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  1. I see the VW made the top 10. Congrats.
  2. Cool Hopefully the VW can make the top 10.
  3. Haha... it does have a full 3" exhaust with a gutted muffler so...
  4. Despite our car being faster then the Saab, we finished behind you only because we spent more then 20 minutes total coming in and out chasing a coolant problem.
  5. We can at least drive good enough to keep it on all fours.
  6. That Crown Vic is crazy! I hope that Mustang is doing better then we usually do. Haha
  7. Good luck to Turbo Fox Racing. Give 'em hell!
  8. At Iowa one year, everyone watched the first and second place cars sandbagging the last half hour of the race. It was very obvious.
  9. How did you sneak that into a BMW race?
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