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  1. I do appreciate your response, but I'm not posting for myself so much as I want all member to see a single clear ruling on this topic. emailing you doesn't provide that. honestly, I would it that if everytime you make a clarification or ruling it gets posted to a locked thread or something so we can all see what's going on and get the same advantage as other people.
  2. good to know.. I'll be building air dams, splitters, undertrays, and wings out of stuff and expect zero points added at tech. thanks.
  3. I still haven't seen an official ruling about if you can make aero out of reused stuff from your car at no points or if this costs the fixed point. It would be really nice to get this as the rules are not clear either way. and please, no more members replying with their "interpretation" I want a 100% ironclad ruling. @Bill Strong @National Tech
  4. #brotella here. find it cheap everywhere.
  5. I don't want class racing in the sense proposed here because it kills the everyone running for a single win vibe. When you look at other series you often see expensive cars who run for the front and the "4 dudes in a garage" will never be able to spend enough to hunt them. Champcar doesn't often get this problem, but it comes up from time to time and those guys move on or the rules bring them back to the fold where they should be. I think that other series look down on us a little, but when they show up to drive they change their tune because for the most part your wallet doesn't buy wins around here and even if you have money this is a more rewarding win. I also agree that speed creep is a little bit of a problem mostly due to aero and tire size. I don't think it's unrealistic to think we might move towards tire width being no more than 20 over stock so that all cars can go bigger but not so much. Perhaps aero does need to become free, but more limited like 6" where rules are 12" now to give a taste but not bonkers levels of extra grip. what I'm saying is keep it simple and true to the vision. anyway, that's my Friday morning ramble.
  6. I disagree with this. My team has a lot of mid pack to upper mid-pack results. I love this series because I'm chasing the front and slowly getting there. Being in a class with like 12-15 cars would be way less appearing than starting 80th, getting up to 8th place, falling back to 12th and hunting the front again. that's what I'm here for.
  7. I'm curious if the "no go zone" means two wheels over the line = black or 4 over the line. it's not clear at the glen the EC mini passed me into the bus stop 4 off on the grass on the inside, I didn't even know that much grass was there.
  8. the best encouragement for more cars in a class is a single car showing up and winning.
  9. RS4 was our goto tire. The RE71 just doesn't last even if a hair faster. Recently tried a couple events on federal 959 RR. found it to last 85% as long as RS4, half way between the RS4 and RE71 in grip, and 50% the cost. results may vary. I've run star spec on other champcars, RS4 is just cheaper and better.
  10. have a spare everything. things will break and you won't be able to find parts. At the glen event recently a newer team needed rotors and ended up driving hundreds of miles for some used ones I heard.
  11. as EC cars are not a part of the main race, I don't see why this can't be handled now as it's become a bigger problem all of sudden.
  12. my brand new daily, ford fiesta ST, is a 500 point car. woohoo 2600 lbs stock, and makes over 200whp with a flash. 2006 Audi A3 is 450, but the GTI of same generation which is the exact same car is not on the list?
  13. My new airbox is as wide as the car and happens to be under the front bumper and sticks out 12 inches.
  14. ^ I think you're correct, but let's get that from an official source
  15. @National Tech how do you view reuse of factory parts to make splitters, wings, air dams? I ask because this can be viewed two ways: (1) reuse mean no points so free (2) you have added a component which is fixed value and therefore take the minimum points hit for the item you have created. I see a lot of people confused on this.
  16. they're back on sale for those who missed it before: 4x for $160 https://hunsakerusa.com/collections/5-gallon-quikfill-jugs/products/5-gallon-quikfill-fuel-jug-w-1-25-x-3-4-quickfill-hose-kit?mc_cid=f70e32e399&mc_eid=eb69bc8026
  17. Daytona -- it's just magical. Mid Ohio -- I want to believe we will be back there Lime Rock -- Short laps, historic track honorable mention - the Glen, it's my home track, I've just spent so much time there it's like a wife.
  18. this is hard. if I have to pick one, it NJMP. I don't hate it, but you are making me pick. Also NJ is whack. I had to put a red strip of electrical tape on my clear gas can so I could watch them fill it.
  19. Salens has been good to the series more than they have been bad. They need a spanking, not a banning after that nonsense billy posted. He owes champcar an apology IMHO.
  20. the classes is a whole different topic that needs a thread on here. at this point classes are just a way to race for a sub-trophy with a random set of cars. this isn't bad, but it's not a representation of breaking the cars out by lap times due to power
  21. I can't argue with that logic, thanks for the info
  22. you can avoid cutting holes by just putting washers at the back of the hood to raise it up and let air out
  23. the idea of an EC class where there are basically no rules competing with the field is absurd.
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