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  1. We have the mounts at tech , our transponders are the older ones, the first design.
  2. Isn't there a race tonight I got on the wrong thread.
  3. What do I have to do to watch ? Can I get on after the start as I have to go to the shop to get a multiple race winning BMW on the frame machine at start time.
  4. Yes don't know if you noticed the constant fireball and muffler fails on the Punnisher. Rodger talked to Borla at SEMA they took the measurements shipped him their muffler four events no problems. When he asked them what he owed for the muffler they said R&D don't worry about it call if any problems and gave him two tiny stickers to put on the car.
  5. Gkuhn how many miles are on your Dodge ? My 03 3500 just touched 300,000 as I returned from Kansas yesterday pulling its usual 27' enclosed trailer. I have owned a lot of trucks over the years towing with all of them but none compare to the Cummins for power and economy. Stay with what you have ride on .....
  6. So let me say this f@%&$$$ . With that out of the way this swap header crap has been put on here for multiple years contaminating most every thread most every day . YOUR elected board AND YOUR nominated TAC decided to handle it, giving almost 4 months to comply, and still to fast for some and to late for others. We cant win no matter what or when it is done. Suck it up buy a manifold fix exhaust or add 25 points that is what the club wanted that is what the club got. Now I have got to go wash my hands y'all do the same.
  7. Please fill out your tech sheet with your VPI we will add the values up for your Total Competition Value . We will then transfer the values into your log book at your yearly tech . Then you fill in your value adds into your log book. If you fill in your log book first then we find additional value adds it gets messy correcting it. At your next event during the year you just take your book to registration if no changes have been made , if you have changed something come back to tech and we will adjust your book.
  8. Car stalled off track long enough that tow vehicle has been dispached, arrived and hooked up should equal at least one but possibly two laps how did the driver not know or see it. Feel bad for the team that got hit as they have put a lot of time, $, and effort into that car . Glad no one was hurt but I bet the tow guy has a sore shoulder.
  9. Best thing is they have rams horn manifolds and a 4 speed
  10. Wa ???? you only get free lexan windows in the stock size shape and place once it leaves that place its points added Thanks Jer ya killin me . OH LOOK you SHOULD NOT be able
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