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  1. spring rubbers are free. was an update in 2019. might be different then spacers tho
  2. Pour a 40 on the curb for it. You're a monster @NineLivesJohnny
  3. COVID has forced organizations to make really though decisions. Champcar has been pouring money down the drain on West Coast tracks for years. I was told that even Seca loses money. So I totally understand why Champcar has done this and I would do the same. With this said instability like this is why so many west coast teams are leaving for Lucky Dog. Mike Chisek and crew have done a great job at avoiding canceling west coast events for many seasons but I think this is the final blow. This wasn't some "California liberals ruining things" bull cookies, Seca is running track days every weekend.
  4. Team Name: Sender Local Union Car Number: 23 Class: MUUUUUUUUSTTTTTAAAAANNNNNGGG Drivers: Andrew Shembri, James Wolak, Joe Krzemimski, Seth Goslawski
  5. I agree with @ktm300. @Rapido you are correct there are full course yellows with a safety car in CCES but unless you are at Watkins Glen they aren't suuuuuuper common, but happen enough. But if they happen enough isn't my issue with the yellow flags in iRacing though. Its that they are buggy....We have received incorrect black flags under FCY for both Daytona and Charlotte. At Daytona race control solve it but at Charlotte it was a 40 second penalty for pitting while the pit lane was closed that expired before we could get ahold of race control. We suck and were just trying to hav
  6. LOL you can't call people out like this . It makes us realize that we are old and losing it which just makes it worse. Just let us repeat our stories and smile.
  7. Removing the GT4 made sense but I am interested in the logic behind the Mx5. Wondering if there is a know issue with the software between different generation of vehicles? Team Name: Sender Local Union Car Number: 23 Class: Mustang Drivers: Andrew Shembri, James Wolak, Joe Krzemimski, Seth Goslawski
  8. @Bill Strong will the shirts be the same comfy ones that @achisek was using in the past. Love those.
  9. I can't even tell when these are installed, but I am blind. So I ask are we going to enforce it this rule? I declare that this mod is free, just like internals of motors.
  10. Team Name: Senders Local Union Car Number: 23 Class: GT4 Drivers: James Wolak, Andrew Shembri @Iam, Joe Krzeminski Not @CGDerian because he is busy playing PS4 with a controller like a nerd
  11. This was fracking awesome. Had so much fun. I am just tickled with the whole thing. Wish I did this years ago! Thank you so much Tom and crew for hosting this. I’m sure it wasn’t painless
  12. Here in Jamie's Imagery Race League these are all free!
  13. I pulled those number out of my ass.. I do think having an achievable min weight in class A would be important. 2000 is too low, only a handful of people can get there. I picked 2500 because it was a pretty number. Maybe its A=2200, B=2400, C=2600, D=2800. So this would give the following amounts of fuel A= 16.4, B=17.1, C=18.5 D = 20 I only know the weight of 4 cars I have raced. None of which are American Muscle. Miata 1 = 2070, Miata 2 = ~2200, Datsun = 2300, Subaru = 2600 Closest i have been to American Muscle is when I crewed for the Camaro that Bill
  14. Took a long bike ride and thought about this. Restricting fuel without also adding min weight rules will leave the cars you mentioned to continue to be uncompetitive and maybe worse. Even with a min weight rule i think some cars would struggle to get to that weight. Maybe this is where classes would come in. Obviously this isn't going to happen because this is too big of a tear up of the rules. But maybe you have a set Fuel Weight Ratio. Something like 140 lbs per gallon and then classes of min weight. A=2500, B=2750, C=3000. Maybe ill make my own series
  15. Just realizing Snake and Snorman aren't the same person.
  16. Im a slut, I race with everyone and anyone. Those aren't my main squeezes anymore. I actually think the amount of different cars I have raced in the series gives me a unique perception. To be honest most teams aren't winning because of the rule, most have issues outside of the car. This is why you will be a winning team owner no matter what the rule set is. But I do think (know) the complexity and restrictive feel of our rule set scares teams off. I think champcar already alienates many vehicles (not on purpose). It's hard to assign the correct VPI to so many vehicles, come up wi
  17. I wouldn't say i am clearly bias, I race two Datsun's that take well over 15 gallons of fuel and weight 2300 lbs. We would take a huge hit. I said in here before that my ideal rule set would be a min weight, max fuel, and max tire width. EDIT: I was thinking about it and I am bias. Probably to myself because I think I am a damn good driver and want a rule set that highlights that better . And I don't often consider that there are probably a lot of teams that want it to be more about their ability to build the perfect car for the ruleset.
  18. Yes, heavy fuel inefficient cars will definitely take a hit. Only time I have seen competitive D cars they were eating fuel and had questionable amount of power.
  19. I don't really see that as an issue? Edit: I just want it to be closer. I don't like winning by a landslide and I dont like losing by a landslide..
  20. Yes I agree. I think that we would have to require teams to mark 5 gallons on their jugs. I mentioned this as a proposal an think this is a flaw in the rule
  21. I think we should be looking at limiting fuel instead of increasing it. I submitted proposal 28 which would limit refueling to15 gallons. I think this is a more passive way to address fueling issues and will also aid in our inability to police engine modifications. When I was writing this I was thinking of fuel as energy. All teams would be limited to a closer amount of energy. So if you want to use that energy on more engine power, more downforce, more friction (wider tires), so be it. You will have the ability to come up with your own recipe of how you use energy. In theory I thi
  22. Can we add a practice for tomorrow? Maybe Daytona in the GT4s since we are doing the enduro there?
  23. Brake point looked early to me. Maybe failed was too harsh of a word.
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