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  1. Fixed listing but in case you don't want to read again I'm in Winston Salem, NC and asking $6500.00
  2. I've been bumming rides off my friends team and do not have the time to run and maintain my own car so up for sale she goes. A lot of work and development has gone into this car. New motor and gearbox rebuild with dyno time only. This is a very strong 1.8L. Coolant re-route for improved cooling during long races (after burning up two motors we finally figured out why we kept having #3 rod bearing issues, its a known cooling issue with Miata's). Car is straight, no frame impacts, subframes are straight too (checked with SM subframe checker jig). Alignment spot on and corner weighted cut springs (yes this took a while to do!). AEM wideband, mechanical coolant temp gauge, oil pressure gauge, giant a$$ tach with adjustable shift light so your friends don't rev the dickens out of it. Hardwired for Motorolla radio with pushbutton and antenna (radios not included). Based on a old SCCA Spec Miata, comes with SCCA logbook and all documentation for Chumpcar in a nice organized binder. This car is fast, ran consistent 2:21's on VIR full with old motor which was about 10 HP behind this one so... Too much to list. Ready to race, just add fresh tires and brake pads. Call Aaron 336-three hundred six won won ate. Can deliver to VIR race this Saturday March 5. Custom Asking $6500.00 Located in Winston Salem, NC 27106. Spares package includes: driveshaft axle hubs (all 4 corners) brake calipers (all 4 corners) crank sensor (might have a few) ECU Throttle body Ignition Coil Car cover to hide vehicle from wife Various Electrical parts (all under-hood relays, power module etc). Some water hoses, tie rods, and probably a lot more, all stored in nice plastic hard cases
  3. our roof is sheet metal so its a bit heavy but less penalty per sq/ft. If you can get an old junkyard miata hood they are the best to make your roof out of. I think the old interstate batteries (RIP) had one of these roofs.
  4. Unfortunately 99/00 are overpriced because everyone in SM wants to run 99/00 as its most competitive (at least on the East Coast). Also all the street guys want the 99/00 since they can still run their old computer (01-05 are VVT engines and require a complete wire swap). You can do a "head swap" and run your 94-97 bottom end (most of the gains from the 99/00 motor are from the head) and only have a $150 penalty, but even that puts you at $550 if you don't have any other add ons. Its tough to be competitive that way. the best you can do to the Miata is lighten the be-jesus out of it.
  5. Wait so how much extra is it to get the pit stall on the timer line
  6. No worries! I was trying to run a tight ship with drivers being accident free since I spent all winter replacing both subframes and a couple of trips to the alignment rack! Randy made the car fast, he was about 5 seconds faster then any of us! 5 seconds is huge on such a tight track!
  7. Here is a short video I made of Randy driving our car, excuse the corny annotations but that last guy was pretty aggressive! PS TCR Racing, that wasn't us that spun in front of you at 40 minutes in your video from your previous post, I was driving that session and I was proud to have not spun out the first 2 hours, it was slick as ice out there cause our suspension was so stiff! Unfortunately I only have 30 mins of him driving until the camera cut off.. d'oh! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rdYjXUn4rg
  8. I caught that out of the conner of my eye and I remember hoping that he didn't catch a wheel and roll. PS I like your timer on the dash, good idea!
  9. That looks awesome! Where did you find 1/4 turn fathers that big! Did you end up using spots for the middle lights and floods for the smaller outer lights? Looks brighter then daylight!
  10. bump, these tires appear to be legal to run now, anyone using them have feedback on them?
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