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  1. Frankly the pink 35 caught my eye before the stopped car. HoChunk and I should not have been racing at that point. It is the prior flag station where I wish there was a high octane yellow flag waving, but also think yellow should have been waving at the next station even though it was technically past the incident. Patrick did a great job driving. I was behind for several laps still learning the track and he was my rabbit. I'd like to think we were similar in braking and turning, but do acknowledge hp made a difference.
  2. SUBLIMINAL RACING CLOSE CALL This one could have been ugly. Glad it turned out the way it did. Coming out of first S turn, had a car closing with a run - the headlights made it easy to see in the mirror. I glanced ahead to no traffic and started watching mirrors and giving a point by to make it known I wouldn't challenge at entry to next S. This resulted in realizing way too late there was a stopped car on track. Knowing I just had a car pull up on my left, my only out, if any, was to the right in the grass. Locked up the fronts, let off just in time so it would turn and miss the parked car, turned back left and started sliding to an imminent contact with the guard rail. Somehow missed it and came out the other side. There was no yellow at the last flag station prior. I believe HoChunk was full tilt racing and so was I short of the lift to make sure I could turn in behind them and not beside (video shows car top out at 97 mph, I've seen it as high as 109 in this brake zone). Really can't say if I saw the car on an early glance and assumed it would be gone, or simply didn't see it until it was an emergency. The Champcar live feed picks up on this car as it is slowing to a stop, so we can see how many seconds pass by before I get there. When Tiffany A. mentions tire smoke, that is me going by, followed by dust and grass floating through the camera view. You can then notice next wide camera view shows new skid marks behind the stopped car, and some tire marks through the grass. This video starts at 5:32:50 in the Champcar feed. Our live stream is poor video, but is a little wider view and shows my point by efforts - go to 5:51:45. Blue Shells driver, were you watching your mirrors? Curious what you saw/thought... Barber close call - YouTube TireRack.com ChampCar Endurance Series® Alabama Grand Prix 2020 Day2 - YouTube Subliminal Racing Barber Champcar 12-13-20 - YouTube
  3. To be clear, Subliminal Racing is bringing these Indiana brews to the warehouse get together Friday night. They need to go home empty, so if Friday doesn't do it, we'll be looking for drinking buddies Saturday after the race. Looking forward to meeting more Champcar teams.
  4. Subliminal Racing is looking for 1 or 2 people to help as pit crew this weekend. We are coming short handed - lost our dedicated fire bottle guy along with two helpers in our pit neighbors group in the last 24 hours. Looking for somebody with fire protection as primary need will be pit stop fueling. Not glamorous, but we do have our fuel system set up to take a full Hunsaker jug in about 6 seconds, so it's a relatively quick process. Fuel can transfer is part of it as well as we only have 4 Hunsakers. Wrenching would be minimal to none. We are trying RE71Rs for the first time, so there may be some pit stop tire rotations but that's about it (not saying the car won't need more wrenching, just saying that's handled by car owner). Car is a C4 if it matters. I'll throw out $100/day - no idea what people expect for this sort of thing. Please text/call 317-440-4866 if interested and able. Jim
  5. Jim here from Subliminal Racing 711. First, regardless of how things eventually turned out, getting into the car for the last 1.5 hours of Saturday and knowing that 2nd place literally pitted with us and would be right behind me led to the most exciting driving stint I've ever had. As Mholzi said earlier, we only had two drivers, so I was on my fourth stint of the weekend, and frankly, without that motivation of chasing a top position, would have run a much more comfortable pace. I suspect I got a 15 second or so lead out of the pits, and thirty minutes into that stint the VW was on me, so he's obviously faster, therefore I make room for him to go by. I figure at that point he will be thirty seconds ahead by the end of the race. But, traffic is thinner and I keep him in sight (sometimes in the distance, but still in sight). I think it was about twenty minutes to go and I'm able to tuck up on him in certain turns. Based on his post above, I think he appreciates the fact that I was making my presence known without doing anything rude. With about 8 minutes to go, I was able to get inside him on turn 8 and then run side by side to the hair pin where the outside car doesn't have much chance. Coming out of 10 ahead, I gave it everything I could to get some separation before the back straight. I'm guessing I ran 6 or 7 1.45.x laps on Saturday, and four of them were on those last 4 laps. For me, it felt like it mattered at that moment, and I loved the competitive pressure of trying to run at the limits without making a mistake. Again, the best stint I've done in 7 years of Lemons/Chump racing, and thanks to the VW driver for going side by side with me without incident that late in the race. To the rules stuff. Frankly, while we have a reasonable grip, we are still learning. We've never been on the podium before (5th at Road America once but nobody really cares because they can't advance), so some things were brought to our attention this weekend. Nigelstu did discuss the injectors with me and the tech guys and apparently 4CGM since I overhead radio talk on Saturday with two plus hours to go of their plan to protest us, and he did bring a bag of injectors to me on pit road at the end of impound on Friday, offered at $60. I didn't have the money on me, walked down to his paddock area later with the money but didn't find him. The reality is, putting used injectors "that came out of a running car" into a car for a 7 hour race didn't make good sense. I'm much happier getting to run all day and getting protested than I would have been with a stuck injector that caused an engine problem. Certainly we'll have OEM or OEM equivalent injectors before the next race. As to the overall weekend, on the front end of our trip, the hood of my truck blew up and bent backwards because I forgot to latch it down after hand washing my 1995 Dodge 3500, cracking the windshield and mangling the hinges and corners of the hood. This may have been a sign since we had to come into the pits twice Friday for loose hood problems. On the back end of the trip, our driver Mholzi ran into a deer at 80 mph on his way home. Worse yet, he negotiated a car swap with his wife before he left for the weekend. In between that, we got to have a great time on a great track. Also, a huge thank you to poop Box Racing for being such great paddock and pit neighbors. Looking forward to the next event. Jim 711 Subliminal Racing
  6. Can you post up AWO_2701 here? I have no involvement in that photo but thought it was a priceless catch.
  7. Cone came out as a result of the hit. Laughing clown swerved one way to miss it, I swerved the other. A couple laps later it had been hit enough to be moved out of the way of any normal line. Had to look this one up, rather funny after I know the story. For others who may not know: "On October 25, 1994, Smith reported to police that she had been carjacked by a black man who drove away with her sons still in the car. She made dramatic pleas on television for the rescue and return of her children. However, nine days later on November 3, following an intensive, heavily publicized investigation and a nationwide search, Smith confessed to letting her 1990 Mazda Protegé roll into nearby John D. Long Lake,[4] drowning her children inside."
  8. Not easy to see, but if you watch in full screen up ahead in this video, it will shed some light on this situation. http://youtu.be/LUZeo0FHmWs
  9. I have done 8 lemons races and 2 chump car races, both at VIR (I rented a seat this year because my team is going to Road America Aug 20/21). My intent is to push our team to Chump Car next year provided the schedule makes sense, and the primary reason is because Chump Car IS real racing. I haven't had a black flag in Lemons for six races and that was the only contact incident I have ever had, but I hate driving in fear of making a small mistake and getting a black flag. For instance, I missed the brake zone at turn one at VIR, not a car close in front of me or behind me, just pushed too late and when I locked them up and had to start pumping the brakes, I just drove off the end of the track and circled back on. It was a mistake, I learned from it and didn't do it again, but I didn't need a lecture from anybody to know I need to brake a little sooner. I also think incidental contact is just part of it. Again I've only had one moment of minor contact in 10 races, but I much prefer knowing I can race somebody through turns side by side where there is an increased chance of light contact and not get a penalty for it. All that said, my observation of VIR is that it's simply a tough course to drive at night. There is already a huge spread in lap times between the fastest and slowest cars, and that just gets bigger at night. In addition to that, I thought it was very difficult to tell if a car was behind me or beside me at night. With a lot of cars, tough driving conditions and significant speed differentials, I don't know that there is any good way to prevent contact, and the zero tolerance rule to me is not a good or fair solution. For those of you that have raced Lemons, you know that despite the zero tolerance black flag rule, there is still plenty of contact. I wouldn't be surprised if the proportionate contact during daylight hours is actually higher in lemons. If Chump Car were to go to some sort of extremely stiff contact/spin out/two off/four off penalty system, well then, we might as well stay were we are where the competition isn't as stiff top to bottom and the racing isn't as good. I wasn't there, but I read both forums and it sounds to me that the recent lemons Summit Point Shenandoah race was littered with contact, and some severe cases. Seems to me the current policy of strongly discouraging contact with the right to call in any car at race control's discretion is the best way to approach it. Looking forward to more Chump Car racing in the future. Jim
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