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  1. Tires have repeatedly been rejected when asked to control them, it’s a moot point, as obviously, they don’t matter!
  2. Until people stop being confused about THE PAST where weight WAS the number we will have problems. Weight WAS the starting point, it IS no longer and will never be because the discussed fudge is simply necessary. It has been said many times, the system aint perfect but aint bad either, trying to fix "it" based on weight is not going to make anything right as there are way too many variables. AND this bickering is why I may not run even with a strong chance of making the BOD
  3. This piece may allow the use of smaller bolts to make up the difference, can it be affixed to the new flyheel?
  4. Do not think Im missing that part, while not unique, your issue is not a every day thing.
  5. Still having a hard time blaming the shifting, I would be more interested if the aftermarket flywheel fit absolutely perfectly or if more torque could have helped.
  6. Rather then fight the uphill battle, the answer is pretty darn simple, quietly scrap all your modern Impala stuff and start collecting Altima junk. WIN! We have bought, played with, and even sold off or stripped several cars only to do exactly as described. Right before Flat Out brought the 300z I had bought/drove home/did dozens of doughnuts with a 2 adult owned 300z and parked it when stuff blew up , later dropped the cradles, horded the driveline and sold the non roller shell with the original keys hanging out of the ignition. Life aint fair and not worth getting caught up and crying about forever. Then the g35 came and went, then the c4 came....then... then..
  7. I’m not disagreeing but also at a loss how this happens...in a stock setting... aftermarket or mix and match introduce too many variables to speculate from behind a desk. Couldn’t the overrev have stretched the bolts a little, cascading to this?
  8. How many cars are trimming fuel mixture @ WOT?
  9. Last weighed @ Daytona April this year pre race: Full of fuel, driver in gear, cool suit filled, essentially ready to grid....3300 lbs across the NASCAR scales.... Oh, if you had not been briefed, we run a autotragic trans. We were on the podium 14 hrs later. Saying that, you have so gut that thing like you hate it!
  10. I suppose it depends on how the thing was made, some cars have a large, short nipple with a hose & clamp to the filler neck, others have a integrated, welded assembly that makes the neck part of the tank, ours is bolted on.
  11. There is no way to say this without sounding like a total ass, I want to apologize up front, simply attempting to convey my thoughts, nothing more. Sorry to hear things went the way they did, BUT, bringing rare wheels to openly race, that cause much anguish when the inevitable bad thing happens, I find odd. On our team, wheels are considered a long term consumable, not because we crash or abuse rumble strips frequently, but because stuff happens. Not rare but not cheap, one at a time we had 4x rpf-1 fail on their own with a inner bead crack, the first we welded only to have it fail again. Sorrow yes, but nothing more.
  12. Absolutely or a foot cam. Seriously, any residual pressure or aftermarket stuff (tolerance stack up) could be at fault.
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