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  1. Redline for sure. Frozen rotors for brake rotors and PFC-08 pads. We go a full season of 5 weekends on a set of rotors and two weekends on pads. (E36) one set of tires a weekend on the old zII. Bring 2 sets in case you need them.
  2. yeah, I'm with Dee Dee... I would like a more distinct POINT-by than a 'come on by' wave. I will wave thanks when I pass someone who let me by, or wave when there is a yellow flag ahead. A wave by instead of a point by would be very confusing. See my point by at 42:00 here...
  3. The racing line is different for everyone. You are supposed to drive your line and be predictable. If the Miata had waited a second they would have seen the e30 clearly moving back left as expected.
  4. Have you played iracing? Running in the rookie miata series is a good way to practice racecraft and avoidance. The miata had little choice since he left himself little choice. If you wait for a second to make sure the car sees you then you have a much better chance at a safe pass. I like to be right behind the car and make a definitive move to the side to pull out to let them know I will be passing. Since the Miata was way off the the left for the pass it is likely they were in a blind spot for the e30.
  5. I assume you are also the guys driving flat out at HPDEs? In NO way is it the responsibility of a slower car to drive off line to let faster cars by, and this is directly in opposition to the Chumpcar BCR and passing rules. This is was not a car that was disabled and limping back to the pits, which I would say would fit your description. This was a car racing at a reasonable pace for their class. Just because your car happens to not fit a class and is in EC and able to lap much faster does NOT mean that slower class cars should drive off line. They should drive their line and it is YOUR responsibility to carefully plan your pass to get around them safely, and their job not to make any unpredictable moves. If your driver had taken an extra second to evaluate what the car they were tryin to pass was doing they would have realized they were making their way back to the left. There was no jerky or unpredictable moves by the e30. They were driving their line. I have been both the slow car and the EC fast car. You cannot assume a slow car is driving in their mirrors the entire race. It is much easier to see what is happening when you are the passing car and by taking an extra second to evaluate the pass you can make sure either the car sees you or that you are passing at a place where you know there is little risk for contact if they don't see you. Eapecially in a Chumpcar race when some of the drivers may have zero track experience. (Not that that was the case with this e30, just a smart way to play it when passing cars you haven't been watching for long enough to know what they will do)
  6. if you still have the stock mirror, this works great. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0040E1HJA/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. Hopefully nobody brings out any drones, but the Secretary may want to check with the FAA before attempting to down any drones... https://www.yahoo.com/tech/faa-shoot-down-a-drone-go-to-jail-for-up-to-20-180713040.html
  8. bit of an aggressive pass by the 170 getting by the camaro in the beginning... What data/video setup do you use?
  9. Self-tapping screws become tire-tapping screws if they fall out on track... I know we have some on our car too, but we try to limit the use where possible.
  10. they drive flat out! nice job on the daytona win.
  11. got video? maybe we can help you out...
  12. Whatever helps you be smoother on the brake in that case. May not work for everyone. And if you are skipping gears then you have less disruption to the brake pressure also. Some worry about missing a shift that way but if it works for you then great, no driver, even pros will maintain the perfect brake pressure every time when blipping throttle.
  13. Mender, you have a lot of experience driving the way you learned how to, and it may work wonderfully for you, but it may not be the ideal way to learn for a newbie. If it works for you, great, but I would say that someone should try to learn the way that minimizes hand movement on the wheel, unless needed for sharp corners, and if they want to add in shuffling later then they can do that. Gotta know the rules to know when to break them. Just like every pitcher in baseball doesn't pitch the same, but they all learn the basics and then modify it to what works the best for them. I think one of the benefits from not moving your hands is the ability to go back past straight to catch a slide quickly without moving my hands. But again, this all comes down to personal preference and dependent on the car and the course and driver. In the dark especially I know that if i put my hands 'about here" it should be right for a blind, dark turn in, which helps in those situations also. Your way may not be wrong for you, but I switched from shuffle early on in my career to fixed as much as possible and it has made me a better driver personally I think.
  14. yet, here in this example the Acura NSA has a 3x lock to lock ratio and he still doesn't shuffle unless the corner is well over 90 degrees of steering input.
  15. even on a tight turn like the hairpin at NCM, I do not shuffle. This tight turn only takes like 100deg of steering input. I am pretty comfortable going over120degrees, but I would pre-shuffle if i had to on tighter turns. I started out with a shuffle, but find that staying locked in the same place on the wheel will give you better feel and muscle memory for each corner. Helps a lot at night too. Look at the pro drivers. You will be hard pressed to find one that shuffles on anything besides a turn where it is necessary.
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