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  1. Bruce, I agree with everything you said about UMC and the Utah parks etc. I do wonder how the hell you managed an 11 hour tow!?!?! I think we did it in 14-15 hours if I recall... we did have a tow rig limitation tho so maybe thats part of it. If I had to chose, I would take spring mountain over UMC. Besides that its about 11 hours closer of a tow, no one else races at Spring Mountain and it would be a great way to attract more cars that usually dont race with Champ.
  2. Oh Man, I rarely pitch in on these, but why not... Picked up an NA8 subframe to replace the NA6 that doesnt have the braces, painted it (bc i like wasting time and money) and swapped everything over to the newer SF - ready for install, almost. Need to replace a diff seal I am waiting to arrive. Head shielded (DEI adhesive backed shielding) the fuel tank above the exhaust - swapped that out from an NA6 to NA8 size - ready to go back in Ripped out the old fabric style heat shielding in the tunnel that was falling apart to be replaced by the same DEI shielding - that will be installed hopefully tonight. Pulled out the NA trans that was a little tired, for a better condition NB trans, pulled the clutch/flywheel to put what we had in the previous car - ready to reinstall Put the wrong intake mani gasket on and had a massive vacuum leak, ripped it all apart again (after a head refresh) and its all ready to go back together. Hoping to test in a couple-few weeks and maybe make it to the Willow Springs race in 3 weeks.
  3. Trailer: 34ft toy hauler bumper pull - ~12k lbs fully loaded Truck #1: 2010 1500 GMC Yukon Denali XL 6.2L Gas V8 (~420hp, ~400ftlbs) with 4L80 trans and stock load leveling air-over-magneto dampers in the rear. WAYYYYY too much trailer for the truck. 6-7mpg at first, then replaced all the fluids (engine/Trans/diff) with Amsoil and got 8-9mpg. Terrifying sway, compressor for air bags running at all times, undersized brakes (scary downhills), trans eventually started getting unhappy. Couldnt wait to replace it. I was unsure at the end of race weekends if I was more worn out from the racing or the tow! Truck #2: 2000 F350 Dually with 7.3 Diesel and rear air bags, 230k miles - ~13mpg towing on only a couple short pulls so far. No need for anti-sway, brakes are no issue, larger fuel tank is nice - 38 gal is 400+ towing miles all day vs the 250miles/tank with the GMC. Since I have had it ive done a water pump, glow plug relay, dip stick leak repair, and a rear axle seal. I could fall asleep at the wheel its so easy to tow with. Slower than dirt but tows like a champ. Just need to upgrade the trans cooler for the summer California tows.
  4. Wouldnt mind having someone else putting the rear subframe back together and installed, add all of the heat shielding, reinstalling the trans, put the intake back together and take it to the dyno!! Oh and trying to figure out what rules and safety requirements that are not in the BCCR that are somehow required to get on track
  5. Agreed here. The air pocket would be the bigger of the two concerns. I wouldnt expect "lag" but if air is trapped, you lose the point of the gauge.
  6. ALCHEMY Autosport unfortunately must withdraw My Fiance is having Knee surgery on the 13th, and unless I dont want her to be my wife, I think I cant make it... LOL. This will be the first Laguna race we have missed in I think 5 years.
  7. we are three on saturday, 4 on sunday so we are tight as well
  8. Not to call anybody out, but look at the watermark...
  9. I am pretty sure @wvumtnbkr is correct. We use it on an old android phone, and have been for a while now.
  10. Dyno next weekend, Streets the following, then we race. Hopefully nothing bad happens at the dyno or test day. Or we might need to crowd source some help finishing the car friday at the track! Unless something awful happens, we will be there. We have a full spare powertrain from the old car so it would have to be really bad for us not to have the parts to attempt to fix it.
  11. sooooooooo, lets get more cars to this one. Currently at 16... this should be an easy race for many teams that are close
  12. ~1200-1400 depending on how many the guy has and they usually come fully dressed. Thats local pickup. Miles seem to be usually under 70k, but who really knows.
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