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  1. Thats because the truck 390 is a boat anchor. you need the FE car 390. but there goes the swap value
  2. well if the bore and stroke is different that doesn't follow, and that goes back to my original question if the LZ4 would be a better choice due to the shorter stroke
  3. Thats the non VVT 3.5 correct? I was wondering if the VVT 3.5 would be a good choice as it has a shorter stroke.
  4. I was there shooting photos on Saturday, I believe I got a shot of your car on the front straight with it stuck in the bumper, I'll check
  5. you guys seem to want a solution and flagtronics apparently isn't your ideal. per the system developer, since you"re calling me out: "We are showing local flags using GPS. We are doing individual flags such as mechanical, black flags, messages. Our device is two way, meaning it transmits when the car is in trouble such as stopped, slow, spin, impact. Prices are NOT set in stone but the target is $250 for the device and $75 subscription first year, $100 after that"
  6. I will be there shooting photos again this year if anyone wants a photo package please PM me here
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