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  1. Y'all wear them out! Must be nice getting to rock your home track. I'm gonna run that mazda again one day soon.
  2. I understand that there isn't a rule against shaving tires or vastly outspending other teams with this series. I only speak for myself when I say that if shaving tires becomes the norm and necessary to be competitive, I'm not going to spend that money to be competitive here. Things like this and mandating other expenses to compete are just good reminders that it's a racer's market. This is also one of the reasons my miata and I never went SM racing in SCCA. To be competitive near the front, guys were shaving new sets of hoosiers down to 2/32" and running multiple sets over a weekend of sprint racing, qualifying and practicing. No way I was ever going to do that. I didn't think my wallet and I had that much to prove about my own driving. So, we started a team and ran it in lemons, wrl and chump. We had a blast with it until I sold it. I also understand there are some tread patterns and compounds like the Toyo RA1 that will last longer and not degrade from tread block squirm if you shave a couple thousandths off, but that doesn't sound like what we are talking about here. Will, thanks for the extra info about what you all were doing w/ your tire strategy and why. Interesting stuff there.
  3. we're shaving tires now to win in this series?? Super. I'm not gonna do a flamboyant flounce and say I'll never run with you people again, but daaaaamn
  4. Welllllll, they didn't look great..... LF was beyond shot w/ 2hrs to go and it somehow lived on for another 2 on the rear. I couldn't believe that tire finished. I think anybody running them better bring 2 sets to a weekend, just to be safe. Running RS4's? Probably fine bringing A spare. I ran a stint w/ a miata team at the 24 and they definitely had to put more than one replacement tire on. Just enough to win at RA though... big smiley face
  5. Treadwear ratings are self-assigned by the mfg. Somebody mentioned how the Toyo tire magically changed nothing about the compound and suddenly went from 140 to 200! Magic of the market or actual cauldron, newt style magic? So hard to say. If it starts taking a few sets of tires to get through a weekend, I'm out.
  6. Man, I ended up pulling a lot of passes off in the middle of Oak Tree, which seems counter to my usually cautious approach. That was kind of a weird thing at this race. I think it's because there were so many drivers there who were unfamiliar with the course and were over-slowing there by a lot. Most of those passes, I just ran my normal line between the two apexes of the oak tree complex when the other car over-braked and ran way out wide. Always worked but I always left them a lot of room on exit to make sure they got out without a problem too.
  7. Yeah, I shot by your car a lot in traffic but usually ducking by in a place where I knew i could run faster and get it done safely without your driver having to alter what they were doing. For me, a lot of knowing what I can and can't get away with comes from driving that course for almost 15 years. I'm sure I wouldn't be as confident at a course that's new to me. For me, passing in a series like this is better if I can sneak through without making anybody do anything different or I"ll just back up the corner entry and get a run that will let me walk by them on the way out of the corner. I think the pass on exit is the ideal and the safest, if the pace allows for it
  8. Always a chance, right??! I backed out of so many disappearing opportunities this weekend and I don't feel too bad about it. My sense of urgency would def be different if I was running a car that was running to place.
  9. All this about the passing rules and who's got the right to be where comes down to this for me: I leave a way out and if somebody ever seems like they're going to drive like I'm not there, for whatever reason, I back out of it. Better to be right and wrecked or right, whole and planning the pass again? None of us are pros and any of us may be out there for the first time. Big consideration for me, in planning moves out there with this group. It's not a bad thing, just another element to the competition here.
  10. kinda heading in the opposite direction than most traffic would expect there but it's not a violation or anything. If I were in the passing car, realizing you were easing that way, I'd have regrouped and waited. Not worth risking anybody's safety. Lot of door slamming during this race. I pulled a lot of punches because it's a long race, stuff is expensive and nobody needs to get hurt just because I can't safely get by a car without proper prior planning and reflexes.
  11. Nice seeing you, man! I need one of those shirts one day. Great job on the win
  12. I went from a low end Simpson to a mid range Impact helmet. Neither were great but the Impact wasn't comfortable after a long time in the car for me. It's great to be able to try them on in person if you can. Last time I needed to re-up my lid, I realized that racing wasn't something I was going to be cured of any decade soon. So, I got an Arai helmet. I got a simple one w/ no addons, but I love it. Used their sizing instructions and the one I got fits great. I never think about it while I'm in the car. Just kinda my thought process when it came time to getting a more serious helmet.
  13. Yeah, I should have led w/ the caveat that I've only driven E30 and E46 race cars and only spent about 10min in an E36 race car. Lower running costs sounds like a big consideration.
  14. I wouldn't touch an SN95 w/ a 100' pole, but it may be because I don't know how to make one turn. I also hate autocross just because I'm trash at it. Anyway- starting now, I'd go E46 to learn the series and find a good driver squad. Once you've done that, the rules might have swung your way and you have more points to play with. If not, and you want a different car, you'll have much of a spec e46 build done already. Bolt on spec parts and sell it for 30K, but I bet you'll want to keep racing the E46. If I were starting now, knowing what I do about that car now, it's what I'd choose.
  15. we have fun with ours in this series. We screw around and race it at VIR mostly, but we have a good time since it's so close. If a different series raced at my home track 3x a year, I'd probably run with them too but chump is cool
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