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  1. You can do it yourself with a small wire (guitar strings work) just need to get it started and work your way around the window frame. 80% of the time it works-
  2. Just Saying... Here is my story on a full containment seat and WHY I WILL NEVER GET IN A RACE CAR W/O ONE - 15+yrs ago racing a GT3 2nd gen RX7 For years a friend of mine had been asking me to get a full containment seat, which I did but it was because I got a great deal on one. As fate would have it... 2 weeks later I was hit in the drivers side door (not sure how fast but its not a slow corner) by a stock car that had lost its breaks interning T3 at Willow Springs. I was just at the exiting when I was hit (glimpsed the front hood before contact).. When I came to, I was about 50yrds from the contact spot and the car was still rolling... 3 door bars where pushed all the way into my seat and the car was totaled. I got out of the car through the window and just started walking. To this day, I cant remember why I got out or where I thought I was going... The next day I felt FINE... 100%... no issues. There is no question that seat saved my neck and back from a lifetime of pain... if not my life- Just saying...
  3. We already offer in-car system that can do the same thing for the Off road and rally teams plus 2 passager intercom system, so this will be an easy build.
  4. We are working on this right now We get questions all the time with regards to recording in-car communications. Right now the best and least expensive way is to record from extra radio to a recorder. We build radio jumpers that go from a Coil Cord or Jumper to a 3.5mm plug which should fit in most recorders audio inputs. Analog radio setup $65 or digital system $200 We have our engineer working on an in-car setup which will pick up motor noise along with in/out communications. The new system will plug into your current in-car harness (at the radio jumper connection). It will, in turn, run to a camera mounted in the car. There are a few folks that make them at $200 each now and we would like to offer it at a better price. Cheers, Shawn
  5. Please don’t buy a cheap seat. You want one that has proper protection for shoulders and head restraint. I know they run more than a simple seat that still legal for Racing but in reality your life or potential life injuries is well worth the investment along with a light proper fitting helmet. Race tech OPM Sparco would be the manufactures I would look at there are others out there that have a great reputation, I’m just not familiar with sitting in those particular seat.
  6. OK yep you will need a new jumper and coil cord
  7. You would just need the 2 radios, a new jumper for incar harness and a coil cord for the crew headset. It will make a massive difference. What radios are you running now? Cheers, Shawn
  8. Hi Chris Yes you will have full coverage at those tracks as long as you’re running a Proper roof mount antenna set up that is installed correctly. Are you running currently a NASCAR or IMSA system? cheers, Shawn
  9. Sorry No- those connectors are a real issue with the pins being bent when not connected correctly. We just dont work with them.
  10. Just always get IMSA in your helmet kit that way you will never have a issue- NASCAR is not the way to go when it comes to communications and will at some point be a issue.
  11. Just a FYI nascar (helmet) to IMSA does not always work. We don’t offer that unit as we do not want a customer funding it doesn’t work trackside. always buy a IMSA (helmet kit) that way you will never have a issue as IMSA to nascar works 100% of the time. Hope this helps, also don’t forget to use your Champcar 15% Discount. Cheers, Shawn
  12. Champ15 Yes, Please feel free to try again- the code was used just yesterday without a issue. If you are still having a issue feel free to call in and place the order and we will take care of the 15% savings at that point. 805 650 7223 Cheers, Shawn
  13. Let me check when I get in the office. Will post update right this AM
  14. The digital starter system offer you 100% clear coverage (no static) at any track in the US with a roof mount antenna. The analog will also give you full coverage but with some static which can be hard to understand at times. Its comes down to budget. You can always add digital radios at a later date as the radios will plug right into the starter system...
  15. Ive been selling and using this system for years now... LOVE IT! I would suggest with a standard IMSA wires helmet kit with speakers. We have fixed and seen way to many issues with the Stilo system over the years plus you have to buy and keep a extra jumper. We offer a system you can add yourself or send it in https://www.sampsonracing.com/Build-your-own-racing-plug-together-helmet-kit-p/src-hkp-build.htm Cheers, Shawn
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