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  1. Part of the problem is understanding terms. All coilovers are not adjustable. Anything is adustable by bending, stretching, cutting, or elongating. There are several ways to make suspension height adjustable. They are not all easy and may take 2 days to corner weight your car but all are point free. This type of thinking is why I race ChampCar , don't complain you don't have the ability to do this and I won't complain that you can drive better than me. Got off point, I agree if you can make a adjustable part from a stock part then do it for no points.
  2. I am in agreement with your first paragraph. Second not so much, 2.4L 4 cyl vs 2.0L 6 cyl is not equal. Why not let ChampCar score every race in 2021 with existing classes and with proposed classes and compare the outcome after the last race of 2021 then put it to a vote for the 2023 race year.
  3. interesting because #00 is not a legal # according to Mike Chisek ! Reply byMichael ChisekĀ»16 days ago We allow "0" as a car number, but not "00"or "000". The number "0" is already reserved by another team. Michael Chisek CEO ChampCar Endurance Series
  4. we have been talking about possibly adding another member to our Miata team. do you live in Martin or northern Palm Beach county. text me 772-four eight six-1858
  5. I don't want to hear that a team has a big advantage because they have a good fabricator, no different than having a good driver.
  6. Pit Passes: Only drivers and essential crew are allowed on pitlane. You must show your pit/driver band to get on pitlane. Guest Pass: No Guests are allowed on the DIS property. Only drivers and essential crew. I guess wives and girlfriends are counted as essential crew.
  7. I have tried, called twice and sent an email. no answer to all 3.
  8. Will we be allowed to set up pits Friday or do we have to wait till Sat morning? Are the number of people in the pits being limited like Daytona.
  9. I was looking forward to reverse direction as something different. This way I don't have to waste money on the HOD day to see how to run it. Never could get an answer from HOD if the fee was per car or per driver.
  10. Thanks for the reminder. I started with COTA because Race Hero was not showing results at the time for Atlanta. They are now.
  11. have you raced at all this year? I get my info from entry list and race day results. I will add you to the list. Thanks
  12. This is a list i have been compiling over the last few months. There are a lot of duplicate #'s so if your starting a new ream or thinking of changing #'s this list could keep you from duplicating. This list does not include everyone yet new ones are added every race. Us it as quide.
  13. offset bushings are adjustable from - to + and front and rear to give infinite adjustment of camber and caster the ball joints give only a fixed distance for camber so the offset bushings are of more value
  14. shorten the arms then it will be stiffer
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