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  1. NO, you get a break for using their product.
  2. Opinions vary but look around if it worked it would be everywhere . Don't get me wrong aero is important even at our speeds , though some say not, I believe it is. Far more can be gained outside the car than inside I would work there first. Most all of the cars I drive are amazingly calm inside at speed so there is that.
  3. You cannot block pass through vision and a lexan upper portion would not be considered a point free bulkhead .
  4. Well so it is and would not be beyond factory dimensions and 0 points even with the little lippy thing at the back. Never seen one before, I seem to learn something every day...
  5. You will be accessed material points for anything beyond factory top dementions. You may have a 10 point spoiler on the end also, that area would not count on to your material points.
  6. Protest all you want it is not a header it is an OEM part not stock for that model and they were assigned points for it . Fake News you were never given 48 points for your hood , that was the square footage 3 points per by the book , it was decided to make all aftermarket hoods 25 points , saving the Camaro guys 20 points in the process . They thank you by the way . On another note how is your 5 foot long 2 gallon holding fuel fill reduction coming along ?
  7. Ray said NO SUCH THING . And I do not appreciate you twisting my words into what ever crazy idea you come up with . A stock GM cast iron exhaust manifold is not a header and it is not a head or crankshaft nor a transmission. I have to question your goal ? If it is to make me mad I have to tell you I laugh at most of the bull cookies y'all come up with . How can you be SO FAR OFF . Now I have defiantly had enough of this BS . And again I have to apologize to the real racers on here but for the clowns "use your imagination".
  8. This outlook was dead on track to make you pay points for a non stock , never on a street Mustang , hood just like the Camaro guys had been paying points for for years . At least you could have made the other cast manifolds pretty before a comparable picture was taken .
  9. NO NO and NO you do not see , do you just have nothing else to do but dream up stuff . I have wasted enough time here y'all just continue to twist and turn this crap any way you see fit . To the few serious racers on here I apologize . To the ones that come on here daily with 100% negative spin on everything , as if someone is paying you to do so, try actually coming to a race . Adios
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