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  1. It’s only going to come out if suspended completely perpendicular. Like others have mentioned, I get the biggest fattest pry bar or two while it’s still installed and may have to hammer on it with a monster shortie sledgehammer. Opposing wedges hammered in anger might do it.
  2. Not disputing data but 7 laps = approx 30 min , what about the other 800 min? The g force diff is a shock first time running the good stuff.
  3. I use dorman at work for folks that do not want or can't spend for delco/motorcraft, more then one time have I had to chat up dorman engineers, in 2 cases I caught something they got wrong. Would love to hear more.
  4. Edit @Bill Strong I am linking photos the same as always but since the latest BIG update they do not work... what has to be done? Removing the module side exposes the pump motor connections where they pass from the module, through the valve body to the motor, do NOT remove the motor it will be difficult/impossible to reinstall, as the motor shaft is eccentric to act on 2 heavily sprung opposing pistons (last pic) If the pics work I would say there is plenty of room to drill through the module to pass wires you could solder directly to motor power. [u
  5. Do you ever come up with a way to detect? I recently dismantled an ABS module like this, There is a way.
  6. It’s been discussed, if rain tires are going to be a thing, the race director can call when that change is acceptable
  7. Just like the c3 debacle, the re71 and the like are a partially exploded time bomb here. Everyone can deflect/deny or whatever, but it is ONLY to preserve their lap time advantage and leverage from a better financial position then a budget series should allow. No words can change these facts. Carry on.
  8. Forget it, no point in trying unless it HURTS to change a bunch of tires (bunch=2+)
  9. Its never the car or engine but wat happens with a good car, good drivers and great tire budget?
  10. And why no no no?!? Only way to see what the heck is going on is to try it.
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