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  1. Brake point looked early to me. Maybe failed was too harsh of a word.
  2. You have extrapolated this issue out of control. Ether way Bill's Opel GT is still out here and so are a bunch of really slow cars. If the point system works then the only reason the 500 point car isn't competing with the other one is because of driver skill and strategy. I am obviously putting way to must trust in the point system, and I acknowledge that. But we have TONS of cars running in the 300-400 point range. To say this would increase the speed gap is a reach.
  3. Issue is that tread wear rating isn't great, tire companies are slapping 200tw on tires way lower than that. At the same time champcar continues to see an increase in speed gap between cars. This would be a passive way to implement tire restrictions without limiting team to a set tire/size and contribute to decreasing the gap. I have been to 24s at three different tracks and can confirm that at one of the winning teams swapped multiple tires at every stop (Utah 2018?). Would this rule change have put the team I was racing with on the Podium? No, but I am not making rules to benefit just me. But like I acknowledged above the concerns that this might increase the cost and make the gap even worse because teams wont be able to use their tire too 100% of their life is valid. Would 2 tires per stop be much better? I am not sure I like this rule because its enforceable and acts as a passive restraint on speed. But I will happy fight it if it increases tire cost to everyone, which is a valid concern.
  4. So true. But I don't think this new class system would be just for new teams. There are plenty of experienced times who will still be in lower classes. Engine size was used to separate classes back when Chumpcar was trying to run sprint races, it was a bad indicator then and still is. I struggle to find how this point would be any worse than the current system. If the point system works then this would be a great way to make classes more competitive (removing driver variation which is HUGE). Maybe the negative affect from this change would require more cars in parc ferme? Currently no one is in B or D class.
  5. I have a hard time believe this, and if so thats a really bad ABS system and you shouldn't trust it. There was requirements for ABS/Stability control to pass a subset of the FMVSS maneuvers with spare tires on at GM. We ran staggered tires at Tesla and could change from a square to stagger setup and visa-versa and be good. We eventually implemented a function to detect changing from squared to staggered but we didn't feed it back into any of the slip targets, it was just to connect the velocity estimator for ODO concerns. Same thing with the center diff. On active center diffs we did validation with spare tires. The concern with not being able to use up old tires is real though. Good point @red0
  6. took me 4 days to finished. I must admit that I did lots of swearing at @Huggy but agreed with him way more then I thought I would .I appreciate the effort everyone put in. Seems clear that the 2x rule is broken. I like @MR2 Biohazard's approach to solving it, the fix point value table needs to extend greatly. Can we talk about 1 tire per pit? I think this is an enforceable rule that could passively decrease cost. Its not perfect but I like the idea And @Ronh911 I always want more free parts. I think speed and cost creep can be addressed with rules that don't limit the builder to crap. My ideal champcar rule book would basically be the following "~2500lbs min, ~15 gallons of fuel, ~235 tire width max, 1 tire swap per pit, 2 hour stint max" the rest would be just safety. I don't think that will happen but I think the racing would be closer with that rule set than the current one.
  7. Update. I rebooted my computer, unplugged all the usb and HDMI cords, swore multiple times, took a java update, took an iracing update, fracked around with some settings in an unpredictable and non systematic approach and I can now hear my spotter.
  8. Anyone have any insight why my chat and spotter sound would have stopped working on my rift? I confirmed that they weren't disabled in the settings and changed the sound device from rift to default and back. Nothing...Teams wasn't muted. Seemed that you could hear me but I couldnt hear you
  9. Team Name: Senders Local Union Number: 23 Class: GT4? Driver 1: Andrew Shembri @Iam Driver 2: Joe Krzeminski
  10. I just think my team would benefit going through the process of swapping drivers. no one has done it before.
  11. I can't believe this track is real. It's has that bathurst death feel to it, who needs run off when you have walls. Shocked that the track won't let champ run second loop.
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