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  1. The last 7 days Car: Fixed minor fuel seep Bleed brakes Assemble painted parts, apply new Team Infiniti decals, Thank you Justin9 New headlight ballasts/bulbs Reinstalled radio with new in car harness, tested Drive car 100 miles Washed pit scooter Deployed bag of plastic ties Learned to ride new pit transportation, a hover board Topped off tank with hurricane fuel Checked all fluids Drove it home Tomorrow Replace rear pads Fix running lights
  2. You feel that a team with years experience and years of development on one particular chassis should be on par with a new team ?
  3. #19 Infiniti near pit in Being sentimental would prefer to see this chassis raced but willing to talk, if it’s going to be a parts car rather than a race car I can’t trade for a seat time LOL
  4. Not going to make it? How much are they Txt 5six1-2five2-3nine33
  5. Whelp, I just called the promoter then tech guy, seems they feel racing costs have gotten out of hand and want a "reset". Sounds vaguely familiar... When asking about prep I was told "safety only" 4 point non structural cage optional, racing seat optional, remove glass, bar behind doors mandatory, chain/weld doors and that is it. I say window regulators, he smugly asks if that is a safety item...sooo... car prep is going to be pretty simple, good thing as this will be a 4 day build after returning from Sebring Its possible this will be a 50-100 car field. @pintodave It has started, tossed out the spare tire cover and surrounding plastic then drove it home last night, poured 5 gal of hurricane fuel in it then transported 15 gal of hurricane fuel back to sharky. Mechanically all I need is a RR wheel bearing.
  6. The only way you will get laptimes as needed will be to go full KSR style, lighten till your car looks like a scooped out melon rind.
  7. Had some sort of all plastic pump/siphon, worked for a few years, currently running a War era aviation hand crank barrel pump, many get something similar from Harbor Fright, electric not allowed... 55 gal Plastic barrel from craigslist ($25) you can get the 30 gal jug if space is issue.
  8. We run open trailer, the fuel jugs get to the track inside car then we get gas after registration friday night, a hand crank xfer pump gets fuel out of drum to jugs
  9. Easier yes, cost-effective not even remotely close… Just go to the gas station every two fuel stops , We transport a 55 gallon drum empty and fill it the night before along with a bunch of jugs, if we need more we go and get it if we need less it goes in the tow truck
  10. My vetts are sentimental, I will give you a smoking good deal to let me be driver for a race. You really should txt me lol
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