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  1. Wrong, it didn't 12 minutes ago , just tried again to verify
  2. I was told to use 164 HP in the calculator by several people
  3. I have been following Binky for a couple of years, sometimes anal but always interesting. Show car quality in a rally car don't always add up.
  4. Looking over my list I started Oct 2019 till Road Atlanta 2021 we have 942 cars listed.
  5. A lot of measuring, a couple of pieces of wood, very thin cut off wheel and a few hours and this is the result. Hint practice on scrap metal.
  6. What reduced points for spindles. I didn't know there was another spindle that fit Miatas.
  7. i started about oct or nov 2019 using race results
  8. 9.22. AERODYNAMIC DEVICES 9.22.1. Aerodynamic devices not to exceed width of OE bodywork (fenders, bumpers, doors) when viewed from above. Note: Side mirrors are not included in bodywork width. The question is , are fender flares considered aerodynamic aids? If so they can not exceed the original fenders.
  9. That's 1 car every 140 feet. I have more of a problem with more than 2 cars per pit.
  10. when did this car & # race last?
  11. OK that makes sense, so teams are allowed to race and not be turned away. There should be wording to that effect in the BCCR.
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