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  1. That’s the correct time. I think Riley will beat it by a couple of seconds. It would have been a good race against them if we were there.
  2. Ludicrous Speed will not be at the race this year. I was looking forward to defending our three race win streak at Road America but the car needs more prep work. I will be at the track though. If anyone needs a driver or coach just let me know. I have set the track record at Road America, Gingerman, and second fastest lap at NCM, and Charlotte. More importantly, I’m a clean driver. I have been coaching for 20 years and have completed Allen Fines coaching course. Chris Shay
  3. Ok, yea, that may be true, but that’s because of great execution, great strategy, and great driving. We we are supposed to be bitching about the rules to make up for our shortcomings, let’s get back to that...
  4. Yes, this. Free stuff like ECUs were a mistake you can’t take back from existing teams without an uproar. SCCA solo has been policing stock ECUs successfully. It is painful but can be done.
  5. 1. Road America because of the high speed corners Nothing else is that notable for me. Grattan would make the list if they added a tunnel.
  6. I know a guy in West Allis who does a lot of circle track cages. You would want to make sure you tell him what design you want.
  7. Basic Motorola. GP68 About seven years old.
  8. NASCAR we do have a roof mounted antenna. Thanks chris
  9. @Shawn Sampson Any track? How about Road America? Will it get all the way to the kettle bottoms? We we have an analog Motorola system. What would we need to upgrade to digital? I have significant mid range hearing loss so I’m thinking digital will get more high frequency audio which I rely on to hear voices. Thanks!
  10. I can feel the wind blowing through my mullet when I look at that picture. I had an ‘87.
  11. @JCrist I lead the #162 team. I’m sorry we caused this incident. Looks like you held the low line and had every right to that position. Fault lies with us. I hope the incident didn’t cause any lasting damage. We didn’t know who we made contact with or we would have stopped by Saturday. I just spoke with our driver and want to pass on his comments. “I’m sorry about making contact. It was my fault for coming down on you. I just lost track of you in my mirrors” Just for context, this was about his sixth lap on a banked track ever. Chris Shay
  12. Thanks! We welcome the challenge. A win doesn’t mean much without good competition and you guys bring that.
  13. Ludicrous Speed had a weekend to remember with overall wins both days! Our third win ever and third in a row at Road America. It didn't start out well. Thursday practice was wet cold and windy. We had a list of things to test but conditions were so varied with the rain we didn't get any good data. After one driver had a 90 mph slide through the gravel, I got in to make sure the car still felt ok and bounced it off the wall going into 12 in rain and 40 deg temps. With some help from Asteri and Bill Strong, we got the car rolling again to get through tech Thursday night. We then took it back to my house in Sheboygan and went through the alignment, pulled fenders out, and patched the splitter. Put it back on the trailer around midnight. Friday had three drivers and we chose to go max fuel burn and ended up making five stops. Two more than Premium Dudes and JSK. We did not have them covered but they both had issues giving us a chance at the win. We were in the lead with less than an hour to go and we got the dreadded meatball black flag. Some of the new aero was dragging. Likely caused by the contact with the wall the day before. Some quick pit repair by Chris Krumrai got me back out there with enough time for me to catch Premium Dudes for the win. Saturday race started a few minutes later making fuel a little less of an issue. We went full fuel conserve for a while running up to 20 seconds off our earlier lap times to eliminate a stop. This put me in the car for the last 90 minute stint (85 to 90 min is our typical stint) and I came out in the lead just ahead of Premium Dudes all I had to do maintain the lead. Unbelievable that we took the win again. Over the two race days, I drove 8 hours and loved it! JSK, Premium Dudes, ErgoLab, Parts Badger (and likely others) could have all had the win with a clean race. Now we have 25 things on the to do list to fix in the next two days before we leave for Charlotte! Looking forward to 24 degrees of banking! Chris Shay
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