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  1. It’s not that guy, it’s the one that refuses to catch up to the car in front of him.
  2. Per driver but he is Champ friendly, have a talk with him.
  3. Doesn't look like you can receive a DM at the moment. Shoot me a note and we'll chat more about what you guys have going for the future.



  4. We are Florida based and developing a second car/team as you describe, at this time all seats are sold for its first race @ PBIR but things change with new teams, we should talk more.
  5. Not sure how I wound up here, this was supposed to be in what happened to your Champ Car today I’ll delete it and do it again later
  6. No, the DW pump was great, we have a bunch going on all at once, the plastic and leaf were discovered while changing out stuff hastily installed during a unplanned pit stop....from 5th to 22nd, ultimately we finished 19th in the 19 during covid 19.
  7. @Bill Strong I know u are on vaca but please move this to what happened thread and remember diva multi camera cable Today was lift pump day, normally a 15 min job, but as seen in the other thread, we went with a smaller purpose built unit. Pull pump hastily hacked in without a sock during Daytona, find a piece of plastic and random leaf ?!? To make it drop in ready, we scrounge up spare tank with sending unit from a way stale car, turns out its junk, change of plans Get clean parts, setup new pump [/url All ready to go in the car [/url Jump start car, run new pump looking for leaks, stumble upon a warm connection on the other fuel pump, fix. Charge/test & condemn Optima battery assigned to us 7? years ago @ Rd Atl. , its been a good run.😟
  8. Bump it up a notch, add a flat disk of rubber to the stop/splash washer
  9. Just took the Daytona tires off ours for a first look, needs back brakes, fix leaking RF strut and investigate odd inside wear on RF Partially installed "new" ChaseCam system
  10. quoting myself Stuff came in the mail, 2 older Chase cam systems and one newer (circa 2011). The newer one was the most interesting so it got tested first, all I can say is...... Score of the week! Hopefully we will never miss another minute of video. The only way this could get better would be if someone has a spare 4 camera cable that fits a Chasecam Diva.
  11. They are great for single items, I much prefer using them as a parts lookup/interchange
  12. check the what happened to your car today thread
  13. Getting low on pour jugs, stopped by the local hydraulic shop for supplies and wound up with a small, but new sponsor, Mako Hose and rubber! Thanks for the odd collection of fittings and new cap o-rings! Random square swap meet jugs
  14. So far, Charlotte seems special like that, we sustained lots of hidden damage hitting the wall there vs elsewhere.
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