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  1. If the belts and net are burning, you got bigger troubles😕
  2. +1 Bought decals @ Rd Atl but accidentally left them with another racer, won't get them till Daytona.
  3. Am I doing this wrong? The list has not been updated to reflect Sebring December
  4. When renting a seat I copied another racers tried and true setup, worked well Pre-purchace I looked up the specs, if I remember correctly, pulls water up 3 or 4 feet, the duty cycle was 120min on, 5 min off, has pressure cutoff to be used as a sink or sprayer pump, and can be run dry indefinitely... aside from initially blowing a line on each person it has renewed our faith in running a cooler at all.
  5. All is well right now but no spares, looking for something universally compatible for the occasional renter. Amazon Sea Flo SFDP1-012-35-21
  6. Do they breakaway? We have a high pressure pump that necessitated zip tying fittings to hose to keep them from blowing off
  7. Paging @dogtired , no clue if interested but right car and state.
  8. You travel without your colonoscopy camera? Where did that Nissan get sold off to, do we need to fear?
  9. Spare bright color aluminum shark fin waved by whomever is near it, seems to work fine, no updates planned.
  10. Trying to PM you, we are seeking a 4.10 but will take this one.
  11. Since Rd Atl, Team Infiniti took a month off of ChampCar to go demo derby-ing, the season is short and intense, 3 state fairs over 3 weekends. Mike and his boy built 2 stock big cars, I had the task of prepping my brothers work beater 02 neon for the stock little car class, his idea.(a terrible idea as neons are not exactly known for their demolition prowess) 3/2/2019 Derby 1: I read the rules, no lawyer-ing, show up to a aggressive field of overbuilt cars, rather then toss 10 of 12 entries because of overbuilding, all are allowed to run because of a rulebook error (never heard that excuse before) Essentially, two of us have shown up with knives to a gunfight, quickly, Mike and friends help with some fortifications, whoops, go pro was in my pocket when the green dropped, long story short, 4th place, not bad, the top 5 get paid! Unfortunately Mike and his boy did not do so well in the big class, fortunately his repairs were not difficult. I had lots of work to do, bent frame, busted rad, bent strut, stuck shifter, etc. 3/9/2019 Derby 2: Radiator delete, connect hoses together, run with heater fan on full, power steering delete, 50% brakes broken, random bumper welded on front, new strut etc. (Thank you U Pull & Pay West Palm Beach) Different promoter, same overbuilt cars, same attitude, the show must go on, this time go pro is mounted, facing forward, mostly pointless as everything happens to the side and rear... The run is short lived when someone has the perfect high speed hit, contact rear bumper to rear bumper pushes me out of the arena onto the wall, drive wheels in air. 4th pace by my count, 6th by theirs, no matter, this guy only pays back to 3rd... Mike does much better, he has only brought one car and his boy runs it to a 2nd place finish! With a broken axle and blown heads, the car is permanently retired, my car has the back mashed to the rear speakers and passenger door stuffed inside the car. While loading to leave, friendly big wheel loader pulls18 inches of trunk back into shape. 3/17/2019 Derby 3: 6 more inches pulled out @ home w/the tractor, 2 rear frame plates, new passenger door, new rear bumper welded to whatever it touches.(Again, Thank you U Pull & Pay West Palm Beach and Mike) Promoter #3,smallest of the 3 fairs, biggest arena, best attempt at conditioning the ground, more strict, bigger payout, makes people cut/weaken overbuilt cars, gives me grief about random front bumper but cuts slack as there was no radiator to protect and it was literally keeping the front frame in place. Go pro facing forward, also running loaner helmet cam. Feeling relieved this is the last derby, I am eager to finish squashing brother Jakes car, this is merely a exercise in getting the job done, no expectations. Mike has his boy back in car #2, running well, he puts up a great fight pulling a 4th when it got stuck. My run was a complete upset, back of car mashed back in, overheating, RR wheel locked, very steering limited (front frame bent) Raw roof cam The car
  12. Even if it’s only to see the one corner, does Someone have a video of the Turn 1 we will be using?
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