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  1. Silence and continued participation do NOT equal a positive response. If you're basing the success of the series and your strategy on grudging acquiescence, I wouldn't say it will necessarily illuminate a bright path forward, for broad-reaching innovation and overwhelming success. Some of us don't care that much about the bizarre house of cards that are the rules here and race with this group solely because it's closest and easiest way to compete sometimes. If there was a group endurance racing spec pintos at VIR several times a year, I'd be racing pintos. Leaving gaping holes in the rule book like @Bill Strong touts above, might increase engagement and participation for some folks. It could leave other people, like me, thinking this is more of an engineering series than one for driving and racing, which is just fine for some folks. I mean to say that one could look at the rule set for champ and what's missing from it and say to themselves, "Perfect, I can engineer my way out of not being good at driving race cars." Others of us who are confident about their driving might look at a much tighter and more closely regulated rule set like those found in spec series and say to ourselves, "Perfect, I don't have to engineer anything and I can let my own driving speak for me." Just talking perception and reality a little bit here. Anyway, here's a cautionary tale about taking silence and acquiescence as success from the world of business: if you do that anywhere I've worked, ever, you lose business and don't stay open. So far, so good for this group but you never know. The place where I work now has been around on that strategy for decades and it took us losing a lot of business for our GM to start putting a little effort into sales and forward-thinking. Hope we make it. Hope chump survives and thrives too. I like racing w/ y'all when I do it.
  2. i said near. get off my sack! imagine green font if that chafes
  3. if your team is from the VIR region, there's a chassis proving ground out near Rocky Mt NC called NCCAR. Events there are usually a lot cheaper than ones at VIR. It's not a real race circuit but it's got a good representation of the kinds of turns we see and a long straightaway. Good place to shake a car down on the cheap. You can call Sam True out there and see what they have coming up before the 24. (cheapest way to knock out testing at track days for your race cars is to be an instructor. Usually costs $0 to get on track if you're instructing.)
  4. Whaaat?? I'm finally gonna meet Bob Grant!?! See you at VIR, pal.
  5. This thing is fast and built and run by a rotary wizard and knowledgeable accomplices. Hate to see it for sale BUT that's a great value.
  6. I keep seeing people talking about the camera car blocking. Full disclosure, I did't watch all 12min, but i watched a lot. I saw judicious use of trackout resulting in a corner exit line that didn't leave an easy choice for a passing car on which way to go. I wouldn't call that blocking. That's running a wide car and not just handing a position to a competitor. Choosing to make them work for it is racing. So is letting somebody go for a strategic reason. It's all part of it. I didn't see the kind of multiple moves kind of thing you'd hear them call blocking on an indy car broadcast or anything. (reminder: didn't watch every second. not going to.) If the camera car was exiting corners and then darting around everywhere the Honda tried to go, then that's a cut and dried blocking situation. Saw somebody in this conversation bemoaning using slower cars as a pick in endurance racing. Whaaaaat???? I'm always going to stuff guys i'm racing behind slower cars in traffic and I hope they'll try to do that to me. That's the good stuff!
  7. I noticed....... that understeer looked miserable to drive
  8. Yup. I'm about to send mine off to him for my spec car build. Great guy. Smart. If I try to do the wiring on my own, I'll likely screw it up or do something that strands me at the track that I'll never figure out. I'm a dum dum and this is cheap insurance. Also, he will get more weight out of the harness than I was going to be able to
  9. i don't like messing with the uncovered part to get protection back where it needs to be on the fly, either. not concerned w/ the timing aspect. I just don't want to smell what it smells like when I'm burning.
  10. Rule of thumb, don't try to game the competition at a fully amateur event through a close reading of the passing rules. There's no percentage there, only broken stuff, as you people well know. My rule of thumb when you guys are at the track: tell everybody i know to watch out for your car and give you plenty of room. I'm a competent, relentless and even aggressive driver in most cases. You all are the only team and car to which I'll sacrifice pace to let pass. If i know you're coming and I'm in a car that's slower than yours, I'll just jump out of the way and hope you move on quickly without hitting me. I mean, I will eat crap on that lap time just to not be close to your car. So, bring all the speed, transparency and clever quips you want here and to the track, but apply some common sense and a little less sea lioning and stop hitting people. Nobody wants to get hurt trying to enjoy this sport with you.
  11. Sounds about like my plight trying to use the mazdacomp discount program when I raced my miata. Crickets most of the time, but if they needed your attn for something, the communication was endless.... Good luck, mister
  12. Glad y'all had a fun race down there, but I'm even more glad to see champ teching so much more stuff. I bet that trend is liquifying some bowels out there though.....HA!
  13. Our car was a donation that a couple of us paid to ship over from the west coast. We just split up the costs from the get-go. We are a group of dudes who are good buddies, no matter what's happening with the car. That's not empty rhetoric, we've tested that premise! We used to run 2 cars just for that added fun of having racing buddies from far away come to run with us. that was never for revenue but just to spread the fun around. We all operate on the assumption that the car could be totaled just getting it on the trailer. So, any fun we get to have with it is just gravy. If one of us does something boneheaded that causes a bunch of damage, we still split the repair up and learn and grow together. IF it's like a windshield or something, the offending party will usually eat replacement cost, as a sacrifice and a token of atonement. The big winner for us, keeping track of all the money, when we each purchase things for the car or pay entry fees is an app called Splitwise. We are too dumb and lazy for LLC and all that or hiring an accountant but this app keeps us all straight. Highly recommend it!
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