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  1. No problem Ron , just call me Ray or Franck or Ray Franck but ya doesnt have to call me mister .
  2. No a Kia is not a Miata or a 626 . Must be available in your model - generation .
  3. A quick read of the rules will reveal this is not an option . As you posted earler your air dam and splitter is only 20 points as everyone , but the upper portion of the front end that your team fabricated is added material points and was figured on the tech sheet and log book ..
  4. Good morning Bob ! I'm headed to Road America no bag advice just saying hello.. Andrew should know a good bag when he sees it ..
  5. No stipulation , but nothing above the bumper can or will be considered an air dam .
  6. Any rule questions should be addressed to tech@champcar,org but I believe you are correct 10 points , but without pictures or dementions cannot say for sure . See you at the track .
  7. Please do . I have been told that this car is nowhere near 400 + hp and owner offered up Dyno sheet to prove it . Jer snuck in ,the please do reference was for the radar gun check
  8. Something is blocking the line . Remove the brake hose blow through it, open the bleeder blow slightly onto it does air come out the hose connection ? If yes disconnect the hard line and blow through it. There is a blockage somewhere, the next would be proportioning valve . Way back in the day I found a bleeder that was not drilled all the way through , or yours could be stopped up .
  9. Most of the time the race directors ,knowing most do not have speedometer's , will say a gear and rpm with the speed limit.
  10. It varies from track to track due to size of track, pit road, and number of cars . The race director will state pit road speed among other important information at the drivers meeting , BE THERE ..
  11. And the part that it cannot extend 12" beyond the front bumper .. We do not define many parts and procedures and as I said before you cannot redesign the entire front end of a car with added materials and call it an air dam and expect it all for 10 points . You have replaced the bumper cover , the header panel, the grille , the front of the fenders with added materials . It does not say you cannot do that but added materials ,not stock, = plus points . You should have points to work with , if you are concerned with the total send detailed photos and some measurements to tech@champcar.org
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