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  1. I'm hearing ya ,not the only thing that will change on that car . Not in the rule book but as a saftey issue it will be addressed..
  2. Alright Champs the classic is upon us so bring your A game . Good luck and race safe 24hrs is a long haul so think about the big picture before you make that move . See ya at the track ..
  3. Ray Franck

    Fuel @ VIR?

    Yeah but they got pizza baby !!
  4. Ray Franck

    Official - 2018 Thompson Speedway 12-Hour

    Hey you can bring the spider and drop it off for some frame work beings you are coming this way anyhow
  5. Naw brother I mean tape around and continue to use those panels and apply the small champ over tha chump
  6. You do not have to remove the number panels just apply the champ champcar sticker over the chump . Oh that's right you want a particular number , hope is that not like a boat bad luck to change the name on one ..
  7. Dude Danville is only 18 miles away from the track might as well just stay . Or you can come to the lake and crash at my place wyle we decide witch peice of the trophy I get to keep after my come from behind drive for the win in my fourth stint ..
  8. It is and a wait list is growing. Cut Bill some slack and let him vacate some will ya , he is already behind on catching fish for the company fish fry .
  9. Ray Franck

    Official 2018 Rocky Mountain 24 at Utah Motorsport Campus

    Hummm I recall a time when ALL decisions and rule came from the west and only the west .. well it was just a grand time wasen't it ? You have multiple representation on the board now !! THIS IS A NATIONAL CLUB and I just dont get what or where you are coming from with this statement ..
  10. Ray Franck

    Craigslist Find of the Day

    Did it realy have a manuel trans ?
  11. Im not liking it , but it will preheat the rear gear . But as nice as these guys build a car Im betting they arnt done with it ...
  12. Ray Franck

    National Championship questions

    No only your best two race points count , kinda like golf low point wins .. If you win two races and have run 10 events you still enter with two points .. win the championship race and you have three points and win the championship also..
  13. Ray Franck

    Roll cage phone mount

    You need to contact Bill Strong . How long does it take to get back from Utah ? Opps just remembered he is reporting back to the outer banks to finish off a vacation so probably gona be a while . Maybe ..
  14. You got that right southern Va is awsome for racers and rednecks . Mountians over here beach over there and lakes inbetween . The wife does realestate come on down ..