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  1. @dirtybird222 Did you ever find a home? I'm in more or less the same boat, had to leave my team in Florida behind a couple years ago when I moved out here to SoCal, and I'm starting to get the itch again. Thinking about building another car out here for the west coast.
  2. Hahaha... I'm not generally a fan of lemons style themes, but a giant sombrero would be pretty perfect on top of that ride. Maybe a taco bowl in the passenger seat.
  3. Lmao... Alternative facts... I can hear the car owner now, "We had the best lines I tell you! Tremendous, tremendous lines, the best lines, until that nasty ranger got in the way. That's why we need a wall, the most beautiful wall you've ever seen, it'll... And I'll tell you who will pay for that wall... But it'll go all the way around the track, and it'll keep the good guys on track and these nasty, criminal rapist rangers out. And we are going to make them pay for that wall... The truck nation doesn't know it yet but they will pay." Well, at least he can't deny his car's involvement altogether, cause I got the video proof here (at 1:46:51). I'd be curious to see the video he put together.
  4. I just noticed I caught this in one of our videos - the red rat miata and our car were going past when it happened. You can only really see the aftermath of it in our rearview mirror, but you might be interested anyway. Looked like a pretty hard hit for how fast your truck got spun around. I'll let you know when the upload finishes.
  5. Does anyone know of someone who could provide an adapter on short notice? I have a dumb 1/8" male plug coming off my helmet, but the car I'm driving at Sebring has a standard IMSA setup. Somebody in Florida would be ideal but I'll eat some rush shipping if I have to.
  6. Just checked in with the owner, he said it was a ~60mph hit but driver was ok. Caused by the poor lighting back there, just went off.
  7. The Pyrotect rep I talked to said the new Racequip 2015 models were basically still identical to Pyrotect's 2005 model (I guess they used to be a shared brand?), but that Pyrotect added a lot of padding in 2010 and even more in their 2015's. So who knows, maybe the new racequip would actually be more like your old pyrotect since racequip's apparently haven't changed over the years.
  8. In case it helps anyone else, since I couldn't find much info on them myself, I reviewed the new SA2015 Racequip (Pro15) and Pyrotect (Prosport) helmets over here after I ended up with one of each: http://www.amazon.com/review/R2QNAL8L6GCSIH/ref=cm_cr_dp_title?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B017BE3WNO&channel=detail-glance&nodeID=15684181&store=automotive TL;DR: Buy the Pyrotect unless you're a sasquatch.
  9. Yea with a dyno and a set of scales they could do away with the whole contrived MPV thing and finally just get down to limiting cars by their power to weight ratio... but where's the fun in that.
  10. Anybody know what happened with the #999 M3 right at the end of the race? We thought we saw them driving down pit road with some massive damage at about 10:30, but maybe it was just our bleary eyes playing tricks on us.
  11. Haha yep. Maybe #67's fuel leak was from them hitting me a couple minutes earlier!
  12. I think I saw you guys getting run off the road at the bus stop... check about 20 minutes into my video
  13. Here's mine onboard the #57 sour apple integra, from 6:40pm until my gopro chinese'd up at 7:15pm. I caught a lot of yall snoozing at the restart about 10 minutes in! https://youtu.be/DzMGxUDW3GM Anybody else get anything good?
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