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  1. Your answer was probably point 3 and MY feelings on the matter don't amass to beans. That is why we have tech. In full disclosure, our latest engine is the first mail order bride for this team, we ran the JDM exhaust manifold but it was not a dramatic reconfiguration nor worth any power, not only that, it bolted up to the rest of our USDM system.
  2. Real gray/fuzzy area using the JDM exhaust manifold for this question.
  3. And failures even with unlimited budget. While I do see your point, I too would never sit next to a OE fuel system that has been pulled and rearranged from its original location, a cell is the way to go for something like that, but its still rare seeing uncontrolled fuel leaks from both a technicians, police tow driver and stock enduro racers perspective where cars are put through the wringer.
  4. Its all about lawyers. In stock form a street car is very safe, while not sfi, a lot of testing is done to ensure no leaks after various crash scenarios, does anyone think the automakers want a Pinto repeat?
  5. We too use a old cop car switches, excellent quality and pretty cheap on ebay, I opened ours up and found one circuit was stronger with a internal relay, all are fused on the backside of the box.
  6. Correct, we mounted it a foot away from the box on the hump, plumbed redundantly sucking through the unused bilge pump 2 hr duty cycle w/5 min rest, seems built just for Champcar 🤨
  7. If this isn't it, it is close, https://www.amazon.com/Seaflo-Diaphragm-Pressure-Caravan-Marine/dp/B00DLKT4OO/ref=sr_1_30?dchild=1&keywords=on+demand+diaphragm+pump+12v&qid=1582229319&sr=8-30
  8. Have not had much luck with centrifugal bilge pumps, rented from a team that had a universal positive pressure diaphragm pump for RV tap water supply or irrigation pesticide sprayer,It kind of rattles like an old clicker fuel pump, it has an adjustable pressure cut off, I immediately went shopping for one, has yet to fail us but everyone that uses it has to add zip ties to their cool suit push on fittings to keep them from leaking under higher pressure. 2 1/2 years, zero failures, will snap a picture or get a part number when time permits.
  9. Rotarys? Nothing against them BUT have been caught servicing a bad fuel pump during a pit stop when one burst into flames 2 pit stalls back from us, I felt the heat on my back and heard the woof through my fire suit and helmet. The rotary team and their adjacent neighbors had it handled but my fire bottle guy went to turn around and help, had to remind him to stay focused. No way would I want cats on any of our cars, 20 min is nothing to 2 hrs with potentially wonky tunes, gut the cat for 0pts or enjoy the hp with your 25 pts. Not being snarky, just being real.
  10. As sad as it is, you can bet their ratings will jump because of all this. The bumping will continue.
  11. Rather then cut out and redo the pith boxes, why not leave em and expand, build a box around and down?
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