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  1. I volunteered over 25 race events for six years with my son and daughter at several events and never had a problem . Sorry to hear about this as we really need and appreciate our volunteers . I signed up using the website and followed the email instructions .
  2. Humm I migh --- Na it will neva work my speed , smoothness ,and classic leave them in the dust traffic management skills will give me away and Mike will surely find out .
  3. Dang it Ed this workin cra-- sure is getting in the way of my driving some bad azz cars and winning some epic races ..
  4. What you calling near Willis ?? over 45 miles , not to far off by forum standards I guess ..
  5. NCCAR is in Roanoke Rapids NC not Rocky Mount , its about 1mi off 95 just south of the Va line ..
  6. Hey Mikey take this advice if someone passes you under caution let the corner workers handle them ,if they wave you back by NEVER yes never take it back because then you have passed under caution . If your luck is like mine the next corner worker is going to see you and call YOU in 100 % of the time . Never pass or pass back under caution doesn't matter if your right you are penalize because you were seen PUY . Took me a long time to conform but I will not pass on a wave buy ..
  7. I have installed my cell in the stock location though I know it raises the c.o.g I felt it was safer there . I also felt having it on top and forward of the axle would not affect the handling as much as having it behind . The stock tank is 60% above the axles anyway . 16 gallons with internal surge and dispersing blocks to be legal .
  8. I would never run a brake system with 100% hose . Hard lines are not that hard to do ,careful planning with routing and practice with a double flare tool and you'll be set .
  9. I think a 100 will do ... and would keep them from affecting the race for the legal cars , as Scribe had happen above ..
  10. The answers to all this is written in black and white on page 1 . We have teams that have been given points this way from 2017 we have teams that were not . Aero limits were pushed definitions and limitations had to be made and were . Everyone is being given the same points for every addition. We have had teams come on here and state we add points to their cars " no " we only count them . If you do not want the points do not add the stuff or take it off .
  11. Run what ya brung , man do you know who you are talking to ??
  12. No a Kia is not a Miata or a 626 . Must be available in your model - generation .
  13. Good morning Bob ! I'm headed to Road America no bag advice just saying hello.. Andrew should know a good bag when he sees it ..
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