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  1. I just got that bumper/fender for justin, I can vouch he was looking far and wide. We are 250mi apart...
  2. Tires can ruin ones budget as they are a repeating purchase, a rad does not... fickle fickle
  3. As a car approaching 250rwhp, our stock ford explorer aluminum core/plastic tank rad we pay(payed?) 5 pts for does a fine job, the only failures we have are driver induced....
  4. There are situations where the crack is totally permissible, does it affect vision? compromise strength? one line? big star? Picture will do wonders for this conversation
  5. First, may I say, great job everyone! Unfortunately the bad typically overshadows the good. Weak is saying its a safety issue rather then trying to curb costs in this entry level series, if someone has bad tires *for whatever reason* , go ahead and change them, apply whatever penalty is deemed fit for changing multiple tires and move on, if the team is being thrifty, it is what it is, they are likely not trying to win, if the team wants the stickiest, fastest wearing tires, they pay a time penalty that may negate the gains, if someone flatspotted em, learn to not do that, JUST LIKE LEMONS BLACK FLAGS FOR EVERY 4 WHEELS OFF INCIDENT, people quickly learn to not do that unless absolutely needed, not to mention, its a expensive AND time consuming mistake.. Alas, everyone can blame me and my ADD as I failed to vote before deadline. Always something shiny or some real life issue to distract.... @E. Tyler Pedersen8 tires is still too many, until you run the sticky, fast wearing ones, you will not understand. All the voices you hear defending the soft tires are only working in THEIR best interests and laptimes, NOTHING else. We did our first full race on sticky tires for Daytona... How did that go? The car was ABSLOUTELY point and shoot, no mistake or missed apex mattered. Unlike Hankooks. Fortunately we chose/drove well and they lasted all day but our tire budget just doubled... or more. The irony stings my eyes.
  6. Comparisons, installation,dissection of old pump. Firstly, we did not buy this pump new, therefore no clue what I was supposed to replace it with as it was recycled/salvaged/sold off surplus when a lemons team moved away from the iconic Turbo Taxi. This was one of their turbo return pumps 7+ years ago. It was mounted, zip tied, later hose clamped, as the 2 tiny mounting bracket screws to body would periodically work loose. For a random replacement, this many years later, it would seem a close enough match, the entire thing only differed in a few minor dimentional ways We used 90deg fittings, to do so required clearance modifications on both units Pickup on the left, return right, pump draws through cooler as to not feel the full heat Tig was not unpacked, we were pushed for time so all pump hardware was checked and tightened (everything loose) RTV dabbed on to lock down. Tear down of the old one next, should have done this part first before ordering.... time to get back to work.
  7. Over the years we had the screws holding bracket to pump motor body back off a couple of times that’s why you see zip ties on my Undercar photo, We might tack weld them this time.
  8. "STUFF" that, while interesting, has nothing to do with ChampCar Interest piqued, I briefly considered a v8 fiero while shopping to replace my dads v8 corvair.
  9. First one never arrived, second just off the truck a minute ago, tattered but here. Not as pictured in the ebay ad, its "SAILFLO" brand, on the negative , no duty cycle info, on the plus side I have a little tidbit of info not expected... capable of 30 psi! As bill mentioned, looks as if they tested it, there is a little oil present.
  10. No telling how many folks he touched, the world is a little less interesting without him. RIP Doc.
  11. No clue if Troy can help, super friendly... cell (541)760-4160. Say Team Infiniti recommended him.
  12. Overnight update: Yesterday after finding this (above) my frustration came to a head, another hour on the phone w/UPS then a couple emails to the seller about how stupid it was. I knew this was a product of china distributed out of Tx, what I didn't figure was the company is being run on China time. Several apologetic emails arrived @ 3am ish, followed with another pump and tracking number.
  13. Whelp, figured out what the delay might be with the pump. What idiot in shipping does this?!?
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