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  1. I would also love to return to Nelson Ledges... and I can give you Mike's address if he doesn't listen.
  2. Not sure I follow. Once your new driver joins your driver pool, you need to edit your entry and add him to your driver roster. If he is on the crew roster, you need to remove him from the crew roster first, then he will be available to be added to the driver roster.
  3. No updates is required, per the rules you can get your 2017 membership at 12:00:01am on 1/1/17.
  4. Correct, based on the old paper-based way of handling registration, the system locks out changes a week prior to the event. Changes to that process are coming, if someone could add a few hours to each day it would get here sooner....
  5. No. Andrea has loaded 10 certificates so far but that is all. I suspect they are busy with races this weekend.
  6. The ChumpChange functionality has been added to the registration system but the dataload for credits was left to the RDs since they have spreadsheets right now. If you don't see a menu option to transfer ChumpChange, then you don't have any in the system. Once the dataload is complete, all future CC issued in the system will be immediately available to transfer to another Chump or redeem toward any entry you are associated with (i.e. no need to transfer it to the team captain first, you can log in and apply it to the entry yourself). As with the old certificates, the system is not "making change" so the entire amount must be redeemed or transferred. RDs have been advised to issue smaller denominations, i.e. instead of a $1,000 certificate, issue 4 $250 certificates.
  7. You still need a full roster at sign-up. We tried it the other way and rosters were never updated, so there was a huge slow-down in the registration line at the track. Some further system changes are in the works (mainly for the registration staff) which *might* allow us to try that again, but that decision will need to be made by to Mike C. and the Board.
  8. Issue #2 has been fixed, at least in my testing on both FireFox and the Chrome version the issue was reported with (and it had nothing to do with the browser, too much hurried copy/paste this morning before the coffee kicked in).
  9. A friendly reminder: you can only be on one roster per event (to ensure the minimum number of drivers is actually met for every team entered) and once you are in a driver pool, the team captain can put you on the roster for any event they choose. This may impact YOUR team's ability to register for events if the team you are "helping" puts you on a roster for an event you actually want to participate in.
  10. Actually we did remove the requirement to register with a full roster for a while... and it made life miserable for the RDs and their staff because - surprise - no one bothered to update their rosters prior to showing up at the event, or to even buy their required memberships. It made registration at the track miserable for everyone, not just those who failed to do what they were supposed to, so we had to go back to the old way.
  11. There isn't one, but this is the first time we've had a reported issue about it in three years so maybe it's not the system?
  12. Thanks for the report, but the "www" is not required. Depending on your local network settings (proxy server, etc.), it may not work for you without it.
  13. BRING IT. (It's a good thing I don't have to go through airport security... )
  14. I just logged in as you and the attached is a screen capture of what I see (minus the big red arrows, added for emphasis). ETA: I see the forum software reduced the size/resolution. The red arrows point to a line that reads "You membership is expired! Renew it now!" where "Renew it now!" is a link to renew.
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