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  1. Classes are for added drama, otherwise, we have no class. Saying that, Sunday’s goal for us was a class D win, but got derailed by a incident.
  2. I came by while you guy were loading but unfortunately missed you
  3. Yes, nitrogen, they still grow 10 pounds
  4. This track is bad donkey! Kind of a Sebring combined with Barber. To do well here, it looks like you need a HP car that handles only slightly worse than a miata, we have something close to that specification, felt good up until the upper radiator hose blew while following traffic too closely. Another radiator hose has been purchased, we will run the rest of the day, get everyone in the car, debriefed, acclimated and ready for tomorrow.
  5. This photo made me go and find that truck! Thanks for posting. Being outside of our normal travels, this is a great opportunity to meet people. Shark fin clad silver infiniti, red Dish Network uniform near pit in, sharing a spot with the beetle. * Offer extended to everyone For anyone that cares, I have first stint Ed
  6. Fortunately Sharkeys safe with the bug,( unlike my truck bumper ) you’re welcome to Uber away but lead Sled Mike is getting your bed...
  7. Wellington Florida, 91° with a heat index of 100 and I’m out driving around the stupid race car. On another note, the tires are nicely heat cycled now 😉
  8. Same question whats hot target on rs4 17x9 255-40-17
  9. Car siting untested since caliper install Monday, decide to take it home one more time, make sure everything gets settled... No traffic, a few hard brakes and its getting better each time, 6 miles, half way home, nice and hot coming to a stop, grind, growl WTF now? Forgot to check caliper to wheel spoke clearance of the rock auto/china calipers, apparently they swell a smidgen when hot Wheel off @ home, have to grind em before work in the morning. Wednesday midday, ready as we are going to be, time to load, head out 10 pm.
  10. Oh I get your point, but honestly, are we all leaving 2 to 3 seconds a lap on the table? Wouldn’t those that can benefit the most from driving rumble strips all day simply change their hubs every race and do so anyway? Also, all day rumble strips will take their toll if the rest of the car isn’t up to it.
  11. From my perspective, generally speaking, those items increase fuel burn.
  12. Is the grass that much greener when running other alloy hubs or does it keep the inevitable speed creep safer? People can also use this power to run beefier stock stuff, this part of the car, be it heavy or light, aint going to change lap times. And thank you!
  13. Honestly, I find it odd that this has blown up... Hubs are NOT a suspension component, nor will they make anyone faster, actually, as I mentioned earlier, they are weight where one does not want more. Carry on, the sky is not falling, all I care about is Indy prep, and its almost done. No green font used or implied.
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