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  1. Great. I’m changing my copper plugs in race car every year. Thx all!!
  2. What life do you guys get with copper plugs in your race machines? I change mine during off season - bout 4 race weekends per year. But if I’m loosing that much power - heck - for my 4 banger they are only $10/set - I’d change them after every race day. how much life in race car for copper plugs?
  3. I’ve had similar problem. Car ran fine all race weekend, but when came home to unload, car wouldn’t start. No spark, no fuel pressure, nothing. It would crank, but never even sputter. Spent a lot of time checking wiring, fuel pump... finally found it. Crankshaft position sensor. If your car is EFI (pretty much every car built after 1985 or so), your fuel injection and spark is controlled by ECU/computer. When computer sees no signal from crankshaft position sensor - it cuts fuel and spark. Some cars also have camshaft position sensors - but those seems most
  4. Have 3 drivers, need a 4th, for the Hallett race in May. We bring 10 years of ChampCar experience, a race prepped Audi A4 with spares, tools, tires, fuel... everything required for racing. You bring wheel to wheel racing experience with no history of crashing nor contact, a good attitude about helping out in the pits, and your own race gear (drivers suit, helmet, etc.). What you get: 1 stint both days (1.5 - 2hrs each), lots of fun racing memories, and maybe a free beer at the end of racing on Sunday. Your cost: $1500 IM or email Rick if interested. Thanks.
  5. Sunday's results show the '78 Vette finished 2nd. But their lap sheet shows them in 1st most of the day AND at the end of the race. So, who won on Sunday?
  6. If classes are new, and offer little, then my points are invalid. I accept that. I do. Axe the classes altogether and have top 3 overall prizes only. I race ChampCar because they race close by and because our car is nowhere near competitive in WRL without spending another $10k.
  7. This was exactly my point. If 60 cars race, and only 10 have a reasonable chance at overall win - who’s paying the bills here? The other 50 teams - that’s who. To say CCES is single class racing is bunk. It’s not - the rules are 4 classes and an overall. Try this - eliminate the classes altogether. How long do you think it would be before you only had those same 10 teams, instead of 60, racing each weekend? i contend that CCES is NOT single class racing. That each class (3-4 of them) should be grouped by performance potential and receive equal race win r
  8. Seems we need to decide what we are trying to accomplish. The huge majority of CCES teams have no/zero/nada chance of winning an overall. in a field of 50-60 cars, I bet there are less than 10 teams that believe they can win overall. So what are all the rest of us - the huge majority of CCES teams - doing each race weekend? Classes give everyone else something to race for. Except, the current class structure tells you nothing about the speed potential of the car. That’s the change we need. We need classes that tell us speed potential of a car. (I say potential
  9. I IM'ed as well - I'd likely be IN (from Austin). Set the date, I can likely make it mid week or weekend - if given at least 2 weeks notice.
  10. Hot damn! I'll race in a space suit if that's what it takes. It's on like Donkey Kong!! Thanks for the update, Bill!!
  11. So, trying to make final plans... Has it been confirmed that Yes - we ARE RACING? Or is it just lack of a cancellation notice that we are banking on here? I live in Austin, and there is a lot of confusion as to what can/can't be open. Can we get an update please?
  12. All good info. Thanks for sharing, time to do some tire temp testing. 2 more questions: 1. Is it true that, all things else being equal, lower tire temps are better than higher tire temps? 2. Is anyone changing tire pressures track to track? Seems like different tracks would dictate different temps, pressures.
  13. wear: on inside Weight: 2500lbs, full of fuel Size: 225/40-17, up from 205/50-15. But wear was the same Spin: tires will spin if you stand on it out of corners. But unless inside is spinning while outside is gripping, we try to avoid wheel spin.i Camber: we only get bout 2 degrees of neg camber with our setup. So seems likely we could use like 3 or 3.5 in a fwd car. But what bout toe? We had it aligned to as close to 0 toe as possible. But could the wheels somehow be toe’ing out when accelerating? Guess maybe I sho
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