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  1. IF you were to start with an automatic car you would have no transmission swap and be able to deduct 75 from your starting value
  2. 2018 petitions

    RX 7/8 exempt, octane does not help them but 2 stroke oil does
  3. The centrifugal mechanism is all sloppy and needs rebuilt?
  4. Tronsponder, Old hard wired $425

    If the same one, it is now confirmed as working.
  5. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Attended car show to assess operation of trans., picked up a nail, had to stop for air and hurry home
  6. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    At work right now, all I am good for is a brief read/reply of your post, my apologies, will try to revisit to chat about more points. All I can say for the moment is numbers on paper and vs on track race performance do not always match up, there are some highly successful PT cruiser and civic podium teams somehow making due with the fuel on hand, if those teams were delegated more fuel it would flip the series dynamic. Our model is j30 @ 188.4 lbs per (using wiki)
  7. Protests

    The points you leave available are something you need to sit on, not because of rule changes, but what you think is needed vs what you actually need to be reliable or to bump up your competitiveness, this split of want vs need will only become apparent after you start actively campaigning the new car. Rules are not likely swing wildly, more a gentle sway to plug loopholes, the only change that may affect many folks is the petition to leave a swapped motor stock rather then use spare points for cyl head, etc.
  8. Rebuild axles or don't let the air in?

    Your current situation likely has something to do with your previous decision to leave it be Saying that. IRS RWD axles are not put though the range of motion of a FWD thus not generating much heat or wear, you would likely be fine either by building or ignoring, we choose to ignore 25 yr old stuff that never gives grief, yes even the boots are cracked and old, if one leaks it was because of something we did, it always finishes the race, only found during post race refresh where another "free" used axle is installed rather then chasing a oddball $$ boot kit.
  9. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Color me confused, we routinely race against tbirds, whats the difference between fully building the tbird from street to race trim then developing vs taking your developed mustang and putting everything on a bird and calling it a tbird ?!? Ok Smokey, just make it so I cant tell
  10. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Sounds more then fair! As for, and I paraphrase, "have to build a new car for $10k to get benefit of those 6.7gal" I disagree, if one already races proper fox ( i.e. mustang), a t-bird conversion would entail using every moving part from the race mustang to build a bird, in theory, at worst, it would cost a new shell/cage/paint/decals and a ton of labor, no different then heavily stuffing ones primary car into a wall and being forced to rebuild but without having to replace crash damaged components.
  11. getrag 260 repair

    How many races does the typical used box run? How many from one of your "reconditioned" units? Obviously no dog in the fight, just curious.
  12. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Give the under fueled fast cars more gas, the entire dynamic of the series just changed, leaving no outlet for the moderately fast/clean but super consistent to podium. The penalty for having a large fuel capacity fox chassis is increased weight/girth... in my opinion, a fair trade.