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  1. Nelson Ledges was my third race weekend in a row and the first weekend where I recognized more than two or three people from days gone by.... 😎 I was in the 556 GMS on Saturday morning. My apologies to anyone who may have seen my driving as a bit sketchy.... when I test fitted the seating position on Friday all seemed fine but Saturday in full gear I realized I was too low to use the center mount rear view mirror. Couldn't see it at all..... so, new to me car, haven't been to NL in 10 years, and my general lack of talent all manifested into a slow stint. Thanks to Rob and the GMS team for allowing me to experience what will no doubt soon be a repeat podium car. And, to the rest of you heathens.... good to see y'all.. 😁
  2. Apparently they shut it down around 5 pm on Friday as I passed by after 6.... tents were still set up.
  3. The group rate seems to be fubar'd.... I was told it was only valid for Saturday night.... and the hotel is sold out.... what I get for waiting until the last minute I suppose.
  4. Anyway y'all can adjust the group rate dates at the hotel to 7/3-7/6?
  5. Clearly.... an issue that all of us have..... I'm glad someone is looking out for the little guy with no or little abs... do those situps, nobody wants to race with dudes who have beer guts.
  6. I hear there is never... evah, evah trips to a Gentleman's club either... realz racers go to sleep at 8 pm the night before renting a seat...
  7. We have a spreadsheet for both total overall and individual events. I quit looking at the total overall after the third junkyard motor went in the car.... It's depressing to think about.... 😆
  8. Buy a cheap two piece for fuel stops, keeps your good suit cleaner and makes for a more comfortable garment when not driving. Same for gloves and shoes.
  9. I have a GP Tech.... trust me, you won't regret it.
  10. I realize my shortcomings from a driver's standpoint... curious what a "decent budget build" looks like...
  11. Show me a competitive E36.... 😉 Bimmerline at VIR, .... anyone else? Bueller?
  12. As those of us who were here from the start are slowly but effectively pushed out..... more money, more R&D, more aero, more free stuff, .......................I don't even know what electric power steering is but I'm gathering it is a performance upgrade, nor do I understand why or how someone buys upgraded hubs. Never in the 15 years of driving an E36 has someone suggested I upgrade my hubs.... ??? Why should I care? That being said, the introduction of aero is just the next sweeping change that will push more of us mid-packers off the entry lists...
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