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  1. Would that be the aero rules or the ECU rules or maybe whatever the other speed creep friendly rule that is currently being extrapolated to the fullest?
  2. I had a long chat with those guys at their debut of that car last fall at CMP. They are an early Chumpcar team that grew very dissatisfied with the series probably 5 or 6 seasons ago. To truly determine their mindset seems to be a more in depth analysis of why they left the first time. They didn't like the rule changes that randomly descended from Mount Olympus.... and if you look at the new build I think you can understand why rather quickly. They built a car that could win at NCM (which they consider to be their home track) and they did just that.
  3. That's funny..... because from our perspective it was 11 seconds a lap faster than us.... oh, wait.. no.. that was GWR.... 🙄 The EC cars (in my experiences) are not the cars shoving their way through traffic with dive bombings and door jukes.... and guess what.... neither are the noobs. There have been stupid fast cars since day one of this series, I remember specifically a M3 at the first NL 24 blowing our doors off with at least 150 more hp. The problem is that such cars are now just basically a rabbit for the field to chase and in many cases the car the front pack battles throughout the race. EC is only a couple of poly bushings and an aluminum radiator for some cars.
  4. Our team is now a two person concern, my partner is far more competitive and frankly a better driver and his level of frustration is palpable. WGI was ludicrous from a speed perspective. We had the 60th fastest lap at 2:25.... 60th fastest ..... How much of this is driving skill? I'd say 25% in our case. Car prep? It's basically stock, junkyard M50, off the shelf chipped, with some weight reduction. 11 seconds a lap separated us and the front of the field. It's pretty clear what is going on here.... but you won't see us spending thousands of cubic dollars to make us faster as I don't believe it will help us much. We will simply adjust our conversations to what and where we might be more than a back marker attending...... we certainly will look at WGI in a different light going forward. We finished 24th on Sunday BTW.... attrition, consistency, execution... helped.
  5. CMP does a test day twice a month on Fridays. Would be closer than NCCAR I would think. <$300 usually.
  6. Well, at least you are being objective in your armchair deliberations Your Honor... 🤣
  7. I might buy into that theory were it not for the fact that I was passed by several cars under yellow, most of which were not BMWs.
  8. We should have been fourth car out on Saturday morning except some dummy forgot to hand out driver's arm bands...
  9. Stoopid fast lap times... we scored a 60th fastest lap time. Mind you, our Super cheaty E36 started two laps down.... Saturday: 38th Sunday: 24th I'm not gonna say we could have cheated better had we tried... but, had we tried... those two laps would have meant close to ten positions... Full disclosure, aluminum radiator because we had one after our front end got fubar'd. Strut tower brace, because we need one now, since our front end got fubar'd... Poly motor mounts... $400 junkyard motor... 11 seconds off the lead pace per lap... I'm not bitter... I've been here awhile, I know I'm getting fracked....
  10. Liar.... I never seen Chisek.... Oh wait, I did... I saw you also... but you never stopped by our pit stall.... Why Bill? Is it because I cuss?
  11. Wrote a pretty good sized check, loaded up..... so far, so good. 9AM scheduled departure.... might make last call at The Lodge...
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