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  1. Do you only pay for the time that you are using data? Or do you play for the time that you have the hotspot? I hate cutting it close with shipping.
  2. Man you are thoughtful. I just ride tracks on my bike and ask for forgiveness later. I think seeing the track close up is super helpful. I always find something i didn't know about (run off, camber, new surfaces, etc)
  3. You're kinda right and it's sad because it's not that good of a course. It should be noted that can only take 60 cars and last year we didn't sell out.
  4. It has carbs and the stock motor. Ummm Aero? Springs/shocks? I am a renter.
  5. Willow Springs shouldn't be used an an example because it wasn't a race. It was 10 races lapping. There was no broadcast or need for a pace car besides the starting laps. West coast is DYING for an increase car count, Utah has car counts in single digit. Any changes to EC will just hurt us more
  6. Yup, because we need more cars out here. -1000 laps, capping EC entries, making EC cars declare all their points will decrease the chances EC cars coming back/joining. I know the that isn't issue in the east (i race on both coast) but it will hurt the west which is just barely surviving. So many teams are like @chump5150 and looking at car counts thinking "should we even go to this?" And other EC teams are looking and are like "Do we want to be treated like 2nd class racers and only race against 10 cars?" Willow Springs was an eye opener, Champcar can tell me 100 times that they are staying but I still fear that this is getting to be too much of a money loser for sane person to continue to pour money into. Even as a passionate evolved member I am wondering if should i keep racing here? Is this even racing? I raced for 4 hours in 2 different cars and had 0 battles. Meanwhile i am working with 5 local budget endurance racing teams from other series to try chump in EC. But now they are hearing that in addition to not competing for the win and only racing with 10 other cars, that they might start with -1000 laps! They can't seem to wrap their head around the logic and are not incentivized to come to Champ. The "its better racing then your fruit bases series" argument isn't valid out here, we only have 20 cars on a good race. And then they are like "my car can only turn a 1:55 with our best drive at Seca how can it be 670 points?"
  7. ^the best way to get me to go somewhere I shouldn't Not as early as I would like. I fly in Raleigh August 9th at 6:02PM, considering moving the flight to Thursday but fear my wife might kill me
  8. GREAT MORE CARS! For the record I can only turn a 1:50.x in these at Seca. In a 450 point Miata I can turn 1:47s and in a ~430 point Datsun I can turn 1:46s. 500 points seems fine
  9. I raced @FlorahDorah's RX7 with a AEM CD7 and it saved the car both races. Alarms came up warning my of various temp issues so I was able to flip to the DIAG screen and see all the temps and adjust my driving, while looking at lap times to get them out of the red. The LED RPM gauge is really nice too.
  11. Thats true! Will you be working or racing? I typically hang out in timing in scoring on the west coast races but I don't think that will happen as much during this one.
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