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  1. Im interesting to hear about the experience and data you have to make this statement. In my experience with engine calibration thats not necessarily true but I will admit I have not been brave enough to try that lean. The racing rule of thumb is that you need to run 12.7:1AFR (1.15 EQR) to be safe which is very conservative. I have seen Miata's run at 13.7 AFR (1.07 EQR) without issues. For what it's worth productions cars have piston protect logic that kicks in over a certain time at WOT but this is rarely needed because the time it takes is significant enough that you would be going vmax for awhile. In addition the catalyst is the real limiting factor and the vehicle will enrich for that first, assuming that you have removed that you can run much leaner. 14AFR (1.05 EQR) might be just barely rich enough to keep things cool. If your engine has piston oil squirters, those will help keep your pistons cool. But in reality I don't know and I would suggest running EGTs if you try to do this. If I remember correctly my threshold was 1400F (~1550 is where I have melted things but it can spike fast) but even EGTs aren't a perfect indicator. Things are also hard because fuel blends changes greatly with location and weather so if you are serious about this I would also suggest running close loop fuel, most stock ECUs are open loop at WOT.
  2. Never has and its too hard to enforce. I think you would have to be on the extreme side of things to get called out for it.
  3. Hey all, I have known Tom and raced with him for years. He is very fast, has good race craft, and isn’t hard on the equipment. And if you need some engine tuning done he knows a bit about that. @Mopar 4 Life @MR2 Biohazard @rbankracing.com
  4. yeah I think Strava gets confused
  5. That was an awesome battle. My heart rate got to numbers that I can’t reach while MTBing or running. I think I’m still recovering from the adrenaline rush. I was giving the car everything it had and had a great time doing so. @Bandit 82 is the best builder/car owner I have raced with. The car is so good and fun to drive. Thanks to @Voodoo Child for donating his old car to us. You are very generous and kind. You are the type of person we need on the board/period. Letting Jay drive your car was brave and didn't go without a huge cost. Hopefully the coverage on his show will help pump up West Coast car counts. Can’t wait to see all of you at Seca. Half the fun of the weekend is just bullshitting with you. I just wish more of you could pass sound 😜.
  6. Stilo. I am on my second one. I wont consider anything else.
  7. This rule has been super inconsistent since 2013
  8. you should install all three before hand. The rules are worse now and it’s not worth dealing with the drama. Point them leftwards. 90db ain’t poop. So many people have had their weekends ruined because of sound
  9. Scheduled a haircut for these special guest. That’s as close to wind tunnel testing as we get
  10. just as secure as the flagger stations. I can run up to an unused one and throw yellow flags all day and no one will know for hours. Been doing this for years at thill.
  11. Give me this fracking thing ASAP. As a renter ill pay you $200 for it today and will install it in cars I rent. You'll are luddites.
  12. These rules are dope. Y'all are bitches.
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