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  1. Thanks Bill , let me add as long as they do not exceed stock dimensions . We also do not charge for sun roof or T top coverings , same applies stock dimensions .
  2. Yes the closed cell SFI foam wherever your helmet may reach . We have wached frame × frame video and it is amazing how much stretch happens on impact not just the belts but personal parts . In our thoughts mirror brackets or other things that stick out can damage your helmet and what is inside of it , I don't like stuff sticking out . Cover all bars in the driver side upper portion of your cage . Yes you can use the softer stuff down below , broken bones are just gona hurt .
  3. We do not charge points for bulkheads or firewalls . The rule book states metal bulkhead . Being quite familiar with corvettes replacing or covering the fiberglass portions of the cowl, floor, and rear bulkhead with metal would be smart and incur no point add .
  4. Thanks enginerd couldn't have said it better myself , the key word is ALL
  5. There is no standard treadwear test or speck to my knowledge its a sugested number . And I have lived through numerous tire wars in different series and the racer was never the winner . Speck tire would save everyone money but that is just my opinion, its hard not to bolt on a couple of seconds if you can afford doubling your tire budget every 10 hrs ..
  6. This will work. " Don't say a word " .
  7. Enjoyed every minute spent with you over the years . Sorry about ALL them points but its my job you know . Hey dont be a strainger bud , see ya around .
  8. Mr Nabb please reread my post above , multiple times if you must , has nothing to do with a gas tank . A fuel cell always has an open vent to the atmosphere so pressure is never able to build up in the system . No rule has to be added stock tank should hold stock capacity .
  9. The rule plainly states you cannot change a stock tank in any way , period . So the modifications can only be made away from the tank at the filling end . When you take the expansion area out of the stock tank ,then when the gas warms it has to expand and it pushes out and leaks fuel and you will be Black Flaged . Not to mention dangerous we came upon a car pushing fuel out wyle sitting still and made them remove some fuel before going on track . Question them about modifying ther tank vent . For those that think they are getting away with increasing capacity the fix is on and they are not going to be happy when caught .
  10. We do not charge points for dashes , consoles ,instrument pods , or interior bulkheads , do not remove floors or change their material . You can replace hood or body material with like shaped and kind material . If you repurpose material and make something from it you cannot replace the original material or part without adding points . Anytime you are planning on repurposing to make something take photos of where the material came from and the process used to make said piece . If you cannot provide proof of where it came from or how you changed it expect to add points .
  11. Can't you just change the fill neck . The vent has a rollover valve " ball" made into it .
  12. The notch will not be 1/2 the diameter because the thickness of the material comes into play . Rule of thumb = 1/3
  13. In the last two years whenever a hood has flown up during race conditions it has had those type pins , might have been knockoff brand but I tell everyone I see to tape them ..
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