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  1. My observation is that is how you ruin your personal love for the sport. Plus who has time for that?
  2. Sounds about right. VPI is hard to do right and adjusting or not adjusting it pissed people off. Fuel to weight based classes. Weigh your car once a year to determine your class and how much fuel you get in the pits. Check the weight of the top 6 cars in impound. Want to run a oil cooler to make your 1990 rx7 finish the race, fine. Want to put some 50 way adjustable suspension part on fine. Min weight of something like 2100 and change classes every I dunno 500lbs. Still compete for overall win. Would need to make a crude race simulator to make sure things dont get lopsided in longer formats. But none of this matters to me I just want to race
  3. Can someone give me a TLDR? My activity feed is just full of @MR2 Biohazard in this thread.
  4. yeah my memory is poop so I would have to look. I swore gingerman used to be slammed @Hi_Im_Will says im full of poop though.
  5. @Bill Strong you have room in your Opel?
  6. I am looking for a second seat at Willow Springs (I am also racing with Uncommon Friends). I am a veteran champcar racer and serial renter. I have raced for 19 different teams at 20 different tracks in champcar. I have raced in cars varying from 70hp vw rabbits to championship contending fully prepped machines. If you want to see how fast your car really is I am your man, if you want me to baby it in 5th gear while watching your trans temps like a hawk I can do that, or you want me to keep your car on the track in mixed conditions I can do so too. I am also an engineer by trade and can provide consulting on many areas from engine calibration (which I did for GM/Ford/Saleen), vehicle dynamics (I did chassis controls for Ford/Tesla), or just general racing (I owned my own team, have created lap sims for multiple teams, used driver in the loop setups from GWR, and have done driver coaching for GM). I know the rule book pretty well and have submitted multiple rule changes over the years (some that even happened). I come with my renters kits (includes spring rubbers, toe plates, tire temp probes, temp stickers, radios, video streaming, i've even been known to throw a race capture telemetry in cars I rent *unfortunately not available for willows*). I can also just shut up and drive if requested. I have passed limit handling evaluations and training from Ford, General Motors, and TRC. I dabble in iRacing where I hold a B license. Had my full comp SCCA license but let it expire long ago. You can find multiple videos, reference's, and additional information about me at my website https://jameswolak.wordpress.com/teams-and-cars-i-have-raced-with/
  7. I wish the bigger Champcar realized that this is a cool little thing we like. Seems like it could be a great plug for some affordable watch company.
  8. Naw. Thats on you. Its up to you to manage the energy efficently. The carb'ed datsun I race gets fuel economy compairable to the fuel injection ones I race. Datsun might be better because the owner actually knows how to tune it, until 90% of the fuel injection cars I race.
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