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  1. dogtired

    ABS/Traction Control

    Our 95 E36 has something called ASC +T. It was a one off for that year with the winter package I believe. It can not be unplugged because it is tied into the DME and the ABS. If we don't push the button on the dash to mute it, the +T will apply the rear brakes if it senses wheel spin. We raced it this way for two seasons before we figured it out..... explains some of why we were getting walked coming off corners....... Do your research...... 😉
  2. dogtired

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    And adding one more reason to assume that to be competitive, one must have a motor swapped car....
  3. I'm selling my 2005 Homesteader 18 ft enclosed trailer. Well maintained, tires were new in May 2018. 5200 pound axles, custom wood cabinets, custom rubber tile floor. Aluminum tire rack. Wired, with lights. All exterior lights upgraded to LED, roof resealed in 2018, new breakaway battery 2018, hubs last serviced fall of 2018. It's an 8 on a scale of 10 given its age. $3800 .....
  4. dogtired

    Polish crankshaft journals

    We've replaced the entire motor twice, and the offending driver once....
  5. dogtired

    Points what to get

    rabble, rabble, rabble LS1, rabble, rabble, rabble....
  6. dogtired

    Ventus R-S3 Target Pressure

    You drove my car on rs4s. We start around 25 cold.
  7. dogtired


    Don't tempt me vaquero alto con pene pequeño
  8. dogtired


    Probably pretty close to the Cobra running 2:34s. 😉
  9. dogtired

    Can someone point me to the VPI of a Mustang Cobra

    Maybe.... but I never said it was at Sebring....
  10. dogtired

    Can someone point me to the VPI of a Mustang Cobra

    "Just finishing build on a 2004 g35 Infinity. Specs at 280 hp. 500 point car. Anybody ever tried one? Biggest problem I see is the 112" wheelbase. Hope I didnt mess up." Not sure who told him it was 500 points.
  11. dogtired

    Can someone point me to the VPI of a Mustang Cobra

    I must admit when I saw yesterday's results, I did raise an eyebrow in derision..... but then I just read on Facebook about a 500 point G35 with 280 hp...... If I hadn't already given up trying to give two poops..... I would have given up caring anymore. 🙄
  12. dogtired

    How many points for a short shifter?

    Yeh, that sucks... but if it is coming down from the top and it will be henceforth enforced it is what it is.... Growing pains suck, some benefit some don't, but we have all been clamoring for enforcement..... maybe this is the beginning of that enforcement. I surely hope we aren't seeing another bubble.....
  13. dogtired

    How many points for a short shifter?

    I will say this however.... if the rules have all of a sudden reverted back to the days of "CONDREN SAYS SO" I can understand the frustration. Consistency is important, I thought we were past this, how can multiple opinions be still imposed in tech inspections?
  14. dogtired

    How many points for a short shifter?

    My E36's front end is fubar'd.... I have an adjustable strut tower brace to keep the towers from flexing or worse... I have an aluminum radiator because our stock radiator got compromised in "das fubar'd".... and we had one in my shop. We got tick / tocked on our offset "lollipops" at Pittsburgh, so adding in our poly motor mounts we started with 5 laps. 5 laps, of the three of us only I had turned a lap at Pittsburgh prior to this event.... we finished 19th-ish before subtracting the ECs on Saturday. Sunday our transmission broke. Mid pack in ChampCar is not that difficult if you can maintain some consistency and your car doesn't break. Pissing and moaning about aero penalties and claiming mid pack status.... well, that's just dumb. Fix the nut behind the wheel first....