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  1. Thanks! Are there any more detailed decoders that tells stuff like diff ratio, the e32 I have access to is a curiosity, probably a one off build. What is S209A Differential lock 25 2.09 lsd?
  2. Monday & Wednesday: Tear into damaged RR suspension Replace upper link mount Replace lower control arm Replace toe link Align rear Next Monday: Repair lower control arm mount Replace spindle & Strut Hopefully get it aligned
  3. Literally on the corner, a block from Infiniti HQ, been driving past this rusty collection for years.
  4. https://miami.craigslist.org/brw/cto/d/fort-lauderdale-2rx7s/6884673509.html https://miami.craigslist.org/brw/cto/d/fort-lauderdale-1988-rx7-clean/6892452952.html
  5. There is something about this car, heck every car from this auction has either been owned by a famous person, is 1 of 20 or 1 of 1, this unit smells funny, like special funny, does the typical 1990, regular badge, 750i have 4 pot factory front calipers marked IIIM ? Story directly from the going delirious old millionaire dude "Very special dealer demo", he may be loosing his marbles but every outrageous thing he has said up to this point has panned out. Someone want to look up Dave Rupp?
  6. Can someone please just tell me I'm chasing my tail for the pot of gold hidden behind the spare tire.. Front calipers, wheel sensors and headlights are now pulled
  7. Thank you Huggy Unfortunately may not be able to grab the big stuff without finding parking (I’m full @40+ cars already) With the all engine computers missing it will be difficult to sell a good motor with never hearing it run, please educate me on the significance. Scanning ebay I see a v12 runnr but milkshake engine $500 still no bids edit: no rush, change of plans, tow buddy(partner on this one)is going to hold it 40 days to fix the paperwork in order to get more from the crusher, I can pick little bits but nothing big.
  8. All the bmw guys got me blocked? Someone, anyone? Buler?
  9. Help, this is kind of a impulse buy for headlights and 4 piston front calipers, what do I salvage for resale? VERY Limited time to rob stuff before the crusher, what is valuable? Desired? Ok did I mention limited time? Like a couple days....I only spent $50 more then the crusher will pay so no big deal, but there has to be something on this obsolete disaster... 1990 750i V12 low mile loaded (m3?)dealer demo, bought by eccentric then left to rust.
  10. Went to a killer rat rod ish auction today, http://www.neverettauctions.com/2019/05/18/dave-rupps-private-rat-collection-auction/ Eccentric millionaire/auctioneer/ former owner of PBIR raceway is getting old and has finally let go of some of his junk, my bud bought a checker, I wind up with a wrecked, 90? 325i auto convertible, abandoned 5+ yrs after crash, top dissolved, interior dissolving, rf fender/suspension hit but was eccentric guys daughters car so has known history. 4 minutes of internet vin decoding told me what I already knew ...How do I decode past telling me I have a german built 325? Pics in that link, 3/4 the way down, right above the greenish beetle, white, moldy convert. WBABB2313LEC22168
  11. While I do agree with your sediments Question: Are header clad eco-swapped Miata taking over the podium?
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