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  1. Paging @BrianK! Is converting tracks for different engines something you would have some knowledge on? Also, when can I buy that Buttonwillow scan?!
  2. Protests

    He didn’t really say. He posted some data and suggested everyone else’s race strategy was worse and that his drivers are super consistent. The data was pretty damn convincing so we continued to argue about more important things like: if it matters what aftermarket ECU you use and how plotting mean pistion speed vs torque is a cover up by the deep state to keep strokers out of small blocks. Oh and the guy who said champcar sucks said he was sorry a few times and was officially granted lifetime forum royalty for doing so. I mean we all have similar feeling about Champcar before, we just blasted @Bill Strong about it here instead of Facebook.
  3. http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/miller-motorsports-park-by-beau-buisson.10299/ This it?
  4. I swear @drKorf made a post with all the track scans and what software has them but I can’t find it.
  5. Protests

    Can I derail? Okay good. Are strokers even worth much? Not that they shouldn’t be calmed but like are they substantial in real performance? Back in the day when I was still getting tattoos of engine parts I remember seeing torque data from of the same engine with different stroke lengths. This could have been some GT Power simulations but I’m pretty sure it was from a dyno. Anyways the increase in stroke didn’t really increase torque it just moved the peak to lower rpm. I clearly remember thinking it acted like a final drive increase. But if you plotted torque vs mean pistion speed (instead of RPM) the graphs were nearly identical. I actually think the stroker might have lost some torque due to the increased side loads (this is very fuzzy in my memory). I guess this could decrease lap times but it seems that there would be much more affective ways to improve the performance of your engine.
  6. Can we organize a team race for the summer break? 2.4 hour enduro?
  7. Well poop @Hurljohn I owe you an apology. I never saw you there. I thought I spun on my own and the hit someone. My bad
  8. Hey @mender I enjoyed arguing with you about this. I’ve reread all you posts and have taken away a lot. I hope it’s clear that I do not blindly trust OEMs and do think that there is a benefit of using fuel cells if done correctly. If you read carefully into my post you will find I actually hate OEMs to my core in a passionate way. With this said I do generally believe they do a damn good job at coming up with worst case fear mongering tests (this actually might be why I hate them). But I do truly enjoy your input and take it to heart. I feel like I’ve pooped on your fuel size complaints too many times and I’m now pooping on your fuel cell input about safety. Anyways, I’m glad you’re here and would happily elected you to the rules committee board if that ever came to be.
  9. Protests

    Only if your drivers aren’t that good. The two e30s talked about here of @Huggy and @Hi_Im_Will aren’t swaped. The dominate west coast car is Arsenic’s Miata which is a non swapped 1.8L. Is the RBR Saab even a swap? I don’t think so but i could be wrong. The arguement here is about protesting engine modifications. If you have an issue with swap rules write the board.
  10. Protests

    What black magic to you think the Motec/Haltech's have? They aren't going to make any more power then the mega squirt. And honestly they all suck compared to a modern OEM's ECU (assuming you have the A2L files).
  11. Protests

    Can you proof read my emails?
  12. Protests

    I will submit my proposal to ban you from champcar tomorrow.
  13. 2018 petitions

    Thats what I thought, Email your representatives people.
  14. 2018 petitions

    Not sure how I feel about this: Name: Phil McKinney Member #: CC014522 Email Address: phil.mckinney@ChampCar.org Date Submitted: 1/2/18 Identify the issue as you perceive it: Tech sheets are not always available to place on impound cars windshields. Log books, however are always at the track. Identify, if possible, your understanding of why the current rule or process was initiated and put into place: The club would like to be as transparent as possible about what is in cars that podium and how they were teched. Propose a solution or revised rule: Amend Section 5.4. to remove the word “tech sheet” and use “log book” instead. Provide a list of the positive changes and/or rationale for implementing the proposed solution or revised rule: Log books are always available at the track and provide a consistent way of reviewing a cars modifications at any track in the country. Do we want open log books or tech sheets? I can't even remember anymore.
  15. 2018 petitions

    I had a good laugh at this @MR2 Biohazard Identify the issue as you perceive it: Accusumps are worth 10 points and should be free and encouraged. It does not add a performance advantage and saves engines. Identify, if possible, your understanding of why the current rule or process was initiated and put into place: The current rule is from the John Condren era when he would like to see cars blow up so he added points and wanted teams to choose to add points, which is laps, or take the risk and blow up. We are stuck in the past on this rule.