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  1. Man, look at me vigorously encouraging you to quickly go ahead and pass me in the miata I was driving at about 18min in.... Wonder why that was.
  2. It IS a glorious 7 series. Here it is a few years ago at its first chump race with the very low compression setup after some head gasket problems which had not been solved with a new head gasket, if I recall. Great race car:
  3. full disclosure time: we own and race a pretty quick e30 w/ an M50. At the december race in 2018, it was partially or fully wet the whole weekend. @Jim and @PatrickMcHugh were awesome enough to let me whip it around the track for a few minutes. I drove racebar faster than our car was running at the time and caught and passed a LOT of fast teams. Almost had the bavarian mustache works car handled but they called me back in. Shockingly good race car when it has an engine in it.
  4. ummm, is this a loaded, rigged contest, @dogtired?? did you seed the field, so to speak, with insane, mean PM's???? I probably would
  5. When it’s togeher, racebar is deceptively fast. You won’t find any people more fun than them
  6. I'm certainly the last one to pipe up with anything I think would "fix" the series. I'm just a driver. However, today, before I started popping off about the failed state of the impound and protest procedures, I did read the rules governing that part of the series. Rules vs reality in that part of the competition is a shambles from what I can see. I'd love to be wrong about that. If I'm misunderstanding what goes on or the language of the rules, I'm happy to hear about it. Kinda hope I am. Nobody ever accuses me of being the sharpest tool in the shed, and when I'm wrong, I'm happy to say so.
  7. Super. what i'm saying is the practice that's followed doesn't match what the rules say is supposed to happen in a protest. I'm saying don't offer tear downs as part of the protest procedure if there's an expertise deficit which won't allow it to be carried out. If it's run what you brung, minus, tube frames, soft slicks and adjustable shocks, let that be what it is. If there's a chance you may go home w/ your motor in a box if you show out too hard, let that be what it is, but I don't think this line straddling does anybody any favors in the long run.
  8. Ir's immaterial to me whether champ ever tears an engine down to the oil pan or not. I think the rules shouldn't allow for that and offer component tear down if it's not going to be what happens. The process, as it is, doesn't live up to the promise of the rules. That's what I mean. I certainly do not have issues w/ anybody congratulating anybody for any reason, which was my reasoning behind my clasping your hand, making eye contact and telling you I thought you all did a good job Saturday. What I'm referring to is hearing some of the talk in impound I heard among several conversations, referring to current front running cars that had been through a protest or had been vigorously questioned once before, whether now or in 2012, for one example. The consensus I kept hearing repeated in various conversations boiled down to not having any reason to question anything on these other cars, because they, in particular, had been through the gauntlet at least once and there wouldn't ever be a reason to question the car again in the future. That's what struck me as odd. Heard the same logic applied to your car, the cobra and bio. I wasn't questioning anything about any of these cars, myself. I just heard that same take several times while I wondered around impound, since I didn't need to pay much attn to the 626 in there. Nobody was interested in checking that one out. Sounded crazy to me, is all I'm saying.
  9. I hear you. that is why i said if a team wants to stand up for their legality, they can choose a tear down on protest. If nobody can afford to race and have an engine torn down, the series should either say it won't ever do it and we all build whatever the hell we want. The alternative is offering the procedure as they do now and being able to carry it to completion. I don't care which way it goes. i'm a grown adult with a wallet and free will. What I'm saying is it doesn't make sense for the series to say it's one thing and then not do it. Wild wild west or accountability: pick one and live on.
  10. The answer is the answer is what I'm saying. I don't care what the answer is, just that we get one. I don't have an answer for what you should individually do w/ your car, other than not hitting people with it. As I mentioned in my post, I don't care what car is the outlier. Yours just happens to be hot on the lips of many still. My post is about the process and series offerings as the combine to deliver a product, and not related any one car.
  11. I agree w/ lethal cliff here. I don't care which car is an outlier. If people want to know the detail about how an outlier is as fast as they are and file a protest, there should be a robust, complete tear down procedure that renders full answers. I don't care what the answer is, but reaching it the right way should be able to happen repeatably at each event or it shouldn't be listed as a competition feature in the rules. The miata is the topic of the day but we've had many quick cars be that topic at one time or another. I still wonder about some of them, to this day, in fact. @JDChristianson's assertion about the fast guys doing a group hug and not worrying about each other's cars is the same thing I observed at road atl after the race. Weirded me out then. Thought i was crazy. Impound about 5 years ago and on the west coast wasn't like that the couple times I had a car in it. Folks get hung up on lap times, but there are some legal cars out there running big times. For example, I know @vtjballeng is a smart dude who brings a legal car and depends on motorsports for some or all of his income. His car is always among the fastest. The series either should either be run what you brung series w/ only visual and non-invasive post race inspection and protest or a series that offers complete component tear down as part of the competition package and can actually do that. In that case, Champcar should be staffed to do an accurate, credible assessment of the components inspected. Other option I see is base the series on a "stock appearing" model for OE items and just observe non-stock claimed items. I am well aware that this is a builder's series meant to be open enough for ingenuity and creativity. Still has to be a way to police performance effectively. I don't think the series does itself any favors by not having a better protest procedure. I don't think the top 5 need to go home with their engines in a box like at the runoffs, but the possibility should be there if it comes down to it and the protested team wants to stand their ground on legality. As it stands, the product champcar provides is fun and convenient to my domicile, but the results, as the final fulfillment of their product lack credibility. Sure, there are plenty of people willing to participate w/ the rules and procedures as they stand. Maybe that's the end of it. Maybe the series decides they're making enough money and the status quo is good enough with the level of participation where it is. If so, mazel tov! Enjoy. deleted mean paragraph here. use your imagination. If you have anything weighing your emotions down, from driver performance to car prep.....it might have applied!
  12. I’ve been struck by how many Miata’s have been showing up lately when you used to see maybe one or two zoom zoom-loyalists at races in this series running them, even when they couldn’t win under the older rules, myself included a couple times. Maybe the inclusion of aero, the less prohibitive valuation for the car and open tuning did it. Hopefully a lot of these folks are rebirthing retired spec cars that fell out of being competitive for SM, like the NA’s mostly have. Definitely noteworthy and probably getting more scrutiny than some models that have been commonly dominant for a while here. Super fast Miata’s are a relatively new thing in this series from what I have seen. I’ll say that if I heard a bunch of accomplished club racers are all running one car, I doubt i’d be splitting hairs over if they raced tiny bmw’s Or tiny Mazda’s. Spec miata and spec e30 have some of the most hotly contested fields anywhere you go. That kind of competition draws considerable talent to both classes.
  13. My understanding of what happened at Road Atlanta was that they got down to the cams on that miata and nobody could say what they were with certainty and that they stopped the protest there and let them have their spot. I also wasn't listening to every word of the conversations. Am I getting that wrong? Did i miss something? I do know It came down to a "speak now or forever hold your peace" announcement about the miata, which I guess is just as expert an approach as measuring items like lift, duration, fuel capacity and displacement for the kind of money we all spend doing this. I'm delighted any time a team gets faster with their driving and their car. It means we are going to have more fun together on track. I also want thorough tech that is competent and consistent to confirm the legality of any car that's formally protested.
  14. Yeah, we do too. Learned the hard way but at least it was on the eta engine that came in the car, but we were hoping to make it last a little longer than it ultimately did. Cheap insurance, for sure.
  15. oh yeah. See, I AM a dum dum. I was forgetting that we were racing the red VERT for position in B class, NOT EC.
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