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  1. No need to be snarky, NO, it is not written, nor has it been focus of tech the last several years, but it was no big secret either. Last night we were installing a new net, this came up in conversation, we had already decided to add lexan with the recent resurgence of concern, even though the plane of the steering wheel is already covered.
  2. Hands on the wheel rule has not been changed, that interpretation was conveyed to us nearly 8 years ago
  3. On a safer note... Not much here, the Shark had been prepped for Sebring and not run, although it was time to do something about our timed out fire bottle : @DiscoveryParts parts delivered a new fire system today, tonight installed, thank you for the discount! Up next : Looking into a set of tires, today the new shop was wired for 3 phase, air and tire machine now up and running. Car #2 aka Baby shark: Post Sebring repairs and minor updates almost complete, wipers fixed, abs diagnosed & almost fixed, ignition and other switches moved closer for easi
  4. Ford 3.8 iron block, olde time tech, GM 3.8 iron block & heads, dated , 3.5 iron block but has VVT For this racing, my preference would be the newest, cheapest. Random ramble: if the chosen engine is cheap, it would be a indicator of low demand i.e. reliable on the street, 4.0L fords generally expensive, Honda j30 v6 cheeeep.
  5. 3.8, tried-and-true, I’ve seen them run without oil and not blow up, head gaskets, another story, I would start with studded heads.
  6. In all reality, to race an automatic transmission, you have to pay points for a cooler, please don’t forget that.
  7. I would hardly call it a sports car engine, More of a truck engine, probably has decent torque…As a tech, I call them garbage, the timing chains don’t hold up all that great in real life driving, and I have seen camshaft damage from restrictions in oil due to sludge/carbon flakes. Perhaps with all new components and frequent oil changes they might be ok.
  8. Only thing you need is everything to be within spec, cut the springs and get racing pads/fluid. Upgrades unnecessary, it WILL work as designed without much help.
  9. Yes, if you’re seeking a gray area, how about paying 25 points for a Infiniti G 35 transmission, I would think the paddles come with it.
  10. I’m not condoning anything, nor was I there to supervise the installation of their gas tank to see what the failure was,More than likely it was poor assembly skills rather than balloon, but again, I’m not condoning.
  11. State level. Florida has no inspection, police weed out the gross offenders, all I did was call up my insurance company and then walk into the tag office. No turn signals/back up lights/horn are technically my only obvious violations, I’m sure an officer with nothing to do, in a bad mood, would find a problem with the seatbelts, removable steering wheel and possibly Lexan windshield. Driving it on the street for 5+ years I’ve been pulled over four times, three of those were probably related to speeding, the other was a smart ass cop that decided to pull me over bef
  12. I would imagine if a tank is strapped in place, it would take more, much more, to deform
  13. Speed/HP equals points, do you want a camshaft, fine, X points, if that cam is substantially bigger then stock, you’ll need springs, more points… Speed Creep curtailed in real time, you guys are missing that point. DOHC swap? You hardly could double charge somebody when you’re missing pieces with your “paid for” swap
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