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  1. Buy a cheap two piece for fuel stops, keeps your good suit cleaner and makes for a more comfortable garment when not driving. Same for gloves and shoes.
  2. I have a GP Tech.... trust me, you won't regret it.
  3. I realize my shortcomings from a driver's standpoint... curious what a "decent budget build" looks like...
  4. Show me a competitive E36.... 😉 Bimmerline at VIR, .... anyone else? Bueller?
  5. As those of us who were here from the start are slowly but effectively pushed out..... more money, more R&D, more aero, more free stuff, .......................I don't even know what electric power steering is but I'm gathering it is a performance upgrade, nor do I understand why or how someone buys upgraded hubs. Never in the 15 years of driving an E36 has someone suggested I upgrade my hubs.... ??? Why should I care? That being said, the introduction of aero is just the next sweeping change that will push more of us mid-packers off the entry lists...
  6. How the frack am I supposed to know if my bottle is FIA or SFI???
  7. This poop right here is fracking insane to me.... I have hand delivered my bottle to BimmerWorld and they recertified it after two years as stated on the bottle. I will do the same in a few months when it comes due again. So, am I confused or should I be infuriated because a new rule says I have to replace my bottle every time it needs recertification?
  8. Leveraged buyout? Further proof that there are really only two markets for amateur racing.... the South East.... and everywhere else... 😎
  9. Isn't Slack a streaming radio service? Or, maybe it is my help..... I cain't keep those two straight...
  10. I ran two races this season with ChampCar... one we got figuratively run over in and the other we got literally run over in... Left a really bad taste.... Oh, VOTE FOR TYLER!!!
  11. I caught the draft of another car coming off T4 at Daytona.... it was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. Whole car shook, thought it was going to fall apart. My fastest lap of the weekend also..
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