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  1. Just my opinion, your clutch did not fail your driver did . Tell your wheel monkeys the brakes stop the car . Material thrown off results from centrifugal force when the trans is down shifted to soon and the pressure plate is disengaged . Most failures come from driver abuse, but like I said at the beginning just my opinion..
  2. The bottle was still charged as I squeezed the handle on it when it was brought to the paddock. I believe the remote cable failed or was frozen . Leave a little slack in your cable so you can check that they move freely ,some lubricant upon cable installation and maintenance would not hurt . Troy had his cable's frozen on the Biohazard Mr2 and could not activate his system when it caught fire a couple of years ago ... Again , Check your cables as part of your maintenance routine.
  3. For 2020 the price cap has been raised to $2,500 .
  4. When buying make sure you get a 1.8 as most JDM are 1.6 , unless thats what you want .. I bought two cars took what I wanted and sold the parts I did not need , some trouble but worked out pretty good . Anyone want a 99 roller descent body complete interior , top, rear and brakes $ 800
  5. This is how I did mine . Modified tunnel to move seat inward but we did not lower it because we found that when autocrossing we had to use a cushion to see out of it .
  6. So I want to nominate a member how do I find out their number ? Two seats are open can I nominate two members ?
  7. Both cars dynoed within speck . I do not know what numbers were seen by others but the first pull was inaccurate due to the machine not being up to temp . All other pulls were right on the number we expected ..
  8. Maybe in 9 months we try it for six months then put it in the rules , oh wait that's what we are doing .
  9. If you have seen a car without window straps they are still running glass , which has to be taped over with clear crash film . The straps have to be attached stoutley to the top which is attached to the body and cage .. Have run across some windows with a wrap or one way scenic film this will not pass and has to be removed, pass through vission is important . .
  10. I have a teammate that has a stash of 7litre's , well if 3 is a stash, enough that not considered special same with a 440 runner but thats my opinion. Before building get offical approval..
  11. go racing they said it is fun they said . You'll be famous they said . Hurry up and get my new ride finished, I said .... Oh forgot to mention nice shirt ..
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