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  1. We have g-loc pads and basic replacement centric brand I think high carbon rotors. Not sure on the pad specific compound. But we can easily do 32hrs on a set of pads and we have not touched the rotors this year. We have air ducts to the front hubs but nothing for the rear. We are only stopping a 2000lb mid engine car. The g-loc have great pad feel. You easy ride just above the point of lockup. I could easily out brake most other cars at the VIR 24. The g-loc come pre bedded. Edit: we use the R10 on the front and R12 on the rear.
  2. Depends a lot on oil viscosity and engine design. Oil thins as it heats, thin oil can cause lower oil pressures, lower oil pressures lead to bearing failures. So if you use a higher weight and quality oil you can do higher temperatures. But keep in mind, if you have plastic timing chain guides they can break down at higher temperatures. Same with oil seals and gaskets. Our team has points to spare, with a low amount of air going over the mid engine car. With a oil cooler our engine oil temp is normally 107C measured in the block in the main oil galley. Which is basically
  3. I mean isn't that how chump car was originally? A bunch of chumps racing cheaply made race cars. If you can make the used part last a race I am all for it. It does give an advantage to teams that own a junk yard, I mean auto parts recycling facility. But that is no different from teams that run a race shop.
  4. hmmm, what if we separate cars out by total build cost....???.... If you want to spend money race against the other guys who want to spend money. Us cheap bastards get to race other cheap bastards.
  5. Why do you need the door to open?
  6. There is not limit of what you can't remove, just have to take some material points to rehang the bodywork. I am surprised no one has done a Miata death kart with a legal cage and 60% hole sawed and taped over body work.
  7. Then you have a builder like me that goes, well it does not say I can't do this crazy off the wall thing. Half of which make no sense anyway. Y'all are going to love the new headlight bar light bar.
  8. This, if I wanted spec racing, I'll stick to karting. The current staff workload could be solved by defining the current rules further and make them less ambiguous. Change from do what ever in this box which is actually an oval, to the box is 10feet 0 inches by 7feet 6 inches, no deviations.
  9. Serious question to OP, Since the rules would be "open" and no assigned car list, could I race a Spec Racer Ford with a light bar and tail lamps and other required safety items on 200TW tires? What would be the plan for a "Max" vehicle cost? Could I show up with a Porsche GT3 and just detune the crap out of it?
  10. Our current fiero would not be a bad choice either, but we would have to figure out subframe swaps add a 22gallon cell, and detune the engine.
  11. If this comes to be, and somehow they figure out how to police hp correctly. Planned build would be a NB Mazda Speed Miata, Strip the car to the lowest weight possible. Tuned for 75hp/1000lbs on E85, artificially make the Torque curve super flat. Do Parts Badger amount of aero. SM penske setup (could do a custom valving if needed) Figure out how to make 315 rivals fit. Screw the BBK, that is just extra unsprung weight, With the aero, 1750lbs dry and 315s you wouldn't even need them anyway. Anyone figure out something better to bench race against me?
  12. No one is going to mention that 75hp per 1000lbs is way slower then half cars on grid now. Seeing how little some teams run in terms of body structure now. I would bet that the average car in the top 50% based on laptime is around 90hp per 1000lbs.
  13. I love the tape idea, it intrigued me into what I could do on our car and crazy ideas others have.
  14. When ever I write rules for my clubs I always try to think of a way to cheat or loop hole the system as all racers will exploit any nanometer you allow them to. So keep that in mind with the KISS method. Also probably want something to forbid ECU map or boost controller playing. For example one could make it so that 75% throttle pedal input is max engine power and 100% throttle input will retard the ignition to meet the dyno number.
  15. Very interesting, trying to figure out if our current car could be worked to meet those rules, or would be better to figure out a new platform. Any random weigh bridging or just the weight at the end? As I would build a car with a 22 gallon tank, and slam the thing full of fuel for the last stint. All the other pit stops I would only put 13 gallons in. That is around 90lbs difference. NASA has proven you can engineer a dyno curve to get that 9.9% tolerance. So expect people to be asking all about the official dyno in question. Will official Dyno be available for pre-race check? for
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