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  1. All of that aero work did reflect in the amazing top speed of that car. I think the moonshiner got away this time..........in a Miata!
  2. Use the stock rod, because it is in the rules? How much did the original piston and rod combo weigh? I find that when a customer shows up with all the fancy rotating/reciprocating bits, the parts are usually heavier than the originals. What has been the failure mode you are experiencing, that is indicating a change in con rod design in the first place? And if the only real difference is the weight, why would you even consider the heavier rod? Just adding a bush to the end can not contribute "41g" to the weight. So is the real question "Is it worth 41g to be able to tell everyone I have full floating pins?" Absolutely, and it opens up the potential to cite cir clip reliability in your next engine failure!
  3. Shite!, your sell'in my seat?! I promise, I'll bring a different girl this time!
  4. In reference to #801 contact with RX8, I was driving the BMW. I know it doesn't look like much wheel movement on his part, but form behind it looked like this, "OK he's on the bottom yellow line @:47, no he's going high, less than a car width to the wall @:51, oh poop now he's back at he bottom @:55", You can almost see my self and the other two cars in the right side mirror weaving trying to decide which side. My sincere apologies for not "making it safe". A little situational awareness and use of mirrors on your part would have helped too.
  5. Can you really get out of high school without the ability to calculate the area of non equilateral quadrilateral (and a radii or two)? I've now measured and I will be armed at tech the next time. Race Car Aerodynamics: Designing for speed, by Joseph Katz, read and believe. Just a little rake, keep it clean underneath, and most of the drag is from the rear of the car. Yes I am confident that the "glass" makes the car more stable though the tri-oval weaving between cars and standing on the brakes, and the kink too. Every little bit..... bcakes says we should have just cut the entire green house off and went back through tech.
  6. The 30 or so minutes leading up to the red flag was some of the most difficult driving I've ever done. Visibilty near zero (driving and shifting with a squegee in my right hand). Hydroplaning into T17 with 180' lock on the wheel and no change in direction. Nearly being drawn into the front straight wall on drivers right. The river running across the track at T8 would displace the car the entire width of the track (start at the extreme right and it would float all the way to left curb). It was also the only time we were able to get a lap back on the Flat Out Racing Z car. Just waiting for the officials to cry uncle, because I was not going to. Thank you bam2002 for the kind observation of our performance. Thank you to everyone for good racing!
  7. You mean the kind with the killer Porsche brakes and that fast Elsworth kid driving, hell no I would be proud!
  8. Well we were going to bring the big car but apparently they narrowed turn one so much that it probably won't fit, so we'll bring a small car. It is not the horse you need to worry about it is the indians riding them.
  9. Thats more like it! I suggest you scrap your entire driver line up and start flying them in from all over, maybe find someone who doesn't coast as much as you all!
  10. So....., who's coming in second, third and fourth, you bunch of nontrash talking pussies! (jap cars suck! second only to domestics of course) see you all at the races!
  11. TAJ racing45, I would be kind of ashamed of a 2:25 in a 900 HP, steamroller tired Porsche, (coasting all the way around bishops bend!) Mike Flynn ran a 2:23 in a DOT shod BMW E46 IT car , and Greg Ira a 2:24 in a maybe 200 HP Datsun 240zx E production car (not SX, a ZX) with 8in wide tires, at the most recent SCCA national. I am predicting a 2:35 bogey, for a chump winning lap time.
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