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  1. The 3BR product in the original post is mostly a battery eliminator with the benefit of keeping the camera mostly waterproof. I'll be wiring it exactly as you mention using an external battery like the one Bremsen linked.
  2. After all of the window net discussions on the forum I bought the largest trapezoid net that I could find, the RJS. In my Supra (extra long 2-door open space) is reaches to the steering wheel. Bottom width is 32".
  3. Wow. I have that exact Anker battery unit sitting right next to me on a table. Thank you.
  4. Great suggestions. If I'm understanding this correctly: Switched USB from my dash to charge an external battery pack, and the battery pack will keep running the camera when the car is turned off in the pits. Bremsen - do you have a photo or link for the external power pack.
  5. My Google-fu is failing me this morning, so it's time to ask the pros... I just purchased a Gopro9 black and would like to capture 8 hours of continuous footage. I purchased a 256gb card and set the camera at 1080 (I don't need slo-mo). I also added an external power source (usb) with waterproof case. Can anyone help with setting this up to turn on automatically when the external power comes back on after a pit stop? Or transition between battery and external power to keep the camera running for the entire race? I'd also be interested in your video settings. One final thing... I used this during a test day and found that video is captured in 9 minute chunks and not a large file. Is it possible to capture one large file or do you just have to put it together with a video editor? TIA
  6. Hong Norrth GB2 Supra Race Report First, congrats to the overall and class winners, and THANK YOU to the Champcar staff and wrecker crews who kept the yellow flags to a minimum. Grumpy Butt version 1.0 was retired after Road Atlanta in February after 16,000 race miles, a few thousand track day miles, and too may bent parts to straighten. It was a 3 month thrash to prepare a new chassis - from pulling a rusting hulk out of the woods in TN, to adding a cage (the only work I don't do personally), and adding new upgrades (Halo seat, Fuel cell). Friday I registered for the test day to confirm that I fixed an oil leak from the car's first track day 2 weeks before the race. Check... no oil leak and the track is still fun. The front end was pushing but I just ran out of time to add front aero. Saturday Our pit number was drawn randomly to start the race in the lead! It was amazing to see all that open space in front of the pace car. I drove the first stint to make sure that the car would't break and hurt someone else during the first miles driven in anger. I managed to run conservatively (fast lap of 1:50 flat) while maintaining 3rd place after GRM and Flat-out drove by in the first hour. My car didn't have anything for them all weekend - they were FAST. My second driver put in a solid stint running a 1:49.xx, followed by a 3rd stint driver who lowered the car ftd to 1:48.6, consistently maintaining 3rd place for most of the day. The 4th driver stint started well but ended our race day. After 30 minutes the driver radioed that something was wrong with the brakes, so we brought him in and noticed the fluid reservoir was very low. I topped it up and sent him back out to see if things changed. 2 laps later the problem got worse and I told him to drive to the paddock. A quick scan of all 4 calipers didn't reveal the problem, but it became apparent when I removed them. the inner pads on both rear calipers were metal, and the left one was welded to the piston. The piston/pad literally popped out like the caliper was giving birth when I lifted it off the rotor. Some brake work and other maintenance was done to prep for Sunday. Sunday: This is a short story. The driver who had the brakes fail at the end of Saturday started the race Sunday, moving from dead last to 7th in the first hour. Since I only had a spare set of the same crappy rear pads I asked my drivers to run in "conservation" mode all day. He was turning great lap times (1:50) by driving smoother until the front Bilstein strut decided to give up in a way that allowed lateral movement of the wheel, which contacted the coiler perch. With no spare we were done for the weekend. Fun was had, lessons were learned, an GB2 drove onto the trailer at the end. That's a good weekend.
  7. In case you find this thread later, do not use flat black (gains heat). Use a flat light color paint. Thanks, Kevin!
  8. Thanks again, Mike! Flat black paint will be applied. The piano hinge worked great along with a couple of 1/4-turn fasteners.
  9. Interesting conversation. I finished building the bulkhead yesterday to race at CMP. A sealable viewing door might be an option but I don't know if I can get one into a location where it helps the fueler. The top access panel will be sealed after the car is goes through tech. The extra large size is due to enclosing both the cell and a diff cooler.
  10. Thanks, Mike. The rule does read "metal bulkhead", but I just picked up a 3 year old Champcar that has a bulkhead window and passed tech with it at the time. I'll ask tech.
  11. Correct, it would be a small window built into the top of the bulkhead.
  12. I added a fuel cell and wonder if I can add a small Lexan view port to see the fill hose while refueling. It would seem that sloshing fuel out of the fill hose during refueling is worse than the difference in time between a small viewport and the sheetmetal bulkhead melting. It would also allow the fueler to stop before it fills the hose, which would reduce the possibility of overflow from the vent during early laps after a stop.
  13. For the Mini? At the speeds it's going I wonder if you get 2 hours from the OE tank. I'm happy that you seem to have solved the engine problem.
  14. Grumpy Butt 1 is retired. Chassis #2 is almost complete, hopefully ready for CMP.
  15. I added a Boom Tube tip with mechanical baffles as a side exhaust outlet after a medium-size resonator. It was functional and sounded great on the Toyota inline 6. https://drgas.3dcartstores.com/DR-GAS-UNDER-BOSS-4-TRAP-BOOM-TUBE-TIP_p_63.html
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