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  1. Yes within the rules as we are not vin specific. The example Bill gave was from a team claiming stock 500 point car that in reality was a car not even on the list.. What we use are the block, head and transmission numbers to identify what is in the car
  2. I am pretty sure something was adjusted due to covid. I remember it being brought up before.
  3. WOW 7 way tie for 1st And lookie here 6 different auto manufactures represented out of the top seven qualifiers. Must be the rules...
  4. Depending on which you choose some is bumpy but slick with no grip another has no shiene and quite grippy.
  5. Hypertherm for me, not cheap but I have cut miles with it. Dagg just realized its 22 years old.
  6. The GBU spoiler was only available on 6,500 pace cars in 1978. In 1979 that same spioler was offered on any Corvette produced. The GBU Corvette has been clamed as a 1979 from their last tech at Rd America to relieve any confusion, so I am told.
  7. It clearly means the overwhelming majority of the membership feel things are so good there is no reason to get involved cause there is no need for change
  8. Well you sure are not talking about me this time, except the part about worring how changes effect all teams. Odds are you probably saw the rules the same time I did..
  9. Dude you are preaching to the choir. And Tilton or Quartermaster are far from what I am talking about. Open is a huge word in racing and I hope membership never knows how far TAC and Tech has had to reel this years rule set back in.
  10. The answer could also be $$$$. Do we want $3,000.oo + clutch systems allowed here for 0 point add. I do not, and that is what we had coming.
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