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  1. A location would be most useful for those considering.
  2. Solid car, we ran against you at NCM this year. Sorry to see it go, hopefully someone deserving picks this up!
  3. Thanks for the update Rob, I couldn't actually find the for sale ad when clicking your link. It's easier this way
  4. For everyone's sake, please post all ad details here or not at all.
  5. $700 16x7 NC1 Miata wheels, these are 5x114.3 I believe and have great 215 Dunlop Star Spec tires on them! $700 15x8 Kosei K4R wheels with 225/45 Rivals non-S tires. Tread is a little low but should be enough for a 7hr race and plenty of practice runs.
  6. Location: Columbus, IN 47201 I can bring to Pitt Race, NCM, and Mid-Ohio through the end of this year. I have several sets of wheels that I've been hoarding and it's time to clear out the garage. Tires too, mainly Rival non-S in 205/50r15. $200 for all 3 15x7 et +25 Spec D-Force Miata wheels 13lbs each, silver and grey in color and they look straight but have racing nicks on the finish. Only 3 of them and the tires are junk. (There is a 4th you can have for free to coil your garden hose on) https://www.turnermotorsport.com/p-1430-d-force-ltw5-15x70-et25-silver-wheel-13lbs-e30-318iis-325iis/ $700 with tires Next up is a set of crazy light 14x7" RPF1 wheels with first gen Dunlop Star Spec tires. Under 10lbs a wheel!!! The wheels are in mint condition, come with racing aluminum valve stems. Tires have a slight bit of camber wear from street driving but won't be a consideration on track.
  7. I've said it once and I'll say it again, you need a swapped car to be competitive in this series and that's not a series I want to race in. Kudos for all the hard work, but this isn't a fix...yet.
  8. Welcome! The class trophies are really consolation prizes, there are no real classes and we are all competing for the overall win. That is, unless tech decides your car is EC, then your screwed.
  9. We have run an ESS system for several years and just installed a new one in the new car. Simple setup, you can recharge it yourself at the track and no expiration on the bottles for certification. Just bring them in during the winter.
  10. I get motion sick as well, what finally worked for me is the "Equate" brand of motion sickness medicine at Wal-Mart! Seriously, nothing else even does a thing including all of the voodoo and unicorn tears so you might have them give it a shot to see if it helps next time
  11. I used to run in a street kart racing series before coming to road racing. The logistics for that were quite intense, we would shut down a small town for a whole Friday-Sunday weekend with barriers and the whole infrastructure. I can't imagine the nightmare of trying to do it for auto racing, if you look at what IMSA/INDYCAR do for Belle Isle that gives you an idea, just doesn't seem feasible and anything less wouldn't be comfortably safe unfortunately because it's a cool idea
  12. Yes they run some IMSA events there and HPDEs. In fact there is one with the local Porsche club going on, lots of people doing testing for next year's runoffs! I bet we could get some of them to come out next year too if sprints were offered just to get more test time
  13. Watkins Glen is a new favorite for me and I hope it stays on the schedule, it draws 100 teams easy. I want more participation at the Gingerman and NCM events, two great tracks, Gingerman did a fresh repave and track improvements and NCM is growing their facility everyday! Mid-Ohio needs a better date, the single Monday event this year wasn't even one we were able to consider. Laguna - please keep it on the calendar along with COTA so I can check both of those off the ol Bucket List
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