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  1. Bill's right about this, guys. Even if you are 100% sure the image you bought from a track photographer is yours to do with as you please, it's a potential legal can of worms. We can only take photos you snapped yourselves.
  2. I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding. We're working on it, as well as a clarification for the door bar rule. Hang on a bit.
  3. What the board said was that Phil McKinney would write the glass film rule. Phil has not submitted a rule yet.
  4. Email Phil McKinney for a clarification. phil.mckinney@chumpcar.com
  5. I had to do this to get the rotary out of our car. That said, the length of the arm is proportionate to the length of the legs. If you extend the arm too much, the whole thing will tip over on the engine.
  6. Teams, I need some help. I'm putting together some promotional materials for ChumpCar and I need some high quality images to plaster across some brochures and/or flyers. Yes, I could grab some photos out of the gallery, but I'd prefer to get your consent before using your pictures in a flyer. If you'd like to become world famous, post up some images here or email them to me at mikiel.kingsley@chumpcar.com. I need shots of cars on track, shots of teams with their trophies, shots of people working on their cars in the paddock, shots of cars going through tech, pretty much anything you think shows off the spirit of ChumpCar. I'd prefer images no more than a year old, but if you have an amazing shot that's older, send it along. Thanks for the help! In order to keep the copyright lawyers off our backs, please only send in photos you took yourselves. Even your professional image was taken by your BFF and they swear to Octane you can do whatever you want with it, that permission does not necessarily extend ChumpCar.
  7. I can only imagine. Petition #1: Allow crews to stand on the pit wall at will. Petition #2: Allow pressurized fuel rigs Petition #3: Since it only takes 15 seconds to fuel now, we should reduce the minimum pit stop time to 30 seconds. Petition #4: Mandatory diets and exercise for the fatties on every team. Petition #5: Race rubber! And so on and so forth.
  8. I was a guest of Riley Motorsports at the Long Beach Gran Prix, this weekend. (There are definite perks to having Bill Riley on the ChumpCar board!) It was a bit of an eye-opener to watch them do a driver change during the race. The drivers for both cars practiced this in the paddock before the race started. Here's a video I shot of car 33 taking fuel and changing drivers in about 20 seconds. Action starts around 2:40. They went on to take a first and second place in GTD. With stops like this I'm not surprised.
  9. I think once a few teeth popped off, the path of least resistance was for the input shaft to slide forward just a tad. The normal wear pattern is fully engaged.
  10. Gulp. If I didn't have a pair of RX-8s sitting in my driveway, one of which I plan on Chumping, I'd be all over this.
  11. I'll post up the meeting minutes once I get the official copy from Debs.
  12. You don't need counseling. You need inspiration. You can rebuild it. You have the technology. Better. Stronger. Faster...
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