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  1. Shawn Sampson

    Radio Setup

    No problem- Yes, for the most part. The biggest difference is in the quality of the build, jacks and the coax. As with most things racing, quality products do tend to cost more to build but in the long run will save emotional anguish or grief track side.
  2. Shawn Sampson

    Radio Setup

    You must run a UHF antenna with a UHF radio and vise versa for VHF. Have you confirmed the frequency band that your CM200 radio is made for? Typically we recommend running your race control frequency on a scanner separate from your two way radio setup as using scan functions can be difficult to use depending on the model radio and how each track uses the race control frequency. It also allows you to stay on the UHF platform for all the communications you are having between the car and crew. If you need to know what frequency your CM200 is before buying antennas, just pull the FCC ID from the radio and give us a call. We can run it and give you the frequency range of the radio.
  3. Shawn Sampson

    Radio Setup

    One other note is the antenna needs to be cut to the correct length or you will have TX issues.
  4. Shawn Sampson

    Radio Setup

    http://Www.Sampsonracing.comMake sure you get UHF and not VHF radios. Also you recivie a 15% discount at SAMPSON Racing Radios if you are in need of a crew system.
  5. 2019 ChampCar Teams... Its time to save money! 1st- Big thank you to the teams and drivers last year for your kind words and support. 2nd - Once again, Sampson is offering all the ChampCar Teams in good standing a 15% discount on any racing radio communications products we offer. Best part is that the 15% discount works for items regardless if they are on sale or not! So you could have up to a 30-50% discount if they are on sale! Example: Starter 5watt Analog System for 1 driver, car and 1 crew is ONLY $423.30 AND... Brand New Complete Driver and Crew Digital 5watt System is ONLY $679.15 Use Discount Code on Shopping Cart : Champ15
  6. Shawn Sampson

    Top 25 Tips in Grassroots Motorsports

    Hi tyler No Im going to be at the 25 and LD over the next few weeks.
  7. Shawn Sampson

    Top 25 Tips in Grassroots Motorsports

    Lots of good stuff - Love the team effort with friends and family! BTW... Happy Thanksgiving
  8. Shawn Sampson

    Race Radios!!! Help!

    Check the video link on this page. The video is about 3yrs old (shows the Vertex EVX radios - now Motorola EVX Radios). https://www.sampsonracing.com/Digital-Expert-5watt-Package-for-2way-complete-p/digital-expert-package.htm As a driver it amazing to have full communications at tracks that have always been hit or miss at some sections.
  9. Shawn Sampson

    Race Radios!!! Help!

    Hi Mike - Thanks! Yes we will honor the 15% discount to the sale price of $855 - So with discount it would be $726.75 and free shipping https://www.sampsonracing.com/Digital-Starter-5watt-Package-for-2way-complete-p/digital-starter-package.htm
  10. Shawn Sampson

    Race Radios!!! Help!

    BTW - we have a fantastic sale going on right now for digital radios - no discount codes on this special
  11. Shawn Sampson

    Race Radios!!! Help!

    Few note: Make sure to only run UHF not VHF freq. make sure to not just use cheap mics or without noise cancelling (way to much noise to driver) use the correct roof mount antenna (uhf vs vhf) DO NOT... just add a freq to your radio, it could be a masive issue with law enforcement or safety services in the area ( real issue for the day of racing and the organization) Hope this helps
  12. Shawn Sampson

    Race Radios!!! Help!

    You would have to run a roof mount antenna and make sure your install is correct (see video install in link) 100% coverage is not a issue but static at some points on the track might be. https://www.sampsonracing.com/Shark-Fin-Phantom-Elite-Antenna-Coax-for-Racing-p/phantom-standard-system.htm Yes, “reasonable success” you will get and much better than that Cheers, Shawn
  13. Shawn Sampson

    Race Radios!!! Help!

    1st thanks for the support and We really appreciate it! Hi Wes, 30 yrs ago I was in the same boat... Really depends on your budget? If you are looking for 100% coverage (at every track in the US) and perfect clear communications, go with digital radios and S9 in helmet and crew Mics. https://www.sampsonracing.com/Digital-Starter-5watt-Package-for-2way-complete-p/digital-starter-package.htm If your budget is limited but you want good quality then go with analog radios, add a roof mount antenna and good quality in helmet and crew headset (again with S9 mics). https://www.sampsonracing.com/The-Expert-5watt-Package-for-2way-driver-to-crew-p/the-expert.htm and yes, you get a 15% Discount. Hope this helps... Cheers, Shawn
  14. SAMPSON Racing Communications - Motorola EVX Digital Crew System - Get a free crew headset and coil cords with your purchase! See web site for details - NOTE: No discounts applied on the weekend special- https://www.sampsonracing.com/ Happy Labor Day Weekend!
  15. Shawn Sampson

    Midland radio to NASCAR adapter?

    That gear they are using is not really for auto racing. There’s nothing in the auto racing industry that would plug into that motorcycle set up. We do have a standard car harness with a Midland jumper and a standard PTT they can use but all the helmet kits would have to be changed out to the NASCAR style which have.