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  1. Well, Damn. I spent all that time cutting a hole in my firewall, building a cover to seal it back up, and stressing about packaging cooling, intake, throttle body, and wiring into a small space for no reason? I have room in my budget to include an intake adapter that would have solved a myriad of problems.
  2. I asked about routing an intake through the driver cabin and received a resounding "no" from tech.
  3. I spent a very enjoyable 20 minutes nose to tail with the Mazda during the 2nd stint (11-1pm). Very respectful and clean racing - please thank whoever was driving. Peter Hong Norrth #8 MX3
  4. This is as close as i can get you. It's embedded. https://jalopnik.com/this-ferrari-f1-vaporized-the-road-atlanta-lap-record-i-1823843391
  5. Watch the video if you get a chance. After nearly a thousand laps around RA at crapcan pace it's mind-boggling and I was laughing uncontrollably at the speed.
  6. How did the wheel break on the Miata? ... and what did you do to piss off the racing gods? That's a lot of unusual problems for one weekend.
  7. I have no idea how you number them, but it's the 8th one in car #163 gallery. Looks to be near T5 shot from the front right quarter.
  8. Thanks, Al. I ordered my gallery and plan to have a couple photos enlarged to hang in my garage.
  9. A Miata pitted next to us must have taken the beach tour also. When he stopped in the pit box about 5lb of gravel "pooped" out of the rear fender under the car. My team couldn't stop laughing.
  10. My Supra consumed a prodigious amount of fuel. The cool weather, long green flag runs, and smaller wheels were all culprits. Tires were new to me (Hankook RS4) and performed well while wearing far less than RE71s. Brakes: I forgot to tell Porterfield to shave 0.5mm from my new pads and they went in a bit tight with new rotors. This led to some serious shuddering on test day and the early part of the race. During the race I replaced one rotor and installed a set of used ST43 pads that already had 39 race hours on them to run the last 10 hours. The ST43 pads are amazing on the front of my car, routinely going 45-50 race hours per set on a 2750# car (with driver). Rear pads are the same set I used at the VIR 24 and AMP... $25 Wagners from NAPA. 50 hours of racing and still going strong.
  11. They might have thrown off the speedo if I had one, but last year we ran 381 laps and this year we ran 410 (about 75 more miles).
  12. Re: You be the Judge Poor choices made by both the Miata and IS300. Your car is clearly heading to the apex of T6 (as anyone with a brain would expect). The Miata seems to decide that there is enough space to make a pass with significantly more speed and doesn't realize that the IS300 is coming with even more velocity (it comes from pretty far back out of T5). Both cars should have expected your car to dive for the apex - even if you chose not to.
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