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  1. Here is what I got back from Mike: "WGI is allowing only 3 people per team to enter the property. Whether that’s 2 drivers and a crew member or 3 drivers, the max is three. How are they going to verify this? No idea and I doubt they will, but that was their message to us. Mike" So.... Who knows how to read into that without taking risk of a driver showing up and not being able to drive. It sounds to me like champcar will give you wristbands, but if the glen says you have to leave / can't get in with those that champcar is washing hands. What happens with a 4th driver who gets hurt and signed the waiver at the glen, who knows... our team is sticking with 3 and eating the financial loss.
  2. I just emailed him. I'll post what I get back here since I'm sure every team wants to know this.
  3. you say "Max of 3 Driver/Crew allowed per team on the WGI property at any given time." does that mean if we wanted a 4th driver they could enter the property once the "3rd" exits the property?
  4. pick and pulls for 5.3 should be cheap and everywhere still
  5. $100 testing for 5 hours is $100 testing. I'll being my nunchucks
  6. I want to know about the other way around. would love to go test at TMP!
  7. they still have the 2007 silverado 1500 v8 which makes no sense because it's too heavy to race per champcar rules. allows for swaps though
  8. beyond the tires, you're going to want a lot of brakes on this car. could ls1 swap it and and have a pretty epic build.
  9. It's all going to come down to the governors next update whenever that is. nobody knows what he'll open, but that's going to decide the fate. Champcar won't cancel unless the track cancels, and the track won't cancel unless the state makes them. There is a scenario where the race happens and canadians can't get in.
  10. look forward to seeing your E36 build 😛 I kid, we looked a mustang starting out a few years ago, couldn't make the points work well enough. A newer V6 with a ton of suspension work was our idea, but it was just so much work to catch up to what others cars just come with.
  11. I didn't consider this event might happen but the lodge bar/restaurant would be closed
  12. thanks everyone. an awesome first race for me. hope to be back
  13. the more basic question I have is why single out the miata on this rule. apply to all or none.
  14. if you make a bigger surge tank by welding up materials removed from the car is it legal? but more seriously, you just can't add fuel. most of the "competitive" field built and tuned cars around this limitation and it really stop the cost and speed creep in an effective way. It's been said before, but D class walks away. This is a series that still doesn't allow a bone stock E36 M3 to run because it's too much, yet for years you could have a full aero, mid-engine, motor swapped MR2 that would destroy it. I get that people would be mad about this if they had one, but come on... how was that ever reasonable.
  15. do we still have the LS1 pickup on the VPI which is too heavy to be allowed to race but was put on the list so somebody could swap the motor from that saying "it's on the VPI" ?
  16. I suppose we could just hand everyone a participation trophy and all go home winners
  17. I 100% believe that and think our team could do it some day as an example. we are a few years old now (but come from other teams before) the car is becoming more reliable and a little faster. What annoys me a little is that big money teams are putting drivers into their cars that we can't compete with more than how much parts/money they have into their cars. We have the cash to replicate whatever they do with their cars, but money doesn't buy my 10/10s driving only matching another drivers' 5/10ths. (but I'm working on that also, just started iRacing)
  18. sure.. but any car you see on track (not counting EC) can win. everyone has a chance even if smaller. cars under $10k in build cost can still win.
  19. the best thing about champcar is that it's ONE race and not a bunch of classes having their own events. let's not lose that.
  20. I predict champcar thrives as more expensive series suffer and people come on over to save cash and keep racing. more tractor trailers in the pits.
  21. bill stops racing and MR2s get right size valued. hmmmmm.
  22. do you know if they'll let you move the entry to another race? I emailed mike yesterday asking and haven't heard back yet
  23. bars and restaurants ordered to close: https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/2020/03/16/coronavirus-kentucky-beshear-orders-restaurants-bars-close/5057062002/
  24. my international driver is concerned he won't be able to make this from Canada. is champcar taking a "wait and see" or is this on at all costs. logistical decisions are starting to be a factor and it would be nice to cancel sooner than last minute.
  25. 3.5 ecoboost F150 with a tow pack and medium trim is a good place to be if you're going to 80% not tow, but still pull an enclosed like you own a 2500 truck. the most fun when not towing also. it's on my wish list right now.
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