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  1. Umm I thought this track was suppose suck? It was actually really fun. Waaaaay better the Autoclub. @Alchemy Autosport Now that you have a real tow vehicle maybe you can come up
  2. WHA? Race monitor is garbage in my experience i always end up using race hero
  3. Hey All, I am looking for a seat at Willow Springs. I am a highly experienced driver and have rented from ~10 different champcar teams. I would prefer a RWD car. You can find videos, referrals and more information on my skills/experiences with vehicle testing on my website https://jameswolak.wordpress.com/ . -Jamie
  4. Love this idea but you could make this event free and not get 20 cars. People do not like this track config. I mean i thinks its way better then autoclub infield but unfortunately i think the majority of our west coast races are from southern California
  5. Bro! Keep quiet! I dont want to go back to running autoclub, vegas, and buttonwillow over and over. Big Willow is SOOOO SAFE
  6. Watching this video 4 years later still makes me tense! So happy to be driving a car with some power now
  7. @Bandit 82 had the same experience! But now i race for him. So where is my seat in the MR2?
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