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  1. Oh your that guy. Before I took this gig and was volunteering I walked pit road and counted over 60 _ 5 gallon jugs sitting on tables even with , in height, or above the wall, it terrified me as a firefighter for 22 years. So Your the guy that wants to go back to that ? But you are the guy that wants to be holding up 5gal of gas 7' from where your hyper gas dude pulled the first jug early and splashed a little over a pint. He is dumping the second and your the guy holding the 3rd and who knowes what happens, vapor kisses a rotor, a spinning lug nut off tha team next door, could be lots of stuff that can happen and FIREBALL.. Like has happened 5 times at races I have worked and I pray to and thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that our saftey system's have worked so far an for continued saftey. But your the guy holding 5gal of gas so when your eyebrows melt to your forehead 7' away you have a decision to make. I have been far to close to a fireball on pit road to the point of the above eybrow melt and seeing the different color coming from the top of the jug, it happens, please take my word for it. Just for giggles start at one end of pit road and count ALL the full gas jugs til you get to the other end. This may be the time I should do as my good friend Mike Chisek and move on from this place. If I can last a couple of years after this fact like him that will be cool. Some wonderful people and incredible knowledge is here but sometimes the toxic environment has taken its toll on me. Back to your the guy holding the jug and feeling the heat, I know you're intelligent and you have had success so you probably drive decent, what ya goin ta do wit dat jug ? Love you guy's Love this club see ya at the track. Oh your the guy, I'll catch ya on the track one day and you can pick up some pointers and time watching me come off the corner correctly as I pull away...
  2. If I remember correctly a picture of a BMW that had a 6' neck was discussed and as it was stock from the factory that way, that was the max approved and submitted
  3. I am so sorry Paul and to the membership. I was recalling when my son, Conner & Huggy figured it up a year or so ago and I recon I misspoke the number.
  4. Thank you. If you go back I insisted a team remove their 6' × 3" neck, they complained it went to the boss was given to the TAC, board and the long big fill was deamed OK. I am not against relocation of fills to get them away from driver, brakes, or exaust. If the fuel overflow drain rule is put in it won't matter what size fill is used Trying to pack fuel in will take more time to drain before closing, and thats when other things can be done to the car. Also will decrease on track fuel spillage, imho.
  5. So I rant about guys getting by with + 2.8 gallons of gas with no penalty and all you guys want to B about is OCTANE. Question who had race gas in impound ? Answer no one, not a problem Again please focus on a real issue.
  6. THERE IS NO FUEL OCTANE RULE. There is no problem here with whatever fuel you want to use, again not a problem. As a board please focus on a real problem allowing 6' long 3" diameter fill necks that hold 2.8 gallons of fuel at no penalty or regulation. Also it is dangerous as a homemade fill should never be allowed on track full of fuel. Please pass the submitted petition requiring the overflow drain on all cell and altered fill neck cars. I just had to disqualify a team for having .7 gallon over capacity in his cell, his car has a 7" long fill neck as he opens his trunk and fuels directly to the cell. Meanwhile another team that may have a legal cell capacity uses a fill neck that holds 2.8 gallons rides on skirting a gray area it is not right. #drainthefuelneck
  7. It says they are not permitted and listed in the free point section. I am so inclined to believe that installing stearing wheel paddle shift with a torque converter auto transmission would not be free of point add. As in not allowed for free = plus points, how many depends on the parts used.
  8. Only allowed 1 fill port, unless your car came with more stock. Hope this guy never backs this one into the wall or takes a hit to the rear body.
  9. Now this may be to good to pass up. What ?? come on Chelsey what cha mean I got ta work, I'll just slip away for a coulple of hours no one will notice.. Ok OK your rite as soon as someone sees the ultra fast and concistant laptimes and my super machinelike traffic management skills everyone will figure it out. Frigg another chance of a lifetime slippin away..
  10. Not much progress on mine, but I have been thinkin about it...
  11. Well I'm not going to say my pals name that the guy behind the wheel was mouthing off to but I guarantee that just a little bit more of it and a Real Carolina Azz Woop Woopin was about to come his way, dirt track style..
  12. For this race you get the test sessions with your entry. #Ain'tChampcargreat..
  13. Yes Tech will begin at 6 Thursday afternoon and will end at 10 or when there is no line first come first served. See you at the track...
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