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  1. yep but that isn't the problem or the beef; it is the overall return issue. The various duties were fairly up-front so that wan't much of a surprise; they were off a bit but that always happens.
  2. update: They shipped me the wrong water pump. After a lengthy phone call they will 'allow' me to return it with the following conditions. I go get the shipping estimate back to them. They will reimburse me up to the price I paid for shipping originally, to be sent within 5 days of them receving the item back in satisfactory condition. So I go to the PO, get the estimate, they 'approve' it and then back to the PO to ship it and I pay those costs up front. After they get it (USPO has taken 30 days on delivering ebay items previously) they will process my refund within 5 days. I will THEN be rei
  3. The plot thickens! I just got my order today. Very quick and relatively problem free. I DID have to pay an extra $32.43 to get it at this end even tho they say they cover it all..... they don't. So I went thru the order of course, and at the bottom, where my water pump should be, was a giant aluminum octopus the likes of which i had never seen before. Eventually I realize it likely is a water pump of some sort and then start the process of informing Rock Auto about their error. Here's where it gets good. I just got a call from Customer service. They want me to get an estimate to send it back.
  4. Finally was able to get a useful bunch of parts together all shipped from one place, so one shipping charge. Not very user friendly .. 6 or 8 water pumps, all basically the same price, and no hint of where they might come from. And yes, they come from A, B or C on an arbitrary basis... I agree that they have a great selection and prices too but this shipping thing really takes time to watch out for and then go back and correct - as many times as it takes... because we are getting things that cost $15 and $20 and the shipping on each is $25, so it adds up pretty fast.
  5. Wellll I want to be fair. I did experience that bizarre thing with the shipping sources and prices jumping back and forth earlier today. I was so puzzled/surprised that I went back and it seemed a lot more normal the second time. So maybe a glitch? Regardless; at one point I did have as much in shipping charges as I did in parts; receiving things from 3 different sources... So something at least for people to watch for if/when on that website.
  6. Well just ran an interesting little experiment; easy to repeat, too, so does that make it scientific? I didn't know about Rockauto until seeing it in a post a few days ago. I started going thru the site and picking bits and pieces that had appealing prices. Then,since I need shipping to Canada (which they do, and promote the fact) I checked the shipping charges. As soon as I went beyond two items they suddenly had to ship from not one, but two locations. Shipping charges doubled. I deselected and reselected several times using different products/manufacturers etc. I would get two items from
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