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  1. It says they are not permitted and listed in the free point section. I am so inclined to believe that installing stearing wheel paddle shift with a torque converter auto transmission would not be free of point add. As in not allowed for free = plus points, how many depends on the parts used.
  2. Only allowed 1 fill port, unless your car came with more stock. Hope this guy never backs this one into the wall or takes a hit to the rear body.
  3. Now this may be to good to pass up. What ?? come on Chelsey what cha mean I got ta work, I'll just slip away for a coulple of hours no one will notice.. Ok OK your rite as soon as someone sees the ultra fast and concistant laptimes and my super machinelike traffic management skills everyone will figure it out. Frigg another chance of a lifetime slippin away..
  4. Not much progress on mine, but I have been thinkin about it...
  5. Well I'm not going to say my pals name that the guy behind the wheel was mouthing off to but I guarantee that just a little bit more of it and a Real Carolina Azz Woop Woopin was about to come his way, dirt track style..
  6. For this race you get the test sessions with your entry. #Ain'tChampcargreat..
  7. Yes Tech will begin at 6 Thursday afternoon and will end at 10 or when there is no line first come first served. See you at the track...
  8. OE or OE equvalent part for that specific model is quoting the rule, 4.7.1.. Factory recomended overbore is allowed.
  9. Yes, But with GBU having the stock bumpers they are included and help GBU meet the 60% rule. They do pay, I think, 50 points for body mods..
  10. Some of these examples from above are before, and the reason, the bumper bar rule was put in place in 2019..
  11. Yes within the rules as we are not vin specific. The example Bill gave was from a team claiming stock 500 point car that in reality was a car not even on the list.. What we use are the block, head and transmission numbers to identify what is in the car
  12. I am pretty sure something was adjusted due to covid. I remember it being brought up before.
  13. WOW 7 way tie for 1st And lookie here 6 different auto manufactures represented out of the top seven qualifiers. Must be the rules...
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