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  1. Team Infiniti

    A few questions on a potential build

    Welcome, I can answer a couple of the basic questions not related to model. There is no minimum weight, the 10% you are reading about only applies to engine swaps, is a assumed *as raced weight* for your purposes, ignore. Regardless of what kind of fuel system chosen, you may utilize the .5 gallon surge tank, saying that, if budget is a concern, the stock tank is a viable option. Not incentive, just not agreed upon, for the foreseeable future, please discount whatever thoughts you have on the matter of 2 gal surge. Getting a little grey, your coupler will get no scrutiny, the size of your p/s cooler may or may not get questioned, this may not be a area you need to enhance, there is no rampant power steering overheating issues that I aware of. Not 100% sure but it looks like you read that correctly. Yup There is a spec on this, I believe the seat back has to be no farther then 3in from the bar to forgo a brace. Many ways to skin a cat here, someone will chime in. The fan will likely be fine where it is, if you feel compelled to make a change it will get little to no notice but you are getting ahead of yourself, one would be surprised at the things that do and don't work out on track, give it a shot before modding. Cool 19 and broke led me/us to ChampCar... While this may be the cheapest/best bang for the buck, ANY racing is expensive, entry fees, fuel for car/truck/food/hotel etc. Once equipped with a prepped car, new tires, brakes, fuel jugs, pop up pit tent etc, expect your race expenses to be, no less then $2500-3000 per event... Do you already have transponder/helmet/suit and such? Transponder, rent one the first race, if you get hooked, go buy a used, old style, non subscription, preferably car powered unit, they are almost as much $$ as new but no reoccurring fees and are holding good resale value. Suit, used high quality nascar suits are a steal @ race image.com, pay attn to SFI ratings and number of pieces (1,2,3,if you have preference) Helmet, no real recommendations, Zamp seems to be the cheapest that meets spec. make sure to get one rated SA (nomex liner) Shoes/gloves, Look around, Speedway.com has a garage sale section! Attend a race, volunteer with staff, volunteer to help a team (we have mentored a few) stick around for the brief after race awards ceremony, there are typically giveaways, namely a coupon for $100 off a fire system, get the inside scoop! Good luck!
  2. Team Infiniti

    High RPM's - Good or Bad for engines?

    Nope, doesn't fit !
  3. Team Infiniti

    High RPM's - Good or Bad for engines?

    Whole explorer drop in.
  4. Team Infiniti

    Laguna Seca - December

    4.2 if he ever gets that pesky vent fixed!
  5. Team Infiniti

    Standardized VPi evaluation

    If it weren't for those pesky kids rules we would dominate!
  6. Team Infiniti

    High RPM's - Good or Bad for engines?

    Probability not relevant but you have all these facts @ your fingertips, just curious, in the same setting above, how does a stock but transplanted gt40p compare in that Mustang?
  7. Team Infiniti

    Standardized VPi evaluation

    Oh contraire, the rest of the teams are awesome! So much to say here that words serve no justice. No matter how your day is going, good, bad, slow or fast, there is always someone to race with
  8. Team Infiniti

    Standardized VPi evaluation

    I will reroute all thinking in this direction, a elegant answer seems to escape everyone.
  9. Team Infiniti

    Standardized VPi evaluation

    Admit that not every car choice is a good choice? Lots of freebies for the underprivileged? Who decides who gets freebies? Will everyone ever be happy? We are adults, do we all need a safe place/room? Sorry to have skipped coffee today
  10. Team Infiniti

    Standardized VPi evaluation

    If many of us wanted class racing we would not be here, please no, there is nothing in the world like racing against 100 cars @ Daytona. If we wanted to race against 40 or less cars in class we would be racing wrl
  11. Team Infiniti

    Standardized VPi evaluation

    Sports cars with HP are fuel hobbled, lux cars with lots of hp and weight (even after stripping) get more fuel but typically have suspension shortcomings, little cars that respond well to engine tweaks are typically fuel short....Not all cars fit this but enough do. Pick a podium viable car if that is priority, if your steed cant go the distance for X reason either work around its shortcomings, or move to and develop one that meets your goals better. Participation trophy's or equal opportunity are not why we are here, someone is going to win, someone is going to loose, some loose before building.
  12. Team Infiniti

    Standardized VPi evaluation

    There was a Chevette at first Daytona
  13. Team Infiniti

    Standardized VPi evaluation

    1)no, for our uses here, oem oddly does a decent enough job with their factory capacity. 2) multipliers would need to be proven to gain acceptance
  14. Team Infiniti

    Standardized VPi evaluation

    Hey, wait a minute, doesnt fiero and isuzu impulse "handling by lotus" have that awesome suspension?!?😛
  15. Team Infiniti

    2019 VPI List Is Out!

    22 seconds of semi interested armature internet searching said it can be done by simply exchanging the rotors... What did I read?