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  1. You mean the most recent winner in the searies ?
  2. Yes as long as it goes across the frame rails and doesn't extend beyond the body side width, not counting flairs.
  3. You win . This is exactly what we were concerned about and put this rule in place to help prevent it. Put something flimsy across the frame rails and you will not pass tech. We love using our sonic thickness tester on cages and it will test these bars also. The bash bars should be at least .095" thick just like your cage or factory bar.
  4. Yes it did at the VIR 24 a couple years ago, in the lead at the time. Bonzi move did not work out when coming to the green after a full corse caution. The Trans Am I drive is a second gen ,Team Punisher.
  5. Trans Am , LTD Very - we traded FTD at several events with them , about equal with who finished on top for the day.
  6. Yes Daves car is fast and a really nice build but still got left in the dust behind me in #187 and the #65.
  7. Maybe ??? That is a BIG if. From driving the fastest car in the searies I will say I had a guy tell me after he calculated the top speed in his car that it was doing 165mph on the high banks. I lapped him twice in an hour so I guess it must have been real slow in the infield. Actually his math was way off as each time I went by it was on the big track.
  8. A great loss with Huggy withdrawing from the beer exchange, he brings the good stuff ..
  9. I would hold off on the relief cuts around the top portion maybe cut at the 3:00 you will be surprised at what you can get with a little rolling, prying and hammering .
  10. Hummmm I cannot instruct 44 years of metal forming experience into a thread on the internet but I will give a couple of tips # 1 put it back on the car # 2 know that the stretching of one area has to come from another. # 3 as mender just said spacing the fender out may be all you need. Also look for videos on YouTube of people rolling fenders using like a bat and the wheel tire to get more clearance. But most of all #1.
  11. So you don't have a buddy at a body shop with a heat lamp ?
  12. 9.1.4 is quite clear , required. Inside or outside and completely covered. Yes, lexan much better, much lighter.
  13. You are correct you don't stop ,as I read through this I find not a scrap of truth. I do not know where you dream this stuff up.
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