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  1. I would also love to return to Nelson Ledges... and I can give you Mike's address if he doesn't listen.
  2. Here are some photos the Chief Chump sent me showing how bad the fog was this morning.
  3. Dan now has a set of proper, high quality wheel studs to replace the cheap pot-metal ones they were using. In fact, I think about half of them are already on the car!
  4. Mike- We were running a synthetic gear oil, Amsoil 80w90. Went in like honey the week before the race, came out like crude oil sludge! Going back the other way, to a conventional in a heavier weight (75w-140), seems to be the way to go, along with a cooler if we can find room in our AIV budget to make it happen. We realize the transaxle is going to be the weak point for us - the brakes have been great since we swapped the rears that require adjustment every so often to a set from an Alfa Spider that are conventional self-adjusting.
  5. Since I know your team told at least a few other teams we dive-bombed you and told me to go "f**k off" when I came to apologize, even though I didn't dive-bomb you, here is the data trace from that lap: The blue lines are recordings for the lap in the video, the red lines are from a fast lap for comparison. At the point highlighted, you can see I am approaching the apex for turn one. The first graph is lateral G, I am pulling half what I usually do in turn one and there is a small dip, that is where I tapped you, like I admitted. Your own video shows we were dicing, when you went outside, where did your driver think I went, especially when he slowed to the same speed as the traffic we were lapping? I went inside to follow the faster car but he came over and left me no room, all I could do is jam on the brakes. That is shown in the next graph where I was braking as normal, then had to brake again hard, then a third time hard. The second brake application was when I stood on them to try to avoid you, the third time was to avoid you in the spin. The fact that I was able to apply the brakes again hard, without lockup, shows I left a margin of error through the corner - that's not a "dive bomb". For comparison, here is a data trace from one of our other cars, which had a hit exactly like you accused me of doing: It's a different system, but I circled the impact on the lateral G chart. It was enough of a hit to cave in the driver's side of the car. The green line is the normal corner trace, the black line with the abrupt change of direction in the trace is the lap with the impact. Note the difference in scale as well, that car has a much higher performance potential so the scale is wider than the Alfa collection, yet the hit shown on the Alfa trace barely registered - with a smaller scale, an actual dive-bomb hit should have spiked on the Alfa chart. Our resident data acquisition geek was even unwilling to commit to that being an actual impact it is so small; you can see similar bumps along the fast lap trace at varying points as a normal part of a lap. The last chart on the Alfa data is speed, I was way slower at the apex of the corner than I normally was. A dive bomb implies braking later and carrying too much speed to make a clean apex. I broke at the same point, harder than before and held the brakes into the apex, overslowing the car to avoid contact on the lap in question. Again, not a dive-bomb. Looking at the video, it is clear your driver slowed to the same pace as the Talon, then came over. I was holding a normal race pace on the inside line, so there was a big closing speed and I am sure in the heat of the battle your driver didn't check his mirror. That will happen. But the data shows I did everything I could to avoid hitting you, including leaving a margin of safety in my approach to the corner. I did not dive-bomb you. Additionally, the video shows after you missed the guard rail, your driver failed to do what they teach Day 1 in every driver's school and race school - "in a spin, both feet in." You can hear him go full throttle, which is what resulted in your car smashing the Talon. Had your driver put both feet in, you wouldn't have spent Saturday fixing the car and the Talon wouldn't be smashed. I am only posting this because I take offense to the disparaging comments your team made about me and my team, the complaints your team made to the officials and the completely offensive and inappropriate way your team acted when I came to apologize - for something that your own video and my data prove I did not even do. I am sorry about the tap, but there was nothing else I could do to avoid your car when it came over on me with a 20+mph speed differential. I'm honestly VERY sorry you were out of the race Saturday, I was really enjoying the several laps before the incident when we were dicing it up and swapping positions a couple times a lap. That was awesome! But, while I understand you were upset about your car, there's no excuse for the way your team spoke to me when I was only there to apologize and offer our assistance to get you back on track.
  6. The Alfa lost third gear about an hour in to the race Saturday, so we ran 6 hours with just 4th gear while on track. The transaxle is a weak-point of the car and we cooked the gear oil. Literally. It was darker than burnt coffee when we drained it Saturday night. Heavier oil let us use third sparingly for most of Sunday, until the head gasket decided to give out.
  7. You guys didn't take nearly enough beer from our cooler for that heroic fix. There was no way I could've welded that exhaust in place - the joke one of your teammates made about learning to weld from the Home Depot book is uncomfortably close to explaining my welding "skillz"! Thanks again and we hope to see you guys at Putnam!
  8. Enh, that's not crazy. I upgraded my 20' basic enclosed to a 48' gooseneck with living quarters up front. That's crazy. Generator, a/c, heat, flat screen... when our POS crap-can dies its inevitable death, at least we'll be comfortable! Hopefully John will let us park it someplace good to fly the ChumpCar banner and we'll have an extra gen, welder, compressor, etc. available to help everyone out. (yeah, I plan to use it for my SCCA car too, don't let facts ruin a good crazy story)
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