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  1. Aim solo2 DL With bracket and cable $550 Plus shipping. 5619720136
  2. One of our drivers can’t make the race so we have 1 seat available
  3. We are going back to Charlotte on July 11 weekend And in need of two experience drivers arriving drive with crew support snacks drinks and some food guaranteed good times PM or direct text for more information 5619720136
  4. We are looking for 1 experience driver for Road Atlanta arrive and drive full crew support scheduled for 2 stints + practice on Friday
  5. We are looking for a few drivers for her next three events at Sebring this year next one is coming up shortly in a few weeks on 8/17 it’s a 14h race and the next 2 Champcar events on 9/21 and 12/28-29 Full arrive and drive everything included Crew support snacks drinks food and our famous empanadas P.m. or text for more information Elon Eracing 890 5619720136
  6. want that car One of the best e30 ever That car is the reason We have that obsession with the e30s now LOL
  7. Let me know if you need anything transported as well 5619720136
  8. Is that my first ride from Road America?
  9. We will be happy to help and talking with dana call me if need anything else 5619720136
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