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  1. Another place on this form makes this statement. "It is generally recommended to decide on the rear aero first, and then design the front to balance the car back out."
  2. this is why preliminary information should not be given out, people jump to conclusions.
  3. I have been keeping a list since the beginning of 2020 started to see what car #'s are not used. The upside of this list is I have found that we have over 1200 cars in our club, I will say that there could be a 5% error because some teams change names or #'s and show up twice. The point is if we have a 1000 teams with only 2 members each why do we only have <50 take the time to express their opinion? pinion
  4. I agree with all of this. But the survey should not be anonymous, how you vote should be anonymous, the fact that you only vote once should be documented. I would like to think everyone is honest but someone will try to vote multiple times to sway ouput.
  5. Time & effort !!! I probably spent 4 hrs making these. If it is not a performance gain why do it? If you don't finish you can't win. The point system hinders me as well as most, but we need something to keep a somewhat even playing field or else we will all be racing against the few that can spend $50,000 and always win. I was hit 10 pts for a 1" piece of garden edging at the bottom of my bumper, so I am making a real air dam and will be charged the same 10 pts. Rules are for all of us take advantage where you can. As for cars from other series let them run EC if they meet our safety rules.
  6. I run a EcoTec Miata with a stock Miata Radiator. Ran yesterday and today at PBIR and ran 195 deg all day in Florida heat.
  7. it won't be Amazon, they just built a huge warehouse 2 miles away in Palm Beach Park of Commerce.
  8. This could be our last event here. there is a developer who wants to turn PBIR into warehouses. I found out about this petetion on the local news this morning. https://chng.it/CtvRXTPCRr
  9. That could be our problem, pipe broke a few inches from manifold. Pipe was wraped to insulate the motor mount and clutch slave cylinder.
  10. You can't even use this to get used to a new track. "Intermediate must have minimum of 5 track days on VIR full course. Advanced group must have a minimum of 10 track days on VIR full course. "
  11. $74 an hour to race $165 an hour to practice
  12. don't limit the number of tires changed , limit the way they are changed, NO IMPACT GUNS.
  13. are we talking total team or individual team member?
  14. Sometime in my stint (10:30 - 12:30 ) on Sat your car came up my left side coming into turn 8 with yellow flag out, we were door to door when we hit then you pulled in behind me through the corner . Don't know if this is the incident you are referring to or not. I was driving the #74 White Miata.
  15. Thank you Bill, an excellent tribute to Doc.
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