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  1. My life improved the day I somehow found a ride with @jim and the racebar gang in late 2016 at the north course race. The end of that year felt super bleak and scary for me. They were just what I needed right then. I’ve got a team already and I love those guys too, but being included in the racebar family means a lot and it makes me happy. also, anybody who sees lemons as a less worthy Motorsport pursuit than this series probably isn’t a lot of fun to be around. Each series has value to me. Some more than others. just piping up to say I love the racebar folks and I’m very happy to get to be part of their deal
  2. @Red Rocket- we had even worse damage than this to our e30 a couple years ago at road Atlanta. Hooked a chain to it, yanked it straight enough, dropped a radiator in and I think we were back at it in an hour on track. We had a great weekend and still race the car
  3. That's nuts because my casual observations, from not being there, lead me to understand the series has been letting all this run wild w/ numerous comments from board members and employees here along w/ the hoi polloi, aka paying, confused customers. Could be that by the time the series has a salient point to make in public, lots of feet will already be walking away. Seems weird not to get out ahead of this. If I had a financial stake in the series' success, I'd be sprinting to get out ahead of all this. Perceived or real, these issues are sapping the credibility of the series by the minute with all this confusion and anger going around. I'm always a chump skeptic and chump racer of convenience. So take anything I have to say w/ a handful of salt.
  4. Ballooned fuel tanks are gone now? Last impression I got from that forum thread was that if people already had them, how could it be enforced? Are they looking for this in tech and parking people for having them now?
  5. That entertaining FB thread on this seems to be gone now. Weird. Surely the series wouldn't perpetuate a behavior like mass censorship in this new era of openness and transparency, right?? I was enjoying it. Now, I just see the tuttle, stop whining and race thread, which is not as entertaining. Nothing says "we're not cheating" like bringing the stock parts in the trailer with you to swap back out if you get popped. What luck!?!
  6. @Mario Korf is a great driver. Get him in your car. I've been racing w/ Mario since 2013
  7. Thanks for the responses, @mender and @SonsOfIrony. Talk about a sure fire way to shower your series with credibility, huh??
  8. Not all of us pay attention to what happens with the rules and rumors to the Nth degree. Can somebody say more explicitly what happened with the e30 rules? What changed? In what way did it get snuck in? When? By whom? For whom? i race an m50 e30 but I also care zero percent about how many points our car is. not leading or sarcastic questions. I really don’t know, but I want to. There’s always a lot of this kind of talk on here but nobody is ever explicit. Isn’t this supposed to be a new era of transparency in the group now that John is gone, or did I miss more news?
  9. Probably smart to not allow bump drafting in a series where it could be your first day at a race track and you’re racing with everybody. It is a lot of fun in a series where some experience is required and there’s a little more inherent trust in the field. I got into a conga line of miatas bump drafting at the glen with another group and it was a blast. I worked my way to the front of the Miata pack but I couldn’t have stayed there without the bumpity bump bumps because the car I was running didn’t have a lot of motor
  10. Y'all wear them out! Must be nice getting to rock your home track. I'm gonna run that mazda again one day soon.
  11. I understand that there isn't a rule against shaving tires or vastly outspending other teams with this series. I only speak for myself when I say that if shaving tires becomes the norm and necessary to be competitive, I'm not going to spend that money to be competitive here. Things like this and mandating other expenses to compete are just good reminders that it's a racer's market. This is also one of the reasons my miata and I never went SM racing in SCCA. To be competitive near the front, guys were shaving new sets of hoosiers down to 2/32" and running multiple sets over a weekend of sprint racing, qualifying and practicing. No way I was ever going to do that. I didn't think my wallet and I had that much to prove about my own driving. So, we started a team and ran it in lemons, wrl and chump. We had a blast with it until I sold it. I also understand there are some tread patterns and compounds like the Toyo RA1 that will last longer and not degrade from tread block squirm if you shave a couple thousandths off, but that doesn't sound like what we are talking about here. Will, thanks for the extra info about what you all were doing w/ your tire strategy and why. Interesting stuff there.
  12. we're shaving tires now to win in this series?? Super. I'm not gonna do a flamboyant flounce and say I'll never run with you people again, but daaaaamn
  13. Welllllll, they didn't look great..... LF was beyond shot w/ 2hrs to go and it somehow lived on for another 2 on the rear. I couldn't believe that tire finished. I think anybody running them better bring 2 sets to a weekend, just to be safe. Running RS4's? Probably fine bringing A spare. I ran a stint w/ a miata team at the 24 and they definitely had to put more than one replacement tire on. Just enough to win at RA though... big smiley face
  14. Treadwear ratings are self-assigned by the mfg. Somebody mentioned how the Toyo tire magically changed nothing about the compound and suddenly went from 140 to 200! Magic of the market or actual cauldron, newt style magic? So hard to say. If it starts taking a few sets of tires to get through a weekend, I'm out.
  15. Man, I ended up pulling a lot of passes off in the middle of Oak Tree, which seems counter to my usually cautious approach. That was kind of a weird thing at this race. I think it's because there were so many drivers there who were unfamiliar with the course and were over-slowing there by a lot. Most of those passes, I just ran my normal line between the two apexes of the oak tree complex when the other car over-braked and ran way out wide. Always worked but I always left them a lot of room on exit to make sure they got out without a problem too.
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