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  1. Yeah... Us too... Before and After... The slam and spin (while earlier in the race) caused unseen damage and ended up taking us out of P1 with 1:15 left Sunday. So close to being able to say we won at Indy. Is what it is, but so much
  2. I used my Verizon ellipses 8 tablet with Larix broadcast app and streamed via driverseye.live i streamed at 640. Even though I have unlimited data, it looks like I got throttled both days at 2pm on. The stream worked the whole time even with the throttle. It was about 45 seconds behind but it was successful!!
  3. Its an Altima. i'm currently working on a 2010 altima. When you lookup parts online for it, some sites just have it as a Nissan and some have it as a Datsun(Nissan).
  4. https://www.indianapolismotorspeedway.com/at-the-track/ada-accessibility While that pertains to the track in general and not necessarily our race, they are ada compliant...
  5. Anyone know what each pit box dimension is? i.e. since we have 3 teams, will we have room for 3 10x10’s (or a 10x20 and 10x10) per box and can we then go out 20’ off the wall? We are looking to use a 10x20 along the wall and on the one end put a 10x10 behind the 10x20 to make an L shape?
  6. So our pit buddies in pit #13 are Acme racing (105) and Porsche defectors (930) If anyone happens to have contacts with those guys, could you hit me up or have them hit me up with a PM please? Thanks!
  7. May be in the other 22 pages, but didn't see it specifically mentioned in supps and could have missed it... For pit setup, are we able to drive vehicle to pits to setup or do we have to hand cart everything in? Thanks!
  8. Just for clarification on golf carts... So I have a golf cart. It is street legal (windshield, horn, headlights, turn signals, brake lights, plate light, seat belts), titled, registered/plated and insured in OH. I have the registration and insurance card in the cart. Indiana allows golf carts on the roads. We have the RV at the legion and will have spare parts there, etc... I will have my 5x8 trailer able to be pulled by it and/or my smaller pit cart. Am I able to use a red or yellow tag on it and haul things to the paddock and then park it in the appropriate parking place
  9. DriversEye is basically just like racecast.me was. Its worth signing up for (free) and giving it a try. You can use the same free encoders that you used with racecast as well.
  10. Any teams from OH going? I need to get a transmission hauled down if possible? Just off I-75 exit 125, but can meet somewhere as well. Thanks!
  11. We use this and it works great! Drilled a hole in the trunk lid. Installed the male end. Female end is a barbed 90, put hose on it and ran it to jug on ground. Fuel person can see when tank is fuel based on when it starts running out of the vent. Takes all of 2 seconds to clip/unclip it.
  12. First, let me say, we had a great weekend. Haven't been to Pitt to race in a few years and the new track is awesome! Thanks to the track, Champcar and everyone that was there. In regards to Sahlens/Troxell incidents: In the Champcar live feed for Sunday, at the 6:43 mark in the video, Troxell #09 makes contact with Mustard twice. Was he blocking. I would say so and based on the no contact rule, he gets black flagged. (BTW...I would love to see the video from Charcoal or #09 for the spin incident at 6:49 in the live feed... a little hard to tell if Charcoal
  13. I will bring a meat and cheese tray.
  14. There is some conflicting info... When registering for the test day, it says you can get in Thurs eve... https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/pitt-race-full-track-test-tune-pittsburgh-international-compl-836013 "Participants may enter the property Thursday, October 4th, beginning at 6pm and stay overnight into the morning of this event. Please try to arrive no later than 11pm and do not paddock in an electrical powered spot or garage unless you have pre-purchased the spot for the weekend. "
  15. Just now from Pitt on how much 93 would be from their pumps... "Currently, the price is $4.98. We plan to get another fuel delivery and that may bump up the price slightly, if they charges more. "
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