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  1. just as secure as the flagger stations. I can run up to an unused one and throw yellow flags all day and no one will know for hours. Been doing this for years at thill.
  2. Give me this fracking thing ASAP. As a renter ill pay you $200 for it today and will install it in cars I rent. You'll are luddites.
  3. These rules are dope. Y'all are bitches.
  4. I once had a racing fling in Canada. Mosport and Calabogie are both top notch tracks that should be on everyones bucket list. Mosport turn 2 is the most ridiculous turn in North America and Calabogie's facilities are top notch. Nothing like watching your race from the hotel while watching the 24 hours of lemans.
  5. Ive been waiting for @Bandit 82 to post a picture but i cannot help myself. He just finished the paint for the Flyin Hawaiians new chassis from @Voodoo Child. Its too pretty to race IMO. @Bill Strong maybe you can get an interview with these guys like you did with Whiskey Foxtrot Tango?
  6. 😂🤣maybe we should make a class for that
  7. Nope, lem0ns has the most contact and its often bonecrushing. Most of the racers i know refuse to race there because they find it too risky to do to. The teams that i know who still race t their only do it because of the champcar rules would force them to run EC, or they like the high car counts. As @FlorahDorah stated contact reported by corner workers will result in a black flag every time. Your believes about contact are incorrect. I watch this video every time i am tempted to race a lemons race because someone has offered me a seat. It was so shocking that it was even covered on foxsports...
  8. This is a really interesting perspective because I will not race Lem0ns because of the experience with contact that I have had in their series. Contact that I believe is because of the 200+ car count at races (Sonoma/Thill), generally novice drivers, and their rules allowing crazy build that leads to huge delta speeds. I have done 9 lemons races and like 30 Champcar in every region besides the PNW. We have all noticed that most of the PNW chumps are pretty pissed with Chumpcar, most of it with the old management. I also find it interesting you think the contact is a management thing because LD management is the exChumpcar management of the old PNW days. Chisek has 0 tolerance for contact, doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
  9. That is a great place to overtake but the 902 just didn't have enough delta speed to pull it off.
  10. I am sorry but your assumption was wrong, i was not in the car during that time. These incidents are both frack ups but i don't thing they are worthy of public shaming but thats just my opinion.
  11. Hi all, I am landing at Raleigh at 6:02PM on Friday. Would anyone have a spot going to VIR from there around the same time? I am willing to pay. -Jamie 248-841-5965
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