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  1. That was a very challenging turn, tires were generally greasy and there were cones that did not allow the speed of a wide out earlier.
  2. 10 years ago I ran into something almost identical (same year and model car minus the turbo) Dusted it off, aired up the tires and changed battery, it fired and drove perfectly with cold air, but the sunroof was a little crooked. Trying to sell it on ebay was disappointing as all the questions were centered around the sunroof, not the perfect condition 65,000 mile car. It sold for $1500, hope the turbo market is better.
  3. Stock, the VVT heads+.5L are worth something like 65hp so let me know when your friend gets a answer.😛
  4. Aside from the .5L (and VVT) its essentially the same shortblock
  5. But to put it in a RWD config without a cd009 trans makes some odd challenges.
  6. With my junkyard sponsorship I have become aware of how many different pans there are for this engine, without trying I already have five different kinds! P.S. I feel the same way as you about heater lines, always a little bit of anxiety when contemplating plugging em.
  7. Nice, but Ill settle for it running strong all day If there was someone, you would be the one.
  8. Bring one, would love seeing it perform as designed.
  9. More rain, some indoor work on engine prep for car #2, set to debut @ PBIR Seals/timing belt/waterpump starting to go back together.
  10. Engineer it to work your cool shirt 🤩 Edit Oh crap, just figured out how to do it without spinning the compressor to death, AND helping decel... compressor relay wired to brake lights
  11. Guy next-door to me breaks down insurance total trucks and sells the driveline, engine complete wiring harness compressor alternator computer 1600 to 1800 for a 6 L
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