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  1. Man are you brave keeping those #'s... I do my best to forget them ASAP E36 build (former ARCA Car) for endurance racing $20K E46 ground up build out for endurance racing closer to $35K
  2. Hi- We mount the connection on the roll bar above the drivers head area- (1) Lg P-clamps you can mount with self-tappers into the cage which holds the IMSA helmet connection on the incar harness side. Easy to find at local hardware store- Simple install- Cheap to build- Holds IMSA connection at the same location which is easy to plu g into even belted in. Hopes this helps
  3. Hi Tim - That system must be a IMSA- Huggy is correct a NASCAR helmet to IMSA harness is not always compatible. Also NASCAR will not always work with other radios where as IMSA will work 100% of the time. Cheers, Shawn
  4. Great to hear and thanks for the fallow-up! Cheers, Shawn
  5. Having built both (E46/E36) I would suggest the E36 platform. The E36 is as fast as our Spec E46 with a S52 motor. Cheaper to run with 225x15 tires, older ABS but a ton of fun to race.
  6. Hi Tommy - I was on vacation the last 2 weeks but the shop is always open Had a great trip with the wife to Canada on the Moto
  7. You can do it yourself with a small wire (guitar strings work) just need to get it started and work your way around the window frame. 80% of the time it works-
  8. Just Saying... Here is my story on a full containment seat and WHY I WILL NEVER GET IN A RACE CAR W/O ONE - 15+yrs ago racing a GT3 2nd gen RX7 For years a friend of mine had been asking me to get a full containment seat, which I did but it was because I got a great deal on one. As fate would have it... 2 weeks later I was hit in the drivers side door (not sure how fast but its not a slow corner) by a stock car that had lost its breaks interning T3 at Willow Springs. I was just at the exiting when I was hit (glimpsed the front hood before contact).. When I came to, I was about 50yrds from the contact spot and the car was still rolling... 3 door bars where pushed all the way into my seat and the car was totaled. I got out of the car through the window and just started walking. To this day, I cant remember why I got out or where I thought I was going... The next day I felt FINE... 100%... no issues. There is no question that seat saved my neck and back from a lifetime of pain... if not my life- Just saying...
  9. We already offer in-car system that can do the same thing for the Off road and rally teams plus 2 passager intercom system, so this will be an easy build.
  10. We are working on this right now We get questions all the time with regards to recording in-car communications. Right now the best and least expensive way is to record from extra radio to a recorder. We build radio jumpers that go from a Coil Cord or Jumper to a 3.5mm plug which should fit in most recorders audio inputs. Analog radio setup $65 or digital system $200 We have our engineer working on an in-car setup which will pick up motor noise along with in/out communications. The new system will plug into your current in-car harness (at the radio jumper connection). It will, in turn, run to a camera mounted in the car. There are a few folks that make them at $200 each now and we would like to offer it at a better price. Cheers, Shawn
  11. Please don’t buy a cheap seat. You want one that has proper protection for shoulders and head restraint. I know they run more than a simple seat that still legal for Racing but in reality your life or potential life injuries is well worth the investment along with a light proper fitting helmet. Race tech OPM Sparco would be the manufactures I would look at there are others out there that have a great reputation, I’m just not familiar with sitting in those particular seat.
  12. OK yep you will need a new jumper and coil cord
  13. You would just need the 2 radios, a new jumper for incar harness and a coil cord for the crew headset. It will make a massive difference. What radios are you running now? Cheers, Shawn
  14. Hi Chris Yes you will have full coverage at those tracks as long as you’re running a Proper roof mount antenna set up that is installed correctly. Are you running currently a NASCAR or IMSA system? cheers, Shawn
  15. Sorry No- those connectors are a real issue with the pins being bent when not connected correctly. We just dont work with them.
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