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  1. @Bill Strong you have room in your Opel?
  2. I am looking for a second seat at Willow Springs (I am also racing with Uncommon Friends). I am a veteran champcar racer and serial renter. I have raced for 19 different teams at 20 different tracks in champcar. I have raced in cars varying from 70hp vw rabbits to championship contending fully prepped machines. If you want to see how fast your car really is I am your man, if you want me to baby it in 5th gear while watching your trans temps like a hawk I can do that, or you want me to keep your car on the track in mixed conditions I can do so too. I am also an engineer by trade and can provide consulting on many areas from engine calibration (which I did for GM/Ford/Saleen), vehicle dynamics (I did chassis controls for Ford/Tesla), or just general racing (I owned my own team, have created lap sims for multiple teams, used driver in the loop setups from GWR, and have done driver coaching for GM). I know the rule book pretty well and have submitted multiple rule changes over the years (some that even happened). I come with my renters kits (includes spring rubbers, toe plates, tire temp probes, temp stickers, radios, video streaming, i've even been known to throw a race capture telemetry in cars I rent *unfortunately not available for willows*). I can also just shut up and drive if requested. I have passed limit handling evaluations and training from Ford, General Motors, and TRC. I dabble in iRacing where I hold a B license. Had my full comp SCCA license but let it expire long ago. You can find multiple videos, reference's, and additional information about me at my website https://jameswolak.wordpress.com/teams-and-cars-i-have-raced-with/
  3. I wish the bigger Champcar realized that this is a cool little thing we like. Seems like it could be a great plug for some affordable watch company.
  4. Naw. Thats on you. Its up to you to manage the energy efficently. The carb'ed datsun I race gets fuel economy compairable to the fuel injection ones I race. Datsun might be better because the owner actually knows how to tune it, until 90% of the fuel injection cars I race.
  5. Bill don't know poop. He just knows where stickers go
  6. Lobbying, bull cookies, and forum troll mafia consulting. I used some bull cookies napkin math and laptimes with me driving a NA and NB to help get the NB Miata VPI down. Chisek openely admitted to making older american muscle v8's have a lower VPI just to get more in the series.
  7. Which would make the field like 50% non paying board members I have for the last 4 years and they all look at the rule book and realize that their not competitive cars are going to start multiple laps down due the the modifications they made. Local teams even harass me about my tri annual "conversion therapy".
  8. Warning going to troll you a bit: Interesting that Charlotte is the only East coast race Lucky has and that Champcars numbers are low their. Don't jump to react to that I dont believe thats the real reason. I just want Champcar to work in the west again and I think for that to happen a major change need to happen. As a Native Michiganer I know how much you all hate hearing it but most trends start out here. Lemon's and Lucky are doing just fine out here. I am scared this is a warning sign for the whole series. I think we are trending towards SCCA where the rules so restrictive that it impacts the series car count (another series that doesn't do well in the west coast and is started to hurt in the east) Because the West Coast races have been failing to get headcount for years. This race is a perfect example. So we are trying to figure out why LD can get 60 more cars at a race then Champ. This isn't a "this series is so much better" this is a "How do I get cars back in the west coast". Don't worry my racing religon is the same as your still. I just have to go to a new church because my old one has no members. Who cares how much someones build is. This is not a price regulated series and hasn't been for years. Personally I love passing rich teams in @Mopar 4 Life's PT Cruiser and Boxers in Das Idiots Jetta. Plus Champcar has high dollar teams to and we love them. Just because your rich doesn't mean you can't enjoy racing with us. And honestly a lot of the high dollar teams are generious as hell. I had them give a rollers chassis to a team that totaled their car, let us use their trailer with a lift to swap a trans in, offer seats in their car to people who didnt get to drive because their car broke, given away countless parts, sponser the series when it doesn't really benifit them, etc.
  9. Sounds like the rule is wokring then.
  10. This is not what I came here for but I will never turn down my oportunity to stand on a soap box about this I like the idea of a minialist rule book based on energy. This would constite of a set fuel to weight ratio broke into difference class. Classes are broken into min weights (examable: A = 2000, B=2250, C=2500, D=2750). Fuel is restricted to a set ratio of ~150lbs/gal. Fuel is restricted not by fuel tank size but by jugs (easyer to enforce). Biggest pain and issue is that this would mean you you would have to get your fuel jugs tech'ed and vehicle weighed. Tech would fill your jugs with water to the amount your allowed and mark the fill lines and the numbering (1 of X, 2 of x, etc). You would have to get your vehicle weighted yearly with your annual inspection and anyone in impound would have to cross the scales as well. Keep the 2 hour stint. Keep the 5 min refill (maybe this needs a slight tweak to hurt super high HP cars?). And the rest of the rules are for safety. You want to run a LS1 in a 2200lb miata? Cool you get a 13.3 gallon jug set. You want to run a 400HP Gen 3 Camero that weighs 3000 lbs cool you get 18.33 gallons. You dont like your class? Ballest up or down. Light weight, easy to enforce, easy to build to, easy to wrap your head around. Not bracket racing.
  11. Its not my favorite way ethier but its way better then racing against 10 cars. Everyone who races with them has nothing but good things to say and most don't love the bracket racing idea ethier but in reality its not an issue. I am not proposing that champcar copies lucky dog but uses the west coast as a indicator that there might be a better way to cater better to all of the teams instead of the nerds like you and I who wait for the new rules to be released with baited breath. For the record: I would love to race exclusivly with champcar still. It crushes my soul a bit that I have to find a new home. Full discloser I have not even raced lucky dog yet. My first with them will be my first race since covid (this weekend).
  12. Not really. A lot of us agreed that 2021 was the year to go to luckydog. Many of us love champcar but after having a field of less then 25 cars at almost all the west coast races in 2019 and then having the series cancel all the 2020 races (which was the right call) I just can't bring myself to pursue races with champcar out west. I know you want this to be a Nationwide series, so do I but I think it might be time to stay on your side of the Mississippi to avoid losing more money. Not sure what exactly went wrong with champcar on the west coast. Kathy has 70 cars signed up for Willow Springs in May and has had car counts like that at all her events for years? I couldnt wrap my head around her success vs champcars west coast failure for awhile but I have concluded its the rules. Kathy's series is pretty laissez-faire and just seperates cars up based on laptimes, haters call this bracket racing (and I dont really disagree). I also used to hate this laptime idea but now I view Kathy's league as if its a amateur softball league. Where there is a beer league, the bronze, the silver, and the gold. You get too good and you get moved up a league. You hit more then one home run in a game and you get kicked out. It keeps everyone happy, its simple, no protesting, no VPI changes when a car is too fast. Is it perfect? frack no. But its way easier for Kathy to keep the racers happy and easier for the racers be competitive. Do some make up for their lake of skill with money/power? Yup. I think Champcar needs to consider moving to a more friendly rule format. The rulebook is a contorted evolution that started with the $500 concept. I know this because I watched it and even contributed to the rules. Its just too messy and restrictive. Turns us against each other. It still seems to be working in the East Coast so I dont blame Champcar for continuing to try to fix it. I just wonder if Champcar will see the east coast car count decrease as Kathy expands out east? I got a text or two about the Championship and how Tuttle was caught cheating and how he should get banned, how this is terrible, cheaters are the devil, etc. Made be think of how the west coast used to do this with DoorSlammers until they got tired of all the bull cookies and left the series. Now we miss those dudes. Turns out I just want to play some softball acouple weekends a year with other teams that are similar in skill set. This is intramural racing, we didnt make it to the big show, we are here to have a good time doing something we have a deep passion for with other people who share that. The rules cater to the handful of want to be Adrian Neweys (dont read this as an aero reference) of the league who love to find the loophole, the unicorn build, the ideal setup.
  13. spring rubbers are free. was an update in 2019. might be different then spacers tho
  14. Pour a 40 on the curb for it. You're a monster @NineLivesJohnny
  15. COVID has forced organizations to make really though decisions. Champcar has been pouring money down the drain on West Coast tracks for years. I was told that even Seca loses money. So I totally understand why Champcar has done this and I would do the same. With this said instability like this is why so many west coast teams are leaving for Lucky Dog. Mike Chisek and crew have done a great job at avoiding canceling west coast events for many seasons but I think this is the final blow. This wasn't some "California liberals ruining things" bull cookies, Seca is running track days every weekend. Lucky Dog is still running all their west coast (and 1 east coast) races this year. LD brought 43 cars to Willow Spings in June on a weekend. As I racer I was already starting to considering Lucky Dog races over Champcar ones now because I was tired of racing 10 other cars. It kills me to think like this, I think I rock a champcar shirt 4-5 days a week. I am not saying I WONT race champcar I just think maybe its time for the org to pull the plug on the west. I am as much of a die hard member as they come and if I am thinking this way then what is the rest thinking? It's just losing the company money. I'll fly out to the east and race with you still but its time to call it quits y'all.
  16. Team Name: Sender Local Union Car Number: 23 Class: MUUUUUUUUSTTTTTAAAAANNNNNGGG Drivers: Andrew Shembri, James Wolak, Joe Krzemimski, Seth Goslawski
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