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  1. West coast seats are hard to come by via the forums. Might want to use the champcar.org renter section and email those teams to see if any plan on going to Willows.
  2. Can confirm. I would swirl your door paint with my wheel if needed. 😂 But the build looks awesome, I can't wait to see this on the track. But seriously mentally prepare yourself for some dings.
  3. I was supposed to figure out how to extract my youtube live video for @Bandit 82 so he could combine the different views from Kevin's crash but i was unable to figure it out in the 5 minutes that i allotted for it. So here it is: The TLLTD calculations said the car would understeer and it was right...
  4. Yeah it's an awesome track. Can't believe there wasn't more cars
  5. Typically open all day. It wont be an issue
  6. db level was higher back then, was dropped from 92 to 90
  7. Would anyone be willing to share their telemetry data from Sonoma? I only need, distance, speed, and lat accel. I have some terrible 10hz data which isn't working that well.....
  8. Still buying their poop, it's the only product that can stand up to my abuse.
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