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  1. Great race! Looked like a pretty fun course back then.
  2. It's cool they're including amateur endurance racing now.
  3. So lazy. Hustle up, slacker
  4. This thread has been fun to work through. Fascinating to watch some of y'all drive. We don't stream but I'm glad I stopped in
  5. bendawson3

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    @Racer7x, it's "Bubba and I." Your welcome.
  6. bendawson3

    Sebring today

    I bet we can make some pretty good production in that B class car over a couple hours. Ready to find out
  7. bendawson3

    Sebring today

    yo- drop those links in here when they upload. I may not be a subscriber to the Tyler Magic Channel yet
  8. bendawson3

    Sebring today

    I agree w/ the comment about competitors' increased confidence in the protest process. I'd extend that to say that episodes like this increase confidence in the champcar endurance product overall, too. If i were a competitor racing another series, looking at the viability of this series. Seeing this process play out, or hearing about it, would make the champcar product seem more legitimate. I don't think the winner has to go home with their engine or diff in pieces in a box like the SCCA runoffs, but this is much better than just saying champ can't tech or tear down a certain component from a car due to lack of expertise, which i've heard plenty before. I think the point by thing with the miatas was kind of wild. I give points in racing to cars I'm not competing against, but yeah, they're for right then and they expire pretty quickly. I'm not saying this is the right approach to pointing by in competition, but for me, when I give a point, my brain is saying, "This is how I'll LET you do it. take it if you can get there in time."
  9. bendawson3

    The 8's at VIR.....

    Yeah, they nearly evened up the damage and the next lap, I slide all the way into turn 1, not to be outdone by the danger racers. that lexus is a lot of car and fun to race against. I want another shot w/ a good alignment on our rig! And that damage was our own doing, no flying speakers. My first chump race in 2012, there was a family truckster themed car that was launching suitcases off the top. That was fun, right, James....?
  10. bendawson3

    The 8's at VIR.....

    Man, we were pitted next to you guys in the winsome e30. Amazing tenacity and resourcefulness all weekend. Well done, you fellows. Testament to endurance
  11. bendawson3

    The 8's at VIR.....

    We had fun out there, despite some tough times over the weekend. I had fun racing whoever was driving for Danger Racing at the end of the day Saturday before we had to pit in for a driver change:
  12. bendawson3

    The 8's at VIR.....

    Awesome watching you negotiate those last few laps. So smooth and direct. Great driving. That E36 looks so composed and has good power. Really nice seeing you guys down in my neck of the woods this weekend. You all are all class and I dig you. @jcrist might have some footage from the 346......
  13. bendawson3

    The 8's at VIR.....

    it's so PINK!! Ewwww
  14. bendawson3

    The 8's at VIR.....

    let's see some blooper reels! I'm not in charge of any video from the race. So, i just have to wait....haha. I did see some funny stuff out there during my time on track, mostly harmless, but pretty hilarious
  15. bendawson3

    The 8's at VIR.....

    My man. Thanks for letting us wedge our junk and people into the racebar family. Thanks so much for the ride Sunday!! The car is a hoss Y’all bring the joy for sure