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  1. define vertical and horizontal, can we do 1 piece at 45 deg sticking out 12" for 10 pts.
  2. I can understand how foil tape can stop a flash fire, but won't liquid fuel dissolve the adhesive . has anyone given thought about servicing wiring through the foam and wiring through the new metal bulkheads we need to add.
  3. That is how we took it, engine trans and diff
  4. 2015 Camaro but I was wrong only 323hp 3.6-liter V6 (LS, LT) 323 horsepower @ 6,800 rpm 278 lb-ft of torque @ 4,800 rpm EPA city/highway fuel economy: 18/27 mpg (automatic), 19/30 mpg (automatic 2LS), 17/28 mpg (manual)
  5. This brings up a point I have wondered about. How far will Champcar go before to much power is too much even for EC. I am building a Ecotec Miata and one of my team members ask why use a 4 cylinder and not a V6 like another team he heard is building to run EC. My answer was first I don't want to run EC and second the vpi points are off the chart. Make: Mazda Model: Miata Year: 1994 VPi: 300 Car Weight: 2064 Original HP: 126 New HP: 325 Points Added to VPi: 25879 --->NEW VPI: 26179 Is this power to weight ratio even safe with much slower cars on the track?
  6. Is there a list available to the general membership that gives car #, class, make of car and city the team calls home.
  7. if this was a stock part with polyurethane inserts you would be home free rules say : • Suspension bushings: OE replacement or polyurethane/ Delrin with OE geometry (OE hole location/offset, height, thickness): 0 pts otherwise it is a non stock part
  8. first thing i see wrong with this impound picture is car #107, non official number plaque (does not say Champcar at bottom) there is no class sticker and no sponsor sticker on front of door i thought all this was mandatory.
  9. The second part to option A is to sell them to those of us willing to make them fit which is a win for ChampCar people and not TireRack
  10. Since I see no whining here is it safe to assume everyone made it through tech at Road Atlanta !!
  11. Maybe you need better paint, ours came right off. In fact I removed every sticker getting ready to repaint the whole car.
  12. What are we doing wrong? We ran 14hrs at Sebring and still have half of the tread left!! 245-40x15 on 9x15 wheels.
  13. This isn’t costing anything for people to make comments. 11 pages of comments, do you realize how many fenders this time could have widened!!! and we could move on to other topics. Just for arguments sake if 2 circles touch it's at 3 & 9 .
  14. Now I understand why you are down on Ecotec Miata's you race Class B and before this your only Miata competition were turbo charged and many times failed to finish. If my non swapped Miata had been in Class B at Daytona we would have had 2nd , instead we got 17th in Class A. This says it is the Miata that is beating Class B not the Ecotec swap
  15. You guys went nuts when I asked about moving the engine back. How about if I drill 4 holes and 2 straps to move the front subframe forward then 2 more straps to move the engine back to it's original location. total cost about $4 for the steel. now the front of the engine is closer to the CL of the wheels. h
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