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  1. you forgot the number 1 race ending failure = The DRIVER
  2. Ray Franck

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    Looks like 25 points a fender to me
  3. They are many easy ways to check lots of things on some engines others are not so easy . You might be surprised at the tools we have ,how and what is looked at . Dont believe it if you choose ,see ya at impound.
  4. Fender flare update all were looked at and it is not hard to see if the tire is within the body . Only 1 car got a waver and have to get it fixed by their next event . Next topic aero all wings that were close were checked mesured and adjusted before passing, a couple of splitters were narrowed to pass . All in all great job champs for getting compliant ,Thank You .
  5. Ray Franck

    Roll cage question

    Our rules state wich bars must be continuous if its one of those bars, it will not pass
  6. Ray Franck

    ISO Competitive Champcar.

    Sgtskid's. VW listed here is too .
  7. Ray Franck

    2019 Official The 12 hours of VIR (South)

    It has been my experience that when the race is over most teams leave pronto ,and then teams that have broken are all ready gone . So your party base has dwindled before it even starts cook all day Fri so we can smell it while enjoying the tech line
  8. Ray Franck

    ISO Competitive Champcar.

    or the Bromance Nissan
  9. Ray Franck

    ISO Competitive Champcar.

    look down a couple of links in this thread -- Beast Mode
  10. I am not familiar with it ,are you talking about using it to run fuel through ,as from what I read it says nothing about being, petroleum, gas compatible . If using it as fuel line , which I would not recomend , it should be run inside of a solid tube . If you are talking about running your fuel hose through it I will check with Jay to make sure ..
  11. Fuel hoses have to be incased in leak proof piping through the driver compartment . Oil and coolant components must be shielded from the driver .
  12. Ray Franck

    V6 e30 Quasi Build Thread

    having spare sheet metal is almost a guarantee you wont need it ..
  13. Ray Franck

    V6 e30 Quasi Build Thread

    what about all that sheet metal and bumper
  14. Ray Franck

    Rolling miata fenders

    I cannot mesure a picture but it looks like two might be a square ft , thats a maybe almost guess not official , and plastic is 3 point's a square foot . So MAYBE a set "4" would be 6 points MAYBE . As far as will they hold up we had one crash tested at Sebring and it held up suprisingly well and stayed in place . It was mounted properly and after replacing suspension damage it stayed on and finished the last 5hrs of the race . If they perform that well they will be fine but if the track starts being littered with them and teams cant keep them attached or they break up they will not be allowed anymore... time will tell .