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  1. OMG, Dirk Diggler drives an E30 and he is to say the least "The Man".... I know this as he told me so... from 100 yards away I knew I was had... the Tom Cruise shades swoosh... the snap of his neck as his soft hair was brushed from his face.... the epitome of a man at the racetrack... everything I strive to become.. If only I knew how to I -race...
  2. We had a guy on standby for that one...... 🤣
  3. We run double 7s with three drivers. We had 5 for the 24. Not a lot of standing around.... 😆
  4. We have in car communication, I'm talking about spotting and listening to corner worker calls, flag calls.
  5. We have monitored track frequency, race monitors etc..... I don't see the need truthfully.
  6. Or maybe don't drive through someone only to suggest that we should have been looking in our mirrors? 🙄
  7. Helmet fit varies by manufacturer. Size is size.
  8. Might I say.... let me see if I can put this succinctly and yet within the current acceptable language... frack off checker head, I don't remember asking you...
  9. Likewise dude, well done. Congrats on the W. I'm just really disgusted... the behavior was well beyond civil... and we are not without considerable blame... But, at the same time I feel completely disrespected as an entrant.... ... entrant: " one who participates".... Call us a field filler, call us a back marker.... but muthafargher... I paid for that piece of pavement just like everyone else... and if you have to pass us in T10 on the grass on the left..... this might be more your issue than mine. I could let this go.... I could..... OK, there is no way i can let this go.... I'm fracking pissed off.... poop happens, people make mistakes.... sometimes people hunt down and don't cars that might have spun them in T10... I didn't say we are without fault.... I'm a parent... I understand some of this.... Ugh
  10. I'm still processing what occurred between us and another team..... not sure I will publicly share my realizations.... or privately either that matter. But 14 hours later, as it sinks in... ..ugh.
  11. Just got here... guy next to me says the guy on the other side has already called security over a paddock stall. The one I'm in the middle of naturally... Tomorrow morning should be interesting..... I'm headed to Ham's for a beer....
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