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  1. Pictures https://www.dropbox.com/s/nhn7n0fu4oqdrw2/DSC05392.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/fgctuv9m9f8wtdu/DSC05393.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/t13jqod3byrrst2/DSC05395.JPG?dl=0
  2. Cage was only $600 but it is a really nice cage. I will see what I can do to get some pictures up today. We were car 11 at Pittsburgh. I know. It is killing me. Keeping all my personal gear in case I can find funding and time for a ride.
  3. Sold Due to our team leader (me) moving almost 2 hours from the car (stupid), buying a house (really?), and getting married (COME ON!!!) in the coming year, Red Shoe Racing is closing up shop. So I have two questions if this ad is for you. Can you deal with FWD? Do you like turbos? If you answered yes to both of those questions, have we got a starter kit for you. Currently located in Port Huron, MI and sitting at a comfortable 290 points in the 2017 rules, is our 2001 Ford Focus. Why is this a great turbo platform? Our last race out at Pittsburgh it was able to do 2.5 hours on 12.5 gallons. We did it twice. That is a lot of extra power potential even before you put a 15 gallon fuel cell in it. Powered by a 2.0L Zetec it has the potential to put out 300 HP at the wheels without too much effort. All that and still sitting at 390 points! Proformance adders currently on the car: Koni STR.T dampers all around Cone Corksport air filter with streamlined intake Brake cooling vanes; modified from Porsche 996 vanes Commercial camber plates on the front end adding -1° per side (+20 points) Crane Stage 2 camshafts (originals included in package for turbo applications) (+50 points) ECU Flashed Rabbit fence radiator screen Poly rear suspension bushings Steeda 28mm rear sway bar (+20 points) Safety currently on the car: MOMO Daytona XL seat 6 point, 3" harness Quick release wheel 6 point, Chump legal, 1.50"x.120" tubing, NASCAR bars on both sides, installed by a guy who put cooling lines into nuclear reactors (read extra safe) Fire suppression system with one nozzle pointed at the fuel rail and one at your head. Included in with this awesome ride is everything you will need on pit road short of the pop-up and tool box. Including but not limited to (I'm doing this from memory) 3 Chump legal fuel cans. Currently set up they will dump 5 gallons in about 40 seconds (car holds 12.5) 2 55 gallon drums Chump legal catch pan All the kitty litter we have left 10 lbs fire extinguisher Spares and alternate parts package also included 5 sets of wheels, 2 sets of 15", 3 sets of 16" (1 Stock, 2 aftermarket) 1 Set of steering knuckles. Anything else we have laying around with a Ford stamp on it you want. We have a lot. Asking price: $3500 obo for car package, Add $1400 to price to get the trailer that has been used to haul it to each event the last 2 years. Trailer had tires replace this spring, power brakes, LED lights. Hauls nicely. If it wasn't for that Focus tailgating you the whole way you wouldn't know it was there. PM me for any question, concerns, offers, drive opportunities, etc.
  4. After playing with the numbers, I really hope this change is coupled with the change in classes that Mike talked about on Monday. 66 points to put a 200 hp motor in our car? We have the points, but why? That puts us at 11:1. Chump needs to come up with a power to weight they want to target and build a formula around that. For the skill level the average driver is it should be something closer to 13-14 to 1, not 9-11. We don't run AER or WRL due to the 10:1 cars and the closing rates they produce. The numbers I am seeing is turning this series into the same thing.
  5. Thanks to the very generous actions of a couple local businesses (shout out to Frank's Transmission and St. Clair Engines, both of Richmond, MI) we are currently slated to get the car back next week. As we will have plenty of time to break it in and do final prep before Watkins, this spot is no longer available. Thanks to Infiniti for the pep talk. Again, I cannot express enough gratitude to Frank of Frank's Transmissions and Larry of St. Clair Engines for all they are doing for us. If you are in SE Michigan and need powertrain work done, give them a call. We will see you guys at Watkins Glen!
  6. We have the unit we ran last year yet. Problem with it is if we put it back just the way it was, we are going to be slow. Not just a little slow either. Slowest at Gingerman and MIS and slowest of the cars that made an hour at Watkins Glen last year. We are trying to show continuous improvement and putting the old motor in for a race means two things. We already aren’t going to be competitive and we are going to have to pull it out right after we get home to put a rebuilt one back in. On top of that, if we do need a new crank\rods\pistons\block, we already have them in a semi assembled state on that block. If we put that in the car we won’t have them to pull from, driving up our cost. We are a cost control group. We already spent way more than we wanted to on work that was needed over the winter. We do not have the time or funding to be swapping out parts and pieces on the fly. As has become our mantra this winter, We are Red Shoe Racing, not Roush Racing. We need to work smarter. If we need to sell a race to make sure our next 7 are better, then that is what we do. We don’t want to. No one wants to not do something they enjoy, but for the long term running of the team, it is what we need to do.
  7. No idea. Our next planned event is in Canada. With how things work, probably not there. If we can transfer it would be to Gingerman in August. That doesn't help us if we did something to hurt this motor though. We are going to need the funding if we have to pay for it to be worked on again. If it was something our guy did, I am hoping that would be a different story but we won't know that until we get it out of the car and over to him. With our lives that is going to be Thursday morning at the earliest. Leaves 14 days for tear down, fix/replace, reinstall, break in, trailer and travel. Only really doable if one of us quits our job. Which again leads to the need for additional funds.
  8. We have one spot for Watkins Glen that we are putting up for sale. Have paid for a basic entry with transponder. We had a catastrophic engine failure over the weekend and with the time remaining between now and then, we are not going to make it. I have no idea what something like this would be worth. Would like to get the $1550 we paid for it but understand how market values work. I guess PM me if you are interested and we can work something out.
  9. It used to be in the rule book that races X long required X number of drivers. If it is there still, I cannot find it. I have looked in the supplemental regulations for the current 24 hour events and only the Spokane event lists anything about driver count. It is just your entry includes 4 guys. Nothing about a minimum. I'm trying to plan and gather some guys I ran with online and do one great race together, hopefully next year. I'd like to know how many people are minimum, or even how many people typically bring, before I do anything. Thanks in advance guys.
  10. It is even easier than all this. Someone in the top brass get a hold of IMSA. Ask to talk to the guy who does the BoP for the Continental Tire Series. Ask them for their magic wand that makes the racing there so fantastic. Apply it to Chump. Why we think we, with our duct tape and our iPad telemetry systems, can come up with the holy grail on our own, bickering amongst ourselves, I have no idea.
  11. I thought we weren't allowed to get our hands out past the window net?
  12. I would think with the temp and stress (Lat and Long stretching) we put these through, patching\plugging is a bad idea. It sucks but for what we are doing it really needs to be replaced. It isn't just an air thing either. Displace or cut a belt, steel, nylon, kevlar, whatever, is a quick way to have one of these come apart and that is the second to last thing any of us wants. It loses out to fire by a wide margin but still. It is a simple (but expensive) fix that you and your competitors will thank you for. Our's rotate 900 times every mile. That's 1800 times at Gingerman and over 3000 times a lap at Watkins. Nick or cut a belt and there is ample opportunity for it to come apart on you.
  13. Firestone Indy 500 http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Firestone&tireModel=Firehawk+Indy+500 Nothing listed on the site for TW but if you take a look at the picture you can see what looks like a 240 stamped on the side. It is 2-something anyway. Starts at 16" and goes up. Looks like a cheap alternative. The jam packed 225/50R16 size has this tire listed at $91.10. Looks like they ripped off their sister's RE-11A but meh. Might be worth a look-see if you would like to save $80+ for a set.
  14. That's not RSR HQ. Our third driver has a heated garage, which in Michigan is well worth a 20 minute drive from the HQ in the dark months. Not sure what's up with the blue, never really asked.
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