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  1. Who was in the #334 Miata for the start? Had a fun couple laps chasing you down and dealing with car issues at the same time. Our car would drop a cylinder several times a lap, requiring a main power cycle to reset the ECU. Fun race at times, exhausting at night with no traction in the rain and a few car issues always makes for a great first trackweekend after 18 months out of the car. https://youtu.be/VFrXAvTJf6o?t=5807
  2. that would have been our 2nd driver, Jim, will have to check out his footage and see what hilarity might have been happening, lol. Turns 7 and 10 were the ones that made me exercise cation and those are usually the two corners where I usually late brake/pass. Braking was so sketchy in our car that I braked early and made sure I had a escape route to avoid collecting someone in those two corners. Seemed most had more issues in 3 and I found that one to be ok.
  3. Exhausting but great fun. I drove 2 stints in the Money Pit Racing E30 #197. I can't think of a track that is harder to drive in the rain than Sebring, especially when it dries then drizzles again so one never knows the grip level going into 7 especially without ABS. Also found it eye opening at the significantly different levels of grip various cars had on the slippery track. I think every Miata blew by me during the first few laps and once a line had dried, managed to easily catch and pass them back. We will be using a different tire next time! Had several fun battles on track a
  4. Car is almost too nice to be in Champ, saw it several times during my stints. Drivers did a good job given the speed differences etc. Only thing I would suggest, make sure the drivers pay attention to the drivers meetings about speeds under yellow and catching up to the safety car/cars behind safety car. On 2 separate occasions, a couple of us were behind 248 going extremely slow and not catching up to the safety car. Given that the safety car was out for several laps on each occasion, we did eventually catch up to the line but for future reference it would be safer to go a bit faster an
  5. This pic is not a good selling point? In the sequence of the driver spinning in 5, was the device indicating a lack of grip? or was it just a driver error (clearly) too much throttle, cold tires etc?
  6. Any day when two cars can touch when they are perpendicular and continue on to the podium is a good day! I might need to get my suit cleaned but otherwise all good. Thanks again for finding us afterwards!
  7. Didnt mean to start a debate about said driver, clearly not his first wheel to wheel. I've had past experiences in turn 12 over the years which formed my opinion but didnt mean to imply I know what is best for your team/driver.
  8. If I were the team owner/car builder, there would be a long talk afterwards. Fast driver, sure maybe but that put a lot of confidence in cars/drivers that the driver in the mazda would not know and that area of 12 typically lacks grip. And then the riding the rev limiter into 6, while some engines do not suffer many do and it should be considered something a driver should not do, just hold it at redline, don't depend on the revlimiter which might be cutting spark but not fuel. On the other hand, if it were for positions that mattered at the end of the race, F it and go, lo
  9. I've heard several people say that over the years but having tracked/raced there since 95, I've never had a issue seeing that yellow flag in turn one way before the corner. Look at my video from last year. it was a full course yellow but I was in the middle of the track and could see the station clearly before the end of the pit wall etc. Even if far right making a pass, you can see the flag clearly before making the turn in. Thankfully it didnt cost us much this year.
  10. Strange, can't edit my post. Wanted to add, a M/S 50/52 can run for hours/days with slightly bent valves before it becomes a problem. Just as they can have a leaking head gasket and run for months before kabooom.
  11. Having years of experience with this engine, don't rule out motor damage. In this scenario, he could have easily been hard on the brakes and released the clutch a second too soon which then caused the rear to lock up and the motor could have easily spun up to 7,200-7,800rpm and a small number of slightly bent valves. I would highly recommend a leak down test to confirm it is healthy. I've seen this exact thing happen several times and a few of those were in 10a. The one motor I disassembled had dropped a valve in cylinder one but I also found ever so slightly bent valves in other cyl
  12. Curious what others think about this black flag scenario. We don't have the in car video but we were broadcasting to racecast.me at the time. https://live.racecast.me/profile/5862a293331731840179bb98 Watch at 10:20. Our driver is braking into turn 1, waving yellow clearly visible. White E30 dives in/passes/then brakes quickly letting/forcing our driver to go back around. Guess who gets the black flag and loses a spot or two. Given how close and how obvious it was the white e30 was passing under yellow, I can't grasp how a corner worker only caught the
  13. We had the same issue, talked to T&S and they fixed it about 10 mins later. According to what our teammate relayed back to us, there was a issue with the timing loop or possibly how high the transponder was mounted? Several teams were having the same problem. Now if they could come up with a way to fix the black flag problems, would be wonderful.
  14. Think I only manged 14, but I did keep all four wheels on the pavement, lol.
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