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  1. I added a Boom Tube tip with mechanical baffles as a side exhaust outlet after a medium-size resonator. It was functional and sounded great on the Toyota inline 6. https://drgas.3dcartstores.com/DR-GAS-UNDER-BOSS-4-TRAP-BOOM-TUBE-TIP_p_63.html
  2. Not a FWD, but I depowered the rack on my 2500 lb Supra and it's never been an issue for two hour stints with 255 tires.
  3. Coupes with long doors can get even longer trapezoid nets, just received mine yesterday. I don't have a window frame so adding lexan would be difficult. https://pitstopusa.com/i-5056964-rjs-ribbon-grand-national-window-net-black-23-x-18-x-32.html?ref=category:131777;brand:4735
  4. Chassis #1 was retired after Road Atlanta. Grumpy Butt 2.0 (same year/model Supra) is being painted and a complete transplant will start soon. New front aero will be the biggest change.
  5. Update: Aim support was great! An update to the latest firmware solved the problem. I created a "track" in my neighborhood to collect some data and completed a few laps. It saved the data and I was able to download. Thanks again for the information.
  6. Is that the red Gen 2 RX7? If so, one of your drivers made an amazing save in front of me in T5 somewhere between 2:15-3:45. The car was way outside through turn 5 and started oversteering back toward the track. Then it just snapped back into a straight line and drove on like nothing happened.
  7. Wow, AiM customer service is fast! It seems that I need a firmware update.
  8. I recently purchased a used Solo 2 (not DL). It provides current lap times but does not save any data. When I turn the car on it has a message that says "Memory Empty". I downloaded a manual but don't know enough about the configuration settings yet. Anyone with Solo 2 experience?
  9. Is the time stamp on the video correct? If so it overlaps with the video I just posted (2:15-3:30). I wonder if CC and I were running similar times on the other side of the track...?
  10. More fun with Cone Crushers. https://youtu.be/-pf-cvMHgUo I don't know what happened to the "insert video" function.
  11. Roger: This video was the previous stint with Mike wheeling the Supra. He has a LOT of laps at RA, a lot of laps in my car, and it certainly shows. I was feeling pretty good getting within a second of his FTD. When I came to talk to you I was referring to the battle that Scott and I had. Video coming soon. What you can't see in the video is that Cone Crushers was within striking distance behind for several laps. I was driving the next stint when Scott was in the CC car and we had a much longer "battle" - it was some of the most fun I've had racing the Supra. It's weird how you can
  12. Video processing is going slowly. Here's a short clip that includes the FTD and a fun battle with Cone Crushers.
  13. I don't run lights except for night races, and have no easy way to flash them when they're mounted. I wonder if flashing lights will cause even more distraction for unaware drivers. I believe that any driver in a wheel-to-wheel race should be taught to keep and eye in their mirrors, and every driver of a faster car should be ready for the car they are passing to do the most stupid thing possible at any time.
  14. First Congratulations to Cone Crushers, RBank, and all the other trophy winners. Thank you to Champcar and all the staff who worked through cold rain and snow. The Hong Norrth Supra had an uneventful test day which should have been an omen. During the race the car was fast when it was running but we had a few electrical problems that took us off track for 20 laps. I had a great 20 minute battle with Cone Crushers before the rain - it was some of the most fun and respectful driving I've done in a long time. Video will be posted soon. After all of the problems we climbed back
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