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  1. Sorry No- those connectors are a real issue with the pins being bent when not connected correctly. We just dont work with them.
  2. Just always get IMSA in your helmet kit that way you will never have a issue- NASCAR is not the way to go when it comes to communications and will at some point be a issue.
  3. Just a FYI nascar (helmet) to IMSA does not always work. We don’t offer that unit as we do not want a customer funding it doesn’t work trackside. always buy a IMSA (helmet kit) that way you will never have a issue as IMSA to nascar works 100% of the time. Hope this helps, also don’t forget to use your Champcar 15% Discount. Cheers, Shawn
  4. Champ15 Yes, Please feel free to try again- the code was used just yesterday without a issue. If you are still having a issue feel free to call in and place the order and we will take care of the 15% savings at that point. 805 650 7223 Cheers, Shawn
  5. Let me check when I get in the office. Will post update right this AM
  6. The digital starter system offer you 100% clear coverage (no static) at any track in the US with a roof mount antenna. The analog will also give you full coverage but with some static which can be hard to understand at times. Its comes down to budget. You can always add digital radios at a later date as the radios will plug right into the starter system...
  7. Ive been selling and using this system for years now... LOVE IT! I would suggest with a standard IMSA wires helmet kit with speakers. We have fixed and seen way to many issues with the Stilo system over the years plus you have to buy and keep a extra jumper. We offer a system you can add yourself or send it in https://www.sampsonracing.com/Build-your-own-racing-plug-together-helmet-kit-p/src-hkp-build.htm Cheers, Shawn
  8. There are a few things that can make a big difference but a 5watt system with quality parts do make a difference- Location in the car you plan to mount the radio kind of car tracks you run at Adding a roof mount antenna will make a difference if you mount the radio down inside the car (dash or tunnel). If the car is fiberglass you will need to add a fiberglass roof mount antenna
  9. We see lots of helmets track side or in the shop and will keep an eye out for it!
  10. No problem- Yes, for the most part. The biggest difference is in the quality of the build, jacks and the coax. As with most things racing, quality products do tend to cost more to build but in the long run will save emotional anguish or grief track side.
  11. You must run a UHF antenna with a UHF radio and vise versa for VHF. Have you confirmed the frequency band that your CM200 radio is made for? Typically we recommend running your race control frequency on a scanner separate from your two way radio setup as using scan functions can be difficult to use depending on the model radio and how each track uses the race control frequency. It also allows you to stay on the UHF platform for all the communications you are having between the car and crew. If you need to know what frequency your CM200 is before buying antennas, just pull the FCC ID from the radio and give us a call. We can run it and give you the frequency range of the radio.
  12. One other note is the antenna needs to be cut to the correct length or you will have TX issues.
  13. http://Www.Sampsonracing.comMake sure you get UHF and not VHF radios. Also you recivie a 15% discount at SAMPSON Racing Radios if you are in need of a crew system.
  14. 2019 ChampCar Teams... Its time to save money! 1st- Big thank you to the teams and drivers last year for your kind words and support. 2nd - Once again, Sampson is offering all the ChampCar Teams in good standing a 15% discount on any racing radio communications products we offer. Best part is that the 15% discount works for items regardless if they are on sale or not! So you could have up to a 30-50% discount if they are on sale! Example: Starter 5watt Analog System for 1 driver, car and 1 crew is ONLY $423.30 AND... Brand New Complete Driver and Crew Digital 5watt System is ONLY $679.15 Use Discount Code on Shopping Cart : Champ15
  15. Hi tyler No Im going to be at the 25 and LD over the next few weeks.
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