in the right direction. I think that having values for every little thing is ruining the series and you bring up solid points that it confuses everyone. - Eliminates laughable values for items like hood vents (I laughed, a lot, then cried when I saw 2.5pts per) that make the series look childish in the grand scheme of things. - Some other guys also brought it up, but the engine mapping manipulation (9.9% over, switch in the car to can tu
  12. No teams in San Diego? Or at least none on the Forum? @Bill Strong since you are from the area, are you aware of any? bonus points for Miatas
  13. it makes me happy to know that some top teams are still on the truly homemade aero!
  14. @mender LOL. I would love to comment more on that one but I will leave it lie... But I will say, I think that the death of this homemade wing, that is roughly 7-8 years old, represents the end of an era - how many home made wings are left in the series?!?!?!
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